How dangerous is the massage gun?

In recent years, the trend towards self-therapy for muscular problems has continued unabated. It has been shown that fasciae have a much greater impact on muscle wellbeing than long believed. If you suffer from tension or pain in the shoulder or neck area, this is usually due to hardened fascia tissue . The muscles are constantly exposed to tension and are not as flexible as they should be.

A massage roller and the massage gun have established themselves as a solution . These are affordable and are used by many sports enthusiasts. In order to prevent discomfort or relieve tension , the muscles are worked with the massage gun. With the help of the application, an alleviation of the symptoms is expected and physical activity should benefit from it.

massage gun exerts a lot of pressure. It acts on the muscles with a multitude of beats per second. The question is therefore justified whether the massage gun could be dangerous and perhaps counterproductive.

Does the use of the massage gun make sense or is the risk for amateur athletes too high that muscles will be damaged?

How a massage gun works is easy to explain. Although the name suggests a martial device, massage guns are easy to use.

They consist of an attachment and a motor that sets the attachment in motion. Depending on the set speed, the attachment swings onto the muscles up to 40 times per second. Most devices can also be used to adjust the intensity. In this way, the muscles are set in motion, similar to a physiotherapist. After the application, you will feel as if you have just had a deep tissue massage.

Depending on the area of ​​the body affected, the massage can be carried out by yourself . On the thigh or arm, you can let the device act on the muscles on your own. If there is tension or pain in the back, the therapy must be carried out by a third person.

Various attachments are included in the scope of delivery Depending on the exact condition and the part of the body, you use a different attachment. In this way, for example, recovery can be accelerated or tension relieved.

The force that acts on the muscles during use should not be underestimated. It is not a gentle relaxation massage. The treatment is therefore felt to be painful and can be dangerous if used improperly .


The massage gun is often used for tension . These can occur as part of a sporting activity or when you sit in the office for a long time. The one-sided load leads to a shortening of the muscles and the fasciae are restricted in their ability to move.

The aim of the pressure applied by the massage gun is to loosen the glued fasciae . This should reduce tension and the symptoms no longer occur. Sitting is more comfortable again and athletic performance benefits from it.

However, it is controversial whether this effect actually occurs. A pleasant feeling after the treatment can hardly be denied. However, it is warned that the action of the massage gun will contract the muscle fibers instead of relaxing. This would have exactly the opposite effect. In the first moment there is an improvement, but after a few days or weeks the symptoms reappear.

So massage guns are not a panacea when it comes to muscular problems. Nevertheless, the treatment, if carried out correctly, is recommended for certain ailments.

The massage gun is actually useful for minor muscular problems or after a moderate exercise session. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes regeneration. However, the intensity should not be too high so that there is no additional stress.


It becomes problematic when all muscular problems or even joint pain want to be treated with massage guns. The device is completely unsuitable for this use.

First of all, it should be noted that the massage gun should only be used on the muscles . Under no circumstances may joints be processed with it. Such exposure is not advisable, particularly in the case of acute inflammation. Then only a mild cold treatment will help to relieve the pain and a visit to the doctor.


In the worst case, treatment on the joint can intensify the symptoms. If the body was previously able to cure the inflammation itself, the action of the massage gun may make an operation unavoidable. The additional pressure can damage the joint so severely that only surgery can provide relief. So never place the device directly on your knee , elbow or shoulder .


The same applies to treatment on the back. If you suffer from tension in your back , this can lead to a misalignment of individual vertebrae in the long term. These are barely noticeable, but can be felt by an experienced chiropractor.

Under no circumstances may you use massage guns on the spine. In doing so, you are not straightening the vertebrae, but only causing damage.

Use the massage gun only to relieve tension. To do this, you can gently work the muscles along the spine, but you have to use the special attachments so as not to strain the intervertebral discs.


The use of the massage gun is effective as a preventative measure or for minor complaints. The blood circulation is stimulated , regeneration accelerated and the muscles loosened up .

If you suffer from an acute muscle injury such as a ruptured muscle fiber, using the massage gun is dangerous. The external influence is too high to bring about relief. Rather, the already damaged tissue is stressed far beyond the load limit.

In the event of a torn muscle fiber or similar injuries, a certain rest phase must first be observed. Only then does a gentle massage make sense in the course of rehabilitation.


Whether the massage gun is dangerous depends largely on how it is handled and where it is used . If you use the device responsibly, it will prove to be a useful support for the home. You have to see a physiotherapist less often and you can work your muscles on your own. You have to keep the following principles in mind.

Only work on the muscles and never on the joint or spine
In the case of acute injuries, the massage gun is dangerous and counterproductive
Start with a low intensity and don’t go beyond your pain threshold
Use massage guns on the rest day rather than after an intense exercise session
Keep the application as short as possible – a few minutes are enough to massage the entire body

Every body reacts differently to the action of the massage gun. It is therefore advisable to make your own experiences first and not to start the treatment too intensively. If you slowly approach your limit, the risk of damage is significantly reduced.


The massage gun is a powerful device which, if used incorrectly, can damage the joints, the spine or the muscles. However, the risk is extremely low if you follow the recommendations for use.

In no case are massage guns a cure for all physical problems. Only use the equipment if there is slight muscular tension or if you want to promote regeneration. Then the therapy makes sense and the risk of damage is extremely low.

After the purchase, learn how to use it correctly and start with a low intensity. Then massage guns prove to be less dangerous and are also useful in the hands of amateur athletes.

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