Fitted sheets for the box spring bed in comparison

Fitted sheets for box spring beds are an indispensable part of ensuring a high level of sleeping comfort during the night. Due to the special structure with several elements, the fitted sheet is necessary to hold the elements in place and prevent them from slipping.

When buying the fitted sheet for box spring beds, however, you have to pay attention to a few special features. You cannot use an ordinary bed sheet, you have to make sure that it is expressly suitable for box spring beds .

You can find out which variants are available and which models are best in this detailed guide.

The fitted sheet is advisable for the box spring bed for several reasons and should always be used. One of the main properties of the sheet is the hygienic protection of the topper and the bed. During use, the topper is exposed to your daily use. To reduce wear and tear, the sheet is helpful as an additional layer.

Furthermore, you lose skin flakes and one or two drops of sweat during the night. Although you do not even notice it, it is a completely natural process that you cannot prevent. So that the box spring bed is more protected from these secretions, the fitted sheet serves as an additional protective layer.

This is an important factor, especially for allergy sufferers. The sheet can absorb some of the main dandruff and regular cleaning of the sheet reduces the exposure to mites. If you were to sleep directly on the topper, all excretions would be in the bed and it would take a lot of effort to keep the bed hygienically clean.

In order to guarantee a hygienically clean and restful sleep, the fitted sheets should be made of a material that can be easily washed and easily changed on the mattress.

A fitted sheet can also visually enhance the box spring bed. The topper just rests on top of the mattress, which can sometimes be seen as a little messy. With the matching colored sheet, however, you can combine the bed into a beautiful unit.

The fitted sheet is also responsible for ensuring that the individual elements do not slip. Without a sheet it could happen that the topper slips and you have to adjust it all the time.

A box spring bed without a fitted sheet not only looks less inviting, but is also limited in its function. You should therefore always have several fitted sheets at home to ensure that the box spring bed is properly covered at all times.


If you want to offer your box spring bed a certain protection and enhance the look of the bed, the following three models are not only nice to look at, but can also be easily washed at higher temperatures.


If you value high quality , you will get it with these fitted sheets, which are particularly durable and convey a pleasant sleep feeling. These are made of a particularly dense material and therefore convey a special quality.

Pure cotton is used as the material for the high quality . With a density of 190g / m², there is no danger that it will no longer withstand the stresses after a short time, but rather this fitted sheet retains its shape even after extensive use. With its 190g / m², the fitted sheet is of hotel quality and ensures that you can sleep comfortably.

In terms of color, subtle gray and black tones are available. These go perfectly with a high-quality box spring bed and enhance it optically. Even after repeated washing, the colors do not fade, but still look like on the first day.

This model is sanforized so that the fitted sheet does not get out of shape . This is a finishing process for textiles that prevents shrinkage . For better usability, there is an elastic band with which you can easily cover the box spring bed.

The cotton is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the material is free of harmful substances. It is washable up to a temperature of 60 ° and also suitable for the dryer.

If you want particularly high-quality fitted sheets for the box spring bed, this is guaranteed with this model. The material feels pleasantly soft, but at the same time it is resistant and easy to handle.


The fitted sheets from the manufacturer NatureMark appear a bit more colorful . These can be used for both box spring beds and water beds . The quality is still decent with a processing of 130g / m² , considering the price-performance there is currently no better offer.

The fitted sheet is suitable for a bar height of approx. 40cm. In contrast to the previous product, NaturMark offers an extremely large selection of colors. This includes all conspicuous colors, such as bordeaux red, navy blue or apple green , as well as more muted colors, such as anthracite gray or cream-white .

The quality is also reflected in the ease of use. The fitted sheets can be washed at a temperature of up to 60 ° . Just make sure that dark colors are washed separately.

Certified according to the Oeko-Tex standard, it is ensured that no harmful substances were used in production. In addition, shrinkage is prevented by the Sanfor-Knit due to the production process.

For a more eye-catching bed, you are sure to find the right color here and, thanks to the low price, you can buy several products and try out which variant looks best on the bed.


The third manufacturer, “Entspanno”, also guarantees extremely high quality. This convinces with over 400 top ratings on Amazon and an average rating of 4.8 . With this fitted sheet you will surely be satisfied and you will be able to improve your sleeping comfort.

A total of 18 different colors are available. These range from a magnificent orange to a subtle light blue to an elegant black or beige. With this selection, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for and you will be able to cover your bed appropriately.

The fitted sheet is suitable for mattress heights between 15 and 40 centimeters . The mattress should have a size of 140 × 200 to 200 × 220 centimeters.

If you suffer from allergies, this model is particularly suitable for you. Animal hair or other secretions do not even stick to this material. This is also an advantage if you suffer from a house dust allergy.

The inlet protection and the elastic band , with which you can comfortably pull the fitted sheet onto the bed, guarantee a long period of use . With up to 60 ° wash you will be able to clean the material hygienically clean.

The cotton was produced according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 , which guarantees that there are no harmful substances. With a 3% elastane content, the sheet remains somewhat flexible, making it easier to handle.

If you want a high-quality and at the same time visually beautiful fitted sheet, you can get it with this product from Entspanno.


If you already own a high-quality box spring bed, the fitted sheet should of course also be of high quality. A high-quality fitted sheet is breathable and protects your bed from soiling.

A quality feature is the elastic band , with which the covering can be simplified. This keeps the sheet stable, but at the same time gives enough tension to the sheet so that it can be easily opened.

So that the sheet is still usable after some time of use, it should not be made entirely of cotton, but rather contain a small amount of elastane. This gives you a little more flexibility when it comes to purchasing. The special processing of the cotton also prevents it from shrinking.

Of course, it is particularly important that the materials are free from harmful substances. You spend about 8 hours in bed every day and don’t want to inhale any harmful substances. With the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 you are guaranteed that the materials are completely harmless and that there is no health risk.

You can use these criteria to identify high-quality fitted sheets. Fortunately, the models presented here meet all of these criteria, so that you can choose your favorite without hesitation.


Depending on the size of the box spring bed, the size of the fitted sheet must also adapt. As standard, the sheet is 200 centimeters long. But there are also variants that get by with a length of 210 or 220 centimeters. These are particularly suitable for box spring beds with an American structure.

For the size of the sheet, you need to know the two side lengths of your mattress and choose the sheet accordingly. However, with box spring beds, the special features of the structure must also be taken into account in this case .

After all, it is not only important to cover a mattress, but also to include the topper. Together, the height of the mattress and topper make up the height of the bar. The fitted sheets are designed for a bar height of a maximum of 40 centimeters. If your construction exceeds this height, you have to cover the base mattress and the topper separately.

For this you use a separate fitted sheet for the topper, which is designed for low heights. You can use the fitted sheets presented here for structures below the bar height of 40 centimeters.


Box spring beds can not be covered with an ordinary sheet due to the height of the mattress and topper . Depending on the height of the bar, there are different types of fitted sheets that you can use for your bed.

If you only want to completely cover your box spring bed with one sheet, i.e. cover both the mattress and the topper, there are sheets with a high bar. These are able to enclose the entire upper structure. In this way you can prevent the elements from slipping and ensure a high quality of sleep. These are the best-known fitted sheets and can be used for conventional box spring bed structures.

However, if your structure is relatively high and exceeds the already mentioned 40 centimeters , you have to use a special fitted sheet for toppers with a low bridge. These are suitable for the low heights.

If you use several fitted sheets, they do not have to be from the same manufacturer. You can choose freely and even combine different colors to set additional accents in the bedroom.


Newly purchased fitted sheets may still have a certain chemical odor when they are used for the first time . This is completely harmless and the Oeko-Tex standard guarantees that there are no harmful substances. But the smell can be perceived as unpleasant and should be eliminated for a relaxed sleep.

Similar to clothing, it makes sense to wash the fitted sheet before using it for the first time. In this way you can also remove any residues from production, which allergy sufferers should pay particular attention to.

Further maintenance turns out to be relatively straightforward. Above all, you should pay attention to the care symbols and follow them. The products presented here are washable at up to 60 ° and suitable for the dryer. So you can machine wash them without any problems.

So that the fitted sheet is not only hygienically clean, but also looks nice, it should be wrinkle-free. High-quality sheets have the advantage that they are completely non-iron . So you can take them out of the dryer and put them in the closet straight away without having to iron them. You should always follow the care instructions, as some products have to be ironed in order to be able to use them without wrinkles.

Whether you want to use fabric softener depends on your own preference for the fabric and its properties. If you like to have a particularly soft fabric, the use of fabric softeners is suitable. However, it is generally advised that fabric softeners should be used sparingly as they are harmful to the environment.


The fitted sheet is essential for the long-term use of the box spring bed. It reduces pollution and keeps the elements in the right shape.

When buying, you should make sure that the fitted sheet is the right size . Above all, the height of the bar is decisive for whether the sheet can be used.

Otherwise, there is not much to consider when buying. The sheets presented here are of high quality and allow you a restful sleep.

Enjoy the advantages of the box spring bed and its advantages with the right fitted sheet.

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