Latex pillows – these variants promote your sleep

You probably don’t associate a pillow with latex in the bedroom at first. But the latex pillow offers an excellent way to support your neck and gives you a high level of sleeping comfort .

The properties of the latex pillow come very close to a memory foam pillow . If you suffer from neck pain and want to give your muscles a break during the night so that they can recover optimally, the latex pillow is a good choice.

In this guide you will find out what makes this pillow so special and what advantages it offers.

Latex is a natural raw material that is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. To do this, a cut is made in the tree and the precious sap is collected in a bucket. This approach is a bit like tipping the rubber out of the tree.

At the beginning, however, it was not even thought that a latex pillow could be made from this material. The main area of ​​application at the beginning of the 19th century was mainly for the production of rubber and tires.

The positive properties of latex for sleep have only recently been discovered. It offers a high level of stability and is ideal for allergy sufferers.

When choosing, you should keep in mind that there are different types of latex . This is differentiated based on the manufacturing process.

Named after the founder of the process, there is, for example, Dunlop latex . This manufacturing process is used for most common latex pillows. These cushions offer good dimensional stability and a high level of comfort.

The pillows made from Talalay latex are of a higher quality . Above all, the opposing temperatures are used in the manufacturing process in order to achieve high quality. More energy is required and the overall higher effort means that this is also reflected in the price.

In order to make the selection a little easier for you, I will also present 3 latex pillows, which are characterized by high quality and have been positively rated by buyers.


Pillows made of latex are a bit unusual and do not have as large a target group as pillows made of down. Therefore, in most cases, these are a bit more expensive and the selection is slightly limited.

However, the following products should convince you if you want to positively influence your sleep behavior.


The latex pillow from Ravensberger is available in the sizes 40 × 60 & 40x80cm . This means it is a bit ahead of other models in terms of size. If you prefer a larger lying area and find it comfortable, this model is well suited for you.

The natural rubber content is a whopping 50% and ensures that the pressure is ideally removed from the neck. You lie down with your head on the pillow and the natural support of the rubber relieves your muscles.

The washable cotton cover ensures a high level of hygiene This makes the pillow also suitable for allergy sufferers and if you suffer from a house dust allergy, you will reduce the exposure to allergens. However, the prerequisite is that you follow the washing instructions and, ideally, use bed linen for allergy sufferers .

The high quality is shown by the fact that the pillow is made in Europe . You can wash the covers at 60 ° C and they are also suitable for the dryer. The Oeko-Tex seal attests that no harmful substances are used in production .

The manufacturer also gives a long 10-year guarantee. Ravensberger trusts in the high quality and customer satisfaction is paramount.

If you want to relieve your neck and buy a larger pillow, this model is ideal for you.


Do you often sweat during the night and is your pillow clearly marked by the night in the morning? Then the Daydream pillow with its natural latex could be the right solution for you.

It is made from natural latex and has properties that are closely comparable to a foam pillow. Despite high loads, it remains dimensionally stable and provides a high degree of relief for the neck.

The main advantages of this model are the air channels , which ensure high breathability. As a result, no heat accumulates and any moisture is transported away directly. This is especially useful in summer when the nights are getting warmer and you suffer from these temperatures.

The pillow is produced under natural conditions . The cover is made of bamboo fiber and no harmful substances are introduced during production. It is also pleasant that the bamboo fiber has a naturally cooling effect . In combination with the air ducts, this results in a high level of sleeping comfort.

The dimensions of the pillow at 60x40cm are sufficient to support the head. But if you prefer a larger area, this pillow could be perceived as a little too small.

If you want to protect nature and use a particularly natural latex pillow , this variant is ideal for you. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable raw material and due to the natural production method, this model meets the criteria of sustainability. So you can do something good for your neck and at the same time protect the environment.


If you prefer a harder pillow and find most models too soft, you should try this Dunlopillo latex pillow. It is made from 100% Dunlupillo latex and the users certify that this model is of excellent quality. This even goes so far that one user writes that he has only been able to sleep on these pillows for 15 years and no longer allows any other variants in his bed.

This version is 60x60cm in size and available in white. So it corresponds to the current standards and it is not yet clear why this pillow should be so special.

The real benefit comes from the unique material. Because pillows will often be too soft and therefore not have the necessary support to stabilize your head during the night.

This pillow is said to be the hardest variant on the market. Especially if you suffer from neck pain and this is due to an awkward sleeping position, this pillow could put an end to your pain.

The cover is easy to handle with a zipper and can be machine washed. This version is therefore also well suited for allergy sufferers.

If your dream pillow should be a little harder, try this unique material and convince yourself of the advantages of such a latex pillow. The price is a bit higher, but since you can use the pillow for a few years, this is put into perspective again. And your health should be priceless anyway.


If you have been using a simple pillow up to now and have not paid attention to the quality of it or that it is tailored to your sleeping habits, you will immediately notice the differences. Because the latex pillow has advantages in some points that are essential for a good night’s sleep.

The high dimensional stability is already apparent . The material is soft, but at the same time dimensionally stable. This means that it adapts to the shape of your head very well when you lie down on the pillow. The head sinks in just as deeply as it is natural for the neck. This will maintain the healthy line of the cervical spine . There is no kinking of the cervical spine.

This not only spares the muscles, but your brain and the entire head are optimally supplied with nutrients. The kinking could hinder the blood supply and thus the oxygen uptake. Headaches and poor concentration can be the result the next morning. By using the latex pillow, you will easily ensure an optimal posture of your cervical spine.

The latex pillow will probably be on your wish list because your neck hurts and you are looking for a healthier alternative. This variant is also suitable here. Only the gel pillow will be even better suited for your neck muscles due to its slight wave shape. Both pillow variants are characterized by the fact that the head lies on the pillow and the high stability relieves the muscles. Even if you move around at night, the high stability will ensure safety and prevent the muscles from having to do work. This allows them to recover and relieve tension.

Convinced Another point in which the latex pillow is the sleeping environment . The material is breathable and equipped with air channels, no sweat will collect in the pillow. Because even on colder nights, the body produces enough sweat that an ordinary pillow can become uncomfortably damp. The latex material, on the other hand, ensures that the moisture is transported away from the outside and does not even penetrate deep into the pillow. Thus, a high level of hygiene is offered and this is a significant advantage for allergy sufferers.


There are different types of latex that could be used for the fillings. Often natural and artificial latex are combined to create the filling. In addition to the high price, a pillow made of 100% natural latex would no longer have ideal lying properties. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the composition when buying and take this into account.

However, a higher proportion of natural latex is preferable for various reasons. It is an easy-care and natural raw material. Much less energy is required in production and this benefits the environment.

It is ideal for allergy sufferers and easy to care for . Since the pillow hardly absorbs any moisture, high hygienic requirements are met.

It is even better if the latex pillow has an organic seal . Then you can be sure that the raw material came from sustainable sources and that it is a natural latex.


Do you think about whether the latex pillow is also suitable for you? If you belong to the two main target groups, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and immediately use the latex pillow for greater sleeping comfort.


Tension and pain in the neck have become a real widespread disease. The modern way of life means that we move too little and spend most of the day in an unnatural posture. Whether in front of the smartphone or the computer, the head is tilted forward and the neck muscles have to do some work to support the head.

If you yourself are one of those sufferers who live with tension in your neck, the latex pillow is a welcome gift. It ensures that your head stays in the ideal sleeping position and relieves the muscles. As a result, you will finally sleep relaxed again and the neck will recover in the long term.


In addition to those with neck pain, the group of allergy sufferers is also increasing steadily. In Germany it is assumed that around 10 million people suffer from a house dust allergy . They are sensitive to the excretions of the mites and require particularly high hygienic conditions.

Mites are particularly comfortable in damp environments and multiply there. An ideal place here is the ordinary pillow, in which the sweat of the night collects.

However, the latex pillow is an exception. Due to the high breathability and the properties of the material, the mites are deprived of their habitat. The load is reduced and this makes the pillow particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Only people with a latex allergy should avoid this pillow.


The latex pillow is particularly recommended from a hygienic point of view. However, it does not have to be washed. You should even refrain from washing it, as doing so could cause it to lose its shape. If it becomes damp, it is difficult to dry and no longer has the high support that you actually prefer.

The situation is different in terms of the cushion. Depending on the material, it can be machine washed at 40 to 60 ° C. Since it comes in direct contact with your body, it is important that you wash it more often and ensure optimal conditions.

With the core, it is sufficient if you ventilate it outdoors or swap the sides. This results in a more even load and you have more of the pillow overall.

In very extreme cases, you can try to clean the core with a gentle hand wash. But use a mild detergent and try to keep the exposure as low as possible.

If you follow the care instructions, the pillow will be your companion in bed for a few years and will help you sleep.


Do you spend a lot of time in the office, does your neck hurt and the allergy leads to severe sneezing attacks during the night?

Then you should allow your body and especially your cervical spine to relax a little. The latex pillow is made of a natural material, proves to be extremely stable and adapts perfectly to your head.

Therefore, you should buy these pillows for a restful night and benefit from this new sleep feeling.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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