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Most neck support pillows are molded from a soft foam . This adapts to the load and provides good support. Tension and pain are relieved in this way.

The Mediflow 5001 pillow does a very different job. It does not rely on a foam, but is equipped with a water core . Similar to a water bed, this core provides unique properties.

Does such a water pillow actually help to relax the neck muscles and how comfortable is such a variant? Find out in this detailed check how the Mediflow 5001 performs and whether the investment is worthwhile.

Before I get to the description of sleeping comfort, I would like to show how the Mediflow 5001 pillow is generally designed and how it differs from conventional designs.


From the outside you will not see any difference to other models with this water pillow. It is available in three sizes :


So you can respond to your needs. For most people, the 40x80cm version will probably be the most comfortable. This is roughly the size of a normal down pillow.

If you like it a little more comfortable, the 50x70cm version is more compact. This is positive for back sleepers who still want to rest their upper back on the pillow. Side sleepers should, however, choose the narrower version.If you are traveling and do not want to do without a water pillow , there is also the very small version in 33x53cm. This is small enough to be stowed in hand luggage. In the plane or in the car, this variant is practical to sleep more relaxed.

Otherwise there is no difference in shape. It is designed to be rectangular and flat . It is thus similar to the dormouse orthopedic neck support pillow, although the Mediflow 5001 is filled with water.


The pillow consists of three layers in total . Inside the pillow, the outer layer consists of a polyester filling. This means that the surface is perceived as being softer.

There is thin insulation in the middle to absorb thermal fluctuations. This means that the water core is not exposed to any major pollution.

The center of the pillow is the water core . Use the filling funnel to fill in the water through the opening . How the Mediflow 5001 feels when you sleep depends largely on the filling level.

If you put around 1 to 2 liters in the pillow, it is described as pleasantly soft . 3 liters are sufficient for a medium degree of hardness. If the pillow is to be as stable as possible , 4 to 5 liters are necessary. So you can determine yourself how hard the pillow should be and easily regulate this via the amount of water.


If you lie on the pillow all night, you will have to wash it at regular intervals. The practical thing about the Mediflow 5001 is that it is completely washable . In contrast to other variants that consist of a foam, you don’t just put the cover, but the entire pillow in the washing machine.

There it is washable at 40 ° C. Note, however, that the water must first be drained from the pillow.

It is also recommended that the water be changed at least once a year . By the way, tap water is completely sufficient for filling .

This makes maintaining the Mediflow 5001 particularly easy. Simply empty the core and then put the pillow in the machine. You don’t have to make sure that the core is ventilated and the cover is washed. This is already a great advantage for allergy sufferers.


Sleeping on a pillow made of a water core sounds pretty strange at first. If you have not tested such a model before, what a water pillow feels like is now described .


How the pillow feels depends mainly on the filling level. Depending on the amount of water, you can precisely influence the properties.

In terms of comfort , the Mediflow 5001 is described as very pleasant . This is where the advantages of the water pillow come into play. If you lay your head on the surface, the water will be distributed evenly throughout the core.

It reacts even more flexibly than any foam could. Your neck is optimally supported and it doesn’t feel unstable.

»Check on AmazonThanks to the insulating layer, you don’t have to worry about the pillow being cold. The warmth makes it feel like any normal pillow and the insulation keeps the cold in its core.

You also don’t have to worry that the pillow could be annoying when you move and that it will cause problems. If you are restless during the night, the water will adapt to your position. The pillow offers excellent comfort and ideally supports your neck.

However, there is one disadvantage due to the design. Since the core is closed and only made of plastic, the Mediflow 5001 is less breathable. If you tend to sweat profusely anyway, this pillow will only promote this further. The water core is perceived as a disadvantage, especially on hot days. Here it could be helpful to switch to another pillow.


If you are not yet sure what benefits a water pillow like the Mediflow 5001 offers, I would like to briefly illustrate this again.

Individual degree of hardness

You can precisely determine the hardness of the pillow through the filling level It is up to you whether you only want to fill in 1 liter or 5 liters. Although there are already foam variants with Uttu sandwich pillows that have a variable degree of hardness, these are less precise.

Height adjustable

Just like the hardness, the height can also be easily adjusted using the fill level. If you sleep on your stomach, a flatter pillow will be more suitable for you. For side sleepers, however, a higher variant is more advantageous. Depending on your own sleeping behavior, you can influence the height with the water.

Very flexible

Foam is already considered easy to deform and adapts very well to the body contour. Water behaves even better in this regard and adapts better to your neck and head. This relieves the muscles even more effectively and allows them to relax.

Easy maintenance

If you suffer from an allergy or want to promote a high level of hygiene, the Mediflow 5001 is very easy to wash. Since there is no foam, the entire pillow can be put in the washing machine and cleaned. This is done quickly and the pillow is like new again.


Using a water pillow certainly sounds very interesting. But it would be a nightmare if the pillow were damaged and the water ran out. How likely is such damage?

Mediflow as a manufacturer looks back on a long tradition . Already for more than 25 years, they produce water cushion and that experience flow into the development of new pillows.

The manufacturer’s trust in the product is proven by the fact that it gives a 2-year guarantee on the tightness . In addition, the workmanship is very clean and there are no weak points.

There should also be no fear of the strain. Even if you are a little heavier and would like to lie down with your upper body on the Mediflow 5001, it can withstand it without any problems.


A large proportion of the population now suffers from a house dust allergy . This is due to mites that like to be in the pillow and mattress. If you are one of these sufferers, you have probably already spent a few nights with a runny nose and have barely been able to fall asleep.

The Mediflow 5001 pillow is ideal for allergy sufferers. Mites are especially comfortable in natural fillings. In the water core, however, there are no opportunities for them to nestle there. Mites in the pillow could only be found in the polyester filling.

You can remedy this with regular washing. Since the entire pillow is washable, the mites are reliably washed out. You will no longer come into contact with the allergens and will spend quiet nights again.


water pillow is an unusual shape of the pillow . What already works well with the mattress is also a good choice for the pillow.

With the Mediflow 5001 you can determine how hard it should be and refill the water. You design the pillow according to your preferences and adapt it to your sleep.

The water is flexible and adapts perfectly to your body contour. This relieves your muscles and relieves tension.

Use the Mediflow 5001 to prevent the typical neck problems and finally to be able to sleep better. Your quality of life will increase noticeably

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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