Lumbar pillows – models for a healthy back

The lumbar pillow is a specially shaped pillow that adapts to your lumbar spine. If you have lower back pain, it will be due to problems in the lumbar spine.

Some people are particularly affected by these problems in everyday life. After all, sitting in the office for long periods of time and the lack of exercise contribute to pain in this area.

If you want to support your back , the lumbar pillow helps stabilize it and is a good help. Find out in this guide why this pillow is recommended for you and how it makes your work in the office easier.

Most of the pillows you use will likely be shaped similarly. They have a large flat surface, which is characterized by a high level of comfort. You can put your head in it and finally relax.

The lumbar pillow, on the other hand, is not designed like any “ordinary” pillow. At first glance you will already see that the shape clearly stands out. You can see a bulge that is supposed to support your spine.

But how can this arched shape help and shouldn’t the back be as straight as possible?

bent posture is harmful over a long period of time. The vertebrae are stressed differently and the muscles tense. Therefore, you should definitely adjust the monitor and the work equipment to a height that is comfortable for you.

But the sitting posture can still not always be optimal. While you are working concentrated, you could subconsciously lose your body tension again and form a hunched back .

The lumbar spine will be particularly affected by this unhealthy sitting posture . This is located in the lower area of ​​the spine and consists of 5 vertebrae that go to the sacrum. The vulnerability of the lumbar area is still partly attributed to evolution and the upright gait. The area may not have developed optimally and is therefore particularly prone to injury these days .

An unhealthy posture creates a much higher force on the vertebrae. This can range from slight blockages to the often feared herniated disc. This is persistent and can be with you for your entire life.

With its special shape, the lumbar pillow ensures that your body is practically “automatically” forced into the optimal position for your back. You place the pillow in your lower back and there it stabilizes the vertebrae.

poor posture is thus effectively prevented and if you suffer from pain or limitations, they will hopefully disappear soon. The majority of back problems begin in the lumbar spine. It literally represents the foundation for the back and therefore the use of the pillow is recommended.


The lumbar pillow looks a bit strange at first glance. The application is not necessarily something for you if you are looking for a particularly comfortable pillow. It is more functional and has a positive effect on your back health.

It is therefore primarily suitable for people who spend a lot of time sitting and move little. Modern office chairs should be designed so that they meet the back, but an incorrect sitting posture can still lead to problems. The lumbar pillow is a practical guarantee that posture will not be neglected during long periods of work at the PC .

The pillow is not only suitable if there are already problems. If you are young and have no back problems, you may think that such a pillow is unnecessary. But even at a young age, you should be considerate of your health. If you notice that you often switch to a hunched position while sitting, the lumbar pillow is also useful as a preventive measure. In this way , you train yourself to maintain a healthy posture and you won’t be confronted with back pain at all later.

If your child likes to play on the PC and is a passionate gamer, extended play can be a heavy burden on the body. A lumbar pillow is also recommended in this case so that sitting does not lead to consequential damage.


Depending on the area of application and budget , different models can be considered for you. Here I present you three variants that are of high quality and are rated as extremely positive by buyers.


Feagar gives you the option to choose from three variants . Depending on whether you only want to support the lower back or stabilize the entire spine, there are other sizes.

In the simple version, the pillow is mainly used for the lumbar region. It is shaped to improve the user’s posture and protect the vertebrae.

The flexible foam ensures a high level of seating comfort . This is also used with memory foam pillows and enables optimal adaptation to the spine. The foam reacts flexibly under load, but once it has found its position, it remains stable and holds the spine in position.

A practical feature of this model is that it can be easily attached to the office chair. The cushion is attached to the chair with straps, preventing it from slipping. Extension straps are also supplied with particularly large backrests . So this cushion fits every office chair.

But not only in the office, the lower back is not optimally strained while driving . This lumbar pillow is also suitable for the car and provides sufficient protection during long car journeys.

With a low weight of 200gr. This pillow can be easily transported and is a good support for the lumbar spine both in the office and in the car.


The lumbar spine is the most vulnerable area of ​​the back and herniated discs are particularly common here. But when it comes to susceptibility to injury, it also makes sense to look at the back as a whole. The crescent cushion from Tusscle can provide good support for this. This pillow is a little smaller and prevents you from hunching your back while working.

In order to support the lumbar spine, the well-known curve is attached there. The special foam adapts to the shape of your spine and provides perfect support. The mains supply ensures better hygiene. This can be easily removed and machine washed. So the pillow will withstand the heavy loads in the office or while driving.

With the help of the belt, it can be conveniently attached to both car seats and in the office. The material is breathable and ensures a high level of comfort on long working days.

If it is important to you to get good support during your work and not to sit on the chair like a wet sack, this lumbar pillow is a wonderful help. It is compact and can be attached exactly where you want to stabilize your lower back. In particular, the price-performance ratio is convincing with this model from Tusscle.


The third variant in this comparison is aimed primarily at people who not only receive simple support, but also want to receive relaxation.

The special feature of this variant is that it is equipped with larger knobs made of foam. This results in a 3D shape of the material. This leads to better adaptability for the back and acts like a gentle massage on the back muscles.

The cushion is fastened with a single strap, which is attached to the backrest. This prevents it from slipping , but in most cases the cushion is on the bottom of the seat anyway. The design is clearly designed for the lumbar spine and the pillow should not be used as a neck pillow for travel .

The mesh cover is breathable and can be machine washed. It dries quickly and the pillow is ready for use again in no time.

If you are looking for an effective model for the lower back that offers extensive support and feels comfortable, the Umi version is ideal. The protruding knobs have a relaxing effect and the slight edge guidance on the side gives a better hold. This means that you can sit securely even on longer car journeys without putting additional strain on your back.


When it comes to adopting a correct posture, it is often mentioned that the back should be “straight” after all. While this may seem correct at first glance, the spine follows a natural double S-shape.

The lumbar cushion is therefore curved and adapts to this S-shape. The lumbar area is already exposed to a lot of stress in everyday life. Every step is taken up by the vertebrae and has to be cushioned.

The lumbar cushion has its typical shape so that the muscles come to rest while sitting and the vertebrae are relieved . The holding muscles relax and tension will occur much less frequently.

At the same time, it should be said that exercise is still necessary to compensate for long periods of sitting. Because strengthening the muscles is just as important as the relaxation phase.


Using the lumbar cushion is not a big challenge. It is attached to the chair via the belt and has a positive effect on your back health.

In order for the pillow to develop its full effect, it is essential to ensure that it is in the optimal position . If the pillow is placed too high or too low, it will hardly offer any relief.

If the pillow has a flat and a wide end, the wide end comes down. This area serves as a stabilization for your lumbar spine.

Now it is crucial where the pillow is located. As the name suggests, it should be on the lumbar spine. But where is it actually located?

If you look at the image of a spine, the lumbar area joins the buttocks. The lumbar cushion is pushed down until it is practically stopped by the buttocks.

The pillow may feel a bit strange at first. But it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If it bothers you, it will likely be in the wrong position. Shift the position slightly and see if the pillow feels better. A colleague can also tell you whether you have turned into a hollow back and the pillow is not bringing the desired result.

As a rule, however, you will clearly determine yourself whether the pillow is in the optimal position.


To keep the lumbar cushion stable and to prevent it from slipping, it has straps. These are pulled over the back of the chair once, making the lumbar cushion conveniently suitable for pretty much all chairs.

This means that the cushions can usually also be attached to the car seat. This is especially recommended for people who have to cover long distances. Salespeople in the field are quickly pushed to the limits of their resilience without lumbar pillows.

Even on the train , the cushion can be buckled around the seat. The prerequisite for this is that the belt is long enough. This should be the case with most models and in case of doubt there are belt extensions that you can use.

The lumbar cushion can be flexibly attached to a variety of chairs , provided that they have a backrest. However, the cushion cannot be used on benches. The belt will not be held there and the pillow could slip.


If you use the lumbar pillow intensively, you will also value a high level of hygiene. After all, the pillow could come into contact with your back and also with your sweat for up to 8 hours in the office.

The pillows are equipped with a mesh cover that can be removed and machine washed. The covers can be put in the dryer less often, but the material dries relatively quickly anyway.

The actual filling of the pillow, the memory foam, however, must not be washed. This would only lose its properties and would be unusable after washing. Here it is sufficient if the material is ventilated. This keeps the pillow fresh and can be used for some time.


Muscle tension affects more and more people. Working in the office and sitting for long periods of time are particularly stressful for the body.

The lumbar spine is the base of the body and is exposed to particularly high loads when sitting. An incorrect posture quickly leads to tension and possibly even herniated discs.

To minimize this risk, you should work on your posture. The lumbar pillow practically leads to the fact that your posture improves and your lumbar area is ideally stressed.

So you won’t complain about the typical back pain and even after 8 hours in the office you will get up without a painful face. Maintain the health of your back with a practical lumbar pillow.



If you spend a lot of time sitting, this puts a lot of strain on your spine. Whether at your desk or in the car, there is a risk that you can slump and hunch your back. The lumbar pillow provides the necessary support in the lower back so that you sit straight without exertion. The intervertebral discs are relieved and the load is evenly distributed. In this way, you prevent herniated discs or tension in the lower back.


Most lumbar pillows attach to a car seat. For this purpose, these are equipped with a strap so that you can securely attach the pillow. Use only car-approved lumbar pillows that provide a secure hold. Simple cushions could slip and pose a hazard while driving.


Lumbar pillows are a great choice for office work. They prevent you from adopting an unhealthy sitting posture and take the strain off your back. Desk work is more of a burden on your body than is often assumed. Prevent these symptoms early with a lumbar pillow and maintain a healthy sitting posture.


For the lumbar pillow to provide optimal support, it must be on the lower back. As a guide, you can choose the point between the waistband and the navel. Try something where the pillow will provide the most relief. It may feel a bit strange at first, but over time you automatically adopt a healthy sitting posture.


Lumbar pillows are rather unsuitable for sleeping. They would slip on the mattress and hardly offer any relief. As an alternative, vein pillows are better suited. With these you put your legs up and also avoid putting too much strain on the back on your back. In addition, it is important to use a mattress that is conducive to the degree of hardness and which is precisely tailored to your sleeping habits.

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