Gel Topper – Sleep better with these designs

If your mattress does not meet expectations and feels too hard, you will feel this through the tension and pain in your back . A hard mattress is healthier in many cases, but you can overdo it with the hardness.

If the lying surface does not feel comfortable and the mattress surface hardly adapts to your body contour, you can compensate for this with a topper. This is an overlay that is attached to the mattress as a thin layer of foam .

The gel topper is a variant that consists of a gel foam . If you want to achieve a higher level of comfort, then choose these versions and find out which model is best tailored to your needs.

A wide variety of materials are used to create a comfortable lying surface . While classic mattresses are equipped with a spring core , modern designs mostly rely on foam. The foam can be adapted in detail by the manufacturer, but usually has similar properties.

So-called memory foam is particularly popular in pillows This was developed by NASA to reduce the burden on astronauts during rocket launches. The relief effect make memory foam pillows advantage by yielding to the head very accurately. You rest your head and neck on the pillow. You will then feel directly how the foam becomes softer and flexibly yields to the load.

The gel topper combines the properties of visco foam and cold foam. The advantage of this mixture is that it is more responsive to pressure from the body. While viscose foam becomes softer under the influence of body heat, only body weight is necessary with gel foam. This means that the material gives way more quickly under the influence of your body. At the same time, it remains stable and provides a high level of pressure relief.

If you lie down on the bed with the corresponding topper, it adapts wonderfully to your body contour. You lie soft but just as stable and above all your spine is protected. There is no longer any trace of the mattress that is too hard. The slightly softer topper alone is sufficient to create this better sleep feeling.

In a box spring which are Topper Incidentally integral part of the 3-layer construction. In a certain way, the topper is responsible for the fine-tuning and is partly responsible for relieving the strain on your back.

In addition to comfort, the sleeping climate is also important. A gel topper has the advantage that it offers good temperature regulation . Although it hugs the body closely, it is still breathable. The air circulation is hardly influenced and there is no build-up of heat. Only in summer is a cooling pillow a useful addition to better survive the hot nights.


The purchase of a gel topper is useful in different situations. Sleeping behavior can be improved and physical complaints alleviated with little effort .


Do you spend a lot of time in the office , do not move enough in everyday life and do you feel tension in your back?

In the case of severe complaints, the doctor is of course the right person to contact. If the pain mainly occurs in the morning, it stands to reason that the mattress is not ideal for you.

In this situation, the gel topper offers exactly the relief that your back needs. The softer foam provides pressure relief , which allows muscles and spine to relax better.

The spine is also more likely to be forced into a healthy posture . There is less of a risk of an unnatural curvature and poor posture. This will reduce the tension in the long term and reduce the risk of a herniated disc .


The most people prefer the side position in bed. However, this situation is not always easy for the body to cope with. If you use a mattress that is too hard, the shoulder will hardly sink in. Your head is relatively high and even with a side sleeper pillow you will hardly be able to stabilize your neck.

Use the gel topper so that your shoulders and pelvis sink in better compared to the rest of your body This leads to a healthier posture for the spine and, above all, tensions in the neck area are reduced.


Around 10 million people in Germany suffer from a house dust allergy . The tendency is clearly that there are more and more allergy sufferers who react to the mites with strong symptoms. Strictly speaking, the reaction occurs due to contact with the mite excretions . These get into the air via mattresses and pillows, where they cause breathing difficulties and trigger cold-like symptoms .

As an allergy sufferer, it is therefore particularly important to ensure a hygienic sleeping environment . With a mite spray and a mite teat you are able to reduce the stress caused by the animals. However, the effort involved in this application is relatively high. In addition, it is not guaranteed that you will completely remove the mites from the mattress.

The gel topper offers an easy way to put a small protective layer between your body and the mattress. The cover can be machine washed at high temperatures and the foam can be vacuumed more effectively. This will reduce the exposure to the mites and you will spend the night more relaxing. In addition, use hygienic, allergy-free bed linen so that the mites cannot find a room in which they feel comfortable.


Depending on the mattress and your sleeping habits, another variant is more suitable for you. Below you will find a selection of three high-quality designs that have been given top marks. If you choose one of these gel toppers, you will enjoy a higher quality of sleep and spend the nights more relaxed.


The first variant in this comparison is also characterized by an exceptionally high quality. The Meos gel foam topper has a density of 50 kg / m³ . This means that a particularly dense foam is used. With a lower density, more air is added in order to achieve a higher volume. From a density of 40, however, one speaks of a dense foam, which better absorbs the load. With the value of 50 achieved here, the gel foam topper from Meos exceeds these high requirements and goes one step further.

Due to the high use of materials , this model proves to be very dimensionally stable and durable. It is guaranteed that the foam will not have any recesses or be damaged in any other way, even with a higher load. It reliably returns to its original position, so that even after a long period of use there is a level of comfort, such as shortly after the purchase.

In addition to the actual topper, the cover should not be neglected either. In this model, a climate band is used, which ensures the best temperature regulation . The moisture is reliably released back into the environment, so that you wake up in a dry bed in the morning, even if you sweat heavily. The cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C , so that allergy sufferers always have a hygienic sleeping environment.

The gel topper is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm . So you can easily equip a double bed with the topper, so that a generous lying area is created. With a height of 6cm , the topper is just so thick that it is hardly noticeable but is sufficiently stable.

Choose this high-quality version to improve comfort and sleeping conditions. The product is 100% made in Germany and the raw materials are sourced from trustworthy sources. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 also shows that there are no harmful substances and that you can spend the night on this topper without any risk.


Equipped with two layers , the mattress topper from Newentor offers a comfortable sleeping experience for different sleeping needs. In order to optimally support your body, but at the same time be flexible, this topper consists of two layers. It combines a softer viscose foam and a medium-strength comfort foam.

This structure is useful because the comfort foam ensures the necessary stability, while the viscose foam deforms softly and adapts to your body. In this way, the topper is suitable for all weight classes and contributes to restful sleep.

In sizes from 90x200cm to 180x200cm , most beds can be equipped with this overlay , so that a cot mattress is also well taken care of. The top of the topper is hypoallergenic . As a result, mites are hardly a danger and are kept away from the mattress. The Oeko-Tex standard also confirms that the overlay is free from harmful substances. It is therefore safe for children and adults alike and will not cause irritation.

The cover is breathable so that the heat does not build up uncomfortably in bed even on warmer nights. Moisture and the stale air are reliably released into the environment. The integrated 3D printing contributes to the high-quality impression. The back is non-slip , which means that the topper lies securely and does not slip. Made from a modern polyester fiber , the cover is machine washable at 60 ° C.

Use this combination of memory foam and cold foam to achieve a high level of pressure relief and to lie softly. The manufacturer offers you a 100-day money-back guarantee. So you don’t take any risks and can test for yourself whether this topper enhances your sleep.


In the field of mattresses, Dream Night is widely represented. Here convinced especially the price performance of the models which they ideal for low-cost guest mattress making. The dream night gel foam topper is also rated positively by buyers. Over 500 top ratings show the high level of satisfaction and show that this topper keeps what it promises.

At 8cm , the topper is one of the taller versions. This is useful if you perceive your current mattress as too hard and prefer a softer lying comfort. The gel foam core used ensures optimal pressure distribution so that your back is less exposed to stress.

The cover consists of a polyester & viscose mixture . These are quilted all around with a 200g climate fiber. This way the bed is always dry and the moisture does not collect there. With a wash at 60 ° C in the machine , the cover is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Mites can be easily washed out and the allergens are no longer a burden for the night.

In addition to the pure gel foam, other variants are also offered. With these you can use different combinations of visco and cold foam. In sizes from 80x190cm to 200x200cm , no wishes remain unfulfilled and even shorter mattresses can be equipped with this topper.

Opt for the gel foam topper from Dream Night to achieve optimal pressure distribution . With a height of 8cm there is enough space to take your body weight and relieve the spine. Thanks to the climate band and the open-pored foam, a beneficial sleeping climate is guaranteed. The Oeko-Tex standard confirms the high quality of the materials and makes this topper ideal for allergy sufferers.


Although the toppers offered are intended to promote sleep, there are also cases in which they are rather unsuitable. Below you will find an overview of when you should rather avoid using a topper.


The foam has the advantage that it adapts closely to your body. This property ensures the high pressure relief, but at the same time also means that the breathability of the skin is somewhat restricted .

Most toppers are already designed to be as breathable as possible, but as a rule you will still start to sweat more easily.

If you do not only sweat on hot summer nights, but generally at night , you should use a special pillow that is better at handling the sweat. Also, do without the topper so as not to further impair air circulation.


If you mainly sleep on your stomach, your sleep will not be the healthiest anyway. The breathing is difficult and your direct breathing constitutes a burden on the pillow.

The gel topper is not suitable because the material is too soft . You will sink in more and your head will be too high on the pillow. This leads to a kinking of the cervical spine, which means tension and pain are inevitable.

If you sleep on your stomach, do without a separate topper and prefer to use a stomach sleeper pillow . Then you will spend the night better in this sleeping position.


If you prefer a harder lying comfort , this is good news for your back. The harder mattress provides greater stability and allows your body to sink less deeply.

If you feel your mattress is just right about the degree of hardness , you should not use an additional topper. This rather contributes to the soft feeling of lying down and changes the lying properties, which would not be right for you.


high-quality mattress will already ensure a high level of stability and absorb your body weight. But do you find the mattress a bit too hard or do you wish that it would align itself better to your body?

Then you can remedy this with a gel topper. These practical mattress pads allow you to precisely fine-tune the feeling of lying down. They are between 6 and 8 cm high and are placed on the mattress. They lie securely on the mattress via straps and the non-slip underside to improve comfort as an additional layer.

Choose a gel topper to get a material that adapts to your body extremely quickly. It is easily deformable, but at the same time stable enough to absorb the pressure and relieve your spine . Spend the night on this finely tuned surface and relieve tension and back pain.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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