Kidney warmer – warm yourself with these models

If you like to do sports outdoors, ride a motorcycle or are generally exposed to the risk of hypothermia , you should protect your kidneys. The kidneys are hardly protected on the sides of the body and are therefore particularly susceptible to cold temperatures.

Hypothermia is associated with pain and an uncomfortable feeling. But it is usually not very dangerous on its own and the symptoms will subside after warming up. Still, the cold should not be taken lightly. Your immune system is weakened and the risk of kidney inflammation increases.

The kidney warmer is perfect for reducing this risk. You put it around your waist to specifically protect this region from the cold. Find out in this guide why the kidney warmer makes sense for you and which models do best.

To protect your kidneys from cooling down, the kidney warmer is placed close to the hip area. This is usually a protection, which consists of a soft fabric. Mixtures of wool and latex are often used for this. These offer good thermal protection and thanks to the latex , the model adapts ideally to the shape of the body.

Lying close to the hips, it prevents body heat from being dissipated. The heat is stored much more effectively so that hypothermia does not occur. Unlike a foot warmer , the kidney warmer works completely without electricity . He is solely responsible for not losing the heat produced by your body.

In addition to the kidneys, the lower back is also supplied with heat in this way. This is an advantage if you suffer from tension or other illnesses there. A heat belt prevents further discomfort and protects your back.

In addition to the warmth, a positive side effect is that your waist appears slimmer. If you struggle with your too strong curves, the kidney warmer will bring them into better shape. So you can also wear it under your clothes to get a nicer body shape . Since it is very tight, it does not show under clothing. Thus, the kidney warmer is beneficial for you in several ways.


The human organs are already well protected from cooling down in the body. A constant high temperature is maintained so that the organs function optimally.

The kidneys are on the side of the body. As a result, they experience less protection than other organs that are more in the middle of the body. If the body cools down, this will first become apparent, especially in the kidneys. Therefore, in some situations it makes sense to better protect this area.


This is especially the case if you like to ride a motorcycle. There, however, a more stable variant is used with the kidney belt. This is not quite as flexible, but offers not only thermal protection but also greater security. The lower back is supported and offers additional protection in the event of a fall. As a lighter variant, you can also use a kidney warmer , which is a comfortable alternative for short distances or warm temperatures .


Your kidneys are also exposed to the cold during winter sports. In addition to the winter temperatures, there is also the cold wind , if you are more sporty. During the exertion you will not even notice it, but in the evening or the next day the nasty surprise could be waiting for you that the kidneys start to hurt.

So that you can enjoy the entire holiday symptom-free , it is advisable to wear the kidney warmer as a precaution. This does not restrict your freedom of movement and should always be taken with you on winter holidays.


If the kidneys are hypothermic , this weakens your immune system and other diseases can occur. Particular care should be taken with cystitis. When summer says goodbye and autumn shows its colder side, women in particular are affected by cystitis.

The urination is painful and there is a greater urgency. This puts a heavy strain on everyday life and it takes a few days for these symptoms to subside.

If you are more prone to developing bladder infections, you can wear the kidney warmer as a preventive measure. Especially in the transition period to the colder seasons, it is a useful protection to better cope with the temperature change.

During pregnancy a higher caution. Cystitis increases the risk of miscarriage and pregnancy poisoning could occur. Therefore, the use of a kidney warmer during pregnancy is also advisable if you are prone to bladder infections.


Depending on the application, there are different variants that focus on a different property. The kidney warmer is not only to be regarded as a warming garment, it also offers protection and stabilizes the back. You should also pay attention to how high the kidney warmer is. Depending on body size and needs, there are relatively thin and thick versions.


The usual kidney warmers are made of a thin and flexible fabric. Here, different wool proportions are mixed in order to offer a high level of comfort. Usually cotton is mixed with other wool, such as angora, merino or virgin wool. Due to the proportion of this special wool, a better exchange of moisture takes place and the warmth stays better on the body.

You don’t have to worry that you will start sweating more in the hip area. Although the heat is better stored, thanks to the higher breathability , the moisture is also dissipated and does not remain on the body.

So that the fabric kidney warmers fit snugly, but not restrict you, an elastic component is added. Elastane or viscose are mostly used for this.

In this way, the fabric kidney warmer feels soft and hugs your skin closely. It offers good thermal protection and is wonderful to wear during sports.


The kidney belt, on the other hand, is much more stable . With him, thermal protection is just one function that he has to offer. Due to its higher strength, it stabilizes the back and provides protection.

The kidney belt is most commonly used when riding a motorcycle . It also has a special shape and is slightly larger in the back area. As a result, it offers better support without restricting the front part of the body.

The kidney belt is much thicker and a functional piece of clothing . It can be clearly seen and is not worn like normal underwear. Elaborate models have a protector, which offers better protection for the lower back.

Although the kidney warmer and kidney belt appear quite similar, they perform a different function and have little in common. If you are primarily interested in warming your kidneys, the fabric variants are much better suited for you. The more stable kidney belts, on the other hand, are designed for motorcycling and as protective clothing.


Which kidney warmers best meet your needs? Below you will receive 5 high-quality products that protect you from cooling down and are comfortable to wear.


The first kidney warmer in this comparison is aimed specifically at pregnant women . It is designed in such a way that comfort does not suffer even with a larger waist circumference and excellent protection of the kidneys is offered.

The large selection is practical. The kidney warmers come in a double pack and you can design the color combination according to your wishes. In addition to rather inconspicuous black or white tones, there are versions in pink or blue. So you don’t have to hide and you can combine these stylish kidney warmers with your clothes. So you will feel good even during pregnancy.

The fact that the kidney warmers sit comfortably is due to the composition of the material. This model is made of 84% viscose and 16% elastane. This combination enables a tight fit without constricting the stomach. The kidney warmer can easily be worn under T-shirts. If the t-shirts are too short due to the increased waist size, you can still wear them with the kidney warmer.

The kidney warmers from Mamaband are available in sizes from 32 to 48. When choosing, you should take your measurements yourself and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Due to the very elastic material , the coming months will not be a limitation if the belly grows continuously.

If you are looking for a visually appealing kidney warmer that can be used flexibly, this variant of Mamaband is ideal for you. As a support during pregnancy, you are protected from cooling down and you will not have to do without your usual favorite items of clothing.


You can get a particularly versatile and affordable kidney warmer from CFLEX. The term kidney warmer is still far too short as a description. This model can not only be used to warm the kidneys, but can also be worn as a mini skirt or top.

This is made possible by the high-quality workmanship and the simple design. The kidney warmer is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This makes it less flexible, but leaves a high-quality visual impression.

It is available in sizes from XS to XXL . You can choose from a total of 11 colors that match your clothing. Thanks to the simple design, you have the choice whether you wear the kidney warmer under or over your clothes. In any case, this garment fulfills its function and convinces with its high quality.

After wearing, the garment can be machine washed at 30 ° C. It is not allowed to use it in the dryer, but you can iron the kidney warmer on low heat and without steam. In this way, you get an absolutely wrinkle-free item of clothing that also goes well with a business outfit.

The material feels good on the skin and is not an obstacle even during sports. It is tight, but flexible and offers a first-class function.

Use the Variotube kidney warmer from CFLEX to get a practical piece of clothing that you can combine with your outfit in a variety of ways. The high cotton content is ideal if your skin is a bit more sensitive. At a fair price, you warm up your kidneys and upgrade your outfit.


The kidney warmers presented so far were particularly convincing due to their comfort and appearance. They were also able to warm the kidneys , but the focus was more on other aspects.

If you like to travel to cold areas or do sports outdoors in winter , this kidney warmer is better for you. It offers special protection and reliably warms your kidneys. This is made possible by the high percentage of wool in the material. This consists of 50% angora, 30% new wool and 20% polyamide. The wool offers good insulation so that the body heat is not given off too much, while the polyamide ensures high elasticity. Thanks to this mixture, you get a flexible fit and you won’t have to fear that your kidneys will cool down, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Nevertheless, you do not have to accept any compromises in terms of appearance. A choice of 14 colors allows you to optimally adapt the kidney warmer to your outfit. This means that the kidney warmer does not stand out from under your clothes, but allows a harmonious overall impression.

Despite the high percentage of wool, it is relatively easy to care for. Cleaning in the wash is at 30 ° C possible. To protect the material, you should use the wool cycle . With this precautionary measure, this kidney warmer made of wool withstands laundry without any problems and is quickly ready for use again.

If you place a particularly high value on the heat function , this model is perfect for you. The wool prevents body heat from being dissipated too quickly and keeps you comfortably warm even in winter. Thanks to the polyamide, the kidney warmer offers an optimal fit and lies comfortably against the body.


With the largest selection of colors, the kidney warmer from Kidneykaren hugs your body. Here you have 33 color variants available from which you can choose your favorites. This means that you can move a lot in terms of fashion and you will receive a model that corresponds exactly to your style.

The kidney warmer has a neutrally tubular design. This means that it can not only be used at hip height, but can also be worn as a mini skirt or bandeau top. The creativity has no limits , so you get a versatile garment that protects your kidneys.

The sizes range from XS to XL . The best way to find out which version is best for your physique is to refer to the provider’s instructions. Based on your measurements, you can find your optimal variant from the table.

The kidney warmer consists of 95% polyamide and 5% elastane. These materials allow a very good flexibility and nestle closely to your body. In addition, this model can be machine washed at 40 ° C. This allows you to wash it at a high enough temperature after exercising to remove the sweat.

Choose this fashionable kidney warmer to get a real eye-catcher. The choice of colors is convincing and offers something for every taste. These models are also wonderfully suitable for doing sports or for the next yoga session. Get a practical and fashionable piece of clothing with the kidney warmers from Kidneykaren.


The kidney warmer from BeFit24 is less fashionable but practical . This offers a kidney warmer that can also be used as a back bandage . This makes it a good choice if you suffer from back problems. If you suffer from acute lumbago or a disc disease, it is important that the back does not get hypothermic. This back bandage has a pain-relieving effect and you will retain body heat better.

There are four different colors to choose from. Visually, this kidney warmer is less suitable to be worn over clothing. The advantage is that you can determine the height of this kidney warmer yourself. The manufacturer offers 8 sizes for this, so that you get the best possible model to match your body shape. This avoids slipping or an uncomfortable feeling.

mixture of wool and elastic fabrics is used as the material. The exact breakdown is as follows:

Cotton: 43%
Sheep wool: 33%
Polyester: 14%
Latex: 10%

This composition shows that particularly good thermal insulation is achieved. This kidney warmer is ideal if you like to be active outside during the colder months of the year.

The tight-fitting fabric also creates a gentle compression on your lower back. This improves the blood circulation and the support effect relieves the intervertebral discs. You are encouraged to adopt a healthier body position and avoid overloading your back.

Opt for this version if you suffer from back pain and want to reduce it. The warmth is comfortably held on the body and the lower back is protected. This model is therefore a clear recommendation from a health point of view.


Which kidney warmer is the best for you and will best meet your requirements? Pay attention to the following properties in order to receive assistance in choosing and to be satisfied with the product.


Most kidney warmers are tubular in shape. They do not have a special shape, but are kept relatively simple. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to how long the kidney warmer is when buying A short variant will warm you less intensely but will hardly be noticed. The more compact designs also prove to be advantageous under clothing.

When buying, you should also take your measurements. The hip size is usually used to determine the size that is suitable for your body shape. Don’t make compromises, choose a kidney warmer that fits your body exactly. Otherwise it will slip and it will be more of a nuisance to carry.


Should the kidney warmer primarily keep you warm or should it be tight and make a good fashion impression?

Depending on the requirements of the model, the material composition also changes . Particularly warm versions contain a higher proportion of wool. This provides better thermal insulation and prevents it from cooling down.

A higher proportion of polyamide or elastane, on the other hand, offers a closer fit. These models are more flexible and provide greater comfort. This makes them more suitable for sport and prevents them from slipping.


What would you prefer to use the kidney warmer for? Whether you ride a motorcycle or want to stay mobile while doing yoga has an impact on the choice of kidney warmer.

For motorcycling it is better if you choose a sturdy kidney belt . This offers greater protection in the event of an accident and reduces stress while driving. You are more likely to be reminded to hold your back straight and not to form a hump.

You can also use the kidney warmer to do sports . If you do this in a relatively warm studio, you can choose a thinner and more flexible model. These variants consist exclusively of plastic and do not represent any restriction when doing sports.

If, on the other hand, you play sports outdoors, there should be an appropriate proportion of wool. So you always have to find a composition that offers you the best possible thermal insulation and flexibility.


If you tend to have a bladder infection during the cold season or if you cannot handle the cold so well, the kidney warmer offers optimal protection. It is thin but still insulating, so that the heat is kept close to the body. Thanks to the flexible materials, it is still possible to move around normally and do sports.

Do not only pay attention to the kidneys, but also think about your body and strengthen your immune system. The kidney warmer will be a good companion for you, especially in winter, if you want to continue to be active outside. Don’t underestimate the cold and protect yourself with a kidney warmer.

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