Which filling material should you choose for your pillow?

The pillow is an important factor in your sleep . It is not just a place to rest your head, but its properties can significantly influence how well you sleep.

With the right filling material, there will be less tension in the neck , you will sweat less and generally achieve a higher level of sleeping comfort. But what filling material is there for pillows and what are their differences?

Find out which variants are best suited to your sleeping habits.

There are now a number of different materials that your pillow can be made of. These range from natural hair to modern foams or gel fillings. In the following you will get a little introduction to the materials of the pillows.


Most households will likely still use the ordinary down pillow. This pillow has a long tradition and uses one of the oldest filling materials. Both down and feathers are used to make the pillow soft. The higher the proportion of feathers in the pillow, the firmer it looks.

The advantages of the down pillow are that it is easy to manufacture and relatively inexpensive . It can also be used in all sleeping positions.


In addition to the down and feathers, there is another natural filling. Various natural hairs are used here, which come from animals. Camel hair , for example , which is used in both blankets and pillows, has become more and more of a trend in recent years . But sheep wool is also included in this category.

These pillows are perceived as particularly soft . However, the support force leaves something to be desired.


In addition to the natural materials, artificial fillings can also be used. These include the textile fiber fillings. The fibers are shaped into small balls of cotton wool and inserted into the pillow.

The fibers can consist of polyester , for example , and are therefore well suited for allergy sufferers. The pillows are also described as breathable and warming.

Such a filling is particularly beneficial for people who sweat profusely during the night. It can also be used in winter because the body heat is kept close to the body and does not dissipate in the room.


Modern pillows no longer consist of small fillings that are inserted into the pillow, but of one “piece”. For the foam filling, a material is used that adapts to the body particularly well and offers optimal support.

Different materials are available for this. The most commonly used are:

Gel foam

In particular, the viscous foam is described as advantageous. This foam was developed by NASA to provide the astronauts with greater comfort when the rocket launches. It deforms under the influence of body heat and remains in this position. As a result, it guarantees a high level of adaptability , but is also extremely stable at the same time.

These memory foam pillows are particularly suitable for people who suffer from tension in the neck and need greater support. The unique shape supports the neck and protects the cervical spine.


Each material has different properties, but which pillow filling is best for you? Find out what to look for when choosing a pillow.


Of course, your sleeping position is essential for choosing the right pillow filling. Do you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach or side?

If you sleep on your back, it is essential to stabilize your neck. A flatter, but somewhat firmer pillow is advantageous for this. A slightly higher pillow is necessary for the side position. If you sleep on your stomach, the pillow filling should be as soft as possible and not too high.

It should be noted that the cervical spine is not unnaturally curved while sleeping . The spine should be straight. This is primarily due to the height of the pillow.


Your neck should be adequately supported while you sleep. This prevents it from tilting to the side or assuming any other unnatural position.

But it also depends on your personal preference how firm the pillow should be. If you prefer soft versions, such as a cuddly pillow , the camel hair filling is well suited for you. You get firmer versions that are healthier for your neck with the gel pillows . These may be a bit strange on the first night, but you will quickly appreciate the benefits of such a pillow. In the morning you will finally wake up without tension in your neck and start the day more relaxed.


Everyone sweats while sleeping. However, if you notice that you wake up in the morning bathed in sweat and the pillow is damp, you should probably use a different filling material.

Pillows made of natural hair or a foam have a higher breathability. As a result, the moisture is better transported away and does not collect in the pillow. In the morning you will not have to wake up in your own sweat, but use the appropriate filling material to ensure a better sleeping atmosphere.


Around 10 million people in Germany suffer from house dust allergies. This can cause sleep to be immensely affected among the mites. The airways are strained and every night it feels like the sleeper is going through a never-ending cold.

Therefore, pillows should be used that are especially suitable for allergy sufferers . Filling materials that can be machine washed at temperatures of over 60 ° C are suitable for this. This is possible, for example, with textile fibers such as polyester.

It is also worthwhile to use special allergy bed linen . These covers reduce the exposure to allergens and make sleep more comfortable.

So you will notice that there is a large selection of different filling materials for the pillow . Another material is suitable depending on your sleeping habits. With the properties presented here, you will get a good overview of which pillow suits you best.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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