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If you want to relax with a soothing massage after work , this usually involves a lot of effort. You either have to pay a massage therapist a visit or ask your partner for a massage.

Using a foot spa is much easier and often more effective Modern devices combine the pleasant foot bath with a massage function .

This is also the case with the FS 883 foot whirlpool from Medisana. In this detailed check you will find out how it works and why it improves your quality of life .

The Medisana foot whirlpool FS 883 is a 3 in 1 device . It combines effective basic functions to provide relaxation and increase your well-being.

With the heat function , the water is brought to a comfortable temperature. It is not necessary that you warm the water before use. The warmth improves blood circulation and stimulates regeneration.

bubble massage can be used at the same time . The water will start moving and gently massage your feet.

In the middle there is also another attachment . With this you can remove the callus or slide the brush over your feet.

The device is suitable up to a shoe size of 46 . So you will find plenty of space and your feet can spread out as you wish.

Another advantage of the Medisana foot whirlpool FS 883 is the low price . While comparable devices such as the Beurer FB 50 can cost around 100 euros, this model is much cheaper. Nevertheless, the numerous positive reviews show that the quality meets expectations. If you want a high-quality foot whirlpool at an affordable price, the FS 883 is the best choice.


The areas of application of this foot whirlpool are very diverse. Due to the numerous functions , a large target group benefits from the use of a massage device. If you work in retail and are on your feet a lot, you will hardly want to do without such a device. Or is it simply a matter of forgetting the stress of everyday life?

»Check on AmazonBelow you will find out what positive effects the Medisana FS 883 foot whirlpool bath has in store for you.


If your feet are under a lot of stress during the day, you will feel this clearly in the evening. The lymph fluid collects in the feet and these swell up. This impairment is also known as “heavy legs”.

At first, this may just feel a little uncomfortable. Over time, however, significant pain will occur and your everyday life will suffer. It therefore makes sense to take measures at an early stage to promote blood circulation and the transport of lymphatic fluid.

As a first measure, it is usually recommended to put your legs up. In this way, the liquid is redistributed throughout the body under the action of gravity. However, this only offers a short-term improvement and does not address the actual problem.

Circulatory problems, weak leg muscles or even weak veins can be responsible for the heavy legs. With the use of the massage and the bubble bath you promote the blood circulation and strengthen the muscles. In connection with some sport you will achieve a long-term effect in this way and no longer suffer from heavy legs.

In extreme cases , a vein massager could also be recommended for you. You should discuss this with your doctor beforehand .


The face is not just part of the ideal of beauty. The feet are also gaining more and more attention and should leave a nice impression in high heels.

With the foot whirlpool from Medisana you achieve that the blood circulation is promoted. This not only helps with heavy legs, but also improves the supply of nutrients to the skin.

This promotes regeneration and the skin looks fresher. She appears in a healthy complexion and looks younger.

The pedicure attachments also ensure a more beautiful appearance. With these you can remove the callus or remove old flakes of skin. This not only promotes health, the feet also look much more relaxed on the outside.


Massages are also known to relieve stress. If your job challenges you or you need a break from your family, a massage is ideally suited to find some time for yourself.

The foot massage affects the entire body. In the sense of the foot zone reflex massage , the complaints in the feet affect certain areas of the body. With the massage you can loosen these blockages and your entire body benefits from it.

Whether you believe in the healing powers of the foot zone reflex massage is up to you. However, it has been confirmed that the massage reduces stress. Too much stress weakens your immune system and leads to a variety of health problems.

By using a pleasant foot massage, you will relax and the stress will fall away from you. Your energy reserves are literally charged and your well-being increases.


In this overview you will find out which functions you can use with the FS 883 for your personal application.


The main focus of the foot whirlpool is probably its massage function. From this you promise yourself the beneficial effect and thus the device differs from a simple foot bath.

The massage is perceived as relatively intense and the bubbling is clearly noticeable. The blisters hit your feet and massage them gently. This promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism in the foot region.

At the same time the ground vibrates . This ensures that the entire foot can enjoy the massage. The movements intensify the massage effect and encourage relaxation.


For manual massage, two massage rollers are placed on the bottom of the device on both sides . These do not work with a motor, but you have to move your foot up and down a little yourself.

By shifting your body weight, you can put more strain on your feet and the more intense the massage effect of the rollers becomes. So you can massage specific areas of the feet individually and experience the positive effect.


Through the action of the red light, the body parts are warmed up and tension is released. It is therefore popular for use on the neck and back.

The 883 foot whirlpool is also equipped with a red light function. In addition to the actual warmth of the water, the red light acts on your feet to warm up the deep muscles.

The effect is described as very small. The red light is barely noticeable and therefore you shouldn’t promise yourself too much from this light.


The actual warmth for the feet is generated by the integrated heating . This heats the water and keeps it warm.

Unfortunately the temperature cannot be adjusted. So it’s hard to tell whether you find the water too cold or too warm. However, many users report that the water would not get too hot.

However, the heat that acts is still sufficient to promote blood circulation. The blood vessels expand and blood flow improves.

If you are looking for a relaxation effect, the warmth may not be sufficient. Then you should use a more powerful device .


In the middle of the device you will find the possibility to attach different attachments . You can put yourself between a brush , a massage attachment and Callus decide.

With these you can edit one foot at a time. So you have to take turns with both feet and you cannot treat them at the same time.

The attachments enable you to specifically improve the problem areas of your foot and respond precisely to your needs .


In order for you to be able to use the foot whirlpool, a network connection must be established. Battery operation is not possible. It is also reported that the device is relatively noisy when using the massage function . This makes watching TV difficult and hardly possible.

The individual functions can be set using the control wheel on the top. There you can specify which functions should be used. This makes it possible, for example , to only use the heat function and to do without the bubbling. This will lower the volume and still provide some relaxation.


You get an effective foot whirlpool at an affordable price with the model 883 from Medisana. It combines all the important basic functions and is able to alleviate your leg complaints. If you are on the move all day, you will feel this clearly in the evening. With the pleasant foot massage you can relax and give your feet the necessary time out.

It should be mentioned that the heat cannot be determined individually. There are no different temperature levels , so it is not guaranteed that the heat exactly corresponds to your desire. The application of the massage is also relatively loud.

But if you want to enjoy a foot massage, the FS 883 is an inexpensive device that could meet your needs exactly.

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