How can you prevent cold spots in the mattress?

Actually, your mattress should adapt perfectly to your back. The surface is stable but still flexible. If you lie down on the mattress, it gives point-elastic . This means that only the area where the load occurs is deformed.

However, it can happen that the surface of the mattress no longer reacts optimally to your body. Some areas feel harder and may sink in visibly. In high quality mattresses, pits like this should only occur after about a decade of use . Usually, the modern models are designed in such a way that they can withstand a high weight for many years and withstand the load.

If you want to use your mattress longer and sleep comfortably, you should treat it with care. In this article, you will find out how to prevent pits in the mattress and what causes it.

Normally, the mattress should react flexibly to your body. Depending on whether it is a spring mattress or a cold foam mattress , either the springs or the foam give precisely. The high flexibility of the material is wanted and necessary so that your back experiences a corresponding relief.

Over time lose the springs or foam , however, to restoring force . They no longer go back completely to their original shape, but literally stop halfway. If you run your hand over the mattress, this hollow can be clearly felt.

If you have decided on a high-quality mattress, such a deficiency should only appear after 8 years. Then it is time to dispose of the mattress and decide on a new model. But it could also be that the pits appear much earlier.

One reason could be that the burden is very one-sided. If you always sleep in the same sleeping position and hardly move, the same areas are always heavily stressed. This could cause the deformations.

But it could also be that the mattress does not meet the quality requirements. The price is not decisive here, but how high quality the workmanship and material are. Did it make you a foam mattress with a low density decided is clearly expected earlier with the hollow formation.


The formation of hollows is a typical sign of use for older mattresses. They can hardly be completely prevented and will probably be found on every mattress after around 10 years. With the right approach, however, they can at least be delayed. Follow these tips so that you can enjoy your mattress for a long time and not have to be content with the cools.


The most important factor in preventing pits from forming is the quality of the mattress. The material should return to its original position even after years of use.

In a spring mattress , the number of springs is an important quality factor. If you decide on a Bonell spring core mattress , it will tend to have hollows. It is equipped with fewer springs, which take up your body weight together via the wiring, but are still exposed to a high load.

A high-quality spring mattress should have at least 500 springs per m2 . With a mattress measuring 200x200cm, at least 2,000 springs are required to support your weight. The more springs there are, the better the load is distributed and there are fewer pits.

In the case of foam mattresses , the bulk weight is the most important factor. This indicates how dense the foam is. density of at least 40kg / m³ should be available here. This applies to all foam mattresses, such as the memory foam mattress .


During sleep, the mattress is exposed to some stress. In addition to body weight, sweat also has a significant impact on sleeping comfort. If the mattress is damp in the morning, this can damage the foam in the long term .

Therefore, you should take care to sweat as little as possible. Watch out for a cooler sleeping environment and a higher breathability of the mattress and bedding. Also ventilate the mattress in the fresh air or at least set it up in the bedroom. In this way, the moisture escapes better and the mattress is protected.

There is a mattress only from a single layer, can this most easily contact . This is useful so that one side does not become excessively worn. Both sides show even wear, so that hollows do not appear.


If you have a classic bed with a slatted frame, this is also decisive for how the mattress changes over the course of use. It is important that the distance between the individual slats is not too great . It shouldn’t be more than three to four centimeters.

The farther apart the individual slats are, the smaller the area that can take the weight. Premature hollows are therefore preprogrammed.

For a less stable slatted frame, the use of robust mattresses is recommended . For example, you can opt for a natural mattress , which is made of latex and is much more resistant. This won’t feel remote even after many years of intensive use.


With box spring beds, the topper is an integral part of the structure. As an additional layer, it consists of a soft foam that adapts precisely to your back. In this function, it not only increases comfort, but also protects the mattress.

Similar to a mattress pad, it protects the mattress from your entire body weight. The mattress only has to pick up the topper and thus deform less. The springs or the foam are less stressed. The formation of pits is significantly reduced, so that you sleep on a comfortable mattress for a longer period of time.


Cooling holes in the mattress not only look unattractive, they also cause back pain . The mattress is no longer able to take your body weight perfectly. Tension and long-term pain occur as the spine no longer receives optimal support.

Choosing a high-quality mattress and using it correctly can effectively prevent the puddles. You will have at least 8 years of pleasure with the mattress and it will have the highest sleeping comfort.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
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