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As a fabric, flannel is usually only associated with shirts. The fabric is often combined with a checked pattern and is also known as a “lumberjack shirt”.

This fabric can also be used in bed. The flannel bed linen is characterized by a cozy feeling and better warmth properties .

In this article you will get a selection of 3 practical flannel bed linens and learn how they promote your sleep.

The basic material for flannel is cotton . This results in very good temperature-compensating properties. Flannel bed linen is therefore used especially in winter . It is a little thicker, but still pleasantly soft on the skin.

This is made possible by special processing of the cotton. The fabric is roughened or sanded, which is why it gains volume. These properties make it better able to keep the warmth under the blanket and create a cozy atmosphere.

Due to the roughening and the special processing method, air cushions are created below the surface. These also insulate against the cold and improve the warmth properties.

Because of these properties, flannel bed linen is preferably used in winter. It would be clearly too warm for the summer and a thinner summer blanket is more suitable there. During the cold season, however, the flannel fabric shows its strengths and offers a pleasantly warm cosiness in bed. This bed linen will keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

Although the flannel bed linen has very good thermal properties, it is also breathable . So you won’t start sweating under the bed linen and heat build-up will be prevented.


Flannel bed linen comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Below you will find a small selection of high-quality variants that protect you from the cold in winter and ensure comfort in the bedroom.


The checked pattern, which is associated with flannel, is often seen as a striking feature. If you don’t want to do without bed linen, the manufacturer Erwin Müller offers a pretty design that picks up on this pattern.

The flannel bed linen is available in sizes from 135x200cm to 220x240cm . A cover for the pillow in the size 80x80cm is already included , with 2 pillowcases included in the larger variants. You can equip both a single and a double bed with this bed linen.

If you don’t like the classic red , the bed linen is also available in a more subtle blue . Again, the checked design is picked up at finer intervals. The color is retained for a long time thanks to the high quality of workmanship, so that the bed linen leaves a good impression for some winters.

In terms of feel, it is described as velvety soft and skin-friendly . If you are a bit more sensitive, this flannel bed linen from Erwin Müller is well suited for you and there will certainly be no skin irritations.

This bed linen is provided with a button closure for easy handling . This makes it easy to cover the bed linen again after washing.

Washing is possible in the machine up to a temperature of 60 ° C. Allergy sufferers can therefore be sure that the exposure to allergens is kept low. However, bleaching should be avoided and drying on a low temperature level is not a problem.

quality flannel sheets in classic design will get you from the supplier Erwin Müller. This is characterized by the pleasant feeling on the skin and the large selection.


The rather classic design of the flannel bed linen from Zeitgeist shows that it doesn’t always have to be the checked design. This is completely monochrome and gives a noble impression. This design is particularly ideal for modern bedrooms and goes wonderfully with a high-quality box spring bed.

As is customary with flannel, 100% cotton is used as the material. This is breathable and offers excellent temperature properties. In winter it keeps you warm without you starting to sweat under the blanket.

The flannel bed linen from Zeitgeist is available in three colors: beige, gray and pink . You can also choose from the sizes 135x200cm to 155x220cm , which are equipped with two pillowcases.

The zipper , which makes it easier to cover, ensures better manageability . The “Easy-Flap assembly” has proven to be particularly practical . This means that the pillowcase with a size of 80x80cm can be converted into a cover with a size of 40x80cm in just a few simple steps.

The simple care continues even when washing. The flannel bed linen is machine washable at 60 ° C. However, the gentle cycle should be selected and color or mild detergents used. Drying is possible at low temperatures.

If you would rather have a simple flannel bed linen that goes with a noble interior, this version of Zeitgeist is ideal for you. It not only looks classically elegant, but with the Oeko Tex seal it proves that it is skin-friendly and safe. So nothing stands in the way of cozy nights in winter.


This variant from the manufacturer “Bed linen with style” fits seamlessly into the range of flannel bed linen in checked design . Here, too, the typical red with the horizontal and vertical stripes is used.

A particularly fine flannel is used as the fabric . As a result, the bed linen is warm, but a little lighter and not quite as heavy. This gives you greater freedom of movement and does not feel quite so restricted.

There are three size combinations available:

135x200cm + 80x80cm pillowcase
155x200cm + 80x80cm pillow case
200x200cm + 2 80 × 80 pillow cases

In addition, you can purchase the pillowcases individually if the single bed is equipped with several pillows. In terms of color, only one design consisting of the striking red and the subtle green tones is available. This is described as a country house style, which looks more rustic.

It is nice that the zipper is hidden . As a result, no seams or other unevenness can be seen in the entire bed linen. Visually, this flannel bed linen looks like it is made from one piece.

Washing is possible up to a temperature of 60 ° C and the bed linen is suitable for the dryer. Production takes place within the EU and the Oeko-Tex seal confirms the good properties.

This flannel bed linen in the well-known checked design is wonderfully suitable for a rustic interior . Somewhat lighter and with good skin tolerance, you will experience cozy, soft nights in winter.


When looking for the right flannel bed linen, you could have come across numerous bed linen, which is actually referred to as beaver bed linen . But what is the difference between these two bed linen?

The difference between these two types is actually marginal. Both are made of cotton and have the same properties. The only thing that needs to be delimited is the nature of the fabric. The beaver bed linen is a little thicker and finer. The fine beaver bed linen in particular is described as being softer, as only one side is roughened there.


If you live in a region that is characterized by particularly harsh winters, you will also be able to use the flannel bed linen there. Even at low temperatures, the flannel bed linen will keep you comfortably warm and will get you through the winter well.

Therefore, it is clearly considered winter bedding and is unsuitable for the summer. Due to the rustic design, this bed linen goes perfectly with country houses and provides a pleasant warmth even in mountain huts.


The washing of the flannel sheets is relatively straightforward. Since it is a natural cotton, it is resistant and can be machine washed at 60 ° C. To be on the safe side, you can use the gentle cycle and use a detergent for delicates.

The drying is possible at low temperatures , on the other hand, the ironing should be avoided. However, since the fabric is very breathable, you will hardly sweat under it anyway and the bed linen is not exposed to high loads.


If it gets colder again in winter, the flannel bed linen is your perfect companion. It keeps you comfortably warm without the feeling of being overwhelmed by the warmth. You do not sweat any more and the good care properties allow it to be used for several years.

The flannel bed linen is an excellent way to spend the cold winter nights in a cozy atmosphere.

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