FMP Matratzenmanufaktur orthopedic neck support pillow in check

Do you wake up in the morning with neck pain and is it therefore difficult to start the day? So far, have you only used a simple down pillow, which is cozy but does not support your neck sufficiently?

Then you should try a special neck pillow. These are designed in such a way that your neck is supported and the muscles relax. The orthopedic neck support pillow from FMP Matratzenmanufaktur is one of the most popular models on the market. It is particularly impressive due to its excellent price-performance ratio.

In this detailed check you can find out how well it supports your neck and whether it is able to relieve the pain .

With the orthopedic neck support pillow from the manufacturer FMP Matratzenmanufaktur, the wish is connected to the tension and pain in the neck being a thing of the past.


Most neck support pillows are designed so that they have a curve at one end. This creates a very special sleep feeling.

FMP deliberately does without this curvature in its orthopedic neck support pillow. It would rather be based on the classic design of the pillow and offer a common, flat, rectangular variant. This makes it easier for you to switch from your current pillow to the neck support pillow. In addition, the comfort is a little higher and the pillow can be used more variably.

In order to do justice to different types of sleep, the FMP mattress manufacturer offers 6 different versions . These are all 70x36cm in size , but variable in height. The lowest variant starts at 6cm and the highest ends at 13cm. So both back sleepers and side sleepers will find a suitable design.

The design is chosen in such a way that, in addition to supporting the neck, there is also a high level of comfort. The size does not come close to the usual down pillows, but it is larger than many comparable designs.


The shape hardly shows that it is a special pillow that is particularly comfortable for the neck . This mainly only becomes apparent with the material used.

viscose foam is used in the core . This adapts flexibly to your contour of the cervical spine and literally hugs you. This is achieved because the foam is stable when it is idle. However, if the body heat acts on the material, it becomes soft and deforms. This means that the pillow adapts ideally to the shape of your neck and in this way offers optimal support.

The cover is also important for the usability of the pillow. This is exposed to the highest loads and not only has to process the movements of the head, but also the moisture. A soft and comfortable cover is used for the neck support pillow from FMP . This has a dust protection layer so that impurities do not even get to the core.


If the pillow is used every night, the hygienic standards should of course also be adhered to. After all, every person loses up to 1 liter of sweat during sleep and this can put pressure on the pillow .

The core of the neck support pillow from FMP is not washable. The viscose foam used would not survive a washing process and would lose its essential properties. Here it is sufficient to ventilate the core if it should smell something. But be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Wash Easy Care can be, however, the reference . This absorbs most of the impurities anyway and protects the pillow. It is easy to wash at 60 ° C and you can quickly remove the cover using the zipper. These high washing temperatures not only ensure better hygienic conditions, allergy sufferers also benefit . Because allergens are reliably washed out and do not represent a burden for the night.


If you would like to use the pillow for the night, you will find out in the following sections what it feels like to sleep on it . The properties are convincing and you will receive a high-quality neck support pillow, but it should also correspond to your personal feelings.


Unusual for a neck support pillow, this version is described as cozy and cozy . In many cases, the function of such pillows is in the foreground, so that although they relieve the neck, they are not described as particularly comfortable.

Since the orthopedic neck support pillow from FMP is slightly larger and resembles a normal pillow in shape , there are no major teething problems here. Buyers report that they were able to sleep well on this pillow from the start and that the desired effect occurred.

It is positive that the pillow is well suited for several sleeping positions . As a side sleeper, you can also use it to the side to rest your head on.

Above all, the precise pressure relief is described as pleasant . This means that the head and neck are very precisely relieved and the muscles relax. If you take your head off the pillow, the material automatically returns to its original shape. There are no hollows or similar pressure points.


The right pillow height is essential for sleep and optimal support for the neck. The cervical spine should not bend in any direction , but follow its natural course. If the pillow is too flat, the neck will not be adequately supported and the head will be overstretched. If the pillow is too high, the head is pushed up and the cervical spine bends forward. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the correct pillow height when buying.

The height depends on your sleeping habits and the mattress used. If you like to sleep on your stomach , you should try the flattest version . There is little risk that your head will be overstretched and the cervical spine will not be unnaturally deformed.

If you sleep on your side , it is advisable to choose the highest version . Because you lie on your side, you create a greater distance from the head to the mattress. If you are very sensitive there, the Acamar side sleeper pillow could be an interesting option for you.As a back sleeper, there is greater freedom of choice and this depends on your preferences and body size. Taller people can choose the 11cm high version, while smaller people should use 7 or 8.5cm high cushions.

If you have any questions about choosing the right pillow height, you can also contact the manufacturer and ask for advice on which version best suits your body size. If in doubt, the pillow can also be tested and exchanged.


The expectation of the FMP neck support pillow will be that it offers a good combination of high comfort and relief of the neck. This is reliably achieved by the visco foam used. It adapts perfectly to your neck and provides good relief.

At the same time, comfort does not fall by the wayside. The pillow not only offers high stability, it is also comfortable and cuddly soft at the same time In this way you can relieve your neck and allow yourself sufficient relaxation.


Many office workers put their necks under great strain. In addition to neck problems, allergies are also on the rise. It is estimated that around 10% of all Germans suffer from a house dust allergy. Therefore, the pillow should also withstand these requirements.

Allergy sufferers don’t need to worry when buying the FMP neck support pillow. The memory foam is hardly suitable for mites. They prefer to feel comfortable in upholstered furniture and down fillings. In the memory foam, however, they hardly have a place to nestle.

In addition, the can reference at 60 ° C wash . If you suffer from the symptoms of a house dust allergy, it is better to put the cover in the washing machine a little more often and make sure that the allergens are washed out.

So house dust allergy sufferers can use this pillow wonderfully.


Neck support pillows can cost more than 100 euros. They have an unusual shape and in this way promise to relieve the neck muscles. Tension and pain are relieved in the long term.

That you cost-effectively can enjoy a high-quality cervical pillow, the model of FMP demonstrates. This is available for less than 50 euros and is also very convenient. The visco foam used provides optimal support and the muscles can recover.

The practical carrying bag allows you to use the pillow when traveling or in the hotel. This will probably also be necessary, because you will not want to do without the high level of comfort.

Use the orthopedic neck support pillow to relieve tension and pain in the neck. Enjoy the high level of comfort and experience what it feels like to get up relaxed in the morning.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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