Head massager – which models will help you?

Have you just had a stressful day at the office ? You come home and the headache doesn’t leave you alone anymore?

Then you should make sure that you relax yourself. Practical massage devices that you can use in your own four walls are helpful for this. Without a masseur, you act on your body to achieve a relaxation effect and forget about stress.

A head massager starts where the effects of stress can often be felt immediately. With the following explanations you will be able to perform a relaxing massage and switch off even after a strenuous day.

Massage devices are available in a wide variety of designs. They are tailored to specific parts of the body and achieve the maximum effect there. Neck massagers are specially designed for the muscles in the cervical spine, while foot massagers promise relaxation when you have a long day behind you.

The head massager is specially designed for a massage effect on the head. This can refer to the forehead or the large scalp. By acting in these areas, it is possible to release happiness hormones , so that you perceive pain as less intense and other complaints are alleviated.

If you have a headache, a natural instinct is to massage your temples or scalp. It has been scientifically proven that this massage actually produces an effect. Thanks to the gentle massage, endorphins are released, which reduce pain and improve blood circulation. This also makes it possible to take targeted action against headaches.

Most of the more basic head massagers are also known as a spider head massage . They consist of a multitude of thin wires that act on your scalp. You move this massager manually and the feeling is reminiscent of a massage at the hairdresser’s. If you want to use this relaxing feeling yourself, a head massager is just right for you.

With gentle up and down movements you stimulate the scalp so that relaxation occurs. Carry out this massage in a quiet environment and let yourself be fully involved in this massage. Then you will forget the stress and get a more positive attitude towards life.


The head massagers are generally more of a simple device. They are not particularly expensive, but still prove to be of high quality and effective. Depending on your complaints, you can use manual or electronic devices . The following variants are available for self-massage.


A very simple version is the spider head massage. It gets its name because of its appearance. A few thin “legs” extend from the handle and have a small attachment at the top. You lead the wires independently over the scalp.

The practical thing about these models is that they do not require a power source . You take it in your hand and the flexible wires allow intensive stimulation of the scalp.

Not only is this effective against stress , but it is also effective in promoting hair growth. Thanks to the better blood circulation, the hair is also supplied with nutrients more effectively.

Such a head massage spider can be ideally used during lunch break or while working at the desk. Then you will get a little rest between stressful tasks.


A very effective form of massage is the Shiatsu massage. With this massage technique, the masseur usually acts on the muscles with the ball of his hand or ankles. The pressure opens the energy channels and releases blockages. The advantage of this technique is that it helps with muscular problems.

If you sit a lot in the office , you will likely adopt an awkward posture . The head is pushed forward and this results in an imbalance in the muscles. You perceive this in the form of tension , which is expressed in the neck. With a Shiatsu massage device you are able to counteract these complaints.

An electronic head massager is also helpful as a further model This has several heads which are driven by a motor. These rotate and affect your muscles.

The practical thing is that most designs of this type are waterproof and run on a rechargeable battery . So you can use them in the shower to start the day better in the morning. The rotation of the massage heads is a pleasant effect that brings about relaxation.


Electronic massage brushes are also available as further versions . These no longer consist of a few massage heads, but a multitude of small pressure points.

As a rule, the Shiatsu massage is not used here, but a vibration massage is carried out. You put the massage brush on your head and let the vibrations act on you. You move the brush over your head in calm movements so that a holistic effect unfolds.

This application is less effective at actually treating muscular problems. On the other hand, it proves to be beneficial in promoting blood circulation.

Such massage brushes are also useful to allow the shampoo or other hair products to work more effectively. With the supportive vibration massage, the hair will look more well-groomed and the appearance will benefit.


Below you will find a selection of three versions that ensure relaxation. These range from the simple spider head massage to the effective electric head massager. Decide which variant is best tailored to your needs.


The comparison starts with the Purava spider. It is preferred by a large number of users and has more than 500 top ratings. Buyers emphasize the high impact at a low price. So the model is available at a low price and still proves to be effective for achieving a relaxing effect on your head.

To achieve the massage effect, there are 20 “fingers” . These all start from the handle and are arranged in an ergonomic shape. They are slightly rounded so that you can easily apply pressure to the device. The fingers yield in a targeted manner so that it can be used on all head shapes .

The fingers are arranged on two levels. Due to the large number and the special arrangement, this version is superior to comparable models. These often only consist of one row, so that a large-scale massage is not possible. With Purava, the well thought-out design ensures that you massage your head extensively with one application and relaxation occurs.

In addition to relaxation, the main effect is better blood circulation. The stimulation of the fingers has a positive effect on the scalp and hair roots. This can slow down hair loss.

Endorphins are also released through the massage The slight tingling sensation represents a pleasant feeling and you will feel better after the application. Your mood rises and you can leave a stressful day behind you in this way.

Use this simple but effective massage spider from Purava to massage your head on your own. The fingers slide gently over the scalp and promote blood circulation. Benefit immediately from the effect and feel how the stress falls from your shoulders.


Manli’s head massager takes a completely different approach. It is an electrical massage device that must first be charged via the USB port . A waiting time of 2 hours is necessary to fully charge it . After that, the device can work continuously for up to 1 hour. One charge can therefore be sufficient for approx. 1 week if the massage lasts between 5 and 10 minutes a day.

This model scores very positively among users. It receives top reviews and while it is an electronic massager, the price is manageable. This hand massager is therefore a wonderful gift to bring joy to Christmas or a birthday.

The massage effect is achieved by the 4 massage heads . These are reminiscent of a Shiatsu massage. The heads are also equipped with several smaller pressure points. This makes the design of an acupressure mat look very similar.

The individual massage heads turn completely through 360 °. You can set in which direction they should turn. There are two options for speed, so you can opt for a faster or slower application . Thanks to these settings, the massage can be better tailored to your needs, so that you can relax effectively.

The massage heads can be removed after use This is helpful for washing them one by one with detergent. This ensures that you can use the device for a few years without showing signs of heavy wear and tear.

It is also practical that the housing is waterproof . It has protection class IPX-7, so that nothing stands in the way of using it in the shower . Start the day with a hot shower and massage your head at the same time .

In operation, the device is very quiet at only 35dB. Other parts of the body can also be massaged. For example, you can let the massage heads work on your shoulders, arms or feet.

Start the morning relaxed or leave a stressful day behind you with this electric head massager. The massage heads develop a pleasant effect, which both relieves stress and promotes blood circulation in the scalp.


In terms of design, the Breo head massager is very similar to the Manli model. It also consists of 4 earth heads and is operated electrically. In the details, however, there are subtle differences, which is why the higher price comes about. If you want to pamper your head at the highest level, this model is perhaps more for you.

First of all, the high-quality workmanship is noticeable The device appears in a fashionable blue and the surface impresses with its flawless workmanship. This does not give the impression that it is an inferior product from the Far East. In this design, you can simply put it on the shelf in the bathroom to create a colorful highlight .

4 massage heads are used in this version. These rotate, depending on the mode, at different speeds. A vibration massage does not take place, the effect is based solely on the turning movement of the heads. The heads are in turn equipped with several massage points. A total of 96 contact points act on your head during the application , which allow a very fine massage.

The individual points consist of a natural silica gel. This is gentle on the skin and won’t be a problem even for sensitive individuals.

The model is charged via a USB port. Thanks to its IPX-7 certification , it can also be used in the shower or bathtub during operation.

If you would like to use a “finer” massage experience for yourself, then use the Breo head massager. The precise pressure points convey a completely different feeling than the coarser attachments of the alternative models. The price is a bit higher, but if you are looking for a high-quality model , this investment will certainly pay off. The stress falls away from you and your quality of life improves. Therefore, use this device to perform a head massage yourself.


A head massage is not only pleasant to the touch, it also has a variety of effects on the body and mind. Find out how the head massagers can help you.


Working life and family demand a lot from you. You should complete all tasks as quickly as possible and just don’t forget anything. This can quickly become overwhelming and you can only withstand this pressure for a certain period of time. The stress increases and with it negative health consequences occur .

If you are constantly under tension and fail to reduce the stress, your immune system will suffer. You catch a cold faster, headaches appear and you will be able to concentrate more poorly. In the long term, there is a risk of burnout , which would result in a longer period of illness.

In order not to let it get that far in the first place, you should find a balance for yourself. Exercise is helpful in releasing tension. However, if you do not have that much time available, the head massagers are ideal for reducing stress, for example. The happiness hormones are noticeably released after just 10 minutes of use. These ensure a better mood and the negative consequences of stress are reduced.


The stress can also be indirectly responsible for the headache. These are often based on impaired blood circulation.

With the head massager it is possible to promote blood circulation. The fine massage heads stimulate the skin and the blood vessels expand.

To prevent the headache, however, you should not massage the scalp directly. Instead, dedicate yourself to the neck and temple area. The neck muscles in particular play a major role. If this is tense, the impaired blood circulation is more likely to lead to the headache . Therefore, make sure to adopt a healthier posture in the workplace so that the headaches go down.


Hair loss can have many reasons. Genetic factors are often responsible for the fact that the hair begins to become thinner. However, poor blood circulation can also lead to hair loss.

With the head massager you will stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation. This leads to a better supply of nutrients so that the hair can recover and follow the natural growth process again.

Genetically caused hair loss cannot be stopped by massage either. However, if a nutrient deficiency is to be regarded as the cause, the use of the head massager could improve the situation.


Do you enjoy a head massage but your partner is not talented enough or busy with other things?

Then you don’t just have to accept this fact. With a suitable device it is possible for you to perform the head massage yourself Either with a simple hand-held device, such as a spider head massage, or with an electronic version.

Pamper yourself with the head massager and treat yourself to a break from the stressful everyday life.

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