Foldable mattress – find the best model

Mattresses often have the disadvantage that they take up a lot of space. If you only want to use the mattress from time to time and if you do not want it to lie on a bed the entire time, special variants are advantageous.

foldable mattress consists of several elements , which means that this version can be stowed very compactly. By simply folding the individual parts together, the mattress can also be used as a stool.

The foldable mattress is well suited as a simple alternative to a larger guest mattress. Find out what practical advantages it offers and where it can be used sensibly.

Mattresses usually consist of a single, larger lying surface. This may provide a high level of convenience, but it is not always the best solution.

If you are expecting visitors and there are not enough guest beds available, comfortable alternatives must be created. The foldable mattress is a good way to quickly prepare a place to sleep. Although it cannot be compared to a normal bed, it is still sufficient to spend the night relaxing.

The individual elements of the foldable mattresses are characteristic. Usually the variant consists of three equal parts that can be folded together. The small transitions can therefore be felt when lying down. However, there is no need to accept major losses in terms of comfort.

It is also practical that they usually have handles . This makes it easy to transport the mattress and take it with you in the vehicle. Such a variant is well suited as a travel mattress and you get a comfortable place to sleep practically anywhere.

Most manufacturers use flexible foam for the material. So it is a cold foam mattress, with the associated lying properties. The foam is flexible and adapts wonderfully to the load on the body. You lie down on the lying surface and the cold foam gives way precisely. This creates a feeling as if the mattress was tailor-made for you.

To be more manageable, however, the foldable mattresses are much lower . They are only a few centimeters high, so that they can be folded up easily and stowed away compactly.

They are less suitable for a permanent place to sleep. As a temporary place to sleep, however, they are sufficient and will be comfortable enough for a few nights to enjoy your vacation or to take care of your guests.


The foldable mattress does not necessarily guarantee the highest level of comfort. For a few nights, however, it is more than sufficient and more comfortable than a small air mattress or sleeping mat. These compact mattresses are convincing in the following cases.


If there is a surprise visit and there are not enough guest beds available, you have to get creative. Nobody wants to sleep on the floor and in many cases the couch is too hard to be used as a substitute for a bed.

The folding mattress is perfectly adequate for guests who only stay a few nights. You put them on the floor and the size is for an individual.

If you expect frequent visitors and would like to offer a flexible place to sleep, a foldable mattress represents a good compromise between compactness and comfort . After use, the mattress can be converted into a seat so that it hardly takes up any space.


If you like to travel with the caravan or if you have developed a van in such a way that you would like to spend the night in it, you can either use a special caravan mattress or choose the foldable version. The caravan mattress is usually larger and less flexible to use. The foldable version, on the other hand, can be easily removed from the caravan or van, so that more space is available again.

Do you dream of spending the night outdoors and want to be completely free? Then such a foldable mattress is well suited for these nights. The common variants are relatively cheap and robust enough to survive nights under the starry sky.


If a move is due, the decision to change the current bed or mattress is often made. However, it may take some time for the final mattress or bed to arrive .

The foldable mattress is ideal for bridging . In contrast to the self-inflating air mattress , which is often used in the transition period, the folding mattress is more compact and can also be used later. The air mattress, on the other hand, is hardly needed any more and only takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space.


If you want to quickly prepare a place to sleep in a space-saving manner , you can choose from different mattresses. The following variants have been created for these requirements.


The foldable mattresses presented here are designed so that they have several elements . You can unfold it and then fold it back together to create a place to sleep or a small cube to sit on. The selection of these models is large and, depending on your needs, these mattresses can be thicker or more compact. This gives you a practical and comfortable bed.


Even most of the larger mattresses come rolled up The foam proves to be very flexible and can be compressed to a minimum.

The advantage of the roll mattress is that it can be rolled up again after unpacking . This enables easy transport.

This variability is only offered by mattresses with a foam core . Spring mattresses cannot be rolled up as this would damage the springs.


Inflatable air mattresses are also very compact. There are special versions that are intended for the bedroom and some of which fill themselves with air. This gives you a place to sleep quickly and can stow the air mattress to save space after use.

In terms of comfort, these models are viewed as less pleasant compared to the variants with a foam core. There is also the risk of cracks forming or the engine no longer working properly. As a result, these air mattresses are less durable and not intended for longer use.


Which foldable mattresses are best suited for your application and convince in terms of both comfort and usefulness? Below you will find three comfortable versions that promise a restful night in any case.


Spending the night on a “temporary” mattress does not necessarily mean that you have to accept a loss of comfort. The dream night guest mattress de Luxe proves that a restful sleep is also possible on a foldable mattress .

The quality concept is already evident in the construction . The mattress consists of three elements , which can be folded up wonderfully. There are handles on the sides that make handling easier and allow easy transport.

The core is based on a combination of a cold foam core and a visco layer . The cold foam core is around 10cm thick, while the mattress topper is 4cm thick. In terms of comfort, this combination does not have to hide from an ordinary mattress.

It is a combination of a cold foam mattress with a visco topper . This gives you a stable base, which absorbs the load well, while the visco pad clings precisely to your spine. Thanks to the two-layer structure, you combine the advantages of both variants. Your body is relieved, in the morning you wake up full of energy and you are ready to start the day.

The mattress is available in the sizes 75x195cm & 120x195cm , whereby the height is 14cm . The elements can be folded up to create a stool measuring 65x75x42cm.

The core is surrounded by an easy-care cover made of polyester. This can be machine washed at 30 ° C. The entire mattress has been awarded the Oeko-Tex standard and has been tested for harmful substances.

Sit on this high-quality folding mattress to offer your guests ideal comfort. The combination of cold foam and visco creates a feeling of lying on a modern mattress with a topper . The simple handling and ease of care are also convincing .


The manufacturer MaxVitalis also relies on a similar structure to the de Luxe model from the manufacturer Traumnacht. In his folding mattress, two different cores are also combined with one another , so that maximum comfort is provided.

cold foam core with a height of 11cm and a visco pad with 4cm are used. This results in the same advantages of a stable base with a particularly adaptable surface. You lie down on the mattress and feel how the flexible memory foam adapts exactly to your body. After the load, the foam returns to its original position so that it looks like new. As a result, it adapts to each guest individually.

The mattress is also divided into three elements. When folded, the result is a comfortable cube seat, which gives a high-quality impression. The monochrome black cover can be wonderfully integrated into the interior and it is not possible to tell that it is actually a mattress.

Feels a guest mattress too soft, can this easily contact . As a result, the cold foam core is on top and the feeling of lying is a bit harder overall. With a size of 75x195cm , the mattress is only intended for one person.

The cover is removable and machine washable at 40 ° C. This makes it a little more suitable for allergy sufferers than, for example, the “de luxe” version of Dream Night. The Oeko-Tex standard is of course also adhered to.

You get a comfortable place to sleep at a low price with this guest mattress from the provider MaxVitalis. The model leaves a high-quality impression and feels very comfortable due to the different cores. Trust this design to create a presentable sleeping place for your guests.


If you rarely use the mattress, the “Campix” model from Beautissu could exactly meet your expectations. This version is much cheaper and more compact than the two previously presented folding mattresses.

This variant also relies on three elements that can be folded together. A single layer of foam is used as the core . This is approx. 7cm thick and therefore only half as high as the two comparable versions. Slight compromises have to be made in terms of comfort, but there are positive aspects in terms of compactness.

With a size of 60x190cm to 120x195cm and a density of 25, the mattress is more suitable for narrow people or children. It is well suited as a temporary cot mattress and also comfortable for lighter adults. The size of the seat cube is 63x60x21cm. With a weight of only 3kg , it is very easy to transport and is therefore ideal for holidays.

The cover is machine washable at 40 ° C and is made of microfibre . The all-round zipper makes handling easier, so that the cover can be removed in a few simple steps. The materials also meet the Oeko-Tex standard .

If you use the mattress yourself or if it is intended for children or young adults , this inexpensive model is a good compromise between price and comfort. Older relatives would probably not feel comfortable here and would prefer a thicker mattress. This thin folding mattress from Beautissu is well suited for travel and mobile sleeping . As a long-term place to sleep, however, it could prove too uncomfortable for most adults.


A foldable mattress has several advantages. But what do you have to pay attention to when buying in order to find exactly the optimal model for you and your needs? You should definitely consider the following properties.


An important criterion when buying such a mattress is certainly the height . The thicker the mattress, the greater the comfort , but also the less compact the model.

Here you have to consider which guests you are expecting and what level of comfort you would like to expect them. If you are traveling with young adults, a thin version is certainly fine. It is much easier for the body to get away with sleeping a night less comfortably.

For older guests , however, it is much more comfortable if the mattress is thicker . On the other hand, these larger versions are a little more bulky to transport.


How important is comfort and are there any physical complaints? A foldable mattress is hardly inferior to high-quality mattresses in terms of structure. There are versions that use both cold foam and memory foam and thus adapt optimally to the needs of the sleeper.

If there is tension or slight back pain , choose versions that rely on a two-layer structure . The highest level of comfort is achieved here.

On the other hand, mattresses that only consist of a single layer are cheaper and more compact These are also satisfactory for a few nights for younger people.


When choosing a mattress, the degree of hardness is an important factor to describe the lying properties. The lying surface should be designed in such a way that the spine is relieved and assumes a natural position.

The most folding mattresses conform to a hardness level 3. If so described as medium strength. In some cases, variants with a multi-layer structure can be turned so that the degree of hardness is somewhat flexible. This is not possible with mattresses with one layer.


If friends or relatives visit frequently , they should not sleep on the floor. You would like to offer you a comfortable place to sleep even in a small apartment without your own guest room .

The foldable mattress is ideal for this. This can be folded into a stool and, if the visitor is there, unfolded in a few simple steps. As a result, it hardly takes up any space and has several practical uses.

The models also prove to be extremely advantageous when traveling . Thanks to the complex structure, high-quality designs promise the same level of comfort as in a bed at home. So you get a full bed at a low price.

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