Loft bed with desk – 5 variants in comparison

Loft beds with a desk offer every child the opportunity to have a decent place to study and do their homework , even in the smallest child’s room If you want to use the space efficiently and create ideal conditions for school work, this variant of the bed is recommended for your child.

In this guide you can find out which loft beds with a desk do best and what the differences are.

In most children’s rooms, the beds are flat and placed on the floor. With this design, the entire area of ​​the bed is already reserved for sleeping and the desk has to be set up elsewhere.

Rising rents and unfavorable living conditions mean that the space should be used as efficiently as possible . It can therefore be difficult to accommodate both a bed and a desk in small rooms.

For your child, however, a tidy desk is important in many ways. There they can do their homework or read a book in peace. Therefore, loft beds with desks are interesting for children of all ages and not only when the stress of school really starts.

The desk is already integrated in the loft beds presented here. It therefore goes well with the design of the bed and the table usually consists of a simple worktop. Natural woods are used as materials . These look good and convince due to their longevity. There are also some variants that are made of metal.

The desk is either permanently integrated or can be pulled out of a device. Permanently installed desks offer the advantage that your child can set up a stable workplace there. Books and writing utensils can be stored. Pull-out desks offer a better spatial concept and use the space a little more efficiently, so that the space under the loft bed can be used for other purposes.

When choosing the loft bed, there is still the question of how high it should actually be. After all, the bed should not pose a safety risk, but rather improve the quality of life.

Therefore, the minimum amount is made dependent on the age of the child. In general, loft beds are only recommended for children aged 6 and over. From this age onwards, their motor skills are so advanced that getting on and off the loft bed is not a risk. Accidents are more likely at a younger age.

Between the ages of 6 and 12, loft beds with a height of 100 to 150 centimeters are ideal . For teenagers aged 13 and over, the loft bed can easily grow upwards . Here you should above all pay attention to the structural requirements. In old-style apartments with high ceilings, the loft bed can be 2 meters high .


The loft bed with desk offers you and your child some advantages that you should use for the children’s room. If there is not enough space for the desk elsewhere, this bed variant is one of the cheapest ways to create a work surface for your child.


Sure, the most likely reason why you choose this variant is that the space under the loft bed can be used. While flat beds take up the entire space and at most a bed box offers some storage space, a loft bed is generally much better suited for small rooms.

If there is no space for the desk in the children’s room, the loft bed with desk is an ideal solution.

By the way, it shouldn’t be an alternative for your child to do their homework at the kitchen table or otherwise. There is no ideal working atmosphere there. The room is still being used by other people and it is much more difficult for your child to concentrate and cope with the tasks.

A separate desk in the private room is therefore necessary in order to meet the requirements of everyday school life and to provide the required services. Thus, the loft bed with desk is also an investment in your child’s future.


In this variant, the desk and bed are optically coordinated. They are made of the same material and fit together.

If you had to buy the pieces of furniture individually, this will rarely be the case and the children’s room looks more like a hodgepodge of hodgepodge. If, on the other hand, the pieces of furniture are coordinated, the room appears much more harmonious.

This not only ensures a more beautiful look, but can also contribute to your child’s well-being. If the room is tidy and coordinated, your child can relax and concentrate better.

Messy rooms, on the other hand, contribute to a restless mood.


The common solution of loft bed and desk is in most cases cheaper than if you had to buy both pieces of furniture separately. The basic structure of the loft bed already offers the best conditions for integrating the desk.

As a result, it takes very little effort for manufacturers to add the desk. The cost of materials is minimized and production is relatively inexpensive overall.

On the other hand, it gets more expensive if you buy both pieces of furniture separately. The positive effects of the combination do not apply here. In addition, you also have to include the double transport & construction in this invoice.

The loft bed with desk is not only space-efficient, but also inexpensive.


Most children prefer the loft bed to a flat bed. Does the bed offer a whole new perspective and to be at eye level with the parents can also be very interesting.

Even “climbing” the loft bed and its ladder can be a small experience for children. There is enough space under the loft bed to create your own little retreat.

In connection with the desk, the loft bed is not only an ideal place to sleep , but also ideal for working. A single piece of furniture ensures a restful sleep and creates good conditions for a school career.

Of course, a loft bed with a slide is a little more interesting, but if there is no more space for a desk in the children’s room, this combined variant is much more suitable.


If you are interested in buying these beautiful and functional beds, you will receive 5 top recommendations below , which are characterized by high quality and in which the desk is an integral part of the loft bed.



A loft bed with a desk does not always have to be simple, but can convince with a variety of functions . This is what the loft bed from Furniture ByJDM represents in an impressive way.

This piece of furniture consists of a loft bed, for which a mattress in the size of 200x80cm is suitable. The bed offers enough space even for teenagers to find a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, the desk is an integral part of the bed. This is equipped with a small filing cabinet where the school documents can be stored. Below the work surface there is a small shelf in which a keyboard, for example, can be stowed.

In order to use the space ideally, a wardrobe is also integrated and there are some small shelves . In this combination, this loft bed already represents basic equipment for the children’s room.

Sleeping, working and storage space for clothes are available in a minimal space.

The material used is natural wood and a laminated chipboard. These are available in different colors. The provider delivers the piece of furniture within Germany with a delivery time of 3 to 5 weeks.


If a single desk is not enough for the children’s room, you also get a full-fledged wardrobe and small storage space with this loft bed . If your child uses a PC, the work surface offers enough space to set up and use it comfortably.

A loft bed in such a small space couldn’t be more functional and therefore this piece of furniture offers both a cost-effective and efficient solution.



Another variant in which both the wardrobe and the desk are already integrated in the loft bed is offered by Bega. This model has a rather simple design and can therefore be easily integrated into most children’s rooms.

The desk is generously designed and laid out so that a PC can be set up. There is a larger storage area on the side for this, which is sufficient for the PC case and a keyboard can be accommodated on the pull-out shelf . There are also smaller compartments that offer enough space for books and other school utensils.

A two-part wardrobe is located on the side. This is integrated in the space under the stairs and therefore does not take up any desk space.

The set-up dimensions are approx. 204x160x124cm. All that has to be taken into account is a desk chair. A very flat chair without a backrest can also be easily stowed under the desk.

The entire loft bed and the work surface are made of oak . This ensures a long service life and the desk is sufficiently stable even for a large number of books.

Depending on the orientation of the children’s room, the ladder can be mounted on the left or right . This gives you enough flexibility during construction to set up the room.


If you want a simple but efficient loft bed with a desk , you will get both high quality and maximum use of the space with this model . The oak is durable and the bed is big enough to accommodate even a teenager.



You can get a modern loft bed with wardrobe and desk from Polini Kids. It is up to you whether you set up the desk perpendicular to the lying surface so that the edge of the desk protrudes a little further. In return , a little more privacy is granted and work is easier. The integrated wardrobe serves as a rear border . Alternatively, the desk can stand parallel to the lying surface.

With this complete solution you get a loft bed, wardrobe, shelf and desk with base cabinet in one. In the case of the wardrobe, however, it should be mentioned that the space available is very limited and therefore in most cases is not a substitute for a wardrobe. As a nice addition, the closet still offers enough space for one or the other item of clothing.

As a material, a Kronospan is processed into chipboard. The production takes place in Austria.

It is also nice that different colors are offered. Both girls and boys can choose their favorite design and enjoy this loft bed.


If you would like to have greater flexibility in setting up and choosing the loft bed, this model is the right choice for you. The desk can be set up in different versions and the other functions also offer a high level of space efficiency.



Desks aren’t just useful for older children. Even small children benefit from a small table and shelf. This loft bed by Polini Kids is aimed at the youngest who want to grow up with a loft bed.

Usually, loft beds are only recommended for children aged 6 and over. However, this small loft bed can be used by much younger children. Depending on the motor skills, this loft bed can be found in the children’s room at the age of 4.

The small side table can be pulled out from under the bed and looked at a beautiful picture book. The books can be stowed in the shelves at the foot end.

The different versions are particularly beautiful . The loft beds with a corresponding round play tunnel ensure more privacy and sleeping like in a cave .

Inexpensive but stable chipboard is used as the material . These are completely sufficient for use in children’s rooms. In addition, the processing ensures that it is safe to use.


For small children, this loft bed offers safe entry and can be used from a younger age. With a lying area of ​​90x200cm , the bed is also ideal for older children.

The small table is suitable for reading or looking at a book in between and doing homework.

Thus, this model offers a nice access to the world of loft beds.



Similar to the Polini Kids model, the desk on this loft bed is not parallel to the lying surface , but perpendicular. Since there is no small roll cabinet on the side of the desk, the work surface of the table does not protrude on the side, but is flush with the loft bed.

The entire bed is made from sturdy Nordic ash . In terms of color, the bed therefore has a light wood tone.

In addition to the desk, a small wardrobe is integrated at the foot end under the loft bed. This is sufficient for one or the other piece of clothing, but cannot replace an additional wardrobe in most cases.

The additional storage space that is created is clever. On top of the bed, next to the mattress, some space is created to place books or decorative elements. For this purpose, there is an extra shelf space on the wall side . On the side of the room, there is also a generous storage area outside the boundary.

This leaves your child a few options to decorate the loft bed according to their own ideas.


If your child is already busy reading books and likes to take them to bed to read something in the evening, this bed offers a variety of storage areas. In addition, the desk does not take up any space in the room and is located completely below the loft bed.

Due to the open design , the natural wooden bed can be optimally integrated into most children’s rooms and a feel-good atmosphere is ensured.


The space available in apartments can require creative solutions in order to use the space efficiently. The loft bed with desk offers exactly this possibility.

It combines the advantages of a conventional loft bed and is also functionally equipped so that your child can better prepare for school work .

Therefore, the loft bed with desk is an intelligent and comfortable solution for the children’s room.



If you are not satisfied with the desks offered or if your child already has a desk, you can set it up separately under the loft bed.

Here you have to make sure that the dimensions of the desk fit under the loft bed. With some products, the desk is permanently integrated and you should discuss with the manufacturer beforehand whether a separate desk can be used.


If your child is a bit older and would like to use such a loft bed, you have to keep an eye on the maximum load-bearing capacity of the bed. Depending on the model, however, these can withstand loads of up to 80 or 90 kilograms, so that an adult can easily sit in bed.

The bed can only reach the limits of its load-bearing capacity if there are several children on the lying surface.


If you like the bed, but there is no need for a desk, in most cases you can leave it out during construction. This creates more space below the loft bed. Depending on the provider, you can also find out whether there are already variants without a desk and possibly save costs.


There could be problems with shipping if the order is from Switzerland or Austria. The most providers limit their transport to Germany.

Specifically, however, you should find out with the provider whether shipping to Austria or Switzerland is possible. In most cases, there are no restrictions for places close to the border.


With a mattress length of 200cm, the lying area is large enough to be used by an adult. However, the resilience is tailored to the lower weight of the children. Therefore, permanent use for adults is not recommended.

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