Loud alarm clocks – 3 models in comparison

A loud alarm clock is able to wake up even the deepest sleeper. Do you sleep like a stone and hardly notice anything from the environment?  Do you regularly miss the alarm clock and are therefore late at work and often stressed?

There are  special alarm clocks for this, which have a very high volume.  Such models are also  suitable for people with hearing impairments who  like to ignore regular alarm clocks.

In this guide you can find out which loud alarm clocks work best and how many decibels are achieved.

If the alarm tone of regular alarm clocks is not sufficient, this can lead to problems in everyday life. Those who oversleep are more often under stress and have to explain themselves at work or school.  Not only does it leave a bad impression, but it can also  lead to long-term health damage  if this stress is not avoided.

There can be many reasons why a normal alarm clock is not sufficient. Perhaps you are sleeping particularly deeply or it is a question of hearing damage, which is why alarm clocks with normal volume are not heard.

Loud alarm clocks, on the other hand, go beyond the regular limits of volume. They are  able to reach up to 95db . Everyone should wake up in this area and this alarm clock offers a good solution even for the hearing impaired.

However, if the hearing damage is so pronounced that even such a loud alarm clock is overheard, a vibrating alarm clock is   probably the better alternative. These are not based on acoustic signals, but lead you out of sleep with gentle vibrations.

Vibrating alarm clocks are equipped with a pillow that is placed in bed to use the vibrations to signal the body that it is now time to get up. In addition, some of these alarm clocks still offer the function of using flashes of light and setting visual stimuli.

Nevertheless, an alarm clock that only works with an alarm tone is still a good solution. These do not require a pillow or  vibration bracelet  and can be used as usual.



If there is hearing damage and the alternatives with light or vibration are out of the question, purchasing a particularly loud alarm clock can be the solution. These can reach a volume that can still be heard even with restrictions.

Care should be taken to ensure that these are  not set so loud that the hearing damage can sometimes worsen due to the sound of the alarm clock.  In this case, you should consult your doctor or hearing care professional beforehand as to whether it is safe to use such an alarm clock.


Not only illnesses can cause hearing loss. Even at a young age, performance is reduced and certain frequencies are no longer heard.

In old age it is practically inevitable that a certain degree of  hearing loss will  occur. This age-related restriction can be compensated for with a slightly higher volume of the alarm clock.

There are also special models for seniors that have a  large display  and are generally easy to use.


Then there is the group of sleepers who can hardly be woken up in the conventional way. You are able to ignore even the greatest disturbances and unfortunately this also includes the normal alarm clock. Often several alarm clocks are set at the same time to avoid oversleeping. In the long run, however, this can be very uncomfortable and does not exactly lead to a restful sleep.

It is therefore better to purchase an alarm clock that is already able to achieve a corresponding  volume that is sufficient for each person . This avoids the work of having to set and monitor a large number of alarm clocks.



Do you need a really loud alarm clock that knows no mercy and wakes you up in several ways? The  wake ‘n’ shake  is no ordinary alarm clock that just makes a loud sound. It also has the option of  using vibration cushion and also  reminding you with  flashes of light that it is now time to get up.

At a volume of  up to 95dB  you will probably not stay in bed anymore, but decide to get up as quickly as possible and turn off the alarm clock. You can also set how high the tone should be. So you can determine for yourself how the alarm tone is designed.

A vibration cushion is available to shake you up. You put this either under the sheet or the pillow. The  vibrations are clearly noticeable in this model , so that you can no longer sleep any longer.

The flashes of light also provide another signal that indicates that you should get up now. In this combination, you will certainly decide against lying on the other side and ignoring the alarm clock.

Which alarm functions you want to use is up to you. If you just want a loud alarm clock, this model is also well suited. If a loud alarm tone is not enough, you can also try out the other alarm functions of the model and find a way to ensure that you no longer oversleep in the morning.


The  “Boom” from TFA Dostmann relies on a similar  combination of vibration and loud alarm tone. It has a  vibration cushion that you put in bed and gently shakes you awake in the morning. In addition, you can use the alarm tone , which reaches a volume of  90dB  . This should reliably remind you that the start of the day begins now.

The workmanship of this alarm clock is very high quality and thanks to the  wireless technology  , the current time is always displayed precisely. In addition, a range of other information is shown at a glance. In addition to the time, the date, the current day of the week and the alarm time are also displayed.

You can adjust the volume variably  at the push of a button  and the display shows directly how loud the alarm clock should wake you up in the morning. To make it easier for you to fall asleep, the display can be darkened. The background lighting is no longer an obstacle, but adapts to sleep behavior. The lighting can automatically adapt to the surroundings using a light sensor.

With the TFA Dostmann “Boom” you get a reliable alarm clock that  can shake you awake with vibrations and reach a volume of up to 90dB.


Do you still know the old alarm clocks that your grandparents had and that really woke up every deep sleeper?

The  Dreamsky double bell alarm clock has this well-known  retro design . If hardly any other method of waking up works for you than with  radical volume , such a loud alarm clock is the right means to get out of bed.

The design is strikingly retro and gives the appearance of a completely analog watch. However, that’s only half the story, because the  display has lighting so that you can comfortably read the time even during the night. To do this, you activate the LED lighting by pressing a button and you can see the time.

Analog alarm clocks often have the problem that they are associated with a noticeable ticking. The mechanics inside the clock provide the background noise that is responsible for some sleepless nights.

With this double bell alarm clock, however,  no ticking can be heard . The hands move completely silently and you can fall asleep in peace.

A battery is required for operation  , which ensures that the dial is illuminated. Inside is a  quartz drive that drives the hands.

If the alarm clock is not only to be effective, but also to make a good visual impression , this double bell alarm clock  is a good choice. You are also free to choose which color you choose and you can choose from different designs.


If the alarm clock has a certain volume, it is nice if this can be regulated and some other settings can also be made. What specific functions are offered by such loud alarm clocks?


The alarm tone should primarily sound loud so that you can hear it and not oversleep. However, there are  different preferences when it comes to the alarm tone.

Therefore, with most devices, you can set how loud the tone should be and at what level it sounds. Do you prefer a high-pitched, shrill tone or is it more pleasant when it sounds deep?

Depending on your preference,  you can adjust the alarm tone  and make sure that it wakes you up effectively. The advantage is that you don’t get used to the sound, but rather the alarm sound appears like new through constant changes.


Alarm clocks don’t just work with a loud alarm tone. To really make sure that you don’t stay in bed any longer, you can use other wake-up methods.

This includes the  light flash function  and even a  vibration cushion . Due to the multitude of stimuli that respond to your body, it will certainly be reminded that it is now time to get up.


Modern alarm clocks have a display that not only shows the time, but can also take on a variety of functions.

It is important here  that the light does not cause any impairment.  Therefore, the background lighting can be adjusted so that it adapts to the environment and meets your own needs. This means that the production of the sleep hormone is not disturbed and it is not difficult to fall asleep.

The smartphone is now a constant companion. Notifications or calls can also be transmitted to the display so that no important conversation is missed. However, this is not the case with all models, but only with alarm clocks that explicitly offer this.

So the loud alarm clock is much more than just a simple wake-up device. He can always keep you up to date and also improve your sleep behavior.


If you have trouble getting up in the morning and the snooze button is too tempting, you have to resort to harder methods. A loud alarm clock is able to generate an alarm tone that you certainly cannot ignore.

This is also an  advantage for people who suffer from hearing impairment  and hardly notice regular alarm clocks. With  additional functions, such as a vibration alarm or flashes of light, people with poor hearing benefit.

Make sure, however, that the alarm clock only wakes you and does not become a burden for the neighbors.

Then you have made a good decision with these models to get up reliably in the morning.



If you find the alarm tone loud but annoying, you may be interested in changing it. However, on most models, the tone cannot be changed. Only the pitch can often be adjusted and changed according to your preferences.


The models presented here achieve a volume of up to 95 decibels. This is roughly the noise level next to a noisy machine. This not only wakes you up, but also your neighbors. Therefore, use it with caution.


You can buy loud alarm clocks either online, from usual retailers or in specialist shops. Electronics stores or watch stores usually have a few models in stock. Buying online is advantageous because you have a larger selection and the prices are usually cheaper.

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Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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