Spring core or cold foam mattress – which variant is better for you?

When buying a new mattress, there are a few features to consider. How hard should the mattress be, what size do you need and what height is best for you?

One of the most important criteria for your sleeping comfort is the structure and the individual components. How is the mattress designed inside to optimally absorb the strain of your body weight?

Spring core and cold foam mattresses are particularly popular . But what is the difference and which model is better for you?

Find out which type of mattress enables you to have a relaxed sleep.

In the case of the innerspring mattress , the name already says what it looks like inside. Because the mattress consists of a multitude of small springs that absorb the weight. The springs can either be traditionally made as steel springs or consist of foam.

The feathers cover the entire surface and are placed close to each other. This means that there are no gaps and the dampening effect takes place over the entire surface.

If you lie down on the mattress, the springs take up your body weight with pinpoint accuracy This is not distributed over the entire surface, but the individual springs give way and adapt to your lying position. When you get up, the springs go back to their starting position.

In detail, there are still different versions of the spring core mattresses. With a Bonell spring core and pocket spring core , the individual springs are connected to one another. This distributes the weight a little more generously over the surface. In the case of a pocket spring core, on the other hand, the springs are surrounded by a pocket. This ensures greater breathability.


The cold foam mattress has a completely different structure . These are also very popular in Germany and are increasingly being used in bedrooms.

The inside of the mattress is made of foam . Different memory foams or a comfort foam are processed to enable a comfortable sleep. This material is also used in pillows, for example memory foam pillows .

The foam deforms under the influence of body heat. If the material warms up, it becomes flexible and adapts to your body contour. When you get out of bed, the foam cools down and returns to its starting position. There it is a little harder and feels more stable.

Modern, high-quality mattresses not only use one type of foam, but also combine several types in one layer structure. This ensures greater stability in the base, while the upper thinner layers are softer and more flexible.

Similarly, foam mattresses often divided into several zones. These differ in hardness and in this way take into account the individual requirements of the body parts. For example, the head needs a different hardness than the pelvic area.

In the beginning, the foam was a product of NASA and only reserved for astronauts in order to sit more comfortably in a rocket during the launch phase, but this material is now a mass product This makes it relatively cheap to produce and the cold foam mattresses are available for a low budget.


The biggest differences are in the absorption of body weight. In the case of the innerspring, physical springs take up the weight. The feeling of lying down is described very differently than is the case with a cold foam mattress, for example.

The cold foam mattress does not have such resistance. It feels a little “more even” , although this depends on the subjective feeling of lying down. It can therefore not be said in general which type of mattress offers greater comfort.

Rather, it depends on your sleeping behavior and your preferences which mattress suits you better. Anyone who sweats a lot or suffers from an allergy will likely be happier with the innerspring . These models are more breathable and promote air exchange.

The cold foam mattress, on the other hand, is easy to transport and versatile. It is therefore popular as a universal model as a guest mattress and is used by a wide variety of sleep types.


The advantages of the innerspring mattress have already been mentioned to some extent. Here you will find a detailed overview of what distinguishes this type of mattress.

One of the greatest advantages of this type is the good dissipation of heat. Spring mattresses are therefore perceived as cooling. If your bedroom is in the attic, if you sweat quickly or if you suffer from an allergy, the better air exchange will significantly improve your sleeping comfort. This keeps the mattress dry and mites feel less comfortable.

The springs offer greater stability. As a result, you will sink less deeply, which is an advantage if you are heavier or if you like to sleep on your stomach.

The body weight is absorbed precisely via the springs This means that the mattress adapts perfectly to your body contour and is perceived as comfortable.

Another advantage is the long durability of the springs. Although they are in motion every night, they will hardly lose any of their quality and guarantee optimal sleeping conditions for many years.

Advantages at a glance:

Better breathability
High stability
Excellent point elasticity
Long durability


The cold foam mattress also has its own advantages, of course. These depend on the manufacturing process and the exact composition of the material.

The cold foam mattress can also be breathable . However, it is necessary for ventilation pores to be incorporated. As a result, the material is designed to be more open and allows a higher exchange of air. When buying, however, you have to pay attention to whether such a procedure has been carried out.

The combination of the different types of foam and the hardness means that it is highly adaptable to your physique and weight. The mattresses prove to be stable but flexible at the same time.

The springs could make noises under load. The cold foam mattress, on the other hand, is completely silent . If you are sensitive to interfering noises, the cold foam mattress is better suited for you.

Advantages at a glance:

Breathable if there are open pores
Good combination of stability and flexibility


The choice of mattress depends largely on your sleeping habits . Depending on your sleeping position, a different mattress could be advantageous for you. Now find out which mattress type is better suited to the respective sleeping position.


The most people prefer to sleep on the side. This poses a greater challenge for the mattress, because the load takes place on a smaller area. Above all, the pelvis and shoulders must be supported so that they do not sink in too deep.

For side sleepers, the cold foam mattress proves to be more comfortable in most cases. This allows the pelvis and shoulders to sink in deeper, but gives the rest of the body a high level of stability. Due to the different zones, it adapts better to the body and is perceived as more comfortable.

The spring mattress will be too stable for side sleepers. The shoulders and pelvis are too high, which could lead to an unnatural curvature of the spine . Headaches and tension in the lower back can result.

Side sleepers therefore benefit from the modern structure and material of a cold foam mattress.


The requirements for back sleepers are completely different. The weight is distributed over a larger area and taken up by the mattress. Both the spring core and the cold foam mattress are suitable for this type of sleep.

The choice depends primarily on your weight and preferences. If you are taller and heavier, the innerspring mattress could be perceived as more comfortable. However, the noises in a double bed can be perceived as annoying.

cold foam mattress is very stable and will provide good support for the spine. It is also noiseless, which is an advantage if your partner moves a lot in bed.

Ultimately, both variants are well suited for back sleepers.


Anyone who sleeps on their stomach does not create the best conditions for healthy sleep from the outset. The spine is not supported and breathing becomes more difficult. In addition, the blood circulation in the arms can be made more difficult. The internal organs take on the body weight and their function is disturbed.

It is therefore important not to exacerbate these negative factors even further, at least with a suitable mattress. The spring mattress is the better choice for those who sleep on their stomach .

It absorbs the body weight more selectively and relieves the internal organs. It also provides greater stability and the spine tends to maintain its healthy shape. The heat is better transported away and does not accumulate on the head under the chest area.

The spring mattress is the right choice to improve comfort for those who sleep on the stomach .


Both the cold foam and the spring core mattress convince with their own advantages. It cannot therefore be said in principle that one type is superior to the other.

It always depends on how you spend your night and which characteristics are more important to you. Try out the different types and decide for yourself whether the springs or the foam give you a better feeling of lying down.

The cold foam mattress is particularly advantageous for side sleepers and also well suited for back sleepers. The innerspring is more appealing to stomach sleepers and is also a good choice for some back sleepers.

Thus , both types have their right to exist in the bedroom and can ensure a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to a high quality and try out for yourself which type you like best.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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