Knee pillows – 3 models for a better sleep

If you like to sleep on your side , you will find that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right balance. This sleeping position doesn’t exactly convince with a high level of stability and the shoulders and pelvis sink deeper into the mattress.

In order to improve posture and to learn more support that is Kniekissen perfectly suitable. It has an optimal shape to be wedged between the knees and to ensure greater comfort there.

Find out which knee pillows are best for your sleep and what to look out for when buying.

Cushions come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. They serve to make sleep more comfortable and are supposed to support health. There are, for example, memory foam pillows that hug the neck to relieve the muscles there. There are also vein pillows that promote blood circulation and help with heavy legs in the evening.

The knee cushion also serves to promote health and helps the body to improve posture. Because with side sleepers there is a risk that the spine sags too low and thus receives an unnatural kink. This occurs when the mattress is too soft and does not have the necessary support.

This is the case with cold foam mattresses that are too soft . If you choose a degree of firmness that is more suitable for back sleepers, the side position will be less comfortable. By too deep sinking the spine is overstressed.

This bad posture results in numerous complaints and the risk of certain diseases increases. Initially, the unfavorable posture manifests itself in tension and a restriction of movement follows. If this is not taken into account, the risk of a herniated disc increases, so that permanent damage to the spine can occur.

The knee pillow prevents such complaints. This is clamped between the knees and offers greater comfort. The body retains its healthy shape and the muscles can relax better.

You should still make sure to find an optimal mattress, but the knee pillow will provide relief. If you like to sleep on your side, then choose either an elongated pillow roll or a specially shaped knee pillow.


The knee cushions differ depending on the material and design. So they are suitable for all body types and sleeping positions to offer a comfortable night. The following variants have emerged.


Who would have thought that foam could behave intelligently ?

The memory foam is a material that is both stable and flexible . This depends on the respective temperature and the load. Usually this foam is firm and provides a high level of support. However, if you lead it to the body or lie down on it, it becomes soft and adapts perfectly.

He undergoes this transformation due to the heat of the body . The foam heats up and loses its firm structure. However, this only happens in the area on which you are actually lying. The surrounding structure remains stable. This results in an optimal combination of flexibility and support.

This is why these neck pillows are popular. You can put the head down and the material adapts exactly to the shape of the neck. This relieves the cervical spine and relaxes the muscles.

Also, between the knees , this variant is ideally suited to provide relief. You will never feel that the pillow is uncomfortable or does not fit you.


Another design based on memory foam is the gel cushion. This is a special shape made of microfibers . These offer the same properties as memory foam and are described as being similarly comfortable.

However, the gel cushion between the knees could be perceived as too soft. There is also the risk that the filling will clump together and no longer have the desired flexibility after a long period of use.

If you prefer a very soft feeling , this variant will meet your demands for a high level of comfort. In addition, this pillow is very easy to care for and offers good hygienic conditions.


Do you often find it too warm in bed and you can’t decide whether your legs should stay under the covers or look out?

Then a pillow with a fillable inner core could be the right model for you. There are versions that are filled with a natural buckwheat.

The advantage of these variants is that they are breathable and retain heat. In addition, the shredded shells adapt optimally to the load and will give you a pleasant feeling.

Thanks to their heat-storing properties , they absorb excess body heat. You won’t break a sweat under the covers, but always spend the night in a pleasant environment.

However, the buckwheat filling must not be heated in the microwave . A millet pillow is more suitable for this. You put this in the microwave for a few minutes and can use it as a heating pad at night.


Which knee pads will best meet your needs? Below you will find a selection of three high-quality designs that convince with top ratings and are available at a fair price.


The comparison table could not be output.The first variant of RSVOM is based on the typical triangular shape. This is provided with a recess in the middle in which the knee can be placed. The shape is perfectly adapted to sleeping on the side and provides a high level of stability.

The memory foam already introduced is used inside . This adapts wonderfully to your legs and provides good support. Because of this deformability, the pillow is well suited for both tall and short people.

The design is ergonomic , with the aim of relieving the spine. Without a pillow, an uneven load on the spine would occur when sleeping on the side. The leg on top has no hold and will twist or kink the spine.

Thanks to this pleasant shape, a shelf for the leg is created. You can comfortably spend the night and protect your back. This is especially necessary if you are sitting at your desk most of the day anyway.

The cover is breathable and can be removed with the zip. However, it can only be washed by hand . The pillow is not washable, it should only be ventilated in the fresh air.

With a size of 25x23x15.5cm you get a comfortable knee pillow, which offers side sleepers optimal support. Protect your back and relieve the spine so that no discomfort occurs in the first place.


The comparison table could not be output.The knee cushion from Mediashop is also following a similar path. It also has a size of 25x24x15cm and provides a high level of comfort for side sleepers .

However, there are subtle differences in design. There is no large recess in the middle , only a smaller indentation. This ensures a greater distance between the legs and stabilizes the back even better. However, this sleeping position could be very different from your usual position. Sometimes you have to get used to it the first few nights.

The memory foam used here also ensures a high level of comfort This is still provided with inconspicuous holes to the increase breathability. This is advantageous because you lie with your knee directly on the material and want to prevent heat build-up.

During the night it adapts wonderfully to your body shape and offers good support for your spine. After the strain, it goes back to its original shape and can convince again the next night. With good care, the material can retain its properties for a few years and offer a high level of comfort.

In this version, too, the cover is removable and should only be washed by hand . Otherwise, there is a risk that it will be damaged.

Choose this pillow that is great value for money to make side sleep more comfortable. If your partner also sleeps on their side, you can decide to order two pillows and receive a discount.


The knee cushion from Bonmedico appears in a slightly different shape . It is not shaped like a triangle, but rectangular and with a taper in the middle. It is not placed directly under the knee, but rather at the level of the thighs. This means there is more free space and the pillow does not have to lie precisely on the knee.

good adaptability is also on this model thanks to the used memory foam guaranteed. This adapts to the shape of the thigh and offers a high level of support.

The advantage of this version is that the knee does not lie directly on the pillow. Only the thighs are supported by the pillow, which gives a better feeling. Nevertheless, the spine remains straight and does not bend downwards.

After use, the foam returns to its original position and again offers excellent lying properties the next night. With a size of 25x20x15cm , it is similar in size to the other two models presented, but differs significantly in shape.

It is more practical with the Bonmedico knee pillow that the cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C. It is made of 100% durable polyester and can withstand washing in the machine without any problems. The plastic is made of velor . This feels pleasantly soft and does not cause any skin irritation.

Use this innovative pillow to protect your back and stabilize your sleeping position. The unique shape adds to the comfort and will feel comfortable on the thigh. In addition, easy care is possible and sleep is promoted.


What are the advantages of using the knee pillow and for which people is it best suited?

For the target group, the sleeping position and everyday working life are in the foreground. The knee pillow is designed exclusively for side sleepers. Anyone who sleeps on their back or stomach will not be able to do anything with this pillow.

Furthermore, the pillow is intended for all people who do not experience sufficient movement during the day and who are at risk of tension and pain. If you work at a desk in the office, for example, there is a risk that the back muscles will not be trained sufficiently. As a result, imbalances occur and tension develops. The knee pillow is ideal to counteract this. It relieves the spine and offers optimal regeneration. This reduces pain and postural damage.

During the pregnancy , such a cushion is a good companion. During pregnancy in particular, the body is exposed to a lot of stress and it is difficult to find sleep. Thanks to the knee cushion, the sleeping position is stabilized , so that physical complaints are reduced.


Buying a knee pillow shouldn’t be a huge challenge for you. If you observe the following characteristics , you will surely find the right model for you and be happy with it.


Different materials and their properties have already been described at the beginning. The memory foam has clearly prevailed among buyers . It has a very soft deformability and steadily returns to its original shape. In this way, it adapts wonderfully to the shape of the legs, so that a comfortable sleep is guaranteed.

Also in terms you should pay attention to the material. Rather choose a hard-wearing cover that you can machine wash . This is an important property for allergy sufferers in order to successfully remove mites from the pillow.


In terms of design, there are two basic shapes that differ slightly. Knee pillows in a triangular shape are actually wedged between the knees. Usually they have a recess in the middle where you can put your knee. They offer greater support for the knee, but restrict freedom of movement.

The rectangular version is more suitable for restless sleepers . These are placed between the thighs so that the knee is exposed. The pillow can be moved easily on the thigh so that you don’t have to lie completely still.


The higher the pillow, the greater the distance between the legs. In the models presented here, the height is between 15cm and 8cm , depending on where you measure.

Which height is comfortable for you mainly depends on your height and weight . The memory foam proves to be very flexible and is well suited for most people.


If you prefer to sleep on your side , you will probably find yourself that this position is not particularly stable. You don’t really know where to put your upper leg. Should it lie on the side on the other leg or should it fall forward to allow a more stable sleeping position?

The danger with this very unstable position is that your spine will be unevenly stressed . This may not be particularly noticeable at first, but if this continues for 8 hours every night over a long period of time, symptoms can develop from it . Tension and back pain are the result of the unfavorable sleeping position.

The knee cushion is clamped between the legs to ensure greater stability. You can spend the night calmly and your back is relieved. Prevent pain and ensure a healthy posture of the spine with the comfortable knee cushion.

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