Iron-free bed linen – this is what sets it apart

Do you also appreciate the feeling of getting into a freshly made and, above all, proper bed in the evening?

When the duvet is flat on the bed and it feels like you are in a high quality hotel?

In order to achieve this impression, it is said that the bed linen has to be ironed. Only by exposing the fabric to the heat of the iron would it actually become smooth. But there is a much simpler variant with non-iron bed linen .

Iron-free bed linen is so smooth and wrinkle-free immediately after washing that ironing is no longer necessary . The bed linen just needs to be dried and it will be free of any wrinkles as if by itself.

In this guide you can find out how this effect comes about and which non-iron bed linen is available in stores.

Ironing is one of those household chores that isn’t fun. It is cumbersome to first set up the ironing board and then the iron has to be brought to temperature. There is also the risk of getting burned in the heat.

Therefore, the range of non-iron shirts is higher than ever before. It looks similar with non-iron bed linen. You can take these out of the washing machine, dry them and then put them on the bed . There are no annoying wrinkles and the bed linen is pleasantly soft.

This is achieved through modern fabric variants that practically “relax” by themselves after washing. The iron does not need to be exposed to heat; the washing machine has enough heat to achieve a smooth surface.

If you want to have really perfect bed linen, it is still up to you to reach for the iron and use the heat to act on the fabric.

The hotter the material can be washed in the washing machine, the more hygienic the bed linen. This is especially important for allergy sufferers who want to remove mites from bed linen, for example. Since the unpleasant animals are very resilient, low temperatures are not enough to combat them. At 60 ° C or even better 95 ° C, the mites are first killed and the impurities are removed from the bed.

When buying non-iron bed linen, you should therefore pay attention to what material it is made of and how hot it can be washed.


To make the purchase decision a little easier for you, I am now introducing three non-iron sheets that are ideally suited to your needs. They are good value for money and buyers have been consistently satisfied with the quality .

As a result, the bed linen is made of materials that make them almost completely wrinkle-free and therefore particularly easy to use .


Non-iron bed linen does not mean that it has to be made of a material that is more uncomfortable on the skin. On the contrary, Sleepwise bed linen combines a high level of comfort with a cozy sleeping atmosphere .

It can easily be called cozy bed linen . At the same time, however, it can be used all year round and is also pleasant on the skin in summer.

A super fine microfiber is used as the material . This is about 10 times finer than a silk fabric. Due to this processing, the unique properties of this bed linen are realized.

In winter it keeps you warm , cozy and soft. During the summer, when the temperatures get warmer and you sweat more, the bed linen is breathable . This means that there is still enough air to get to your skin to cool you down and the heat does not build up under the covers.

The bed linen can be washed at 40 ° C without adding fabric softener . Allergy sufferers can also with a temperature wash up to 95 ° C bedding hygienic . Laboratory tests have confirmed that there are no harmful substances.

As for the design, there are also a few options to choose from. You can use subtle shades of blue or a small floral pattern for sleeping. In further stages, practically every design is shown in white and gray tones, so that there should be something for every taste. The bed linen is offered in the sizes 135x200cm / 155x200cm / 200x200cm .

More than 400 buyers have already given their opinion about this bed linen and a top rating proves that the buyers are very satisfied. If this is not the case and the product does not meet your expectations, you can send it back without any problems.

With this product you get one of the best bed linen that is both comfortable and easy to care for .


The manufacturer Erwin Müller has a wide range of bed linen. Depending on your preference, you will find the right design and material.

This variant is a rather eye-catching non-iron bed linen in an apricot tone . The pattern is simple, but still striking and a bit playful.

The big plus point with this bed linen is the large selection . The sizes start at 135x200cm and go up to oversizes of 155x240cm . If you have a large bed, this bed linen is ideally suited to fill the entire area. Gone are the days when your feet looked out of the ceiling or your partner wanted to take up too much of the ceiling.

The material used is 100% cotton . This is mercerized and finely combed. This way of processing the threads retains their shape and prevents them from shrinking. This is not only beneficial for washing in the washing machine, but also for opening after washing. Because you no longer have to iron this bed linen. Due to this pretreatment, it is sufficiently stable that wrinkles only appear minimally.

For easier handling, a zipper is also attached , with which you can easily open the bed linen. A temperature of 60 ° C can be used in the washing machine and the material is also suitable for the dryer.

If you want a natural material and not microfibre, you will get a great product with this non-iron bed linen from Erwin Müller. It is very easy to pull up and the high quality is confirmed by the buyers.


Summer is a real challenge when it comes to the right bed linen. Especially when it gets warmer, this can quickly become uncomfortable and more likely to be perceived as annoying.

The Seersucker bed linen from Fleuresse is tailored precisely to these special needs. This is a light, non-iron fabric that has a crepe-like structure. As a result, it does not lie flat on the skin, but leaves enough space so that the air can circulate . Your sleep benefits enormously from this.

During design, there are different options . You can choose a beautiful flower pattern, which is available in different colors. With the size you can choose either 135x200cm or 155x220cm.

As a starting material is cotton used. This is processed in such a way that the fabric looks light and does not lie directly on the skin. Washable the material at up to 60 ° C is in the machine . It can also be used in the dryer.

The material is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is therefore free of harmful substances. The zipper makes this bed linen easy to use. When washing, make sure that the zipper is closed.

If you are looking for non-iron bed linen for the summer , with this product you will get a pleasantly light wash that does not make you sweat. Nevertheless, the cotton is non-iron and easy to use.


In principle, most materials are also available non-iron. It mainly depends on how the material was processed .

Even today, cotton bed linen is mainly used as the standard . This is breathable , suitable for allergy sufferers and can be washed at high temperatures. A special production variant ensures that the fibers are particularly resistant and retain their shape, so that hardly any wrinkles appear.

A special form of this bed linen is the “beaver version.” Here, one side is roughened so that the warmth is better kept under the blanket. In winter this bed linen is more suitable and keeps you comfortably warm.

The satin bed linen has a rather cooling effect . With this, the surface is very smooth, so that the heat escapes quickly and does not build up . This light bed linen is well suited for the summer.

Microfiber is particularly modern . This is a plastic that is much finer than cotton. This makes it appear very soft on the skin and can be processed differently depending on the requirements. Due to these properties, the microfiber can be used perfectly all year round and is one of the best non-iron bed linen.


If you want to sleep comfortably but avoid ironing, non-iron bed linen is an ideal choice to increase sleeping comfort. Certainly very fine wrinkles will still be visible here and there, but on the whole the non-iron bed linen is easy to handle and smooth and soft on the skin after washing.

There are no restrictions compared to “conventional” bed linen. You can choose from different materials and decide for yourself whether the bed linen should be more suitable for summer or winter. In terms of price, these bed linen are also at the same level, so that you do not suffer any disadvantages.

Opt for the non-iron bed linen and enjoy the neat bed without having to use the iron .



Jersey is the lightest fabric that is absolutely non-iron. This is a knitted fabric that is light and suitable for summer. Therefore, this is a bedding that you can use all year round.


You can wash non-iron bed linen like any regular bed linen. To do this, you adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications. The non-iron bed linen is suitable for both the washing machine and the dryer. A special detergent is not necessary.


Jersey is considered to be particularly flexible due to its knit structure. It is made of pure cotton that is woven in such a way that no ironing is necessary after washing. The special processing leads to a high breathability and makes the jersey bed linen a good choice both in summer and winter.


Most non-iron sheets are made of polyester or cotton. More than the material, the processing is decisive for how easy it is to care for the fabric. Polyester and a finely processed cotton dry quickly and do not require a lot of care.


To avoid wrinkles, you should only spin them on a medium setting in the machine. After drying, you can either iron it or hang it up directly. Make sure the laundry dries as smoothly as possible to avoid any wrinkles.

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