Mass cushion – 3 models for your relaxation

After a hard day at work, you probably want nothing more than a relaxing massage to knead your muscles and relieve tension. But you will not be able to perform the massage on the neck or back yourself and your partner may be less talented in this area.

Then you should trust the effect of a massage pillow. These convince with gentle but powerful movements and can be placed in the neck or back.

You can find out how the massage cushions work and which models are best for you in this guide.

During a massage, pressure is usually applied to certain points in the muscles. The technique of Shiatsu massage is usually used for the massage cushion. This means that there are larger pressure points that exert a force on the desired area.

Usually the Shiatsu massage is performed by experienced masseurs. This traditional massage technique comes from Japan, where the muscles are stimulated with the fingers and the ball of the hand.

The massage cushion mimics the movements of the masseur as realistically as possible. For this purpose, the devices have massage heads that rotate and, thanks to the design, literally drill into your muscles.

In addition, the massage cushions are equipped with other functions . For example, they contain a warming function to ensure better relaxation or a vibration function so that the muscles are really shaken.

Thanks to these numerous functions, the muscles are stretched and knots are loosened. This is particularly interesting for people who sit at a desk in the office for a long time. The muscles are not stressed enough and tension develops. The massage cushion, which ensures pleasant relaxation , serves as a balance .


If you want to enjoy the massage cushion yourself, the application is relatively simple. You do not have to have experience in the massage area, but the devices are designed in such a way that they can also be used without prior experience .

Depending on the problem area, you place the massage cushion in the back , neck or lumbar area . The devices can even be used on the calves to work the muscles.

It is only important that the massage cushion does not affect the spine or joints . Only the muscles should be kneaded. The massage of vertebrae, on the other hand, proves to be ineffective.

Depending on the device, it is operated using buttons on the back . There you can switch on the massage cushion and use the other functions.

The devices can be attached to the back of a chair using the strap supplied This means that a massage is also possible during work when you are sitting at the office table.

Overheating protection is integrated to prevent the massager from getting too warm . After a specified period of time, the functions switch themselves off to prevent overheating. Usually a massage of 15 minutes is possible before the automatic switch-off takes place.


If you want to do something good for your back or neck and get rid of the stress of the day , you will receive a selection of 3 high-quality massage pillows below These are among the most popular products and at the same time have the best ratings.


The comparison table could not be output.As a provider, MaxKare is represented with some massage devices. In the field of massage cushion they offer a variation on, which enjoys a high popularity.

The MaxKare massage iron is based on the Shiatsu technique and is equipped with 4 massage heads. These heads rotate and, due to their design, create a three-dimensional effect. The effect is not just superficial, it goes deep. This reliably loosens knots and tension in the muscles.

In addition to the massage heads, there is also a heating function available. With this, the blood circulation can be promoted and the massage is perceived even more effectively.

The application is kept quite simple. On the back there are the buttons to switch on the massage function and the heat function . After 15 minutes of use, the device switches off automatically to prevent overheating.

The elastic band , which can be attached, ensures flexible use . You can use it to attach the massage cushion to the office chair or car seat. It is practical that, in addition to normal mains operation, there is also an adapter for the car. So you can also use the pillow while driving or taking a break to relieve your lumbar spine. Similar to a lumbar pillow, you prevent an unhealthy sitting posture and avoid tension.

Use this massage cushion on the back of the neck or shoulder to work the muscles in depth. After the massage you will feel much more relaxed and you will be able to sit at your desk for a long time without any problems.


The Beurer massage cushion is constructed differently from the outside. While the MaxKare version is reminiscent of an ordinary Shiatsu massage device , the Beurer version is more clearly structured like a pillow.

The pillow is available in the sizes 34x23cm and 40x40cm . In the middle there are 4 massage heads that also simulate a Shiatsu massage. They rotate clockwise and anticlockwise to perform a pleasant massage. The massage heads promise a feeling that comes close to the treatment of a masseur.

Optionally, the light and heat function can also be switched on. In this way you achieve a better depth effect and you will effectively relieve tension.

The removable cover ensures hygienic conditions. This is washable at 30 ° C and if you use the massage cushion more often, you will be able to maintain it very easily. If you work up a lot of sweat during a massage session, take off the cover and just put it in the washing machine. This way, the massage pillow remains pleasantly fresh even after many uses.

This pillow is particularly suitable for use in the neck and head area. It is a little more generous and therefore not quite as flexible. You will be pampered by this pillow during a cozy evening in front of the TV. However, it is less suitable for driving.

An automatic switch-off protection also ensures that this model does not overheat. It will turn itself off after 15 minutes.

If you want to use a massage device that integrates optically well into the facility , this massage cushion is perfect for you. From the outside it looks like an ordinary pillow and after a strenuous day you can feel the effect of the massage heads.


The comparison table could not be output.This massage cushion from Naipo is perfect for a neck massage. This also trusts the effect of 4 massage heads to perform a Shiatsu massage.

The massage heads rotate and act on the muscles. There is also the option of using the heat and red light functions . In combination, you achieve a comprehensive massage that effectively relieves tension .

What is special about this device is that the massage heads are arranged a little further and directed inwards. As a result, they adapt better to the contour of the neck.

This massage cushion shows its strengths especially when driving. You can use the Velcro fastener to attach the device to the backrest or headrest and use it while driving. This way you perceive the exertion as less strenuous and you get a pleasant neck massage. In this way you prevent tiredness and headaches , so that even longer journeys are hardly a burden.

Safety is also a top priority with this massage cushion. After around 20 minutes, it switches itself off to prevent excessive heat build-up.

The breathable cover prevents sweat or other impurities from getting stuck there. So the massage cushion can be used for a long time to enjoy a pleasant massage.

You will get an ideal neck massage with the massage cushion from Naipo. You can use this device not only on the neck, but also on the back, the lumbar area or the calves. You can use this massage cushion wonderfully for relaxation after a stressful day or during a drive.


The massage cushion is particularly helpful in the case of tension and pain from the muscles. Modern everyday life is often characterized by too little exercise. You spend a large part of the day at your desk and do not put enough strain on your muscles. In addition, there is often an unfavorable sitting position and together this leads to tension and pain sooner or later.

These usually occur in the neck area. The forward position of the head while looking at the screen is responsible for this The head is not on the same level as the spine, which means that the muscles are addressed in an unfavorable way. Imbalances arise and from this the tension develops.

Tension in the neck is not only painful, it also affects blood circulation and leads to headaches. Are you plagued by headaches that you don’t know the cause of?

Then the tension in the neck muscles could be responsible for the headache. With the help of the massage cushion you loosen the tense muscle fibers again. It is important that the massage works deeply into the muscles. A superficial effect will not produce the desired effect.

Thus, the massage cushion is perfect for the neck area to reduce tension and pain. In the long term, however, you should make sure to adopt an ergonomic sitting posture and integrate more movement into everyday life.

The lower back is often seen as the second problem area. Lumbar pain also occurs as a result of sitting for too long. The muscles shorten and imbalances arise.

The practical thing about the massage cushion is that you can easily attach and use it in this area. Equipped with elastic straps, you can even attach the massage cushion to the office chair and massage your lower back while you work.

The massage cushion is also effective against various types of abdominal pain. With digestive problems and tension in the abdominal area, you can use the effects of the massage to experience relief.

In summary, the massage cushion is flexible and suitable for almost the entire body. It mainly uses the relaxing effect in these areas:



The massage cushion is built relatively small and handy. However, a power connection is required for operation. However, this is the only restriction. If there is a socket nearby, you can use the massage cushion practically anywhere.

Preferably it is likely to be used in the evening on the sofa at home . There you can enjoy a foot bubble bath in a pampering program and switch off from a hard day at work. Relax not only the muscles, but also the mind to recharge your batteries.

Thanks to the elastic band, the massage cushion can also be attached to the office chair. You attach it at the desired height and it is fixed with the tape. This way you can massage your neck or lower back while you work.

If you spend a lot of time in the car , you will feel the effects in the long term, especially in your lower back. The lack of exercise causes pain in the lumbar spine area and long periods of sitting become a heavy burden. With the massage cushion you take the pressure off and counteract the unhealthy consequences of sitting. However, massage is only recommended during breaks, as otherwise it could be distracting.

Waterproof massage pillows can even be attached to the bathtub . You will definitely enhance your bathing experience with a massage. In most cases, however, the devices are based on vibration massage and the effect is not quite as effective as the models presented here.


In principle, a massage cushion is suitable for everyone. There are hardly any restrictions that speak against the use of massage. You should only avoid the massage if you have inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis But clarify in detail with your doctor whether you are not allowed to use the massage cushion after all.

Otherwise, the massage cushion is preferably aimed at people who are exposed to a high level of stress during the working day or who carry out the activity while sitting. This primarily includes office workers who do not get enough exercise. The massage cushion can either be used preventively or for acute tension .

Even if you work in retail and are on your feet all day, the stress will be noticeable in the evening. Use the massage to take the strain off your upper back. With a vein massager you can offer your legs even greater regeneration and promote blood circulation.


If you feel tension in the muscles, only a strong massage can help. If you want to perform the massage yourself, the massage cushion is a handy and practical companion.

You put the pillow in the place where you feel the tension and you will loosen the muscles in a deeply effective manner. Treat your muscles and your mind to a break with this relaxing Shiatsu massage.

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