Side Sleeper Mattresses – How Do They Help You?

When you bought the mattress, did you think about the position in which you will spend the night? Do you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach or side?

Depending on the sleeping position, the mattress has to offer different support and meet different requirements. With regard to stability, other principles apply and special tasks are derived from them.

If you mainly sleep on your side , these mattresses are perfect for you. They offer greater stability and promote the health of your spine.

The side sleeping is preferred by most sleepers. Around 60 to 70 percent of all people adopt this posture in order to spend the night comfortably. One reason could likely be that this posture is reminiscent of the position of a fetus. It just seems natural to lie on your side and sit comfortably on the mattress that way.

In order to increase the feeling of security , the position of the arms and legs must also be taken into account. Often times, the extremities are pulled closer to the body or angled. This makes for a more comfortable feeling and sleep is better.

Did you know that from a health point of view it makes a difference which side you sleep on? The body is largely symmetrical. The stomach is on the left side, however. Sleeping on your right side causes your stomach to be higher . This creates the risk that the acidic gastric juice will flow into the esophagus. This phenomenon is known as heartburn and it could disturb your sleep.

In addition to this increased risk of heartburn, it is believed that sleep on the left side has a positive effect on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for the transport of pollutants and waste products of the metabolism. If it is restricted, this manifests itself, for example, in heavy legs in the evening.

If you are on the left side while you sleep, your heart has to do less work. The heart is slightly offset to the left and in this position does not have to pump the blood up first. In order to stimulate the lymphatic system and support the heart, you should choose the left side as a side sleeper.

In general, side sleep has a positive effect on snoring . The soft palate does not fall into the throat, which makes the loud noises less pronounced. Drooling is also suppressed somewhat in the side position.

While sleeping on the side, there are also disadvantages to the positive aspects . The slightly contracted posture could lead to tension in the neck muscles . Use a pillow for sleepers on your side to support your head. The spine is also affected by the unstable position. If the back is curved, this puts strain on the intervertebral discs . Provide relaxation with a knee pillow or an intervertebral disc mattress in order to avoid incorrect posture of the spine.

If you pay attention to these points, you will not only spend a deep night in side sleep, but also offer your body the best possible recovery. In combination with a suitable mattress for side sleepers, you lie healthy and do your back something good.


What properties must a good mattress for side sleepers offer? In the following you will get an overview of what distinguishes these mattresses from other designs that are more for the back sleeper or stomach sleeper.


Sleeping on your side is initially a major challenge for the mattress. The weight is not distributed over the entire surface of the body. It is concentrated in the shoulders and hips. Therefore, most of the body weight is only on a small area, which results in a higher stress on the material.

A mattress for side sleepers must therefore be built to be stable . If the execution is too soft, you sink in too deep and the spine does not keep its natural posture. A mattress that is too soft would cause tension and pain in the back.

In order to achieve better support and to meet the needs of side sleep, most mattresses for side sleepers consist of 7 individual zones. These zones have an individual degree of hardness, which is better adapted to the part of the body. In this way, your head experiences a different stability than the pelvis, for example.


In order to better deal with the higher load at certain points, the weight should be absorbed point-elastic . This means that the mattress only yields where the body actually rests. In this way , the mattress literally hugs the spine and provides greater stability.

This is the case, for example, with common cold foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses . With the designs made of a memory foam , care must be taken that they are not too soft. Therefore, these should be combined with a more stable foam , which forms the basis. Even pocket sprung mattresses are good for side sleepers.

On the other hand, the purchase of a Bonell spring core mattress is not to be expected . These mattress types absorb the weight in the surface and do not give in precisely. There is therefore a higher risk that the body will sink too deeply and that the spine will be incorrectly positioned.


Side sleepers sink a little deeper into the mattress than, say, back sleepers. It is therefore advisable to only choose mattresses that are at least 18cm high. If the mattress is too thin, it will likely be less weight-bearing and comfort may suffer.

If the height is lower, there is a risk that loungers will appear more quickly. A mattress for side sleepers therefore not only has to be made of a robust material, it is also advantageous if the foam is a little thicker.


Which mattresses best meet the above conditions in order to give side sleepers an optimal night? The following models prove to be flexible and at the same time stable to support the spine in the lateral position.


The Emma One is a particularly versatile mattress . It consists of several visco foam layers with different degrees of hardness. While the bottom layer is thick and stable, the top layer is rather thin and soft. As a result, this model offers perfect comfort for side sleepers as well as back or stomach sleepers.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm . A smaller cot or a large double bed can be equipped with these models. You can also choose whether you want a firmer or softer version. As a side sleeper, the harder version is recommended , as the body is offered greater stability.

The foam is also divided into 7 zones . A shoulder zone is also included, which makes lying as a side sleeper particularly relaxed. Thanks to the use of several layers, the mattress is not only comfortable, but also durable . There will be no loungers, so you can use a perfect mattress for a long time.

The cover is machine washable at 40 ° C. Allergy sufferers should therefore also try to get a protective cover. Thanks to the open-pored Airgocell foam, mite pollution is kept to a minimum. The foam removes moisture wonderfully, so that it is dry inside and there is an ideal sleeping climate .

Choose the Emma One mattress to comfortably spend the night. You can try the model for 100 nights and decide whether it meets your requirements. So you don’t take any risks and you will test for yourself how sleep feels on this mattress.


Mattresses have a reputation for being particularly expensive. In specialist shops, high-quality designs can quickly cost more than 500 euros. With this mattress, the founder of Bett1, Adam Szpyt, wanted to prove that good quality does not have to go hand in hand with exorbitant prices .

The anti-cartel mattress meets the highest quality standards and enables comfortable sleep in all sleeping positions. This is confirmed by both the test results and the ratings of the buyers, who give this model very good grades.

highly elastic polyurethane foam is used in this mattress for side sleepers. This adapts wonderfully to the body contour and provides a high level of stability. Another plus point is that the mattress has two degrees of firmness. One side corresponds to the more solid H4 , while the other side is more medium-strength with an H3 . This gives you a reversible mattress that you can use flexibly.

The anti-cartel mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 180x200cm. An extra- long version is also available in 100x220cm. This is well suited for a longer single bed. Two mattresses must be combined in a larger double bed. With a topper as a lying surface, this will not be a nuisance.

The cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C and is easy to use thanks to the zipper. The materials correspond to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 , so that it is ensured that they do not contain any harmful substances. This makes the version recommended for children and allergy sufferers.

Can’t you decide whether you ‘d rather sleep on a hard or medium-firm mattress ? Then choose the most popular mattress in Germany from Bett1. This model convinces with a high level of sleeping comfort and the fair price. Side sleepers receive sufficient stability with which the spine is protected.


The Basic 2 in 1 Duo mattress from Dream Night is similarly changeable. It has two sides with different degrees of hardness. These correspond to a softer H2 and H3. Therefore, this variant is interesting for children or people with a lower body weight. If you weigh more than 80kg, this version will probably be too soft as a side sleeper and not have the necessary stability.

The mattress from Dream Night is available in several versions. In terms of size, the models are a bit smaller. They are available from 80x200cm to 140x200cm . On the other hand, it is advantageous to choose the different heights. You have the choice whether the mattress should be 13, 16 or 27 centimeters high. The higher versions are pleasant for the knees. When standing up, the stress on the joints is lower, so that these models can be used as senior mattresses.

There is also a subdivision into 7 zones . Both sides respond better to the needs of the body and provide a high level of support. The cover is washable at 60 ° C and is made of a breathable microfiber. This design offers optimal moisture transport so that you lie dry even on warm nights.

Opt for the Dream Night Duo Basic 2 in 1 mattress if you are lighter and a softer version is more comfortable for you. With this model you get a high-quality and flexible variant that leaves an excellent impression , especially in the children’s room .


You have received an overview of suitable mattresses. You falls the selection still hard, then set the following properties a decision support is. So you can find the optimal model for you, you should consider these factors.


For people who sleep on their side, it is important to choose a model in which the shoulder sinks in well . Medium-firm mattresses are recommended for this. These are described with a degree of hardness of 3. Whether these are also suitable for you depends on your body weight.

The medium-firm versions are recommended for side sleepers up to a weight of around 90 kilograms. Under 70 kilograms , the softer version in H2 is probably better. Since the degrees of firmness of the manufacturers can differ, it is advisable to test lie on the mattress beforehand. Some manufacturers expressly offer a test period during which you can decide whether to keep the mattress or send it back.


For the stability of side sleep , pillows that are clamped between the knees have already been recommended. But you should also make sure that the pillow is suitable for this sleeping position.

If you sleep on your side, your head will be higher. So that it does not bend downwards, it is necessary to use a higher pillow . To avoid neck pain, there are pillows that are specially designed for side sleepers. These are not only higher, but also designed in such a way that the head can be conveniently laid down.

Do not spend the night on an uncomfortable down pillow, but choose modern variants that relieve the cervical spine. Then you will suffer less headaches and wake up in the morning without any discomfort.


The slatted frame also plays an important role for side sleepers. This should be adapted to the needs so that the body is subject to less stress.

For this it is practical if the slatted frame has an integrated shoulder lowering. This will put the shoulders in a more natural position to support the cervical spine.

It is also advantageous if it is possible to adjust the hardness of the individual slats. With a little patience and a few nights of experience, you can tailor these exactly to your sleep behavior.

Don’t just invest in a good mattress for side sleepers, but also make sure that the slatted frame supports your sleep. Then you will wake up in the morning without tension or pain and start the day well rested.


The most people prefer the side sleep. It offers security and the body stays pleasantly warm. However, this position is more of a challenge for mattresses. The weight is concentrated on a few points , so that a higher load occurs in certain areas.

The mattress for side sleepers impresses with its high stability and adapts wonderfully to the sleeping position. The shoulder and pelvis sink into the mattress as deeply as it is ideal for the spine. This means you can comfortably spend the night on your side and wake up in the morning without tension.

As a side sleeper, use such robust models to increase the quality of sleep. This investment in your health will certainly pay off and you will not suffer from the consequential damage of an unhealthy sleeping posture.

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