Mattress stinks – how do you remove the odor?

You should actually feel comfortable in bed. If you lie down on the mattress in the evening and notice that it emits unpleasant smells , you sleep worse.

You have a bad feeling about sleeping on the smelly mattress and sometimes harmful causes can be responsible for the unpleasant smell. Why does your mattress smell and what can you do about it?

You spend a lot of time in your bed and through direct contact you should make sure that the mattress is hygienic and clean. If you don’t care for them properly and if other factors come into play, unpleasant smells will appear over time. Which influencing factors cause the smell of mattresses?


It is perfectly normal for you to lose sweat during the night Even if the temperatures are not exactly midsummer, you lose up to a liter of sweat while sleeping. This is absorbed by the bed linen, the cover and the mattress.

If the mattress is not adequately ventilated , for example because you are preparing your bed properly and the surface is covered, bacteria and mites can spread. In addition to sweat, you also excrete flakes of skin . These are broken down by the bacteria and the unpleasant smell is created.

For allergy sufferers, there is also the risk that mites will spread better in the damp environment and worsen the symptoms. Do you suffer from a runny nose in the morning, are your eyes red or do you cough easily? Then a house dust allergy could be responsible and the sweat favors the symptoms.


Moisture is not only beneficial for mites in bed . Other microorganisms also need the moisture in order to spread optimally.

If you notice a higher level of moisture in the bedroom anyway , it is easier for mold spores to settle in the mattress. There they spread over time and the mattress smells musty.

To counteract the growth of mold , you should ventilate the mattress and make sure that the moisture does not stay there. The base of the mattress must also be checked. Under no circumstances should the mattress lie on the floor if there is high humidity in the bedroom . Then it is pre-programmed for the mold to spread.


In addition to sweat and moisture, a mattress is also exposed to other external influences . This applies in particular to baby mattresses and cot mattresses .

Here it is not uncommon for urine, vomit or the evening drink to land on the surface of the mattress. This is not always noticed immediately and you may not discover the yellow stains on the mattress until the next morning. By then, the impurities have sucked themselves deep into the material and getting rid of the odor is associated with greater effort.

Therefore, check often with mattresses for children whether they are in a hygienic condition. Wash the cover more often and inspect the surface for stains. Then your child will spend the night in a clean environment.


The mattress stinks and you want to spend the night in a clean and fragrant bed as soon as possible. This can be done easily and effectively with the following instructions.


The first step should be a thorough cleaning of the mattress and bed linen. The bed linen is best put in the washing machine at a temperature of 90 ° C. At these high temperatures, bacteria and mites are effectively killed so that they do not spread through the bed linen. Pay attention to the maximum temperature allowed. A cleaning at 60 ° C brings also good results, but with individual mites can survive. Then the procedure has to be repeated at shorter intervals.

The cleaning of the mattress should be used with more caution done. If it is a sensitive cold foam mattress or memory foam mattress , the material must not come into contact with water . This would lead to a loss of the positive lying properties and clumping of the foam.

The following agents can be applied to the mattress to remove stains and achieve a disinfectant effect:

Carpet cleaner
laundry detergent
citric acid

Try different means and clean the mattress with a slightly damp cloth . With the help of a toothbrush, the superficial mold can be carefully scraped from the mattress and, thanks to the sodium, the moisture is removed.


One of the most common reasons a mattress smells is because it gets too damp . Be it because you sweat excessively or the humidity in the bedroom is too high .

The fact that the mattress gets a little wetter during the night is generally not a problem. However, the material should be able to release the moisture back into the environment. If this is not possible, bacteria and other microorganisms are given a perfect base in which to multiply.

If you feel yourself that the mattress is damp, then place it by the window or in the garden. It is important that there is no risk of moisture penetrating again through rain. After a few hours of this ventilation , the basic moisture should have disappeared. If necessary , place the mattress on the warm heater to speed up the drying process.

After that, it is important that you turn the mattress regularly . This ensures that there is no one-sided stress and that the moisture does not accumulate on one half. The mattress should be turned about once a month to prevent unpleasant odors.

Also, ventilate the bedroom frequently and make sure you have a high-quality slatted frame. Then it is not a problem if you sweat a little more.


Once the cause of the odor has been identified, it is advisable to treat the mattress with baking soda. The baking soda is finely scattered over the entire surface and works for around an hour. Soda is considered an odor neutralizer and effectively absorbs the odor. After an hour of exposure, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the agent from the mattress.

Now you have the opportunity to spray the mattress with your own scents. Use essential oils or other scented brands that you apply to mattresses. With the help of the soda and the new scent, the mattress smells absolutely fresh again.


You wanted to do something good for your back , but you notice that the new mattress smells?

This is quite normal with new mattresses The fact that the mattress smells is not an indication that it is a faulty or poor quality material.

To get rid of the odor, you should always air out a new mattress . After about a week, you should barely be able to perceive an odor . After a maximum of 2 months, the initial smells should be completely gone. How persistent the musty impression is depends largely on the material.


If you get a nasty surprise in bed and you notice that your mattress smells, this will definitely affect your sleep. You can’t really calm down and you can’t get rid of the feeling as if the mattress is unsanitary.

With the methods presented here, you can clean the mattress thoroughly and get rid of the smell. Use gentle detergents and household products to remove any contaminants. Then you air out the mattress and put it in the sun.

Prevent too much moisture from accumulating in the material and you will reliably prevent the mattress from stinking again.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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