Memory foam mattress – 5 special models in comparison

Originally developed for astronauts, memory foam is also very popular in pillows and mattresses. It fits under the influence of body heat perfectly to the spine at and in this way supports the back. Pain and tension are relieved and sleep is perceived as much more relaxing.

But what is this material about and what are the characteristics of a memory foam mattress?

Find out in this comparison which memory foam mattress performs best and is suitable for you. Then you will be able to enjoy this high level of comfort yourself, which a few decades ago was only reserved for astronauts.

The special foam was developed by NASA in the 1970s. The material should help the astronauts to withstand the high forces of a rocket launch better. Pressed tightly in the seats, a rocket launch does not exactly mean a high level of comfort. The adaptable seat cushions take the strain off the spine and the body. This made it possible to achieve a higher level of comfort.

Over time, the advantages of memory foam have also been recognized in other areas of application. The first memory foam mattresses were launched on the market in the early 1990s . These were initially offered under the brand name Tempur.

Memory foam is now found in numerous pillows , mattresses and toppers. The material shows its strengths particularly in the cushions and toppers. Because it is able to deform precisely and protect the cervical spine.

You will find memory foam in stores under the names “Visco foam” or “Viscose gel foam” . It is the same foam, but manufacturers and suppliers often use their own names.


The basic material of the memory foam is a foamed polyurethane. This is why the mattresses are sometimes given the abbreviation “PU foam” . It is a permanently elastic material that has special deformation properties .

Under pressure, the foam changes its shape only very slowly. Although it is a solid material , this change is best compared to a viscous material. The foam gives in to the pressure relatively slowly and forms an exact impression.

The memory effect is of particular importance Because the change in the foam can still be seen when the pressure has already subsided. If you lie down on the mattress, it will slowly give way and keep this shape for a few seconds if you should get up. It is because of this property that we speak of memory foam.

The properties of the foam are significantly influenced by the temperature. The material can be deformed more easily under the influence of body heat. This causes the foam to react faster to the pressure on your body. At the same time, the other areas of the mattress remain stable and do not give way.

Memory foam mattresses offer the highest pressure relief of all mattress types. Overall, however, the foam is less stable and offers little support for your spine. Therefore, the material is preferably used in pillows or toppers , where the support function is less important.

Since the foam adapts perfectly to your body contour, no gaps will remain free. This may be pleasant to relieve the spine, but it can be a problem in summer when the temperature is warmer. Because the memory foam mattresses are considered less breathable and you are more likely to start sweating.

If you spend a lot of time in bed , the pressure-relieving properties are perfect for you. No other material will cling to your body so precisely and provide relief.


Which memory foam mattress is best for you and exactly meets your requirements? Below you will receive 5 models from different price ranges. Whether you are looking for a high-quality mattress for the next 10 years or just need a cheaper option than a guest mattress. There will be a suitable model for every need.


The first memory foam mattress in this comparison convinces with a low price and a particularly high level of sleeping comfort. Therefore, it has become a bestseller on Amazon and proves with numerous top reviews that buyers have not regretted this investment.

In order to ensure this lying comfort, the mattress consists of several layers. A generous amount of cold foam is used in the lowest layer . This is stable and will absorb the load on your body over a long period of time without any problems. There is a thinner layer of memory foam on top of the cold foam. This allows a high degree of adaptation to your back and will provide relief. The high-quality cover made of double cloth rounds off the structure and meets the highest hygiene standards.

The mattress is available in the size 90x200cm and is therefore suitable for children or guests. It is more likely to be used in single beds, but can be connected with a topper so that it can also be used in a double bed.

With a height of 25cm , a comfortable entry is guaranteed. This is based on the height of normal box spring beds and makes getting in and out of the bed easier.

The 9 different lying areas ensure a special level of comfort While modern mattresses are “only” divided into 7 zones, the memory foam mattress from Arensberger goes one step further. This means that the needs of the body are met even better. Your cervical spine and back will thank you.

This mattress is also very suitable for allergy sufferers. The multiple layers ensure better air circulation and ensure first-class moisture management. Any moisture is released into the ambient air and does not collect in the mattress. The cover is made of 100% polyester and can be machine washed at 60 ° C. Allergens are reliably washed out of the mattress and as a house dust allergy sufferer, you will finally sleep symptom-free at night.

You can get a high-quality, but inexpensive memory foam mattress from the manufacturer Arensberger. Made from premium materials, this model offers high stability and first-class adaptation to your body. This is thanks to the combination of cold foam and memory foam . Convince yourself of this high quality and sleep like on cloud nine.


You get a natural variant with the model “Perfectsleep” from the manufacturer Naturalex. He uses a combination of memory foam with bi-alveolar latex for his mattress This mixture creates unique properties that promote your sleep.

This new type of fabric is called FibraFell V300 fibers by the manufacturer. These are particularly convincing due to their better breathability and high adaptability to your body. The mattress provides both stable firmness and a soft surface to lie on. This promotes sleeping comfort and is a beneficial combination.

In order to optimally stabilize the body, the mattress is divided into 7 zones . These each have a slightly different hardness, so that your spine is optimally supported in every position. If you suffer from a headache, such a zone subdivision will have a positive effect on your cervical spine.

The mattress is available in all sizes for both single beds and double beds. The smallest version starts at 70x200cm and the largest version goes up to 180x200cm. It is also advantageous to choose between the two heights 16cm and 22cm. As a result, you will be more likely to consider the nature of your slatted frame and find a mattress that exactly matches your bed.

The higher version corresponds to a degree of hardness H3 and the lower model approximately an H2 . Depending on your body weight, you can find the right hardness for you.

If you want to convince yourself of the high quality, you can test the mattress for 30 nights. If you don’t like it, you can simply return it. A guarantee of 10 years shows that the manufacturer has great confidence in his mattress and that you will be able to use it for a long time.

Sleep on this comfortable combination of latex and memory foam to benefit from high breathability and to lie softly. The existing summer side cools on warm nights and you will sleep comfortably in every season.


Amazon is also represented in the field of mattresses through its “Amazon Basics” product line. The offers are usually characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and dispense with any superfluous features that only lead to higher costs.

In the area of ​​memory foam mattresses, Amazon also has a model on offer. In terms of price, it is in the midfield, but impresses with a high level of comfort and a large selection.

The sizes available are from 80x190cm to 160x200cm . You can even equip a shorter cot with this mattress. H2 & H3 are offered as degrees of hardness . So this model is more suitable for lighter people. If you weigh more than 100kg, you will be in better hands with other manufacturers.

The mattress has a multi-layer structure. The upper layer consists of memory foam, which offers ideal pressure relief. If you mostly sleep on your side or if you change your sleeping position, this foam will feel much better than other types of foam.

Equipped with a breathable 3D climate band , the surface is designed in such a way that moisture is ideally transported away. This is particularly helpful for allergy sufferers, as the mattress stays dry and mites will hardly feel comfortable in this environment.

The cover is made of a polyester-cotton blend and is machine washable at 60 ° C. However, it must not be put in the dryer.

The height of the mattress is a pleasant 21.5cm and allows a good entry height . The mattress is divided into 7 zones for better selective pressure relief . The different zones have an individual degree of hardness and provide better support for each area of ​​the body.

Choose this memory foam mattress from Amazon and you will get a reliable product at a fair price . The mattress is delivered vacuum-packed and rolled up. Before you can use them, however, you should leave them for about 72 hours. So don’t expect to be able to use them right away.


The orthopedic mattress from BedStory is less known but has been awarded the highest ratings. The ideal stabilization of the body shape ensures that it can be used for back problems or pain in the joints and gives you relief.

The three-layer structure ensures this high level of comfort . Because, unlike most mattresses, not only a simple cold foam is used here, but the lower layers are divided into a basic foam and premium foam.

The base foam is the lowest layer and is divided into 7 zones. It offers excellent support for the entire body and easily absorbs the burden of your body weight. The premium foam , which has a more open design and is more breathable, is located above the base foam. At the very top is the approximately 3.5 cm thick memory foam. It rounds off the structure and ensures a high degree of adaptation to your body shape.

The combination of these layers and the ventilation channels they contain provide a high level of air circulation. This is not only ideal for allergy sufferers. In summer this mattress has a cooling effect and will ensure a more comfortable temperature in bed.

The memory foam is also treated with a lavender oil . This has a relaxing effect and helps you to find peace and quiet even on stressful days.

The cover is made of a high-quality climate fiber and can be machine washed at 60 ° C. This ensures a high level of hygiene and an excellent sleeping environment.

Benefit from the relaxing effect of this mattress on all levels. Body and mind find a certain peace on this model and the stress of everyday life literally falls away. This helps your spine as well as your soul and sleep problems are reduced over time. The 10 year guarantee and simple delivery are further arguments to demonstrate the high quality.


The design by Hilding Sweden is also classified as an orthopedic mattress . This model has a multi-layer structure and is available in different versions.

In the basic version , the mattress consists of a larger layer of cold foam and a memory foam on the top. But you also have the option of choosing a multi-core, which consists of three layers and in which the cold foam is divided into two layers. This gives you the choice of how important the support that is offered by the mattress is to you.

The model with memory foam is available in sizes from 60x120cm to 200x200cm. The mattress is suitable both as a cot mattress and for the larger double bed.

The degree of hardness is classified as medium strength. This will be comfortable for most people. Both men and women will feel comfortable on this surface, so that you do not have to buy individual degrees of hardness for each side.

The hypoallergenic cover proves to be easy to care for . It is machine washable at 60 ° C and the breathable 3D climate tape promotes hygienic conditions to a greater extent.

Divided into 7 zones, this mattress provides ideal support for the head, shoulders and pelvis. With normal mattresses, these are prone to not sinking in optimally and leading to a curvature of the spine.

The mattress has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the company can look back on more than 80 years of experience. In the 30 rehearsal nights you can convince yourself of the quality and test whether this mattress delivers what it promises.

If you want the many years of Swedish experience to find their way into your bedroom, this mattress will be ideal for you. The multi-layer structure protects your spine and ensures a high level of comfort. This mattress will also be a real relief for your child.


What advantages does a memory foam mattress offer compared to a model that relies entirely on cold foam?


No other material will adapt to your body shape like the memory foam. No matter what position you spend the night in, this foam will provide ideal support .


Do you care for someone at home and they spend most of the day in bed? Then a memory foam mattress will provide good relief. Since the foam adapts to the body, there is better pressure relief . The risk of sore spots decreases and lying down is no longer perceived as a burden.


If you prefer a warmer, comfortable temperature in bed , the memory foam will provide this. It hardly leaves any space and lies close to the skin. This results in a better insulating effect.


Although the memory foam is constantly deforming, these movements will hardly shorten its service life. It is a very durable material that changes shape even after 10 years and adapts to the shape of the body. This means that the investment in a memory foam mattress definitely pays off in the long term.


A memory foam mattress may be warm, but that doesn’t mean you’ll start sweating any faster. In combination with several layers of foam, a high level of breathability is guaranteed. As a result , the moisture does not remain in the mattress , but is reliably released into the environment. Mites feel less comfortable in these conditions and are less of a burden.


A mattress with the memory foam will be interesting for some groups of people. The unique properties combine a high level of comfort with a health effect.

Therefore, this mattress is suitable for all people who suffer from pain and tension in the back or the cervical spine. The mattress can be a cause of back pain and a cold foam mattress does not meet the high demands on your sleep. If you change your sleeping position frequently or move a lot during the night, the memory foam mattress will be the best choice. This material offers maximum sleeping comfort and relieves the spine.

This mattress is also ideal for bedridden people . The high flexibility offers a high pressure relief so that hardly any sores occur and even lying down for a long time is not perceived as uncomfortable. In addition, such a mattress is also suitable for an electric box spring bed and can be a relief when it comes to care.

Allergy sufferers also benefit from the nature of the memory foam. This is relatively dense and hardly gives mites a chance to nest there. If the mattress has several layers, the breathability is improved and mites will hardly feel comfortable in this environment.


In most cases, a memory foam mattress will be an improvement on your current model. But what do you have to pay attention to in order to find exactly the ideal mattress for you?


The mattress must always be to your bed and adjust the textures. The memory foam mattresses are available for both single and double beds. So you don’t have to make any compromises and you will always find the right size for your needs.

When it comes to the height, the decisive factor is how high the entry height should be. Slightly higher mattresses are better for people who complain of joint pain and who find it difficult to get up in the morning.


The memory foam is generally perceived as warming . Since it fits snugly against the body, hardly any heat is lost to the environment. As a result, such a mattress will be more suitable, especially for the winter.

However, there are numerous models that have a multi-layer structure including ventilation channels. With these, exactly the opposite is achieved and they feel cooler. In summer this is definitely more pleasant to get through the warm nights better.

When buying, you should therefore pay attention to how warm the mattress is felt and what layers it is made of.


For optimal support and a high level of sleeping comfort, you absolutely have to find the right level of hardness. The memory foam mattresses are usually offered in degrees of hardness from H2 to H4. Depending on the weight, you should find out about the degree of firmness of the mattresses and try out whether the selected model meets your requirements.

Only by using an ideal hardness will you benefit from the positive health properties of the memory foam. Even with these mattresses, an unfavorable hardness will not alleviate your symptoms.


When buying, pay attention to how the mattress is delivered. Does it come curled up and only take a few days to fully unfold? Then you shouldn’t dispose of your old mattress just yet and wait until the new model is ready for use. It can take up to 72 hours before the delivered mattress can be used.


What was once reserved for astronauts can now also be used by you in the bedroom. In the form of memory foam mattresses, you will offer your back better relief and experience greater comfort. You don’t have to use an extra topper, the memory foam is already firmly integrated into the mattress.

Use these beneficial properties to prevent back pain and sleep more healthily. Then you will finally get up again painlessly and start the day completely rested.

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