From what age does it make sense to have your own cot

When children should spend the night in their own cot, some parents face a challenge. Because if even small children still want to spend the night in their parents’ bed and do not get used to their own bed, sleep is quickly robbed of them . Not to mention that the togetherness of the parents also suffers from the nightly disturbances.

But from what age does it make sense for children to spend the night at their own age? When is it above all safe and justifiable to let the children sleep in the cot?

In this guide you will find out which sleeping place is appropriate from which age. Of course, this is not an absolute guideline. In any case, you have to cater to the individual needs of your child and take them into account when deciding when to move to the cot.

For newborns, closeness to their parents is extremely important . Babies only feel comfortable in the vicinity of their parents and they would like to spend the entire day close to their parents. They are still completely defenseless in their surroundings and therefore it is an important survival instinct that they seek closeness to their parents.

Nevertheless, it makes sense not to let the babies sleep in their parents’ bed . They are so vulnerable that even the slightest movement in bed can harm the child. It is perfectly natural for us to move while sleeping. In the worst case, the baby could be crushed under its own body weight.

Better alternatives during the first months of life are the hanging cradle or a spring cradle . You can set it up comfortably in your parents’ bedroom and you are very close to your child during the night. This way you will notice immediately if something is missing and your baby is crying.


The cradle is certainly a good place to spend the first months of life. But your baby will quickly outgrow this place to sleep and look for a slightly different place to sleep.

It is important here that adequate protection is guaranteed. Because toddlers move a lot during the night and have no feeling that they might fall out of bed. Even from a low height, falling out could lead to serious health damage to the still very vulnerable body.

Therefore, a cot offers a good first solution as a place to sleep for babies. The cot can be used when the cradle no longer offers enough space. When this time occurs depends entirely on the space available in the cradle. Usually this occurs between the ages of 6 and 12 months .

The cot takes up hardly any space and can also be set up in the parents’ bedroom. This means that there is still a great deal of closeness to the toddler. It is important here that the child cannot leave the cot on their own.


If your child grows out of the cot and manages to leave it on their own , a new solution should be found. Because now there is a risk that your child will slip off the cot while trying to climb. Or an arm or leg could get stuck between the bars. Then it is high time to use a larger cot.

When your own time comes to move into a normal cot depends on your child and the existing cot. In most cases, however , it makes sense to switch between 1.5 and 3 years of age.

Then it’s time to switch to your first, larger bed and spend the night in the nursery. It is important that the cot has a fall-out protection . Because as independent as the children are at that age, they are just as insecure on their feet. Protection is essential to prevent them from falling out of bed during the night .


At the beginning it will be difficult for your child to get used to their own bed. So far, the closeness to the parents was especially important and this offered a sense of security. But now it’s time to move into the children’s room and your own bed.

Parents must therefore be prepared for the fact that this time is associated with frequent problems falling asleep . The children will often go to their parents’ bedroom and want to go to bed with them. However, it is advisable to work early to ensure that the children sleep in their own bed. This is the only way not to rob the parents of sleep.

Sleep rituals for babies can also provide orientation for toddlers to get used to the bed. Reading a story in the evening or listening to an audio book is a pleasant distraction.

A child-friendly bed is also important. The little ones feel much more comfortable in a car bed or a cot with a house . A cot for girls can also enable a sleep as it should be for princesses.

When the child sleeps in the cot, it depends on the conditions of the sleeping area and their own sleeping habits. In most cases, this applies between 1.5 and 3 years of age. At the latest when the cot is more of a hazard than protection, a separate cot should be used.

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