Facial massager – 5 models in comparison

Do you enjoy the small facial massage at the hairdresser’s , which is available as an extra, or do you massage the facial area yourself more often during the day?

Then you will appreciate the relaxing effect . The stress falls away from you a little and headaches can also be alleviated. However, massage with your own hands is hardly effective, and there is not always a talented partner who can perform a pleasant facial massage.

A facial massager is perfect for these cases. In different ways, these devices stimulate your face and achieve substantial positive effects.

You can find out why the facial massager is so recommendable and which models perform best in this comprehensive guide.

There are quite a few massage devices on the market. For example, you can do a special neck massage or simulate a Shiatsu massage yourself . But these models are far too coarse and unsuitable to massage the fine facial area.

Therefore, you should mainly use massage devices that are specially designed for the face. There are two main different versions.


The simple method is that the device has brushes. The brush head is driven by an electric motor and this sets the brushes in motion.

This creates a very gentle massage that is pleasant thanks to the bristles. The face is cleansed and old flakes of skin are removed. It comes very close to peeling and blood circulation is also promoted.

The complexion is improved and you look fresher overall. However, the massage is not very profound , but primarily limited to the surface.


If you want to penetrate a little deeper into the skin , models based on ultrasound are suitable . Instead of the brushes, a transducer is attached. This is much less spectacular and is basically just a flat metal surface.

The vibration sound waves are emitted via these. These penetrate deeper into the skin and warm the region there. This enables you to generate heat under the skin and promote blood circulation. The metabolism is accelerated and the transport of nutrients is improved.

This leads to a significantly better complexion and, above all, it looks younger.


The exact effect depends on which model you choose and on which principle it is based. However, there are some general positive effects that any facial massage produces.

When it comes to cosmetic applications , the facial massager with brushes has an advantage. It is able to transport away the skin impurities on the surface. This includes sebum or fat, which accumulates there. You will hardly be able to remove these substances with normal cleaning. However, the brushes are so quick and quick that a short treatment is enough to thoroughly clean the surface.

The effect of the brush also stimulates blood circulation. Compared to the models with ultrasound, this effect is significantly less. It can only be felt on the surface and hardly goes into the depths. In combination, however, the complexion can be improved.

If your complexion is significantly impaired or if you want to reduce the signs of age , the ultrasound device is more intensive and therefore more effective. It penetrates deep into the skin and generates heat that stimulates the metabolism there. This is an advantage if the body’s own regeneration is to be promoted. For example, when there is a pathological change and the body is busy removing pollutants.

For a sensitive skin of the ultrasound is also an advantage. The bristles can cause additional irritation if used intensively. In contrast, the ultrasound is described as gentler, but more intense.

In addition to improving the complexion, the effect on your well-being must also be taken into account. Because a good facial massage will relieve your stress and thus improve your mood. This indirectly ensures that your complexion also improves. Because stress is a clear influencing factor that increases the impurities.

If the facial massager is used around the eyes, dark circles can also be alleviated . Overall, you will look fresher and younger. However, you should be very careful and gentle around the eyes. The skin is very thin there anyway, which is why a low intensity is completely sufficient.

Thus, you can improve your quality of life in different ways through a facial massage Your skin looks better and your well-being increases. This also has a positive effect on your sleep behavior and you will be less exposed to stress.


Depending on the application and the desired effect, other devices are suitable for you. So that you can find exactly the model with which you will be happy, you will receive a selection of 5 massage devices with which the users are very satisfied.


The first facial massager presented here is designed primarily for the eyes. It is designed to reduce dark circles or puffy skin around the eyes . If you often seem tired and lacking in energy, you can bring joy of life to your eye area again with this massager from Sunmay.

To reduce the dark circles, this device relies on ultrasound. Up to 7,000 vibrations per minute are generated. These increase blood circulation and help make the signs of fatigue around the eyes less pronounced. The skin is also lightened and the circles under the eyes are noticeably reduced. In addition, the dead skin cells are removed. As a result, the skin around the eyes looks much fresher overall.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended that you apply your conventional eye cream before use. Due to the massage effect, the cream is much better absorbed by the skin.

In addition to the ultrasound, a heat treatment is also carried out. The device warms up to 42 ° C and improves blood circulation. This measure also improves the absorption of the care products. To be on the safe side, the heat switches off automatically after 3 minutes. This will prevent burns to the skin.

The ultrasound device is also very easy to use. It is kept compact and can therefore easily be taken on any trip. It can be charged via the USB port and you don’t have to spend any money on batteries.

Together with the practical shelf, the device also makes a good visual impression and adapts to the design of the bathroom.

If you especially want to work on the eye area , this facial massager from Sunmay is a practical helper. It works in a straightforward manner and combines several active principles with one another. The ultrasound and heat promote blood circulation, while the blue light kills bacteria. This will make the skin around the eyes appear fresher and more vibrant. You will no longer be described as tired by others, but will radiate a whole new zest for life.


The ultrasonic peeling device from Aoyool also appears rather special . Because this is not just a simple ultrasound, but a device that combines a variety of different functions to create a better complexion.

The main aim of this device is to remove the impurities from the skin. If you suffer from blackheads, dead skin cells or just want to look fresher, this device is a good investment.

An ultrasound head is used to rid the skin of the old cells . This executes around 28,000 waves per second . This enables it to finely atomize and remove the harmful particles and old skin cells. The whole thing happens completely painlessly. You will only notice the effect quickly on the device and on the skin and you will have to clean it frequently during use.

In addition to the ultrasound, there are two other modes that can be used to improve the appearance of the skin. With the red light , the blackheads and excess fat are literally sucked out of the skin.

On the other hand, if you want your care product to penetrate deeper into the skin, the blue light is better suited for this. In this way, the cream also gets into the deeper layers of the skin and does not only work on the surface.

It is also possible to work with small current pulses . These stimulate the collagen tissue and generally cause the skin to look younger.

With these four modes you can carefully remove any impurities from your face. To ensure the hygienic requirements, the device is made of medical stainless steel. It is easy to clean and there will be no signs of wear and tear with prolonged use.

Before use, all you need to do is use a cotton swab moistened in alcohol. With this you clean the housing and the probe. The device is ready for use.

It is recommended to use it about 1-2 times a week for about 15 minutes. After just a few units you will achieve a positive effect and your skin will look better.

If the device is to be used primarily to clean your face , this ultrasonic peeling device is ideally suited for this. With approx. 28,000 vibrations per second, the impurities and dead cells are effectively separated from the healthy skin and transported away. This makes it easier for the skin to renew its cells and you will look much fresher.


If a comprehensive massage of the face is to be achieved, which penetrates deep into the tissue, the ultrasound device from UltraMed is the most versatile device for this.

It is based on ultrasound , which works at either 1 or 3 MHz. For this purpose, two transducers of different sizes are attached to the front . The smaller transducer works at a frequency of 3 MHz and is suitable for use on the face . The rest of your body can also benefit from the healing sound waves. So it is possible to use the frequency of 1 MHz on the legs, arms or stomach in order to benefit from the effects there.

There is a choice of 8 intensity levels for better fine-tuning This means that the right thickness is available for every skin type and your face is optimally treated.

By using the ultrasound, the lower layers of the skin are heated . This has the effect that the blood circulation increases there and pollutants are better transported away and nutrients are better supplied. As a result, a positive effect can be observed and the complexion improves in every area. The aging of the skin is reduced and the skin appears more lively.

In order to use the sound waves effectively, the supplied hyaluronic acid gel must be applied before use As a result, the waves are better transferred into the skin and develop a deep effect.

The CE certification guarantees safety A timer also ensures that the treatment time is not exceeded.

You can either operate the device in mains mode or with a battery . The high quality is also confirmed by the 24-month guarantee.

With the UltraMed facial massager, you get a high-quality variant that can be used on the face as well as the rest of the body . The ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the skin and improve blood circulation. The application is simple and the effect is described as clearly noticeable. So let your skin appear fresher and healthier by using this ultrasound machine.


If your face is to benefit from a gentle but noticeable massage , a facial brush is better for you. The manufacturer Beurer offers the FC 95 brush for this purpose, with which a gentle facial massage is possible.

It is mainly used to cleanse the skin . The brush has three speeds and two levels of rotation. The circular movements ensure that all impurities are removed from the surface of the skin. After the first treatment you will immediately feel a much softer feeling and notice how thorough the cleaning is.

Depending on the skin type and the desired effect, different attachments are available. With these you can do a more vigorous peeling or a gentle cleansing . These attachments are already included in the scope of delivery and changing them is child’s play. Even for very sensitive skin, there is a suitable attachment that delivers first-class results.

The application is just as easy. The face brush is powered by a rechargeable battery , which allows about 30 minutes of operation. The device weighs only 120g and is therefore easy to hold. This will not be a problem even for longer applications.

The face brush is also built waterproof. So you can also take them in the shower and use them during the morning routine.

You achieve an optimal effect when the skin areas are changed. There is a timer for this, which sounds after 20 seconds and signals that you should change the skin area.

In this way, you achieve optimal blood flow to the entire face and deep cleansing is guaranteed.

Enjoy a fresh appearance and a radiant face with the face brush from Beurer. The skin is freed from everything superfluous and your true beauty penetrates to the outside.


Should the facial massager be suitable for performing a complex spa treatment right away?

Then the FaceSpa from Braun is an ideal device to combine three applications . For this purpose, the basic device is expanded by three heads, each of which has an individual effect.

The facial brush removes impurities and promotes blood circulation. It is recommended to use the brush before applying makeup. The brush is also suitable for removing make-up. In this way, all residue is removed and your face becomes as clean as ordinary cleansing could not achieve.

The second application is achieved with the MicroVibration massage head . Here, gentle vibrations act on the skin to improve the complexion. The gentle vibration is also a real secret weapon when it comes to applying creams . At the same time, the attachment has a cooling effect. This is particularly helpful in the area of ​​the eyes, so that they look fresh and less tired. The head is primarily used to apply the care products and increases their effect.

precise facial epilator takes care of the detailed work This removes even the smallest hairs and improves the overall impression. The epilator is carried out against the direction of hair growth.

In this combination, a complete treatment of the face is possible. Two speeds and intensity levels are available for each treatment so that the treatment can be tailored to your needs.

If you want your face to have a complete spa program and look healthy and fresh again, this model from Braun is the best choice. With the combination of facial brush , vibrations and epilator you will achieve clean skin and your care products will have a greater effect. Thus, this investment will pay off quickly and conjure up a nicer appearance.


How the respective facial massager is used essentially depends on how it works. For models based on ultrasound , you should apply a gel before use , which improves the transmission of sound waves. This allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin. Otherwise the resistance of the skin is too great and a deep effect cannot be achieved.

With these you should only make sure that the same areas are not worked on several times, but the area is changed. The treatment should also be pleasant and not cause pain.

Using the face brush is even easier. Here you choose the right attachment that feels comfortable and cleans your face or apply your desired care product. This improves the effect and the complexion looks noticeably more beautiful in a short time.


Which factors are important when choosing the right facial massager?

In order to do justice to every skin type and to enable individual treatment, there are some properties that the device must have.


If you choose a brush, the brush heads should be interchangeable. Depending on the desired cleaning effect and skin type, the bristles should be finer or coarser . This always ensures that you are using the right brush that is precisely tailored to your skin type. The brush set should also be easy to change and clean. Then the application will work without any problems and will not lead to frustration.


If the massage is based on the ultrasound, the head cannot be changed. Instead, you should be able to set the intensity here. Because depending on the area of ​​the body, a different strength will be required. On the face, it is an advantage if the massage is rather gentle. However, the ultrasound should penetrate deeper into the legs in order to better reach the tissue there.


During the massage you will feel like you are in another world. This can lead to you completely losing track of time and exceeding the recommended duration of treatment.

To prevent this from happening, an integrated timer is an important clock generator. This signals, for example, when you have to change jobs or when the entire treatment is over. In this way you avoid burns and safety is guaranteed.


If the facial massager is to be used in the shower , it must of course be waterproof. Caution, not all of the devices presented here meet this requirement.

Waterproof massagers work with a rechargeable battery and are therefore in most cases not quite as powerful as the alternatives in mains operation. But you can also use them in the shower or bathroom without hesitation. For example, you can thoroughly remove the make-up from the skin or simply use a relaxing massage.


Would you like to achieve more beautiful skin , remove dark circles or just get rid of stress with a relaxing massage?

Then a facial massager is ideal for these purposes. These are precisely tailored to the skin of the face and can deeply cleanse the fine pores.

Ultrasound or a facial brush can achieve different effects that make you look fresher and reverse the aging process. You seem much more rested and full of energy.

This will also have a noticeable effect on your well-being. Overall, you will be perceived as happier and more positive. Your stress will decrease and this alone will bring about some positive changes. Also of sleep can be improved thanks to a nightly application of facial massage device.

So benefit from this versatile treatment and enjoy better body awareness.



The massage for the face causes the blood vessels to widen. The blood circulation is improved and the face shines in a healthier color. Nutrients reach the skin more easily, so that it benefits from the massage and is better cared for.


In order to reduce the wrinkles, a facial massager is necessary, which promotes blood circulation. The better blood circulation stimulates the self-healing powers and the wrinkles recede. This is achieved with a facial massager, which acts either as a brush on the skin or with an ultrasound.


The treatment with an ultrasound device stimulates the blood circulation and the processes of the connective tissue. This promotes the formation of collagen and a better supply of nutrients is achieved. Wrinkles are much less noticeable and the skin looks healthier.


The facial massager combines different modes of action that affect skin aging. The better blood circulation promotes the supply of nutrients. In addition, more collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced. The formation of wrinkles decreases and skin aging slows down. Together with greater relaxation, the facial massager has an anti-aging effect.


The facial massager is able to reduce wrinkles. T

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