Gel pillows – 3 models for a comfortable sleep

Does n’t your pillow offer you the comfort that you actually expect? Do you wake up in the morning with tension or pain in your neck and would you like to get rid of them?

Then the gel pillow is a great way to make the night more comfortable. It has a slightly different structure than the usual pillows and should be of particular interest to people who complain of neck pain.

But what makes the gel cushion so special and which models are available for you?

Here you can find out everything about this modern shape of the pillow. If you are interested in doing something good for your neck , you should definitely consider buying a gel pillow.

There are some pillows that promise to offer the highest level of comfort and are easy on the back. But what is the specialty of the gel cushion?

Ordinary pillows usually consist of a filling. These are either made of down or feathers and should ensure a high level of sleeping comfort. This is a classic shape that has been used to support the head for centuries.

However, these pillows are often found to be too soft. At first glance, this is described as pleasant. In the long run, however, you will notice that your head is far too low and there is tension in the neck. Especially if you sleep on your side, a pillow with a down filling will hardly offer the necessary support so that the head does not bend.

Gel cushions, on the other hand, are made of a completely different material. Here comes not down filling or other soft filling material used.

Inside, the gel cushion consists of a high-quality modern gel or gel foam. This material offers greater support , but at the same time adapts better to the shape of the body. From an ergonomic point of view, this pillow is therefore perceived as much more comfortable.

How exactly these cushions are designed depends on the respective model. There are products that use a mixture of memory foam and gel pads, thereby relieving the strain on the neck and shoulder.

The shape of the gel cushions can also vary. There are special pillows against snoring or for side sleepers. The shape ensures greater stability when sleeping on the side and relieves the neck. For example, they have a small notch in which the shoulder can be accommodated.


The gel cushion is a real all-round talent. Because it not only increases sleeping comfort, but also has other properties, which is why it is worth buying. In the following you can see a small list of how this pillow also has a positive effect on your sleep.


The ultimate goal for you will probably be that your neck is less stressed while you sleep . The neck muscles are already exposed to uneven loads these days. Sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time or studying for study puts stress on the muscles on one side.

It is therefore particularly important that the neck can at least recover while sleeping. However, this desired effect does not occur with most pillows. They do not offer relaxation, because the head is either too low or too high and the pillow does not adapt to the current sleeping position.

However, the gel cushion is fundamentally different due to its material. It is more stable and the head is actually supported. The pillow also has a shape in which special attention is paid to the neck. In contrast to other pillows, not only the back of the head but the neck as such lies on the pillow. This is made possible by the small curvature , which adapts precisely to the free space in the neck.

The neck muscles can finally relax during the night and in the long term the pain will be noticeably less.


The gel cushion can also be used flexibly. If you often change your sleeping position during the night, the modern material is an optimal solution. Regardless of whether you are on your side or on your back, the gel always adapts to your current position.

Only for stomach sleepers the gel pad is not as well suited. Well-being could suffer due to the higher support force and a soft pillow is better for this sleep.

If, on the other hand, you sleep on your side or on your back, there are a variety of models available that are precisely tailored to your needs.


Down or feathers offer an ideal habitat for mites or other small animals. During the night you will lose skin flakes and sweat. These collect in the pillow and provide an excellent breeding ground for the mites. This is a real nightmare for those who are allergic to house dust.

The gel cushion is completely self-contained. There are no open spaces in which the mites can introduce themselves and multiply. In addition, the gel cushions are breathable and do not absorb sweat. There are hardly any suitable living opportunities for mites here.

This reduces the exposure to allergens and the gel pillow is much more suitable for allergy sufferers. Sneezing attacks or irritated eyes can be avoided thanks to the pillow.


Another positive effect, especially in summer, is the cooling effect. Because of this effect, I learned to appreciate the gel cushion in Indonesia. The gel does not store the heat, but dissipates it. Manufacturers can influence this effect even further by arranging the gel pads.

If you don’t have air conditioning in the summer, you will likely struggle with sleeping problems. You then have the choice whether you want to do without the bed linen and the pillow and it gets a little cooler or whether the comfort of the pillow is more important and you want to continue using it.

With the gel pillow you don’t have to make a choice. You have the cooling effect and a high level of comfort in one. The cooling effect is definitely noticeable from personal experience.

During the winter the pillow is not too cold either. It feels more like the pillow has been briefly ventilated outdoors and is therefore a little cooler. Personally, however, I find this very pleasant and therefore trust the gel cushion at all temperatures.


In some areas of life, animal welfare is being pushed to the fore. When making pillows, however, most people are not even aware that animal products are used here.

If you do not want to use down or feathers in the pillow, the gel is a much better alternative. No animal products are used here.


If you want to do something good for your neck and buy a suitable gel pillow, you will now receive an overview of the three best models.


The name of this pillow already reveals that great emphasis is placed on supporting the back and neck . This is not an ordinary pillow, but the gel technology presented is used.

The pillow corresponds to the usual shape of a neck support pillow This means that the lower side has a larger curvature than the upper end. This way, the neck is properly placed and supported on the pillow. The head is level with the spine and tension no longer occurs.

Due to the simple shape, but the very good memory foam , the pillow is suitable for both back and side sleepers. The contour adapts to the body and you are well supported in every position.

The material ensures that the weight is distributed over the entire surface. This relieves the back of the head when it lies on the pillow.

Even though you are lying down with your entire neck, you will not feel any additional warmth. The gel technology ensures that you don’t work up a sweat during the night, but that you can use the pillow for a long time.

The gel cushion from Supportiback offers an excellent price-performance ratio. It is based on the proven properties of a neck support pillow and enhances them with gel technology. The cover is also washable and suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore, this pillow meets the highest standards of comfort and hygiene.


A manufacturer who is fully committed to gel cushions is Technogel. This offers different models that promise the highest sleeping comfort.

The Anatomic Curve is designed to meet these requirements. It is a slightly curved gel cushion. In contrast to other neck support pillows, this one has a symmetrical structure and does not have an extra high curvature for the neck. The curvature is a bit more moderate, although different sizes are also available.

If you do not like an ordinary neck support pillow and if you feel the curvature is too strong, you will probably be able to do something with this model. The basic size of the Anatomic Curve is 66x40cm and you can choose between a height of 7, 9 or 11 centimeters.

Due to its shape, it is particularly beneficial for side sleepers. The shoulders are given more space so that a comfortable sleeping position is possible. Back sleepers can also use the pillow.

The structure of the gel surface provides better support for the neck and promotes ventilation. This way you avoid sweating during the night and you can relax and devote yourself to sleep.

The price of the Anatomic Curve is a bit higher, but you should see the pillow as an investment in your health. Your neck will be better supported, headaches will be reduced and, especially in summer, you will benefit from the cooling effect . Therefore, this gel pillow is a real improvement over conventional pillows.


The Italian manufacturer Marcapiuma gives you another alternative to use the gel pillow in your own bed. This pillow corresponds to a typical neck support pillow , with a higher curvature in which the neck is perfectly placed.

The numerous holes are also noticeable. These are used for ventilation and ensure that the pillow is breathable . The holes pull themselves through the gel surface, so that a high exchange of air is guaranteed. So if you suffer from heavy sweating while sleeping, this model is recommended for you.

Due to the good ventilation, the habitat for mites becomes more unpleasant. They will avoid this pillow, so this gel pillow is suitable for allergy sufferers .

The pillow has a size of 42x72cm and a height of approx. 9cm . If you don’t want to use a neck support pillow, you can opt for the flat version. This does not have any bulge on the sides, but offers similarly good support for the neck.

The cover is made of 100% cotton and has been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate . Thus the high quality of the pillow is confirmed by the Italian manufacturer.

If the gel cushion is to be particularly breathable, this version is recommended for you. The perforation promotes ventilation and you benefit from this pleasant feeling, especially in summer. The two different versions allow you to find exactly the right shape and counteract neck pain.


The gel cushion is of particular interest to a large group of people. Above all, it is particularly suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers. At the beginning, the different properties depending on the sleeping position were already explained and it was pointed out that the gel pillow is rather unsuitable for stomach sleepers.

Aside from the sleeping position, this form of pillow is particularly useful for people who suffer from neck pain in everyday life Be it because the current pillow does not offer optimal comfort or because most of the day is spent in front of the computer. The gel pillow helps relax the neck muscles and reduces pain.

If you suffer from a headache , the gel pillow could also bring relief for you. Because the headache is often related to tense neck muscles. By relieving your muscles, headaches can also be reduced.

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep and you can barely sleep in the summer? Then this shape of the pillow will also help you. It is breathable and has a slightly cooling effect. In summer, this has the advantage that you don’t sweat and don’t have to do without the pillow.

Thus, the gel pillow is recommended both from a health point of view and from the point of view of sleep quality. The strained neck muscles are significantly relieved and you will soon feel the positive effects.


Are you still unsure which gel pillow might be the best for you? Then you will now receive some criteria that you should pay attention to when buying.


The models presented here are very different from ordinary pillows. Your current pillow will likely have a size of 80x80cm. The gel cushion is significantly smaller in comparison. It is therefore perceived as less “cuddly”, but the more compact shape is much better for the neck.

When buying, you should therefore look carefully at how big the pillow should be. This depends on your preferences and the sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, the height is particularly important. Here you are welcome to use a pillow with a height of 15 centimeters. This ensures sufficient support for your head.

The shape can also differ in detail. This mainly affects the curvature. Depending on your own feelings, you can prefer models that have a larger or smaller curvature and support the neck at this point.


Sleeping directly on the pillow is not recommended. The gel surface is not exactly pleasant. A cover also protects the pillow and extends its lifespan.

However, since the pillow is much smaller, you cannot easily use an ordinary cover. This is too big and will slip during the night.

Therefore, the models already have their own reference. You should wash it regularly in the machine to maintain hygiene.

If you do not want to use the supplied cover, there are alternative offers. However, you should make sure that these are suitable for the smaller size of a gel pillow.


If you suffer from pain in the neck and have been using a normal pillow up to now, this could be a cause of the stubborn tension. A pillow made of down may feel soft and comfortable, but it is only partially suitable for the neck.

A gel pillow is a much more modern form of pillow to support your neck. A special material is used here, which adapts to your sleeping position. As a result, the spine is not kinked, but maintains its natural shape.

The special thing about the gel cushion is its cooling effect. If you sweat during the night and the moisture collects, the pillow with a gel surface is the much better option for you. The air circulation is improved and mites are not given a chance to nestle in this pillow.

The gel pillow is therefore recommended for side and back sleepers in order to increase the quality of sleep. In the long term, the tension in the neck will decrease and you may be able to get rid of your headaches.

After all, you spend around a third of your life not only in bed, but also on the pillow. Invest in your future with a gel pillow and enjoy the new restful sleep.



Gel cushions consist of a flexible gel foam. This has similar properties to memory foam and adapts wonderfully to the shape of the body. The high flexibility takes the pressure off the body and provides relief.


The core of the gel pillow is not washable. Usually a removable cover is included, which you can put in the washing machine. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for washing the cover. Air out the core regularly to reduce odors and other pollution.


The gel pad absorbs body heat and has a temperature-regulating effect. Therefore, gel pillows are a good choice, especially in summer, to better survive the hot summer nights.


Gel cushions are well suited as seat pads for the office chair. The gel pad is stable, but flexible at the same time. As a result, it relieves pressure and stabilizes the spine. The gel pillow is the right choice to prevent back problems.


Gel pillows are available in a wide variety of heights. As a stomach sleeper, you have to make sure that the gel pillow is no more than 5cm high. Flat versions offer good support for stomach sleepers and can be used.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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