Foot Massage Roller – Release the stress with these models

Foot massage rollers are a simple but effective way to massage your feet . It doesn’t always have to be an electric foot massager to ensure relaxation on the feet. This is very easy to do with a foot massage roller.

They are either made of wood or plastic . You walk over the knobs on the rollers and can relieve tension. If you suffer from bad sleep, you can provide some relaxation in this way. The effect is definitely not negligible and an increase in well-being can significantly improve your sleep.

Massaging the feet is also beneficial for other reasons. In this guide you will find out why you should definitely use the foot massage roller and how it can help you exactly.

The foot massage roller is a rather simple device . It usually consists of several rolls with knobs at the end. By walking over the pimples, you can achieve a relaxing effect. This massage should also promote blood circulation. This will help you to stimulate regeneration or to provide relief for swollen legs.

The practical thing about these devices is that they can do without a power connection . This is a major advantage over other foot massage devices. You can therefore stow compact versions in the bag and use them in the office, for example .

Because long periods of sitting at the desk and the little movement are inevitable, circulatory disorders are inevitable . The foot massage roller can be used inconspicuously under the desk to get some exercise even while working and to promote the health of the feet. Otherwise, there is a risk of weakening the veins. A vein pillow can provide relief, but it cannot eliminate the cause. With the roller, on the other hand, you can move your feet and trigger stimulation through the knobs.


The foot massage roller reproduces the principle of a massage of the foot reflex zones . Therefore, similar positive effects are said to be.

First and foremost, blood circulation is promoted . People who are overweight or the elderly are more likely to suffer from circulatory problems. The veins and leg muscles are no longer strong enough to return the blood to the heart. It builds up and swelling occurs. As a result, even the risk of thrombosis is real and the worst result could be a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. The foot massage roller can certainly not replace a walk or extensive exercise. But it can provide some relief and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Another effect of the massage is to counteract signs of fatigue . The long work at the desk requires a high level of concentration. While this may not be physically tiring, it will be difficult to maintain focus for long periods of time. After a few hours, the work performance drops significantly and even a cup of coffee cannot help to eliminate this lack of concentration. By massaging the feet, fatigue can be counteracted in a natural way. The promotion of blood circulation stimulates the circulation as a whole and can lead to improved alertness. In this way you can quickly gain some energy in order to call up higher performance again.

On the other hand, the massage can also provide relaxation. If you sit relaxed in your TV armchair in the evening and want to forget the stress of the working day, the foot massage roller can be useful for this. Because the massage is felt to be pleasant and tension is released . The scooter has a relaxing effect on the muscles as well as the soul. Body and mind can only exist in cooperation and if you neglect one half, your well-being will suffer. A larger massage roller can also help you to relieve the muscles. A Blackroll, as it was tested by “Fitzuhause” here: , can also be useful to loosen the adhesions of the fasciae.

These mechanisms of action make it possible to promote sleep. Stress is one of the most common causes of sleep problems. During the day you are distracted with other things and only at night can you find peace. Now you would like to fall asleep as soon as possible so that you can start the next day well rested.

Unfortunately, the stress can lead to thoughts spinning around like crazy . You practically cannot get rid of them and they are forced to keep you awake. You can provide relief with a foot massage. Before going to bed, you can use the massage in preparation for the night to experience relaxation. You have some time to yourself and a moment to process the day and prepare the mind for the night. In addition, the better blood circulation also ensures that the legs do not get so cold and the well-being increases during sleep . In this way, a simple foot massage can have a positive impact on your sleep and improve your quality of life.


A distinction is generally made between two types of construction . Small rolls made of plastic and those made of wood. The wooden foot massage rollers have a long tradition and have been used in some cultures for thousands of years. The beneficial effect has been confirmed over several generations.

The advantage of the wooden foot massage roller is that it is made more sustainably . It consists of a renewable raw material and the design makes it look much more valuable . When using it you will notice that you can put significantly more pressure on these models. In addition, there are also a few different versions that can exactly match your ideas.

Plastic variants, on the other hand, are a little more compact and cheaper. This allows you to use them more flexibly and also take them with you on vacation. If you suffer from heavy legs and these swell up during a flight, the small foot massage roller is a practical aid to get some movement even in tight spaces.

Which variant you choose is up to you. The products made of wood prove to be more durable and the effect is described as more intense.



The first foot massage roller presented here is made of a beautiful wood . The rollers are all symmetrical, so you get the same massage effect over the entire surface and you can roll your feet off.

Small increments are built into the individual wooden elements . These are not pointed, but rounded. As a result, the application is noticeable, but not painful. The rollers move evenly and the pressure increases blood circulation.

With a size of 27.5x26cm it is possible to put both feet on this massage roller. This gives you a beneficial effect on your feet.

This wooden foot massage roller is ideal for use in the office. You won’t even notice it under the desk and with gentle movements you can do something good for your health even while you are working. This is why this Hofmeister model is highly recommended for an even massage of the feet.


The Croll & Denecke scooter, on the other hand, is a bit more complex and varied . At its core, this also has rollers and wooden elements that have notches. At the end there is still a row with wooden spikes. You can use this to achieve a more intensive massage of the feet . This gives you a lot of pressure on your feet. Since the spikes are attached at the end, you don’t have to use them. You are free to try and use this high-intensity massage.

The massage effect not only stimulates blood circulation. It also relieves pain and other ailments . Above all, this includes pain in the plantar tendon . This tendon is often inflamed by wearing the wrong shoes or under unfavorable stress. This is accompanied by great pain in everyday life. By massaging with this foot roller, you can alleviate the pain in this tendon.

This foot massage roller is divided into two halves for comfortable use . This allows you to load both feet independently of each other with the rotatable rollers and perform the massage.

Using this foot massage roller is intended to alleviate some of the body’s discomforts . Stress is reduced and pain is perceived as less intense. Using this scooter will also improve your sleep behavior.


Do you suffer from tension in your foot or in other parts of your body? Are your arms exposed to a lot of strain and express themselves with severe pain?

Then the combination of a foot massage roller and a hedgehog ball helps . These are made of a flexible plastic . The tips massage the muscles in a pleasant way when they are exerted and relieve tension.

This set contains three products that improve your well-being. In addition to the rather small foot massage roller, there is also a hedgehog ball and a stress ball . This allows you to improve your health in a variety of ways.

The foot massage roller itself is kept very compact. It consists of a roller and with the attached wheels you can move the roller comfortably on the floor. Due to its compactness, however, only one foot can be massaged while the other foot remains on the floor.

With this set it is possible for you to carry out an extensive self-massage. Whether neck, feet or arms , through the variety of devices you can achieve extensive relaxation. Because in addition to the feet, the neck is also prone to tension and with this set you can counteract the typical problems of the office.


The use of the foot massage roller is basically quite simple. You place your foot on the massage elements and the pressure you exert on the device creates the massaging effect. The higher the pressure, the stronger the effect. If you stand on the rollers with your entire weight, the maximum massage effect is achieved.

If you apply the pressure, you move your foot back and forth with slow movements . It is important here that you are not too fast. Otherwise, the pressure on the individual points is not sufficient to alleviate the symptoms.

You should also treat the wooden devices with care. These are natural products and improper use can result in a loss of quality. This mainly concerns the influence of moisture. The wooden foot massage rollers must be protected from water . So don’t leave them outdoors where the rain can attack them. The sun can also attack the wood, which is why it is better to keep the scooter indoors and not leave it outside.

For maximum relaxation, you should plan a little more time and use the scooter consciously. To promote sleep, it is helpful to use the foot massage roller for about 10 to 20 minutes before going to bed. Put on quiet music and free yourself from the distractions of everyday life. Then you can already achieve a high effect with these simple devices and improve your well-being.


Do you get too little exercise in everyday life, do you suffer from pain in your feet , do they swell or you cannot sleep well at night?

Then treat yourself to a soothing massage for your feet . By exerting pressure on the individual foot reflex zones, you can alleviate a wide variety of complaints and improve your health.

Especially in the office, the inconspicuous massage rollers under the desk can be used to get some movement even while sitting. This promotes blood circulation and reduces stress.

Use this simple form of massage to spend the day more relaxed . Treat yourself and your health to something good by using these healing roles for your feet.



With the foot massage roller you can perform a foot massage on your own. This stimulates the blood circulation and causes relaxation. Due to the better blood circulation, the self-healing powers are stimulated. Tension and pain are reduced, so that you can better survive the daily stress.


If you have pain while walking, this is often related to plantar fasciitis. This is an irritation of the nerve bundle on the sole of the foot. The foot massage roller is helpful in inducing relaxation and reducing inflammation. However, the massage should be gentle and stopped if there is pain.


Using the foot massage roller is relatively simple. You can achieve an effect by simply moving your foot back and forth on the roller. You perform the massage with a slight pressure. Concentrate on the respective pain areas in order to loosen the fascia.


Performing a foot massage with a massage roller is simple. You roll your foot on the rollers and immediately experience the positive effect. You can use the foot massage roller for a few minutes every day. Whether in the office or in the evening while watching TV. You feel better and your well-being increases.


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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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