Fire brigade bed – 3 beds in comparison

The fire engine bed enables your child to realize their big dream. Because the job of firefighter is still at the top of the list of dream jobs that children want to pursue.

As a child, it will be difficult to achieve this dream. A visit to the open house at the local fire department must be enough to satisfy the interest in the fire department.

But the children’s room offers many more ways to express this passion . Sleep is especially important for children. You’re still growing and need a good night’s sleep to process all of the new impressions of the day.

Sleeps particularly well in the fire engine bed . There your child feels like in a fire engine and is sure to have great dreams.

In this article you will find out which beds are suitable for living out this passion and what to look out for when buying a fire engine bed. Then you can fulfill a big dream of your child and look into shining children’s eyes.

There are different types of beds for children . It’s not just how well the children can sleep in it that counts, the design also plays a big role. There are cots with a house or other cots for girls in which they can feel like a princess.

The fire engine bed is not a place to sleep for real firefighters on duty. Rather, it is a bed for children, which is designed in such a way that they feel like they are in a fire engine .

The vehicle is reproduced on the sides . The beds are designed to be open at the top, but in order to create the real feeling of a fire engine, an open windshield is simulated in the front area. This is suitable for the bed, for example, as a shelf and ensures greater stability.

With one exception, a model is presented that is not based on the vehicles, but rather is based on a fire station . This bed is great for playing and has some details to discover . It is also suitable for sleeping and will make children’s hearts beat faster.

However, the basic structure of the beds is similar. They consist of a wooden frame and some even have a steering wheel. On this, the children can replay an operation and have some fun with the bed during the day.

The fire engine bed is more than just a place to sleep . For children it is also a play opportunity to let off steam and discover the world of fire services. This offers you the advantage that your child does not get bored and can do their own thing in the nursery.

After a long play unit, the children will be so exhausted that they will fall asleep soundly. As a parent, the fire engine bed also offers you a real benefit. There are no annoying fights to go to bed and children can fall asleep much better in a relaxed atmosphere .


How old is your child and what growth can be expected in the next few years? A fire brigade bed is a long-term purchase and therefore the bed should also meet these requirements.

There are therefore models in a wide variety of sizes on the market. They usually range from a mattress size starting from 140x70cm to over 200x90cm. This means that the lying area can be adapted very well to the needs of the child and you can buy a larger bed at an early stage so that you can use it for the long term.

There are also double beds, which can be set up as a loft bed, for example. This means that two children can use the benefits of a fire brigade bed and sleep at the same time.

When buying, it is advisable to choose a larger version . Your child will grow into the bed and will find the design appealing in the years to come. It is only in the teenage years that interest in fire service beds often declines, so that a youth-friendly bed is preferred. However, if the space in the children’s room is severely restricted, smaller beds can make better use of the space and appear less bulky.


How old is your child and is it already very interested in the fire brigade?

Then you can rest assured. There are fire fighting beds suitable for all ages. Regardless of whether your 3-year-old toddler is interested in the first fire engine and can no longer put it down or whether your 6-year-old child says the fire fighter is a dream job at school.

For the younger children, you should first and foremost make sure that they are safe . A failure protection should be in place so that the child does not fall out of bed one night and rudely wakes up. In addition, there should be no accessories that are sensitive and that will be damaged if used more roughly, as will be the case with small children.

At school age, however, children can certainly use a steering wheel. The design of the fire brigade bed is also no longer so childlike, but a bit more adult. In addition, the bed can be a little larger so that the bed does not become too small after the next growth spurts.

So there are suitable models for all ages and you don’t have to worry that your child is too young or too old to use the fire engine bed. Every child can enjoy such a bed and benefit from a good night’s sleep.


The choice is not always easy. Tastes are different and the quality of the beds can also vary.

In the following, three models are presented that convince buyers and meet the demands . Two classic beds in a car design and one in the form of a fire station are presented.

This should leave nothing to be desired.



The Stelle Trading Spark fire engine bed is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a nice cot. The bed is kept open in the front area and there are tires on the sides to create the car look.

The bed is delivered without slatted frame and mattress . These must be purchased separately, with the bed measuring 200x90cm . The bed must be set up after delivery. Simple instructions enable you to assemble it without any problems, without any special technical knowledge.

The bed can take loads of up to 120 kilograms . So an adult can lie in bed with a toddler and read a story together. The entrance is easily manageable for children with a height of 45cm.

stable MDF is used as the material . The typical red color is applied to the MDF in a glossy look.


The equipment is of course important for the bed in the fire brigade look. Because children can do a lot more than just sleep in bed.

What is striking about the bed from Stella Trading are the detailed wheels that are attached to the side. These look confusingly similar to real wheels. A pretty radiator grille is attached to the front , which reinforces the impression.

The highlights, in the truest sense of the word, are the lights that are attached to the front and top. Headlights illuminate the bed at the front and there is even a blue light at the top . The lights are battery-operated and the LED version is very energy-efficient.


If you would like to have a nice basic structure for a fire brigade bed, which reproduces the car in great detail , this wish will be fulfilled with this model. You can decide for yourself which slatted frame and mattress to use and adapt them to the needs of your child.

With a size of 200x90cm and a load capacity of 120 kilograms, the bed is also ideal for older children . The lights invite you to play and can also be used as night lights for children if your child is afraid of being in complete darkness.

The relatively low price and the high quality that is offered are particularly convincing . You get a very nice frame and can design the bed individually.



As a family-run company , Demeyere has many years of experience in building beds. Already for more than 100 years, this experience is held in the company. The beds are characterized by a beautiful design and high quality.

This can also be seen in the SOS fire brigade bed . It can be set up either with a lying surface of 190x90cm or 200x90cm . The material used is MDF , which is painted in a striking red and white.

The bed is slightly larger than the previous version and the front support is higher. Nevertheless, the bed is suitable for children from 4 years of age .

The materials are completely waterproof and dustproof. Even small mishaps in bed are survived unscathed. The bed is assembled in Europe and only high quality materials are used.

slatted frame is already available when you buy it . However, this can be exchanged for another, if desired. The assembly is very easy thanks to the instructions.


The design of this bed is a bit simpler. The wheels are integrated directly into the bed and are not additional parts. The front, with its headlights and lights, is reminiscent of other well-known versions of cars and is designed to be very child-friendly.

At the front, the cover can be used as a shelf . There are already two blue lights as design elements. However, these are only used for decoration and cannot be illuminated.


The design of this bed will be more appealing, especially for smaller children . It is a bit “cuter” , but the fire station’s bed can still be seen clearly.

With the size of 200x90cm, the bed is also suitable for older children. There is a border on the side so that children do not fall out of bed during the night.

The slatted frame included in the delivery makes it easier to assemble, so that you only have to buy your own cot mattress.



Would you like to fulfill the wish of a bed in the design of a fire brigade, but not limit yourself to a car?

The manufacturer Wickey offers adventure beds in a wide variety of shapes . This also includes a cot, which is modeled on a fire brigade. This consists of a few details that children can use as play opportunities.

Quality is one of the most important factors in this bed. The legs and wooden elements are particularly strong. Nordic pine and spruce are used as wood . Even romping around on the bed can be coped with without any problems.

The advantage of processing is that the wooden elements are left in their natural state . If you attach great importance to a natural bed and your child is sensitive, for example, to the paintwork, this bed is a natural alternative.

The bed is “Made in Germany” and is covered directly by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, you have a contact person and problems are solved quickly.

The structure is a little more complex due to the numerous additional elements, but still easy to create. The setup can be done much better with two people, so a helping hand should be included.


The big plus point of this bed are the additional elements that can be used for play . It is a complete adventure bed , which not only serves as a place to sleep, but also to act out the imagination.

yellow steering wheel is attached to the front , which is fully movable. With it, children can control the bed in their imagination and drive to the next missions.

There is a siren to make yourself noticeable . However, the volume should be considered here. If you prefer to have it quiet, the siren does not have to be installed.

fire hose and a hoist complete the play options. They are not only used for decoration, but can also be used in their entirety.

Handles ensure safety , although smaller children should not play unsupervised. Nevertheless, the bed is recommended for children from the age of 3 years.


With this bed you offer your child a unique play world that is not only fun, but also provides a nice place to sleep. The assembly takes a little more time , as the equipment has to be attached and the stickers have to be cut to size. After that, however, you will receive a very stable bed made of natural wood.

mattress has to be bought in addition and the lying area is 200x90cm. Thus, the bed is also suitable for older children and a load capacity of 150 kilograms is guaranteed.

This makes this fire brigade bed the highest quality variant and the manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee .

Make adventures possible in children’s rooms with this beautiful cot.


Which criteria are important for buying a fire engine and what should you pay attention to?

Below are a few points that will make your purchase decision easier.


A cot is not just a place to sleep. How many options should there be for your child to interact with the bed?

If it already has some toys and prefers to use them, the bed can be kept rather simple. Driving the fire truck down the play carpet is probably more fun than turning on the lights on the bed.

But if your child is very adventurous and wants to get the feeling of sitting in a real fire station and behind the wheel , the third version of Wickey is recommended. There are some equipment variants that serve as a play area for your children.

When buying, you also have to pay attention to what is already included in the scope of delivery. A mattress is not available with any product variants , but must be purchased by you in addition. Depending on the model, there may already be a slatted frame or the mattress is placed on the wooden boards.


Gambling shouldn’t pose a threat. However, children can handle the bed and the accessories a little rougher. Therefore, you should first explain where the limits of resilience are and how your child can handle the bed. Younger children should therefore only play in bed under supervision.

The side boundaries are also important for safety . The fire brigade beds do not have a fully encircling fall protection. The sides are a little more open, but adequate protection is required in the area of ​​the head end.

The beds are therefore not suitable for children under 3 years of age , as there is too high a risk that the child could slip out of the bed. In addition, it is important that the boards are properly processed. This is the case with the models presented and, for example, the boards are rounded so that no sharp edges are left.


The costs are always closely linked to quality. The beds presented here start from a price of 200 euros . This gives you beds that have sufficient stability and can be loaded accordingly.

When it comes to costs, you still have to consider the mattress, which is not included in the scope of delivery. Here you can respond individually to the needs of your child and find the right mattress.

Alternatives, such as a loft bed with a slide , are much more expensive. In terms of the play options and the price, the fire engine bed is already an excellent combination.


The beds are not delivered in the assembled state . You have to do this yourself using the instructions. However, the construction is not very problematic and can even be taken over by non-craftsmen.

However, the more extensive the equipment, the more time-consuming it is to set up. You therefore have to plan a little more time with the bed from the manufacturer Wickey. Of course, you also get a somewhat more extensive game world for this.

A drill is sometimes required, but not absolutely necessary. As a rule, the beds are prefabricated in such a way that the boards only have to be screwed together .


If you want to fulfill your child’s dream of a children’s room in a fire brigade design , this is child’s play with a fire brigade bed .

The beds are not expensive and assembly can be done quickly with a little practice. After that, the bed can be used not only as a place to sleep, but also as a play world .

Children feel much more comfortable in these beds and sleep problems are reduced . From the age of 3, such special beds are suitable for the children’s room and you can give your child unforgettable joy.

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