Latex Topper – These models promote your sleep

Have you ordered a new mattress and it does not meet your expectations? Does it feel too hard or is your old mattress slowly laying out?

Then you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a new mattress. A topper is an ideal means of adapting the sleeping conditions to your needs. You put the topper on the mattress and, as an additional layer, it ensures better fine-tuning. This makes the mattress a little softer and protects your back.

A variant that is less well known in Germany is the latex topper. This consists of a natural material , which stands out particularly in terms of temperature properties . Find out what distinguishes the latex topper and how it improves your sleep behavior.

The latex topper is used to increase the quality of your lying position. A topper is part of the fixed equipment of the box spring bed. In most common mattresses, on the other hand, it is hardly widespread. The valuable investment in your health pays off in any case.

The advantage of the latex topper is that it reacts precisely to your lying position. You lie down with your body on the thin material and sink into it easily. The topper literally hugs your spine and not only makes you feel softer, but also has a gentle effect.

If you sit a lot in everyday life and don’t move enough , you feel like millions of people who work in the office. Tension and pain are inevitable after getting up. These complaints can persist throughout the day and affect the quality of life.

The latex topper improves this area. It has a relieving effect and takes the weight off the spine. The muscles can relax and you will experience a whole new attitude towards life.

In addition, the latex topper is characterized by its excellent thermal properties . It impresses with its high breathability, which is why the heat does not build up in bed in summer. Therefore, the term climatic latex is often used to describe this material.

Compared to the gel topper , the latex topper is a little harder. As a rule, a medium-firm feeling of lying is conveyed. If you want to get a little more support and you do n’t want the topper to be too soft, latex is exactly the right material for you.


In contrast to synthetic foams, latex is a natural material. It is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree . A topper made of 100% natural rubber is a sustainable product.

As a further variant there is also synthetic latex , which is made from petroleum. Accordingly, this is not sustainable.

The lying properties of both latex variants are very similar. They adapt perfectly to your lying position. If you lie down on the topper, it gives way precisely and thus offers greater comfort. This easily enhances the mattress and improves your sleep.

When buying, you should pay attention to which latex is used exactly. Often pure natural latex toppers are a bit more expensive. Therefore, some manufacturers rely on a mixture of natural and artificial latex. If you only want natural latex, you have to check exactly which material is actually in the topper.


Are you wondering whether a topper is recommendable for you and whether it brings about a noticeable change? Thanks to the unique properties of latex , this topper is well suited for some groups of people.


Do you wake up in the morning and find it difficult to get going? Do you already have back pain and it does not subside during the night?

Actually, sleep should serve the recovery of the body. If the day was exhausting and put a lot of strain on your back, you should wake up in the morning relaxed and painless. If you use an unfavorable mattress, it will not be perfectly tailored to your back. The muscles cannot relax and in the morning the symptoms remain unchanged.

Use a topper to give your back the relief it needs. The load is better absorbed and the pressure is relieved from the spine. The muscles relax. As a result, she finally has the chance to take advantage of the urgently needed regeneration during the night. Pain and tension decrease in the long term.


If you are particularly tall and your body weight is higher, there are special requirements for sleep. An overweight mattress could help create a healthier base.

If you don’t want to buy a new mattress, a topper is also a good aid to ensure better sleep. The latex topper is particularly suitable for people with a higher weight. It is more stable than comparable variants and takes the load better. Thus, you avoid pressure points on your body even when lying down for a long time and the topper is characterized by a long service life.


If you sleep on your side like the majority of Germans, a more stable sleeping surface is also necessary. Your body weight is distributed over a smaller surface. In particular, the hips and shoulders place a high load on the topper.

The somewhat firmer latex material handles it excellently. As a side sleeper, you only sink in as far as is healthy for your sleeping position. Softer materials do not provide enough support and are hardly suitable for side sleepers. The latex topper, on the other hand, is sufficiently stable and provides real support.


If you are sensitive to artificial foams and therefore prefer natural materials, the latex topper is a good recommendation. If it consists of 100% natural rubber, it is skin-friendly. Also make sure that no harmful substances were introduced during the manufacturing process. Then it is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

If you suffer from a house dust allergy , the latex topper is also a sensible purchase. The high breathability means that moisture does not accumulate inside. Mites therefore do not feel well there and are hardly a burden. Nevertheless, as a house dust allergy sufferer , you should also try to encasings in order to finally sleep symptom-free.


Which latex toppers are best tailored for you? Below you will find a selection of three high-quality designs that are sure to improve your sleep. You get a more comfortable lying feeling and your back can finally relax.


If you are looking for a natural and high-quality latex topper , you are at the right address at the manufacturer Ravensberger. This is not only represented in the field of toppers, but also impresses with its high quality when it comes to mattresses. The Ravensberger cot mattress is considered one of the best mattresses for children on the market and adapts perfectly to development.

The Natura Lux 100 topper has also received top ratings from buyers . Therefore, this version is one of the best products in this class on Amazon.

It is available in numerous size variants from 80x200cm to 180x200cm. This means that both single beds and double beds can be wonderfully equipped with this additional layer.

With a degree of hardness of H2 / H3 , the topper is one of the medium-strength versions. The high density of 75 is also positive. This makes it suitable for people with a higher body weight.

When buying, there is also the choice between an ordinary cotton double cloth cover or the Medicore Silverline cover. The Medicore cover is a little more suitable for allergy sufferers. Both versions are machine washable at 60 ° C and are easy to care for.

The topper is made of 100% natural latex and is 9cm high . It deforms point-elastic under pressure, which enables a comfortable sleep. This version proves to be ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

If quality is the most important feature for you, then choose the latex topper from Ravensberger. Here are natural raw materials exclusively incorporated and the 7-zone design offers the highest comfort for your back. Experience for yourself how the topper enhances your night and you start the day much easier in the morning.


The manufacturer AM quality mattresses is known for its variety of products that offer a high level of sleeping comfort . This self-proclaimed premium topper keeps its promise.

The high density with a convincing value of RG 65 ensures a quiet and pleasant night . This means that a denser material is used than most competing products. The topper is more stable and not only provides greater support during the night, but is also much more durable.

If you like to work up a sweat on hot nights , this topper is also a good choice for you. Latex is a breathable material anyway, which ensures a more favorable climate. This temperature regulation is also promoted by the Lyocell cover. It can be machine washed at 60 ° C. A unique breathability is waiting for you and allergy sufferers feel just as comfortable as mites are reliably washed out.

In sizes from 80x200cm to 200x220cm , even the largest beds will be able to enjoy this topper. This makes the topper ideal for connecting two single mattresses together.

The topper from AM quality mattresses offers an excellent price-performance ratio . A very dense material is used for this, which is why it has unique sleeping properties . It is stable at the same time, but adaptable enough to protect the spine and improve comfort. At a fair price, you will noticeably upgrade your sleep.


The latex topper from the manufacturer Primo Line is also part of the high-quality segment. This consists of a natural latex and an SBR latex . This is treated with an industrial gas to ensure greater resistance .

The topper is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x220cm . This means that extra lengths are offered that are particularly useful for taller people. Many other manufacturers prefer to concentrate on the standard sizes and do not have excess lengths in their range.

The latex topper from Primo Line proves to be medium firm . The core is 6cm high and has a 2cm thick cover. This is machine washable at 40 ° C and can be easily removed.

The core is equipped with additional air channels for better temperature properties . This ensures better heat dissipation and the heat does not build up in summer.

Thanks to the Oeko-Tex standard, it is ensured that the topper is also suitable for babies . This makes it possible to let the baby sleep in its own bed without harmful substances affecting health.

Choose this topper if you prefer a particularly durable variant . The price is a bit higher, but the high quality pays off over the years and will have a positive effect on your health.


If you are interested in an edition, there are other variants in addition to latex, which are usually based on a foam. What do these toppers offer and how do they affect your sleep?


One of the most popular variants is the gel topper. It is made from an artificial foam and hugs your body very precisely. It’s a little softer and less breathable. This gives you a slightly warmer feeling of sleep. These versions are also usually cheaper than pure latex toppers.


The Visco Topper consists of a heat-sensitive foam. This is relatively firm in the idle state. If you lie down on it, the body heat ensures that it becomes more flexible. It adapts to your spine just as wonderfully, but this change does not happen immediately.

This foam is more suitable for people who hardly move during the night. Then the more solid environment ensures that greater stability is guaranteed. In addition, this material is a little warmer .


How do you find the best latex topper that exactly meets your needs? The following properties will help you choose and should be taken into account when buying.


During the production of the foam, air is added to the latex. The density indicates how dense the foam is. The higher the volume weight, the greater the amount of material used and the more raw latex is used.

high density means that the topper is more resistant and that there are no hollows. It reliably returns to its original shape and provides a good base. A high-quality latex topper should therefore have a density of at least “RG 60”. Then it is ensured that it offers reliable comfort for a few years.


When buying, pay attention to the type of latex used

Latex is a natural material in itself. It is made from rubber and is sustainable . If you value natural raw materials, you should make sure that only 100% natural rubber is used when buying .

Otherwise, there will often be additional layers in the topper that are equipped with an artificial latex . This ensures, for example, a longer service life, but is no longer sustainable and is made from crude oil.


The height of the topper should match your sleeping habits. A higher topper proves to be advantageous, especially for side sleepers, as the pressure on the hips and shoulders is better absorbed. He copes better with the load. A height of at least 7cm is recommended for side sleepers .

If, on the other hand, you sleep on your back or stomach , lower variants can also be used. A low height does not mean that the topper is of lower quality. It is more important that the height is adjusted to your sleeping position.


If your mattress seems too hard or sleep is not very restful, a latex topper could be the solution to your problems. This medium-firm pad significantly enhances sleeping comfort and adapts optimally to your body.

The latex topper impresses with its higher stability and ensures a cooler sleeping environment in summer. This means that even the increasingly hot nights are hardly a burden.

Protect your back and experience for yourself how your sleep benefits from it. In this way you promote health and you will experience a new attitude towards life .

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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