From what age is the loft bed suitable?

The loft bed is a practical and interesting option for the children’s room. The space can be used effectively because there is still some space under the loft bed. This can either be used as storage space or equipped with a desk .

But from what age is the loft bed worth considering for your child? After all, you don’t want your child to fall out of bed and injure themselves.

From what age the loft bed is suitable and what special features there are, you will find out in this guide.


The loft bed is basically a good way to make optimal use of the space in the room. If the ceilings are high and there is enough space, the loft bed is the perfect place to sleep for your child.

The main advantage is that the space under the bed opens up free space. Depending on how high the bed is, the room can be used regularly or at least serve as storage space. The type of use also depends on the age. If your child is still relatively young, they may want to set up a cave there . With increasing age, the possibilities of use are limited. Because your child will no longer be able to stand underneath and will therefore avoid the space. In an apartment in an old building, however, the loft bed can be so high that the space below remains easily accessible even for teenagers. Take this into account when planning the loft bed and how big it should be.

The loft bed is also perceived as more interesting by some children. Often there is still the desire to sleep with the parents or to get out of bed. The loft bed offers a completely new perspective , which the children gratefully accept. You overlook the entire room and get a view that you normally would not have. Therefore they feel safe in this bed and like to spend the night there.

If you buy a loft bed that is a little larger from the start, it can also be used in the long term. Even teenagers can still use the loft bed and appreciate it as a place to sleep. Investing in a good loft bed with the size 140x200cm pays off and can upgrade the children’s room for a few years.


Children aged 4 and over can usually use a loft bed for the first time You could also start thinking about whether the loft bed should move into the children’s room from the age of 3, but from the age of 4 the smallest version is generally recommended.

It is important that this is not too high. A height of a little more than one meter is still easy to see for small children and is not considered to be too great a danger.

In any case, adequate fall protection must ensure safety. This is located on the sides of the bed and prevents the children from rolling out of bed while sleeping. The fall protection should also be designed a little higher if your child is standing on the bed and maybe romping around a bit.

Ladders are sufficient to get into the bed. From the age of 4 the ladder can be climbed easily and no stairs are necessary. However, it is helpful if the ladder rungs are equipped with an anti-slip adhesive. This makes getting into the bed a little safer.


The first loft bed is more likely to be perceived as a combination of play area and sleeping area . Above all, theLoft beds with a slide , which are popular with toddlers.

The children grow up quickly and can hardly use the space below with a flat loft bed. Therefore, from the entry into the teenage years, a “more adult” loft bed is often preferred.

This is kept rather simple and is more reminiscent of an ordinary bed in terms of style. With a height of 180cm , the space below is fully usable. For example, a loft bed with a desk can be set up and homework can be done easily there.

When taking safety precautions, it is important to ensure that the fall protection devices are designed for this age . Otherwise, your child could pinch a part of their body there and no longer get out of bed on their own.

From the age of 12, however, children can handle the loft bed well and use higher models themselves. With a sufficient size, this bed can still be used in adulthood.


You now know, but what age the loft bed can be used. But even if you use an age-appropriate loft bed , it must be as safe as possible. To reduce the risk of injury, you should consider the following tips.

Your own bed is often seen as a play area. Children jump on the mattress and let off steam there. This also applies to the loft bed. However, parents should make sure from the outset that playing on the loft bed is prohibited . Most injuries do not happen because children roll out of bed while they sleep, but because they fall out of the loft bed while playing. Therefore, a ban on playing on the loft bed makes sense.

To increase security, the area in front of the bed should be made soft. If your child does fall out of bed, it is more comfortable to fall on a soft carpet than on a pointed object or other piece of furniture. Therefore, there should never be a chair in front of the loft bed. Falling on the backrest is a particular danger and should be avoided.

When setting up the loft bed, it is important to ensure that it is close to the wall. There must be no free space between the bed and the wall that could pose a risk. If your child sleeps and rolls into the space, in the worst case scenario, it could suffocate. Therefore, the loft bed should always stand firmly against the wall and, if possible, be firmly anchored.

With these safety instructions and an age-appropriate loft bed, you will be able to meet your child’s wishes and make better use of the children’s room.

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