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Do you have a bed with a slatted frame, but want to be as comfortable as in an American box spring bed ? Then the mattress should be equipped with a barrel pocket spring core . The springs take up your body weight precisely and this ensures a high level of adaptation to your body contour.

The Irisette Vitaflex, on the other hand, goes its own way. Instead of using ordinary springs in the core, as is the case with the Badenia Irisette Lotus , “flex tubes” are used. These should also ensure a high level of comfort.

In this detailed check you can find out what the Flextubes are all about and whether they contribute to a high level of comfort with the Irisette Vitaflex .

Irisette already has some experience as a manufacturer With the Lotus model there is a variant that is equipped with a “real” pocket spring core. This convinces due to the good sleeping properties and will noticeably relieve your back.

Irisette offers an alternative with the Vitaflex model. This mainly differs in structure. A layer of flexible tubes is combined with an overlying comfort foam .

This version is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm , with oversizes such as 180x220cm. As a result, numerous variants are offered that are also suitable for taller people. These excess lengths are even available in the individual versions.

The usual variants of H2 / H3 / H4 are available for the degrees of hardness . Unlike the Lotus model, a mixture of two degrees of hardness is not possible. The Vitaflex has an asymmetrical structure and therefore turning it over is associated with a different sleep feeling. The side with the flex tubes is felt to be a bit harder, but it takes the weight better. On the other hand, it is a little softer on the cold foam. This gives you the advantages of a very flexible mattress and allows you to decide for yourself which side suits you better.

The total height is around 24cm and the cover is washable at 60 ° C. Overall, the mattress is well suited for allergy sufferers and will protect your back.


The Irisette Vitaflex is designed like no other mattress. But what exactly does the mattress look like in cross-section and how does this affect your sleep?


The flexible tubes serve as the basis of the mattress. These are not real feathers, but a foam that is designed to be flexible. It is an open-pored material that compresses under load. In the size 90x200cm, the manufacturer states that around 185 such Flextubes are installed.

The positive thing about this design is that the flex tubes are available in different degrees of hardness . These are arranged on the Vitaflex in such a way that 7 individual lying areas are created. Your body benefits from this design, because the head area has to be absorbed by the mattress differently than the pelvis, for example. Because the 7 zones have different degrees of hardness, your spine is optimally relieved and pain is alleviated.

The Rhombo-Therm is a special cold foam that has improved climate properties. Like all foams, this pad adapts very well to your body contour. The foam hugs your spine and provides a high level of protection. The open-pored design ensures a high level of temperature and moisture regulation . So you don’t have to worry about waking up on a soaked mattress after a warm night.Of course you are not lying directly on the Flextubes. As a further layer there is a comfort layer made of Rhombo-Therm over the Flextubes This has an optimal point-elastic absorption of the load and offers a high air circulation.

»Check on AmazonThe density of 55kg / m³ belongs to the top category. This means that the proportion of material in the foam is relatively high and that it does not just consist of air. This means that the weight is better absorbed and the longevity of the mattress is guaranteed.


The cover is also essential for the properties of the mattress. The Vitaflex uses a mixture of 75% cotton, 23% polyester & 2% elastane . This is quilted with 200g / m³ climate fiber and comfort foam upholstery.

This mixture does not impair the air circulation, but promotes it. The polyester is thin and the cotton is tough. This mixture combines the advantages of both materials and improves your sleep. Thanks to the elastane, it is easy to apply to the mattress and maintenance is hardly associated with any effort.

The cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C. This ensures a high level of hygiene and mites are reliably removed from the cover. If you suffer from a house dust allergy, it is important that you make sure that the cover can be washed at at least 60 ° C.

Four grip straps facilitate transport This means that you can also use the Vitaflex as a travel mattress if there is enough space in the vehicle. Since the lying properties change when it is turned, the mattress is suitable for a broad target group.


The structure appears to be very unusual and can hardly be compared with other models. How does this affect the quality of sleep and what comfort can you expect?


The three options H2 / H3 / H4 are available for the degrees of hardness . Which degree of hardness is suitable for you mainly depends on your body weight . The right hardness guarantees that the spine is not unnaturally deformed during sleep. If the mattress is too soft, the pelvis and shoulders would sink too deep. This is particularly problematic for the cervical spine. If, on the other hand, the mattress is too hard, the pelvis is too high.

In general, the following guide values ​​are given for degrees of hardness and body weight:

H2: up to 80Kg
H3: 80 to 120Kg
H4: over 120Kg

When buying, you should make sure that you choose the right degree of hardness. If in doubt, you can order a model and test it . If you are not satisfied, you can use the right of withdrawal. In no case do you run the risk of getting the wrong mattress.

The high volume weight and the arrangement of the Flextubes ensure a very comfortable sleep. The cold foam adapts to your body contour and the load is optimally absorbed.COMFORT

This means that the back is relieved . If you suffer from back pain or have already suffered a herniated disc, you will appreciate this mattress. The high level of support provided by the Vitaflex is a great advantage and ensures a precise lying feeling.

The feeling can be changed by turning the mattress. While the side with the flex tube is harder , you lie a little more gently on the cold foam . So you are free to choose which side you use for the night.

Movements are recorded precisely and not distributed over the entire mattress. In addition, the material is noise-free and there is no crackling or the like to be heard.


Everyone sweats during the night and even if you feel like you are barely losing any moisture, this will be the case. Everyone loses up to 1 liter in the form of sweat. This should not accumulate in the mattress, but should be released directly into the environment as best as possible.

This is achieved through the open-cell foam . This has excellent climatic conditions and does not store moisture. The high breathability also means that you will sweat less from the outset. Therefore dry nights are guaranteed and you will not literally wake up bathed in sweat.

For allergy sufferers, this has the advantage that mites hardly feel at home in the Vitaflex. You prefer a humid climate and you will not find this in this mattress. In combination with the good washability of the cover, the exposure to mites can be minimized.


Since you are in close contact with the mattress, it is also important that it does not contain any harmful substances. This is supported by the Oeko-Tex seal , which guarantees that the mattress does not contain any harmful substances. In addition, the Vitaflex is certified by TÜV Rheinland and is continuously monitored.

You can be sure that the manufacturer Irisette applies its 60 years of experience in production and does not take any risks. The mattress is therefore well suited for allergy sufferers, as well as babies and toddlers.


The delivery is uncomplicated. After purchase, the Vitaflex will be delivered to you within a few days. If you would like to dispose of your old mattress directly, some sellers have the option of taking the old model with them for an extra charge. In this way you save some space in the apartment and it is not besieged with multiple mattresses.

The manufacturer’s service is also impressive. Questions are answered competently and the manufacturer’s guarantee is 5 years. A trial sleep is not possible outside of the 14 days right of withdrawal.


The Irisette Vitaflex is one of the somewhat harder mattresses that support the spine well and get to the bottom of back problems . The unique design of flexible tubes and cold foam adapts very well to the body contour and ensures a unique sleeping experience.

Allergy sufferers benefit from the very good climate properties. The production quality is also strictly controlled and no harmful substances are used.

Whether you like this structure with the Flextubes, however, is a matter of taste . Some buyers report that wear and tear appeared after a few years and that the mattress is not very durable in practice.

If you still want to experience this unique sleeping experience to protect your back and get out of bed better in the morning , the Irisette Vitaflex is definitely worth an investment.

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