Guest mattress – 5 models in comparison

A guest mattress enables you to conjure up a comfortable place to sleep for your guests in the shortest possible time . There is not always enough space to set up your own guest room or there are more visitors than expected. So that the guests do not sleep on the floor, a guest mattress is the savior in an emergency.

When choosing the right model, however, there are a few things to consider and there is a large selection of different variants. Which guest mattress is best suited for your purposes and what should you pay attention to when buying?

Ensure a comfortable sleep by learning more about the perfect guest mattress and choosing the ideal model.

If visitors are about to come, ideally they would like to find a level of comfort similar to that in their own four walls. While it will be difficult to meet these expectations, a simple guest mattress should also be comfortable . After all, a trip is exhausting enough and at least sleep should offer enough relaxation to get up relaxed the next morning.

Choosing the right mattress for you is probably not difficult for you. You know what you need to value and you should feel good yourself .

The guest mattress, on the other hand, is intended for a large number of people. These differ in body weight and sleep behavior. Some guests will sleep like a rock, while others will be active and move around extensively in their sleep.

Therefore, the guest mattress should be sufficient and versatile to meet the needs of most people . Regardless of whether you sleep on your back or on your side, the mattress should adapt as well as possible to every sleeping pattern.

The guest mattress is always used when friends or acquaintances have announced themselves and would like to stay with you. However, if there are no other guests at the moment, the mattress must be able to be stowed away to save space . There are, for example, travel mattresses that can be easily folded up and used as a stool.

You should also consider the structure. If you are expecting guests, setting up the room can take a long time. In order to at least set up the sleeping space quickly, it is helpful if the guest mattress can be set up quickly . If you first have to work with an air pump yourself, this costs a lot of energy and nerves.

In the following you will therefore see several variants that try to meet the characteristics in a different way. When comparing the 5 models presented , it is up to you which version best meets your requirements.


Are you still unsure of the different versions available to offer guests a place to sleep?

The following three types represent the most common variants and convince due to their high sleeping comfort as well as their ease of use.


The folding mattress consists of several movable elements. Usually the mattress is divided into three segments that can be folded up. When unfolded, they come very close to a normal mattress. Due to the movable segments, however, there are small gaps at the two transitions.

In addition, a slightly larger space is required for stowing. It is therefore practical if you can use the mattress as a stool . Transport is also seen as a bit difficult.

However, if you want to offer your guests a high level of sleeping comfort , these versions are recommended. They are easy on the back and come very close to ordinary mattresses in terms of comfort.


When you think of the air mattress, do you think of the small, thin version that you use in the swimming pool?

Then let me tell you that there are a number of different air mattresses and that these are ideal for sleeping. High-quality variants are suitable even for long-term use and are very convenient.

Most air mattresses are much higher in height than mattresses. This enables your guests to get on and off comfortably. This is an advantage especially for older guests.

Before the air mattress can be used as a guest mattress, you have to fill it with air . If you decide on a model that you have to inflate yourself with an air pump, this can cost a lot of time and sweat. On the other hand, self-inflating air mattresses are more advantageous . These have an integrated air pump and automatically fill the mattress with air within a few minutes.

Thus, the air mattress is a real alternative if you want to offer your guests a good night’s sleep.


If the guest mattress is rarely used and you are looking for a model that is as space-saving as possible, roll-up mattresses are probably best suited for you. These are delivered rolled up and are easy to stow and transport.

However, when rolled out, these mattresses are kept rather simple. They are relatively low and the sleeping comfort is perceived as less pleasant compared to the other versions.

In terms of price, these versions are inexpensive . A disadvantage, however, is that the roll mattress can not be rolled up again. Once you have used them, you have to find a suitable storage space.

Therefore, this variant is especially suitable for one-time use when you have announced a visit and you want to provide them with the simplest possible guest mattress. These models are particularly suitable for transport in a vehicle and are also a good choice for travel.


Below you will find a selection of 3 folding mattresses, 1 self-inflating air mattress and 1 roll mattress. These meet every requirement and you are sure to find the right model.


At the beginning I would like to introduce you to a particularly high-quality guest mattress . This dream night model is not exactly cheap with a price of over 100 euros , but you get a very good quality and offer the guests a high level of sleeping comfort.

The mattress is divided into three elements that allow it to be folded up. When folded, it can also be used as a stool.

foam core and a visco pad are used inside the mattress . These adapt wonderfully to the body contour and ensure a relaxed sleep.

There are two sizes to choose from . The smaller version with a dimension of 75x195cm is particularly suitable for children. For adults, this mattress could be a bit too tight, but it is much more space-saving. The 120x195cm version is a little more generous . Every adult will be able to spend the night well here.

The cover is removable and washable at 30 ° C. The Oeko-Tex seal guarantees that no harmful substances were used during production and therefore the mattress is also very suitable for allergy sufferers.

You get a high level of sleeping comfort and a guest mattress that can also be used as a stool with this version of Dream Night. The manufacturer is known for its high-quality sleep products and with this model every guest will get their money’s worth.


This folding mattress from MaxVitalis has a similar structure . It also has three elements that can be folded up and converted into a stool. Thanks to its compact design, this variant is particularly space-saving.

The foam core of the mattress ensures a good sleep feeling. The mattress consists of a single layer and there is no viscose pad. However, the core made of the flexible foam already offers a comfortable sleep feeling.

When buying, there is not only a choice of different sizes, but also heights. Here you have the option to choose either a 75x195cm or 140x195cm mattress . In the basic version, these are 7cm high. Since this could be a bit too thin, the smaller version is also available in a 15cm version . In this way, a higher level of comfort can be achieved and the additional height is advantageous, especially for older people or if there is back pain.

In addition, there is also the option of three colors , whereby these are limited to gray or black. Visually, the mattress in these neutral colors can be easily integrated into the furnishings as a stool and does not stand out uncomfortably.

The cover is made of removable polyester and is machine washable at 30 ° C. With the help of the practical handle, you can easily transport the mattress and set it up with friends.

With this model from MaxVitalis you get a high quality and versatile guest mattress. This is much cheaper than the previous version of Dream Night and still guarantees a comfortable sleep.


As a third option, you will receive a guest mattress that is strongly based on the MaxVitalis model. It is in the same price category and can convince with similar sleeping properties.

It also consists of three elements that can be folded up practically. In this form, the mattress can be stowed away to save space. The handle and the low weight of 4 kilograms make it easier for you to transport.

foam is used as the core . The sizes available are 60x190cm, 80x195cm & 120x195cm . These are either 7 or 10 cm high and therefore designed a little thinner. So you shouldn’t expect a sleeping pad that is too soft and you should get along well with harder mattresses.

The choice of colors is more promising. There is more to this than the usual gray and black tones . A blue, red or green is also offered.

The polyester cover can be easily removed with a zipper and machine washed at 40 ° C. This makes this cover more resistant than the comparable models and somewhat better suited for allergy sufferers. The Oeko-Tex seal is another quality feature and ensures that no harmful substances are present.

If you are satisfied with a thin guest mattress and should it be suitable for allergy sufferers, this version is recommended. At a reasonable price, you get a particularly compact model that is easy to assemble and transport.


During the presentation of the different types of guest mattresses, it was already pointed out that an air mattress can also be used as a temporary bed . A particularly inexpensive but comfortable version is offered directly by Amazon.

The Amazon air mattress is self-inflating. The air pump is integrated inside and this means that you don’t have to use your own energy to fill this mattress with air. This is made possible by the integrated pump that fills the mattress within 3 to 4 minutes. You set how hard the mattress should be with a regulator and the air pump takes care of everything else. This makes the construction particularly easy for you.

The dimensions of 97x191cm & 152x203cm show that it is more a bed than a mattress . These are each 47cm high and can therefore still be used by older people. Anyone who suffers from joint pain in the morning will appreciate this height and spend a pleasant night even with this temporary bed.

The viscose and flock fiber overlay also ensures a high level of comfort . This means that you are not lying directly on the plastic and the material adapts a little better to the back.

If problems arise and the material needs to be repaired, a repair patch set is included in the scope of delivery. The travel bag enables safe transport so that damage should not occur in the first place.

You also have to note that the air mattress is designed for a total weight of 300 kilograms . However, it should be easy to use for two people and due to its size it can be used as a double bed.

In terms of price, the self-inflating air mattress is below the foam mattresses. If you are therefore looking for an inexpensive variant that also serves as a complete bed , you are in good hands with this air mattress.


From Dream Night not only the high-quality folding mattress is offered, the manufacturer also has a roll mattress in numerous sizes in its range. Once unpacked, however, you have to keep in mind that this variant can no longer be rolled up. It is therefore best suited if you are looking for an easy-to-transport guest mattress that can be used a little longer.

The comfortable foam core shows that this variant offers a high level of comfort for a longer period of time . This is 12cm high and the microfiber cover is washable at 60 ° C. This ensures a high level of hygiene and nothing stands in the way of longer use.

The foam core is open-pored and very breathable. As a result, an optimal sleeping climate is achieved and the mattress does not absorb the moisture, but releases it back into the environment.

The washability at 60 ° C and the Oeko-Tex seal show that allergy sufferers can trust this mattress. The zipper allows easy maintenance and everyone benefits from the high level of comfort.

If you want to transport the guest mattress once and then use it for a longer period of time, this roll mattress is perfect for these purposes. It is available in sizes from 70x140cm to 140x200cm and the high core thickness offers wonderful comfort. If the guests are staying longer, use this mattress to make the nights pleasant.


Some properties have already been mentioned that distinguish the guest mattress from an ordinary mattress. Which factors should you consider when buying and what do you need to focus on?


If you spontaneously announce a visit or if you have just arrived on your travels and arrived at your destination, you do not want to spend a lot of time setting up the mattress first. Therefore, you should make sure that it can either be folded out or that the air mattress inflates itself. Operating the air pump yourself is not the perfect evening activity if you actually want to sleep as quickly as possible.


The guest mattress will not only be used in your home. If you are visiting a friend or family yourself, it is useful if you can bring the mattress yourself. This saves some hassle for the hosts and makes a nice gift.

Therefore, the mattress should not be too heavy and have a handle. Then it can be easily stowed in the car and used at the destination.


Even if the guest mattress is not intended for permanent use for a few months, you should still be able to sleep comfortably for a few nights or even weeks . Here you should decide for yourself what level of comfort you and your guests would like to expect.

Thin mattresses with a height of 7cm may still be okay for young guests. But if you invite the grandparents, the core should be at least 15cm high in order to offer a certain level of comfort.

Based on the expected guests and your own requirements, decide how thick the mattress should be and whether a visco overlay appears necessary. However, you have to plan a higher budget accordingly.


Sleep is also an important component of the visit and should not be neglected. It is therefore practical if you have a compact guest mattress in the household that can be set up quickly and is easy to stow away.

With the models presented here, you will meet the demands of your guests and ensure a good night’s sleep. Regardless of whether the grandparents announce themselves spontaneously or you go on vacation yourself.

The models presented here are of high quality, are suitable for allergy sufferers and can be used flexibly. This ensures a high level of sleeping comfort even far away from your own bedroom.

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