Lumbar cushions – 3 models for a healthy back in comparison

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk or do you drive longer distances? Then the same sitting posture and little movement put a lot of strain on your back. The lower back in particular is exposed to greater risk.

Naturally, an unfavorable posture is assumed when working on the PC . Probably nobody pays attention to the fact that the back is as straight as possible and not rounded during the entire working hours. But this bad posture puts an unfavorable strain on the spine. As a result, pain occurs and the risk of a herniated disc increases.

The lordosis pillow is an easy way to relieve the back . It is placed on the lower back and not only ensures a healthier posture, but also offers optimal support.

Find out which lordosis pillows are best for you and what makes them so special.

The seats may indeed not physically demanding to be, but the strain on your spine is not to be underestimated. To protect your health , it is recommended to use an ergonomic pillow.

The lordosis cushion has a special shape. The human spine is not completely straight, but follows a double S shape. On the lower back, the lordosis pillow adapts precisely to this course. Therefore it is rather compact and equipped with a curvature .

At first glance, using a lumbar pillow may seem unfamiliar . But this basically only indicates that you have taken an unhealthy sitting posture so far. By using the pillow, you will switch back to a healthier posture and reduce stress in the long term.

In order to adapt to your back precisely, most variants are made of memory foam. This is both stable and flexible enough to be precisely tailored to your back. The foam was actually developed by NASA for astronauts to ensure greater comfort during the rocket launch. Under the influence of heat from the body, the foam becomes softer so that it adapts better to your lower back.

The lumbar cushion is simply attached to the office chair or car seat. Most models have straps or fastening loops that can be easily attached to the backrest. So you don’t have to make an extra investment in a new chair, but with the right cushion you get extremely good comfort.


Do you spend a lot of time sitting, do you feel tension in your lower back or do you often suffer from headaches ?

Although office work is hardly physically demanding, the effects of the same sitting posture on the body should not be underestimated. When working in front of the monitor, the head is pushed forward and the back is rounded. This puts an unnatural strain on the spine. It is only a matter of time before this bad posture manifests itself in serious complaints and restricts your quality of life .

With more exercise and better posture, you will relieve these complaints again. The lumbar pillow is a comfortable companion for this. It reminds you to straighten your spine and stabilizes your back.

You will not feel the positive effects immediately. It may take a few days before you feel uncomfortable working with the pillow on your lower back. But after this familiarization phase you will feel how your posture benefits.

You sit more upright and no longer bent forward. Lower back pain is reduced and even tension in the shoulder area can be relieved. As a result, there are also fewer headaches , so that your health benefits from the application on many levels.

If you find yourself sitting in the office chair like a limp sack and not paying enough attention to your posture, then the lumbar pillow is a sensible investment. Use it as early as possible to avoid back damage. The wrong posture in the office will become apparent especially at an advanced age. Prevent with a suitable pillow so that in old age you do not belong to the large group of people who complain of back pain.


There are different types of lordosis pillows Some are more suitable for the office chair, while others are designed for use on the sofa. Below you will find a selection of three high-quality models that are positive for your back and provide an orthopedic effect.


The comparison table could not be output.This model from the manufacturer “Supportiback” attaches great importance to a healthy back. It is a larger version that not only covers the lumbar area, but the entire back area. It has an ergonomic shape, with which above all a stabilization of the lower back is achieved. If you experience tension and want to reduce the strain, this version is a holistic solution across the entire back.

The pillow achieves relief through the integrated memory foam. This is comfortable and means that the shape adapts exactly to your body. In the initial state, the foam is relatively solid. As a result, it provides greater support and ensures that the spine maintains its optimal shape. If you lean your body against the pillow, your body heat will ensure greater flexibility. It will feel as if the pillow is tailor-made for you and thus provides the highest level of comfort.

The temperature properties are pleasant in this version . The foam often feels uncomfortable on the body and can cause you to sweat more. However, this is not the case with this implementation. This is ensured by the breathable pillowcase , which dissipates the heat so that no heat build-up occurs. Even in summer you will be sitting comfortably in the vehicle without the heat collecting on your back.

The cushion can be attached to all common chairs using the fastening strap. Whether in the car, the office or even in the cinema, you will always have a high level of comfort. Set up the pillow once and then use the ergonomic design to relieve your back.

Would you like a slightly larger version that offers support for the entire back? Then the Supportiback lumbar pillow is a good choice. It not only stabilizes the lumbar region, but continues to the middle and upper back. Thanks to the belt, it can be used in the car or office, so that a high level of comfort is guaranteed everywhere.


The comparison table could not be output.If you have higher demands on your seating , the lordosis cushion set from Fortem will offer you an optimal solution. In addition to a lumbar pillow, it also consists of a pillow that you place on the seat. This not only ensures that the lower back does not curve, but also improves the overall posture. The risk of your spine buckling to the side is much lower and this version is ideal especially for long work at the desk.

Both pillows are made of memory foam , which has the beneficial properties mentioned for your back. In every position, it adapts perfectly to your circumstances in order to achieve stabilization .

The seat cushion You put simply onto your chair. For a better hold, it has a light rubber coating on the underside so that it does not slip. The handles on the side make it easy to transport, so you can easily take it with you to your workplace. The cover is breathable , so that your body heat does not build up and you do not start to sweat more, even in summer.

The actual lumbar cushion has two straps with which it can be easily attached to almost any seat. They are adjustable so that they can be held securely even with different sizes. The cover can be removed using the zipper so that you can machine wash it.

This generous set is precisely tailored to the needs of your back. It prevents your spine from being excessively stressed and prevents the risk of a herniated disc. Tension in the entire body and even mental stress go down if you create a healthy basis. Trust this combination of seat cushion and lumbar cushion to experience the highest level of comfort.


Are you looking for a more compact version that reminds you to keep your back ergonomically healthier, but is not too dominant? Then the Vitabo version could be just right for you. With a size of 35x30cm, the pillow is slightly smaller and specially designed for the lumbar spine area. If you feel the tension there, this model alone will be sufficient to experience relief.

Inside, the design is based on the well-known memory foam. This optimally absorbs the pressure on your back and improves your sitting posture. Your spine is relieved, so that the risk of tension and pain is reduced.

You can use the strap on the back to attach the cushion securely to your chair. The length of the belt can be adjusted using the buckle, so that it can be flexibly attached to most models. This variant can be used in the car, the office and even on the plane.

The pocket on the side is also practical In this you can put your smartphone, for example, so that it is always at hand.

Use this simple support to protect your back and not feel any pain even if you have been sitting for a long time. The ergonomic shape reminds you of a healthier posture, so that the complaints in the lower back are effectively prevented.


The lordosis cushion is generally recommended for all people who spend a large part of the day sitting. These can be employees in office jobs or if mainly travel activities are carried out. The cushion can also be attached in the car , plane or train , so that the stress of travel is less of an advantage.

Buying the pillow should also be worth considering if you already have back pain . These are often the cause of poor posture and are difficult to remedy. If you want to get your pain under control, you should discuss with your doctor in advance whether the use of a lumbar pillow makes sense for you.

Another area of ​​application can be found in the care of the elderly or the sick . People there are often affected by one-sided stress and are no longer able to move independently over a longer period of time. Particularly for people who are dependent on a wheelchair , a high level of seating comfort must be guaranteed. In these cases it makes sense to purchase a seat cushion in combination with the cushion for the lower back.

Not only the pillow is an important support in everyday life. The mattress should also be tailored to your needs and those of your back . It is therefore recommended to use an orthopedic mattress . This has several lying areas and guarantees a high level of stability in every sleeping position.


A lordosis pillow often has a flat and a curved side . The flat surface is the underside that is attached to the seat. The curvature points to the front and gives your back a pleasant storage area.

In order for your back to get the best support, the pillow must be attached relatively far down . Bring the pillow down so far that you can feel it on your buttocks. Then the shape will be such that your lower back receives the help it needs.

After you have found the optimal height, you still have to attach the pillow. One or more straps are available for this . Adjust the length of the straps so that the pillow is snug against the backrest. Then it is guaranteed that it does not slip and feels comfortable on the body.

At the beginning, the feeling may be a bit uncomfortable and annoying. But after a few days you will get used to the pillow and will automatically adopt a healthier sitting posture. The positive thing about it is that you keep this attitude in everyday life. Even without the pillow, you will round your back less and relieve the spine . As a result, you will shortly feel a significant improvement in your tension.


If you have an office job or generally sit a lot, you should n’t neglect the health of your back. An unfavorable posture may only be expressed in a few years, but then you will regret not showing consideration for your back sooner. Tension and pain occur, which are already associated with a significant restriction in everyday movements.

Use the lumbar pillow as a comfortable way to protect your back and to adopt an optimal sitting posture. Then even the many hours in the office will hardly be a burden and you will do your work better.

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