Mattress too hard – how do you make the mattress comfortable again?

When buying a mattress, the degree of firmness is one of the most important decision-making factors in order to find the right model. The mattress should fit your body exactly and be neither too soft nor too hard. The material adapts perfectly to your back and provides stability without being uncomfortable.

Finding the right degree of hardness is not that easy. Because there is no uniform standard among all manufacturers. Although there is a division from very soft versions in H1 to the hardest models in H5, an objective evaluation does not take place. Therefore, there can be subtle differences, especially in the popular degrees of hardness in H2 & H3, which in retrospect lead to the mattress being perceived as too hard .

Do you not notice this at first and do you think you still have to get used to the new mattress? Then after a certain period of getting used to it , the mattress could actually become softer and feel better. But what can you do if the mattress is too hard and what are the signs of this problem?

If you got professional advice when buying a mattress, it could be that you have fallen into an old myth . For a long time, a hard mattress was thought to be helpful against back pain.

As back pain is an increasingly common problem in today’s society , there is also a greater need for back-friendly mattresses. Instead of preferring orthopedic mattresses , however, ordinary models in a harder version were sold. This should ensure greater stability and, as a result, relief of the back.

The principle of using a particularly hard mattress for back pain is now considered obsolete. It is true that a soft mattress is not beneficial for back pain. A variant that is too hard is also not recommended.

The firmness of the mattress should be exactly average . So it is neither too hard nor too soft , but tailored to your body. This provides the back with optimal support and regeneration is promoted during the night.

Trust your own feelings and don’t blindly trust an advisor if they really want to sell you a hard mattress. After all, you have to spend the night on the mattress and sleep should be as comfortable as possible.


The best way to check whether the mattress suits you is based on your sleeping position. Do you prefer to lie on your back, side or stomach? Different mattress designs are advisable for each position, so you have to take this into account when buying.

In general, the principle applies that the mattress should promote the natural posture of your spine . If your back is bent or bent in an unnatural way, this leads to long-term discomfort and pain. The lumbar spine area , the shoulder area and the cervical spine are particularly affected . Due to the unfavorable sleeping posture, pain in the lower back, tension in the shoulder area or the typical headaches can occur. But how do you control your healthy sleeping posture?

It is best if you have someone else check your sleeping posture . You yourself have become so used to your position that you may not even notice how crooked and crooked you are.

In the side position, it is important that the spine is as straight as possible and not shifted up or down. If the mattress is too hard , the problem is that the shoulders and the lumbar spine area hardly sink in and are therefore higher. The middle of the body practically sags, so that deformations form there. Often the head is in too low a position because a suitable side sleeper pillow is not used. In the side position, the head, mid-shoulder and buttocks should be in line. A knee pillow can also be helpful for greater stability to convey.

For back sleepers basically the same thing applies. In your case, too, your spine should keep its natural shape as much as possible and not be crooked. If the mattress is too hard , this is noticeable in a cavity in the lumbar spine area . The lower back is not on the mattress, so there is no protection there. The cervical spine could also be affected by the hardness and overstretched. It is better if you use a special pillow for the neck .


It is best if you check the sleeping position when buying a mattress and in this way ensure that the degree of firmness is tailored to your person. However, if you have spent some time on the unfavorable mattress, this manifests itself in some places. Your body reacts as follows:

Back pain

One of the most obvious consequences of a mattress that is too hard is back pain. This is deceptive because the fixed models are often chosen to ensure relief. But making the wrong choice will make your back pain worse.

This is because the spine does not remain in its comfortable position, but takes an unnatural course . The musculature does not come to rest , but has to constantly correct it. Initially, this work manifests itself in tension, which after a while turns into severe pain.


Your body intuitively notices that the mattress was not made for your back. As a result, you subconsciously adopt a gentle posture, which also runs through everyday life. Your sitting position could change and lead to further pain as a result.

Increased tiredness

If the mattress is not optimally tailored to your back, this means additional work for your body. The muscles hardly come to rest, you wake up more often and the night is generally not very relaxing. If you hardly feel rested in the morning and you experience tension or pain at the same time , the mattress or pillow are usually responsible. Urgently check your sleeping posture and do not take these symptoms lightly.


If you have found that your mattress is too hard, you do not necessarily have to buy a new model . Since mattresses can quickly cost several hundred euros, you don’t want to spend that much money again. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make it more convenient.

The solution is a special mattress topper . This is known as a “topper” and is already integrated in the standard structure of box spring beds. If you have not yet used a topper , you can easily purchase one in addition.

There are different variants available for the topper . Since your mattress feels too hard, it is advisable to use a visco topper . These consist of a memory foam , as is the case with a memory foam mattress . Under the influence of your body heat, the foam becomes soft and can be easily deformed. If you lie down on the topper, it adapts ideally to your back so that you get the feeling that it is tailor-made.

The topper also ensures greater protection for your mattress. As an additional layer, it prevents sweat or other contaminants from penetrating the mattress , making cleaning easier. If you feel your mattress is optimally hard and would like to improve the comfort even further, a latex topper is a good choice. These are a little harder, so the mattress doesn’t get softer.


Before buying a mattress, check very carefully whether the model you want meets the requirements for your back. If the mattress is too hard, this is not beneficial for your back, but leads to long-term discomfort. The spine is not optimally positioned , so that sufficient recovery is not guaranteed during the night. The muscles have to work stabilizing so that regeneration is hardly possible.

If you wake up in the morning with back pain and are clearly overtired, then check whether your mattress is the right firmness. If it is too hard and your body does not sink deep enough into the mattress, a topper can help. This is a perfect addition to a hard cold foam mattress and will increase comfort.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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