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Strongly advertised on TV and given top marks in numerous comparisons , the Emma One mattress is currently on everyone’s lips. It is considered a “one-fits-all” mattress and should ensure a comfortable sleep for as large a target group as possible.

The Emma One mattress is also convincing in terms of price. For example, the versions for single beds are available for less than 200 euros . In comparison, comparable models can cost twice as much.

Can the Emma One mattress keep its promises and are the positive reviews justified? This check shows you how the lying properties are and whether this model means a sensible investment in your sleep for you.

Usually mattresses are made with the thought that they are intended for a specific body type and sleeping position. If you sleep on your stomach, you will need different designs for both the mattress and the pillow than someone who sleeps on your back. Your body needs a completely different support and the mattress has to be suitable for your spine.

With the Emma One mattress, however, the main principle is that it is so flexible that it adapts to every body type and sleep. No matter in which position you like to spend the night, a high level of comfort should be guaranteed. The Casper mattress , for example, has a similar goal , which is very adaptable due to its particularly complex structure.

With the Emma One you can choose from the common standard sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm. This makes the versions suitable for both the youth bed and a regular double bed. If you want to prepare the first real bed for your child, you should attach great importance to the mattress. After all, the need for sleep in children is much higher and a high quality of sleep promotes development.

7 ergonomic zones are integrated so that the mattress adapts to every body type . These each have a slightly different hardness. The head and neck area is supported differently than the pelvis, for example. This not only ensures a high level of comfort, but is also an important aspect for the spine.

The model was awarded a grade of 1.7 by Stiftung Warentest . The main focus here was on high comfort and durability . The mattress remains stable even after a long period of use and shows no signs of wear and tear. So you don’t have to worry that after a few years there will already be significant dips or the like.

If you are unsure whether this model is right for you, you can try sleeping. You can test the Emma One mattress at home for a full 100 days and find out for yourself whether this version improves your sleep. If you are dissatisfied, the manufacturer will pick up the mattress free of charge and the purchase price will be refunded.


That the mattress should adapt to every body type and thus be as flexible as possible sounds promising. Because very few people will spend the night strictly in one position, but move a little and change the situation. These properties are also useful if you want to use the Emma One as a guest mattress . Ultimately, your guests will put different strains on the mattress.

To find out whether these promises are kept, let’s take a look inside the mattress. Here you get a more detailed insight into how the mattress affects your sleep.


Similar to the Casper mattress, several layers of different foam are used in this model . These adapt flexibly to your body and the load. There are three layers in total, each with different properties.

The bottom layer is made of HRX foam . This is by far the largest layer and provides stable support. The special thing about this material is that it is dimensionally stable at the same time, but is perceived as soft. It adapts well to the body and forms an excellent basis. Ventilation channels ensure that the air circulates better and you sweat less. This position is also divided into 7 zones that are individually tailored to the body regions. In this way, your shoulder will sink in a little deeper in the side position, while the head is optimally supported.

The middle layer , which consists of a visco foam, is much thinner . This ensures optimal pressure relief for your body. It is very flexible and adapts to your body very precisely. In addition, it stores the heat somewhat and improves the sleeping climate.

The Airgocell foam lies above the visco foam . This layer is also very thin and has a high point elasticity. This guarantees a high level of adaptability and only those areas that are actually stressed give in. The Airgocell foam also has a somewhat cooling effect and, in combination with the Visco foam, creates a unique sleeping environment.

Overall, the mattress is around 18cm high . This makes it one of the slightly thinner variants. The high level of adaptability is achieved through the combination of these different foams.

The promises are kept on the basis of the extensive tests carried out by Stiftung Warentest. The Emma One mattress adapts seamlessly to every body and provides a high level of support.


The cover is also important for the properties of the mattress. In this case, the top and bottom are designed slightly different. The top is made of 100% polyester, while the bottom is made of 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene.

The cover proves to be particularly breathable and is machine washable at 40 ° C. Due to the good care properties, the mattress is very suitable for allergy sufferers. The exposure to allergens is reduced and, as a house dust allergy sufferer, you will finally be able to sleep a little better again . The zipper makes handling easier and this explains the excellent test result of the Stiftung Warentest.


Now that you know all the data and details of the Emma One mattress, the subjective properties should now be examined more closely. How does the mattress actually feel when you lie on it?


The degree of firmness basically indicates how stable the mattress is and how deep your body will sink into it. With the Emma One, choosing the degree of hardness is not difficult. There are three variants “soft” , “medium” and “hard” to choose from.

With the larger version for the double bed , you can choose whether you prefer the slightly lighter or harder version. Only the size 200x200cm is only available in “hard”. With the smaller models in 80x200cm & 90x200cm there is also the option of choosing the harder or slightly softer version.

The choice here depends primarily on your body weight . If you are particularly light or if the mattress is intended for your child, the hardness “medium” is definitely more suitable. In this case, the soft middle foam layer is a little thicker and the stable bottom layer is a little saved.

For most adults, however, “hard” is better suited to support the spine. If the mattress is too soft, you would sink in too deep and, for example, put an unhealthy strain on the cervical spine.


The actual lying comfort naturally depends on how you feel and how you sleep. The good thing about the Emma One mattress is that it really adapts well to all people and bodies. So how you sleep is not that important.

The good support for every body weight is noted positively Regardless of whether you are lighter or heavier, thanks to the complex structure, the mattress always adapts perfectly to your body contour and offers a high level of stability. This actually fulfills the “one-fits-all” idea.

The Stiftung Warentest came to this conclusion. This tries to apply objective criteria when evaluating sleep comfort and has defined different body types for this purpose. These differ in size, weight and general stature.

It was found that excellent lying comfort is guaranteed for every type of sleep . Regardless of whether you are rather thin and small or weigh more, you will enjoy a high quality of sleep.


So that you don’t wake up bathed in sweat in the morning, the mattress should have good breathability. The air circulation must not be impaired and the moisture should rather be released into the air than stored in the mattress.

The Emma One mattress meets these requirements perfectly. The open-pored foam and the ventilation channels ensure that a lively exchange of air is possible. As a result, the moisture is released well and you will sweat less from the outset.

This is not only pleasant in summer, but also if you suffer from a house dust allergy. Mites especially feel comfortable in damp mattresses and they will not find these conditions with the Emma One. Therefore, the mattress is very suitable for allergy sufferers.


You spend a lot of time on the mattress and of course you don’t want it to be contaminated with harmful substances. With Emma One you don’t have to worry. The mattress is made in Germany and the foam is sourced from both Germany and the EU region.

Due to this traceable supply chain, a high level of control is possible. You can be sure that no harmful substances are introduced during the production process.

This is also what the Oeko-Tex seal stands for . The mattress is therefore also suitable for babies and you can spend the night on it with peace of mind.


If you decide to buy, you can probably hardly wait until the mattress finally arrives with you. Due to the high demand, there may be delays in delivery at times. Free delivery is usually offered within a few days.

The mattress is delivered in a practical box. There it is still rolled up and waiting for you to unpack it. The best thing to do is to do this on the bed, where it will later find its place.

After unpacking, it takes a while for the foam to unfold and the Emma One to reach its final size. A chemical odor can still be detected at first. However, this does not occur in connection with pollutants and disappears after a short time.

This means that delivery is problem-free and customer service is ready to help if you have any questions.


The Emma One was named the best mattress of its kind by Stiftung Warentest. It adapts reliably to all body shapes and sleep types. No matter how much you move or how you like to lie down, a high level of sleeping comfort is always offered.

The mattress achieves this thanks to its complex structure and the combination of three different foams. These are flexible and stable at the same time. High breathability is guaranteed and you will feel the high quality from the first night.

The 10-year guarantee proves that the manufacturer has great confidence in this product and the 100 nights of rehearsal will help you make a decision.

At this low price you will hardly find a better model and therefore the Emma One mattress is unreservedly recommended.


  • 100 days of trial sleep
  • For every sleeping position
  • Made in Germany
  • Good breathability


  • Chemical smell when unpacking
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Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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