Intervertebral disc mattress – purchase advice & comparison

Back pain is a widespread disease in Germany. Officially , around 22 million people in Germany suffer from back pain. But there is hardly anyone who does not even hear a slight tug or sting in the back. The lower back and shoulders are particularly affected by these complaints.

Office work and too little exercise are a serious risk for a large group of people. Although the joints are not exposed to great stress, the monotonous sitting posture is not ideal for the intervertebral discs and muscles. These are not trained sufficiently and lead to poor posture.

An unfavorable mattress can also be responsible for back pain. In the case of intervertebral disc problems, you should make sure to choose a model that is orthopedically valuable and suitable for your needs. The intervertebral disc mattress relieves your back and reduces pain.

Find out which disc mattresses perform best and which special requirements they have to meet.

The intervertebral disc fulfills an important function. It is responsible for absorbing the shocks and stresses of everyday life. It lies like a buffer between the vertebral bodies and ensures that they remain undamaged. Ideally, the intervertebral disc lies exactly in the middle and takes the load. If you keep your back straight, the forces on all intervertebral discs are distributed as evenly as possible.

However, if you form a hunchback , the outermost intervertebral disc will absorb excessive force. This can cause it to leave its position and slip. This is known as a herniated disc . This often occurs when lifting heavy objects. When exercising or moving house, it can happen quickly after a careless movement and the herniated disc brings you to your knees. The pain occurs immediately and is accompanied by severe restrictions on movement .

One cause of intervertebral disc problems is an unhealthy posture during high stress. This can be, for example, when you do a physically strenuous job or when you are exhausted in sports.

But office work can also lead to disc problems. Sitting in itself does not represent a high level of stress, but the associated sitting posture is not exactly favorable. What is noticeable when working on the computer is that the head is pushed forward. This puts more strain on parts of the intervertebral disc in the cervical spine.

The posture of the forward head is balanced by a hunched back. This also causes an uneven load on the back. The lower back in particular is exposed to this higher force. A lumbar pillow can be used as an effective means of keeping your lower back straight and promoting natural shape.

The mattress can also aggravate disc problems. The most important factor here is the degree of hardness. This must be tailored to your body weight and your sleeping position. Often, mattresses that are too soft are used because they are associated with a higher quality and appear more comfortable. However, these are not ideal for the back. If you sleep on your side, the shoulder area and the pelvis sink deeper into the mattress. The spine is curved and there is a gross malposition. This can manifest itself in tension and back pain in the morning. If you are young, you will hardly feel this unfavorable posture. Over the years, however, the symptoms become more intenseand limit your quality of life. Therefore, at any age, you should make sure that you have a back-friendly mattress. Even if your back appears healthy, you should make provisions for the future and use a disc mattress.


To relieve your back, the spine should maintain its natural shape throughout the night. This does not mean that it is dead straight, but that it follows a double S shape . The mattress should favor this position and bring a certain stability.

Depending on the sleeping position, the mattress has to react differently to your body weight. In the side position , the load on the shoulders and pelvis is very high. You are only lying on the mattress with a few points on your body and therefore a great deal of force is exerted at certain points Modern high-quality mattresses can handle this burden wonderfully.

Both memory foam mattresses and spring core mattresses have a high point elasticity . This means that they absorb the weight very precisely and only deform in this area, which is stressed by your body. In this way, a first-class adaptation to your spine takes place, so that it is as straight as possible and does not curve up or down. After the load, the foam or the springs return to their original position.

The situation is different with mattresses, which tend to have surface elasticity. They distribute the weight more evenly over a larger area of ​​the mattress. Instead of adapting to your contour precisely, you will sink in deeper overall. This is the case , for example, with Bonell spring core mattresses . Therefore, these variants are less suitable for back problems.

Another requirement is to cater to the different parts of the body. It should seem logical that the head needs a different support force than the shoulder area, for example. Therefore discogenic friendly mattresses have a zoning . The mattress not only has one degree of firmness, but in most cases 7 different zones. This will better respond to the requirements of your body and optimally absorb the weight in each area.


Below you will find a selection of mattresses that meet the requirements just described. With these models you will relieve your back pain and preventively relieve the intervertebral discs. It is essentially orthopedic mattresses , which are particularly back-friendly .


The first model presented here is equipped with a spring core . It follows a different design than today’s foam mattresses. But the springs are useful for back problems and will provide excellent sleeping comfort. This is attested by the first-class reviews of the buyers, who give this mattress top marks.

Specially shaped springs are used in the core . These become a little thicker towards the edge and each individual feather is surrounded by a fabric bag. Therefore, this version is one of the barrel pocket spring core mattresses and is a real luxury variant for your back.

The springs yield precisely under load. At first this happens very gently, but as you sink in, the resistance increases. This ensures that your body is not too deep and the spine retains its natural shape.

The fabric bags have the advantage that the mattress is more breathable . This makes it wonderfully suitable for allergy sufferers. Mites will be uncomfortable, so your symptoms will subside. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a mite teat regularly to reduce contamination.

The mattress is also divided into 7 zones . This takes account of the individual areas of the body. The hardness corresponds to an H3 , which is why it can be used up to a weight of 100 kilograms. Regarding the sizes, both single mattresses in 80x200cm and double mattresses up to 160x20cm are offered.

The springs are absolutely quiet and the movements are not accompanied by a squeak. However, a cover is not included in the scope of delivery. You would have to purchase this separately.

The Vesgantti mattress is a first-class choice to take the load off the intervertebral discs with the high-quality springs. The feathers give way precisely and adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. This version is also recommended for allergy sufferers, so that your health is promoted in every respect.


The Belvandeo mattress, on the other hand, takes a different approach. In essence, this does not rely on feathers, but on the tried and tested cold foam . This also offers excellent weight absorption properties and adapts wonderfully to your spine.

The foam is both soft and sufficiently stable to protect your back. As you lie down on the mattress, you will already notice how the foam gives way. It absorbs the weight point-elastic and deforms exactly at the points where the load takes place. This means that you only sink in as deeply as is comfortable for your body.

The subdivision into 7 zones provides relief for the intervertebral discs As a result, the mattress is slightly reinforced in the area of ​​the shoulders and pelvis, so that you also experience a high level of support as a side sleeper. You don’t have to worry about your spine becoming unnaturally curved and damaging it.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 140x200cm. If you and your partner prefer different degrees of firmness, we recommend buying two mattresses. These can be connected with a topper so that you get the same feeling of lying down as on a double bed.

The softer version in H2 is recommended up to a weight of 80 kilograms. The more stable version H3 is suitable for people up to a weight of 120 kilograms.

The double cloth cover is breathable and can be machine washed at 60 ° C. In general, all materials are tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. No harmful substances are introduced during production and production takes place under strict control in Germany.

If you appreciate the somewhat easier handling of a cold foam mattress , this orthopedic version is a good tip for you. It will adapt wonderfully to your back and provide your intervertebral discs with the necessary relaxation during the night. In this way, you take precautions at a young age and avoid the typical long-term damage that an unhealthy mattress brings with it.


Ravensberger also relies on a basic concept similar to that of the Belvandeo mattress. With your Struktura Med 60 , a cold foam is also used, which reliably relieves your back and ensures a comfortable sleep. The cold foam has a particularly high quality. The density of 60 indicates that the foam is very dense and therefore better meets the needs of your body. It is not a “holey” foam of inferior quality, but a lot of material is used, which in the end absorbs your body weight.

In addition, the foam is also divided into 7 zones in this version The manufacturer calls this “3D cube-cut geometry”. Both the top and bottom are individually designed to meet the needs of the back. In combination with the high density , this mattress will offer optimal support in every sleeping position.

This is not only beneficial for back pain , but also for other complaints. Circulatory disorders decrease and the muscles relax overall. This will help you sleep better and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

Ravensberger offers this model in all common sizes from 80x190cm to 180x220cm . Accordingly, plus sizes are also in the program, so that people with a height of more than 1.90 m no longer have to worry about their feet hanging off the bed at the end.

The following classification is offered for the degrees of hardness:

H2: up to 80kg
H3: up to 120kg
H4: ab 120kg

This also gives heavier people the opportunity to receive stable support for their backs . The high density makes this possible and is a unique selling point of this mattress for relieving the pressure on the intervertebral discs.

double cotton cloth cover is included in the scope of delivery This can optionally be replaced by a Medicore silverline cover . These covers can be washed at 60 ° C and are highly breathable. This means you will keep a cool head and not break a sweat even on hot days.

Use this premium cold foam mattress to prevent back problems or to get relief. You can try it out in bed shops so that you can check whether the properties on offer meet your expectations before buying. With a 10-year guarantee, you do not take any risks and you will find a first-class mattress in your bed for many years to come.


The intervertebral disc mattress is the basis for a healthy and pain-free sleep. However, you should also follow other instructions in order to make your sleep as healthy as possible.

To do this, you should pay attention to the sleeping environment and the sleeping climate. Because the intervertebral disc problems also depend on your general lifestyle. Stress, for example, is a serious factor that increases pain. Therefore, make sure to get a relaxing break in addition to work. Exercise or relax at home to reduce stress levels.

The room temperature and possible drafts should also be checked. The temperature in the bedroom should be around 18 ° C and the humidity around 50%. This means that the bedroom is colder than the rest of the rooms. If it is too warm in bed, your sleep will be disturbed.

You should also avoid drafts. It is better to ventilate your bedroom before going to bed instead of leaving the window open all night. This also has the advantage that you are not disturbed by the noise .

In addition to the mattress, the pillow is also an important element. Ordinary down pillows are too high in most cases. This causes the cervical spine to kink, causing tension and pain. This could possibly be the reason you wake up with a headache.

It is better to use a lower memory foam pillow , which allows a more comfortable storage . The cervical spine adopts a healthy course and the neck muscles relax. In this way you promote the health of the entire spine.


If you are one of the more than 20 million people in Germany who complain of back pain, you don’t just have to accept it. With a suitable mattress, you will achieve noticeable pain relief and protect your back.

Use an intervertebral disc mattress, which offers optimal relief for your spine and precisely caters to the needs of your back. Then you will start the day with a completely new feeling and the intervertebral disc problems will be a thing of the past.

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