Herbal pillows – fall asleep naturally with these models

Do you suffer with insomnia and want this fight in a natural way?

Then an herbal pillow can be a real miracle cure for you. Filled with numerous herbs, this has a calming effect and can help you to make the night more relaxed.

In this guide you can find out which herbal pillows are suitable for you and which are the most effective variants .

Everyday life can be a heavy burden . Once again, the boss wants too many tasks to be done in a short period of time, and family obligations shouldn’t fall by the wayside either. After all, the children and the partner also want to be looked after.

With all the chores, it can be difficult to find enough time for yourself. You are encountering some problems, but you do not find time to address and complete them. So it’s no wonder when you barely turn a blind eye in the evening and lie awake in bed.

A large number of people in Germany experience this type of stress . Instead of treating these sleep disorders with medication , the herbal pillow is a natural alternative.

The herbal pillow is filled with different herbs and has a calming effect. The exact mode of action depends on the composition of the herbal mixture. Lavender, mint and rosemary are often used to have a relaxing effect on the body.

The perceptible essential oils trigger the antispasmodic and calming effect . With this it is finally possible for you to sleep through the night again and to recover.

The essential oils can also help with a cold or other respiratory diseases . These expose the airways and you can get more air. This is a nice side effect to spend the night relaxing.

The healing powers do not remain “active” for the entire duration. The essential oils are only released through the body heat and this means that the healing power remains in the pillow for a long time and does not simply go away unused during the day.

In the following, three different herbal pillows are presented that promote your sleep.


Below you will find a selection of three herbal pillows. These are of high quality, whereby the first aromatic herbal pillow is only partially suitable for sleeping. It serves more as a bearing and can, for example, to relax your neck or face , and thus lend its effect specifically.

The herbal pillow manufacturer , on the other hand, is presenting two models that are also well suited as pillows for sleeping.

Benefit from the power of herbs with these beautiful pillows.


The aromatic herbal pillow from Gözze is not a classic pillow. With a size of 16x45cm , it is not suitable for resting your head on it during the night and sleeping relaxed.

The application is rather different and a relaxing effect is achieved in a targeted manner. The following herbs are used for this:


These herbs have a wide range of effects on the body. The pillow can be used against stress as well as against pain or colds.

For use, the pillow is placed on the affected body region. You can warm the pillow before use and benefit from the soothing warmth at the same time. You will achieve a relaxing effect, especially when there is tension in the muscles.

The pillow consists of 4 chambers so that the herbs do not slip while being placed on the table These ensure an even distribution of the herb mixture.

The cover is washable at 60 ° C and the fabric has been awarded the Oeko-Tex standard . As a result, no harmful substances are used and the application is completely harmless.

If you want to benefit above all from the healing effect and only apply the herbal pillow for a short time, this version is well suited for this. The compact design allows you to place the pillow on all parts of the body and provide relief.


If you are looking for a herbal pillow for the night , this variant is better for you. This variant of the herbal pillow manufacture is a version that comes very close to a “classic” pillow.

With a size of 25x20cm , this pillow is also relatively small. It is therefore helpful if you use a regular pillow. You then place this herbal pillow on the pillow and you will sleep comfortably and feel the effects of the herbs at the same time.

The following herbal mixture is used for the healing powers of this pillow:

Rose petals

very extensive herbal mixture is used, which has a positive effect on you. The main effect is that these are calming and relieve cramps. If you suffer from tension, these herbs can help and ensure better sleep.

In order to benefit from the effect, you have to lie with your head on the pillow. The body heat activates the healing powers of the herbs and you will spend a wonderful night.

Use this simple herbal pillow for the night and you will calm your mind if your thoughts circle too much and you find it difficult to calm down.


As a further alternative, I would like to introduce you to this herbal pillow from the herbal pillow manufacturer. The key data correspond to the previous model and mainly the design is different.

Visually, the cute forest with its animals impresses with this pillow and this sight will certainly help you to spend a relaxed night.

The pillow has the same mixture of herbs and convinces with its calming effect. Made entirely in Germany, only natural materials are used for the filling. Fragrances are completely dispensed with. The smell of the herbs is already very clearly perceptible at the beginning and can sometimes be a bit strange. After one night, however, you will get used to the smell and appreciate the positive effect.

If you suffer from headaches, respiratory problems or a cold , this pillow offers ideal support for a restful night. With a size of 25x20cm it is compact and is placed on the actual pillow.

Use this beautiful design to create a comfortable sleeping environment and spend the night relaxing.


Stress is one of the greatest health risks. It causes your immune system to weaken and you suffer from insomnia. The sleep disorders have far-reaching consequences and will have a lasting effect on your quality of life.

Instead of resorting to aggressive medication, the herbal pillow offers natural help to reduce stress and fall asleep better. Relieve headaches, open your airways and get rid of stress with these ecological pillows.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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