Hungry for bed – why is the evening meal so important for your sleep?

Being sent to your room without food and sleeping is a traditional punishment for children. Fortunately, this disciplinary measure no longer belongs in the repertoire of modern education.

Still, there could be reasons that you go to bed hungry. For example, you are afraid that the late meal will hit your hips and lead to weight gain. Or you are missing ideas as to which snacks are appropriate just before going to bed.

How does it affect your body when you go to bed hungry and what does healthy eating behavior look like before bed?

Your diet has a significant impact on your well-being and quality of life. If you eat unhealthily, you will experience a nutrient deficiency and, in the long term, there are health risks associated with it.

But does it also matter at what times you eat the groceries?

Be aware of the consequences of sleeping hungry and not listening to your body.


Not eating for a long time is not beneficial for body weight. Maybe you skip eating late to lose weight?

Then exactly the opposite will happen if you go to bed hungry. During sleep, the body uses up more energy than you might be aware of. This means that the feeling of hunger has to be balanced out the next morning . You are now reaching for unhealthy foods and the portions are much larger.

In the long term, this eating behavior results in you gaining body weight. Avoid ignoring hunger and have a small meal to achieve a healthy weight.


Important metabolic processes are carried out during sleep . These are responsible for the regeneration of body and mind. The efforts of the day are processed at night, so that you get up fit and rested in the morning.

The metabolic processes require a lot of energy. Usually this is drawn from food. If you do a lot of sport, your muscles are particularly hungry.

If you skip the meal before sleep , this could mean that your body can no longer adequately supply the muscle mass . You are losing muscle tissue and will hardly be able to meet your athletic goals. It is therefore particularly important for athletes to have a balanced diet plan so that they can spend the night without hunger.


You can imagine your body abstractly like a vehicle. You have to supply energy through diet so that your body can perform well.

The energy is also required during sleep. If you forego eating, the metabolic processes already mentioned cannot run optimally. This affects not only muscle mass, but the entire body and mind.

Without sufficient energy, you will find it difficult to concentrate the next day and overall you will feel drained. Your body is running on the back burner and tries not to exhaust itself because it believes that it lacks energy.


In the meantime, the term “ hangry ” has established itself in English . This describes people who are angry because of hunger .

Scientifically, there is definitely a connection between mood and eating behavior. Without food intake, the happiness hormone serotonin decreases. This results in the irritable and aggressive mood.

If you go to bed hungry , the bad mood will show up in the morning. You are considered to be a morning grouch and first need your cup of coffee and your breakfast to get going.


One of the most momentous experiences is that sleep disorders occur. This is related to both the lack of energy and other physical consequences. This includes, for example, having a low level of insulin during sleep .

Do you go to bed hungry could be the feeling of hunger ensure that you wachbleibst for a long time. If you force yourself to do this and want to go to bed without eating, this requires a great deal of effort. You have to ignore the growling of the stomach and you really don’t feel good about it either.

Sometimes you wake up during the night and the feeling of hunger is so great that you ransack the fridge. You eat all kinds of snacks and go back to sleep on a full stomach. After this action, it will take a while before you feel ready to go back to sleep.


Sleeping hungry is not associated with any beneficial effects. It affects your sleep and in the long term you can expect health risks . One consequence of the lack of sleep is the increasing risk of cardiovascular diseases. In extreme cases, these shorten your life expectancy so that dinner should not be postponed.

Which foods and dishes are healthy before bed and promote a good night’s sleep?


With the composition of the dinner you should make sure that it is as rich in protein as possible . If it is mostly made up of carbohydrates, this affects insulin levels. This is subject to strong fluctuations and you could feel hungry shortly before going to bed.

meal rich in protein fills you up for a long time and provides the energy you need while you sleep. You’ll feel more rested in the morning and won’t wake up with a heavy stomach.

Among the recommended foods include:



It is also important that you try to keep regular meal times. Your body gets used to it and it is easier for it to get along with the supplied energy. During the night there will be no feeling of hunger, but you can sleep relaxed.

It is also helpful to eat small meals before going to bed . Avoid high-fat foods and alcohol. These strain the digestion and, due to the increased effort, the regeneration processes are disturbed.

Eat light, protein-rich meals that will satiate you but don’t make you feel full . Then you will not complain of heartburn during the night and wake up rested.


In many guidebooks , the tip is given not to eat after a certain time in order to lose weight. Eventually the energy would no longer be burned and land right on your hips.

It actually seems beneficial if you align your meals with the time of day. Carbohydrates should be cut back before going to bed as they can upset blood sugar levels.

Still, you should n’t skip dinner. Going to bed hungry is not conducive to weight loss and has the opposite effect.

Above all , pay attention to the total number of calories you consume during the day in order to achieve a deficit. With a light meal in the evening you promote weight loss and do something good for your body.


If hunger sets in late at night, the other extreme is just as unfavorable. If you hit it hard again and eat a large, high-fat meal , your digestion will have to deal with it while you sleep. You may feel more tired on a full stomach, but your sleep will not benefit from it. It is better to only eat a light meal that will fill you up but not be a burden.


Do you have no time to eat in the evening or do you skip meals to lose weight faster?

Then you should be aware that it is not very helpful to go to bed hungry. Regeneration is disturbed during sleep and recovery is neglected. You wake up tired and feel powerless.

Therefore, you should avoid going to bed hungry. Eat a balanced evening meal and a healthy snack before bed provides enough energy without being a burden.

With a healthy eating behavior you will sleep better and start the day relaxed.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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