Mattress height – everything you need to know

When buying the mattress, there are various properties to consider. An important characteristic will be how soft the mattress is. It should n’t be too hard or too soft , but tailored exactly to your needs.

But did you know that the height of the mattress also plays an important role in how comfortable you will feel on it? When looking for the right design, height is also an influential factor.

Find out what different mattress heights there are and how they affect your sleep.

If you look at the description of a mattress, you will notice different information about the height . This depends on how the mattress is constructed.

Because a mattress consists of several layers. In the simplest case, it is a foam mattress , which only a simple core and a reference is made. The total height results from the height of the core plus the cover.

On the other hand, it becomes more complicated if the mattress consists of several layers . This can be a memory foam mattress that connects several layers or a spring core mattress . Then the manufacturer could specify the heights of the individual layers and describe how high, for example, the springs are.

When specifying the height, pay close attention to what the manufacturer describes. The core height of the mattress is crucial for your sleeping comfort. The total height, on the other hand, affects how easily you can get up in the morning.


In the case of mattresses, there has been a trend in recent years that they are increasing in height. The reasons for this are different. A greater height is associated with a more comfortable entry, which is an advantage for older people. But younger people also benefit from the altitude, as the burden is better absorbed. The following heights have become established and are used with the different types of mattresses .

Mattress height: 12-16cm

Mattresses with a height of less than 16 cm belong to the lower versions. They are used less often in permanent sleeping quarters.

Rather, the small space requirement is appreciated. Therefore, they are often used as a guest mattress or as a caravan mattress . Some of them can be folded up and stowed away more easily. They are less comfortable for the back, but these heights are perfectly adequate for a few nights.

Mattress height: 17-20cm

The standard height of most mattresses these days is between 17 and 20cm. These variants offer a sufficient sleeping surface and convince with a fair price. If there are no special requirements, this height is the most frequently chosen version.

Mattress height: 21-27cm

If there is back pain or if the mattress has to meet special requirements, a height of more than 20 cm is recommended. The common variants range from 21 to 27cm. Such a height is used, for example, in orthopedic mattresses to provide better pressure relief .

Mattress height: from 28cm

You can go even higher with mattresses, where the entry height is important . This often affects older people who have joint pain. A higher mattress makes it easier to get up and puts less strain on the knees. Such senior mattresses enable elderly people to get safely into bed and to get up in the morning symptom-free. These particularly high mattresses are also used in box spring beds to improve sleeping comfort.


Does the mattress height say anything about the quality and is the high version always advantageous?

The height alone is not a feature that makes a statement about the quality. There are both flat mattresses, which are of high quality, and high variants, which are rather simple.

It is more important that the material and workmanship are convincing. If, for example, an inferior foam is used, it will quickly lose support even with a greater height. When foam mattresses therefore the density still an important criterion to judge the quality.

On the other hand, there are also thin mattresses that are high quality. Futon mattresses have become more and more popular in recent years and enable a traditional Japanese sleeping experience. If your budget is limited and you want to try something new, this sleep design might be something for you.


Which mattress height is best for you depends on your feelings, the sleeping position and your body weight.

If you prefer to sleep on your side , a higher mattress is advisable. This absorbs the load better and provides better support.

If you spend the night mainly on your back or stomach , there are no special height requirements. So you can also use flatter variants.

If there are joint problems or if it is difficult to get up, higher mattresses are advantageous. The entry height is described as more comfortable and the knees are exposed to less stress.

If you do not suffer from back pain and are otherwise fit, the mattress height hardly plays a role for you. It is better to make sure that the degree of hardness is optimal for you and that there is high breathability. Then the height will be less decisive for your sleeping comfort.


If you are about to buy a new mattress , this can raise a number of questions. Which type is best, how soft does it have to be and how important is the height?

Based on the factors mentioned here, you will find that choosing the right height is not that complicated . Choose a higher variant if you sleep on your side or if you have back pain or joint pain. Otherwise you are relatively free to choose.

Above all, make sure that the mattress core meets these height requirements. Try lying on the mattress to get a feel for the height. In combination with the optimal hardness, you will easily find the right mattress for you.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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