Mattresses for overweight people – the most stable models in comparison

The sleep is important for each person to recover and rested to start the day. If sleep is impaired, this has far-reaching consequences for the quality of life. Not only does fatigue occur, the ability to concentrate also suffers and stress increases. Back and neck pain can also occur.

It is therefore important to choose a mattress that is perfectly suited to your own sleeping habits. It should provide good support in every situation so that the body and mind can relax during the night.

If you are overweight , this will greatly influence the choice of a mattress. Because it is of the utmost importance for your spine that the mattress is stable enough to relieve the intervertebral discs. If you have a higher body weight, the common models will no longer be sufficient for you.

Therefore, find out how you can find the perfect mattress even with a larger body and spend the night relaxed. Your quality of life will improve significantly and pain in the back or shoulder area will decrease.

A normal mattress should offer sufficient stability for the night to take the strain of the body weight. For this purpose, the mattress is divided into different degrees of hardness . Softer models are well suited for people under 80kg, while the harder versions are designed for up to 130kg .

If your weight exceeds this classification , you have to pay attention to other factors. Otherwise, pits will form more quickly and you will have to replace the mattress at faster intervals. Therefore, regardless of the degree of hardness, the mattress must be particularly stable and withstand the higher loads.

Likewise, should better breathability be guaranteed. Being overweight is often associated with greater sweating. This night sweat is particularly noticeable during sleep and summer nights become a torture. In order to protect the mattress and promote health, a higher level of breathability is necessary.

When buying, overweight people must therefore pay particular attention to the following factors:

Degree of hardness
Volume weight

These have to be adapted to the higher body weight so that the mattress offers a high level of comfort and lasts for a few years.


Basically, depending on the type , the mattresses are divided into foam mattresses and spring mattresses . While in the first variant a foam absorbs the weight, in the alternative this is a large number of springs that are located inside.

Foam mattresses are better suited for overweight people. These are now available in numerous designs and properties. In order to ensure greater stability, hard cold foam mattresses are well suited for people with a higher body weight.

The foam adapts optimally to the body under stress and provides perfect relief. In order for it to cope with the higher weight, the volume weight is an important factor. The higher the density , the denser the foam. As a minimum, the mattress for overweight people should have a value of at least “RG 60”. This describes a dense foam that absorbs the weight better.

The mattress should also have breathing channels. With the help of a well thought-out design, the material will be both breathable and stable.

A mattress with a spring core is only partially suitable for overweight people. There is a great risk that individual springs will be damaged under the load and that the mattress will have to be replaced earlier.

Refrain is therefore Bonell-spring mattresses . These have a smaller number of springs and the weight represents a greater load. Therefore, only a robust barrel pocket spring mattress is to be considered as an alternative . This has a higher number of springs and these have a special shape. The springs are reinforced at the ends so that they can better absorb the higher load. The pockets also prove to be beneficial for breathability.

Only dense cold foam mattresses or high-quality barrel pocket spring core mattresses are therefore suitable as mattresses for overweight people . These deal with the body weight better, so that a high level of comfort is offered.


Everyone should enjoy the ability to spend the night quietly and to get up in the morning without pain. With being overweight, however, there are other risks and complaints that are cushioned with a high-quality, back – friendly mattress .


The excessive weight does not only affect the mattress. The body’s own tissue also suffers from this burden. When lying down, pressure sores can therefore occur.

These pressure points are counteracted with a high-quality mattress As the material wraps itself around the body, the load is evenly distributed. Individual pressure points should therefore not appear, so that lying down for a long time is not uncomfortable.


Obesity also poses a greater challenge to the cardiovascular system. The heart has to pump harder and the blood vessels can be damaged. Likewise, there is a risk with an inferior mattress that the extremities are poorly supplied with blood. This is the case when the mattress does not adapt to the body and therefore certain areas of the body are literally “constricted”. This is especially dangerous in the legs. Lymph fluid collects in the lower part of the body and you will not only fall asleep with heavy legs, but also wake up. Especially if you stand a lot during the day, these complaints are exacerbated with an unfavorable mattress.


Whether in winter or summer, bed should always be at a comfortable temperature. But if summer shows its beautiful side, you will hardly be able to lower the room temperature by ventilating.

In order to still sleep comfortably, the mattress should have temperature-regulating properties. An open design of the material improves air circulation. As a result, you sweat less and feel comfortable in bed even on hot days.


Which mattress meets the requirements and is also suitable for people with a higher body weight? Below you will find a selection of three robust designs that offer sufficient stability for every body type.


You get a robust mattress for maximum comfort with the Struktura Med 60 from Ravensberger. The name already reveals that this cold foam mattress uses foam that meets the requirements. With a density of 60, it proves to be very dense and is able to take a higher load.

This is achieved not only on the basis of the amount of raw material, but also on the basis of the design . This is because a special 3D cube-cut geometry is used in the core of this mattress . This ensures that the weight is absorbed in a targeted manner. The mattress is also divided into 7 zones. This means that the individual areas of the body are better absorbed and incorrect posture is avoided. The lower back and shoulder area in particular benefit from this design.

The premium foam is known to absorb body weight point-elastic. This makes it suitable for every sleeping position and will provide pressure relief . The blood circulation is promoted and your sleep clearly benefits from it.

The cover is also helpful for optimal sleeping conditions. Here you have the choice of a more ordinary double cotton cloth or a Medicore silverline cover . These can be machine washed at 60 ° C.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x190cm to 180x220cm . If you have a higher body weight, you should choose the hardness level H4. This is recommended from a weight of 140kg.

Get a high-quality premium cold foam mattress that values ​​sturdy foam. The core has a high density and absorbs the load without any problems. This takes the strain off your body and will promote your health. Sleep better and wake up more relaxed in the morning with this mattress.


Another mattress that uses foam is the BMM Komfort XXL. This impresses with its particularly high strength. With the degree of hardness H4, it can be used up to a weight of 150kg . If you are a little heavier or like to lie tight, this mattress is a good choice for you.

Compared to other mattresses, this version is slightly higher. This variant stretches a good 23cm upwards and you should make sure when buying that it does not make getting in more difficult. If, on the other hand, you suffer from knee problems, this height is ideal for you, as the stress on the joints is reduced.

The core is again divided into 7 zones . This takes into account the needs of the individual parts of the body. There is a special zone in the shoulder area in particular, which, thanks to the teardrop cut, provides relief. This makes this model ideal for side sleepers.

This mattress is offered in the sizes 80x190cm to 140x200cm. An oversize is unfortunately only available for a width of 90cm. If you want to equip a longer double bed with these firm mattresses, you should put two single mattresses together and connect them with a topper. This gives you a similar sleeping comfort as if you were only using a large mattress.

The cover is also intelligently designed. Silver threads are embedded in the SilverCare Border cover. These have an antibacterial effect , so that the load is minimized. Machine washable at 60 ° C , but the cover is very easy to care for anyway.

Choose this mattress if you have a maximum body weight of 150kg and want to sleep comfortably. You are granted a test period of 30 days within which you can try out the model. If you don’t like it, it will be picked up free of charge and the purchase price refunded. Don’t take any chances and check whether this mattress finally offers the relief you were hoping for.


While two foam mattresses have been presented so far, the Dream Night Exklusiv barrel pocket spring core mattress has a completely different structure. Because the inside is not made of plastic, but rather sturdy springs. These are designed in such a way that they are slightly thicker at the ends and thus better absorb the higher weight. In addition, each spring is surrounded by a pocket that promotes air circulation.

The number 1,000 indicates how many springs there are in a 100x200cm mattress. There are therefore 500 springs per m² that absorb the load. Due to the high number, a very precise point elasticity is achieved. You lie down on the mattress and only the springs that are under your body give way. As a result, the mattress deforms extremely well and adapts to your body contour.

The springs do not have a uniform hardness either. They are divided into 7 zones , which ensures greater comfort. Regardless of whether you sleep on your side or on your back, this version will provide first-class support in every situation.

The cover is a viscous double cloth, which is quilted with a climate fiber. This ensures a dry sleeping environment. It can be machine washed at 60 ° C and is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The materials used correspond to the Oeko-Tex standard, so that the mattress is well suited for children and allergy sufferers.

The sizes from 80x190cm to 200x200cm are offered by the manufacturer This allows you to equip a larger bed with just one continuous mattress. Degree of hardness 4 is recommended up to a body weight of 120kg.

Choose the dream night pocket spring mattress to relieve your spine and get a large but flexible mattress. The feathers are extremely durable and the breathability is beneficial for people who tend to sweat more at night. So it is not just a mattress for overweight people, but a real all-round tip.


The mattress for overweight people should be particularly robust and cope with the higher loads without any problems. But what other properties should you consider when buying?


thin mattress will hardly be able to withstand the higher body weight. It would be worn out relatively quickly and would not offer a high level of comfort.

It is therefore better if the mattress for overweight people is a little higher . This means that there is more space to counteract the body weight. It is therefore recommended that the mattress is at least 21cm high. This height is also more suitable for boarding, as the knees are relieved . You should only check very carefully whether these mattresses are not too high for very small people and if there are movement restrictions.


High quality and modern mattresses do not only consist of a single degree of firmness. After all, the physique is also very different. Especially the shoulders and the pelvis are at risk of sinking too deep in side sleepers.

To prevent this, the mattress is divided into several zones , which differ slightly in terms of firmness. Usually a division into 7 sections is carried out. But there are also models that are divided into 9 zones .

The 7 zones are usually sufficient and the finer gradation hardly offers any additional benefit. On the contrary, the larger number could mean that the zones no longer fit the body. If you are a bit taller or smaller than the average, then choose the variant with 7 zones so that you lie optimally.


Being overweight is usually associated with a higher sweat production . Therefore, when buying, you should make sure that the material is particularly breathable.

The presented pocket spring core mattress convinces with a first-class air circulation. The movement of the springs releases the moisture into the environment and does not collect in the mattress.

With foam mattresses, you should only choose designs that have a design that is optimized in terms of breathability. With ventilation channels , this material also offers better air circulation in order to reduce sweating.


With a higher body weight you are faced with new challenges every day. Your own body shape must be taken into account not only when buying clothes, but also with the mattress .

If you bring a little more on the scales, then choose one of the stable mattresses presented here that can easily take your weight. The stable material supports your spine and relieves the intervertebral discs . This will make the night a recovery and in the morning you will be much more rested.

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