Memory foam pillows – the best models in comparison

Are you lying in bed and you notice that the pillow is comfortable, but does not adapt to your body contour? No matter how you twist and turn the pillow, it always feels a bit uncomfortable and doesn’t seem to give the perfect hold?

Then this is probably because the pillow is made of a down or feather filling. These may be pleasantly soft, but only adapt to the body contour to a very limited extent.

A better alternative is the modern memory foam. This is a material that is stable, but at the same time can be easily deformed. As a result , it adapts to your neck and you will feel a much higher level of comfort.

In this comparison you can find out exactly what the memory foam pillow is all about and which models are the best.

“Classic” pillows have always relied on fillings made of down or feathers. These are easy to use and the pillows are perceived as pleasantly soft. At first glance, these pillows may be of high quality and enable a good night’s sleep. After a while, however, it becomes apparent that these pillows do not support the neck adequately.

Especially if you sleep on your side or move around a lot during the night, you will notice that ordinary pillows are hardly suitable for this. The head bends to one side, tension occurs and pain leads to a reduction in your quality of life.

A remedy here is a material that was developed by NASA. The aim here was to minimize the load on the astronauts during take-off. As a result, the memory foam was presented in 1966.

This is a special foam that withstands the high demands of space travel. This was primarily intended for astronauts who were immobile for a long time and still wanted a high level of comfort.

As with most developments for space travel, this result was initially unsuitable for the masses. The production was far too expensive and for the normal market, the properties were hardly better than those of ordinary pillows.

However, the foam has been continuously developed. In 2006 a new generation was presented, which has been significantly improved compared to its predecessors. If the problem with the older models was often that they got too warm, the newer products are much more breathable.

The foam was now increasingly being used in private households. Memory foam has a number of advantages over conventional materials .

Adapts to the body contour
Reduces the pressure
Promotes blood circulation
Is breathable
Effective for joint diseases

These are some of the reasons why memory foam is so popular in pillows. Usually the foam is stable and immobile. The body temperature makes it elastic and thus adapts perfectly to the body. The neck is supported and the spine is placed in a natural position.

Therefore, the memory foam pillow is now a widespread alternative to pillows with down or feather filling.


The foam cushions are made into a variety of shapes to provide a benefit. Not only pillows, also mattresses are made of this material. You will probably be familiar with the cold foam mattress and the same advantages are used here. The memory foam pillow is common in the following versions.


Comfort is usually limited on long journeys. Sleeping on a plane, train or car is simply not as good as it is in your own bed. In order to still provide a bit of comfort, neck pillows are popular.

These are placed tightly around the neck, making it possible to sleep while sitting. ModernTravel neck pillows are made of memory foam. Since the neck is very close to the material, it is important that it is breathable. Otherwise the body would start to sweat profusely at this point, which would be very uncomfortable on a longer trip.


The foam is mainly used for pillows. These pillows have a special shape. The lower side is usually arched to allow the neck to rest well. Depending on your sleeping habits, different sizes and shapes are available, which are better suited to side sleepers or back sleepers, for example.

The gel cushion represents a special shape . This is a memory foam cushion, which also has a gel surface. This surface dissipates the heat and is therefore an ideal sleep aid, especially in summer.

If you tend to sweat quickly in bed and if you like it a little cooler on your head, the gel pillow is an ideal choice for you.


Even before memory foam found its way into households, it was mainly used for medical purposes. The material is a good solution when mobility is limited. Because of the good adaptation to the body contour, body parts can be stored for a long time without them becoming sore or causing pain.

For people who suffer from impaired venous function, it is advantageous to elevate the leg. By lying up during the night, blood circulation is promoted and the legs no longer feel so heavy the next day.

Optimal for this application are the Vein pillows made of memory foam. The shape is reminiscent of a wedge that is pushed under the legs. Depending on the height of the pillow, the legs are also positioned at this level. In this way, the vein pillow is a real health support and promotes blood circulation.


If you would like to benefit from this high level of comfort and help your neck, I will now introduce you to 3 different memory foam pillows. These are of high quality and only differ in detail. With these pillows you will definitely increase your sleeping comfort and wake up much more relaxed.


The name of the first pillow already indicates what shape it has. It may sound a little unusual, but the sandwich shape is exactly what your cervical spine needs during the night.

The lower edge is built a little higher. The curvature can be clearly felt and compared to conventional pillows, this feeling is initially unusual. When you put it in, you will quickly notice that your head fits perfectly into the hollow in the middle of the pillow and that the neck is supported by the protruding arch.

The size is quite considerable at 60x36cm . This means that this pillow is only slightly smaller than your current pillow. Another advantage of this model is that the height is variable . In the largest version, a height of 12 cm is reached. However, if you want a flatter pillow, the middle part can be removed and the height is only 9cm .

In this way you can adapt the pillow variably to your sleeping needs. If you decide to sleep on your side more often, the height of 12cm is better for your cervical spine. Because there the higher stabilization is more important.

The material is also ideal for both winter and summer. Because the stability is not influenced by the outside temperature. So you don’t have to worry that the pillow will be too soft in summer or too hard in winter.

The cover is made of a natural bamboo material. It is resistant to dust mites and breathable. This makes the cover ideal for allergy sufferers.

The high quality is also reflected in the manufacturer’s promise that the pillow can be tested for 96 nights. A guarantee is granted for 5 years. This shows that the manufacturer has great confidence in this product.

Uttu – sandwich pillow

If you want to experience maximum sleeping comfort and flexibly adjust the height of the memory foam pillow , this is the best choice. It is soft, adapts to your cervical spine and guarantees constant stability at any temperature. Your cervical spine will benefit from this pillow and tension will be reduced.

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Most memory foam pillows have a curved shape. This allows the neck to be supported and the head to be a little lower.

If you are not convinced of this design, you can use the variant of FMP. This pillow is based on the shape of the usual pillows. It is flat and quite bigger. This makes it suitable , for example, for side sleepers who benefit less from the curvature.

The wide range of heights is also excellent. The size of each pillow is 70x36cm . This makes the pillow relatively generous. In terms of height, there is a choice of flat cushions with a height of 6cm , up to higher versions with 13cm.

The 13cm version is well suited for side sleepers. On the other hand, if you sleep on your back, a height of 7cm is probably sufficient for you. You can not only use the pillows in bed. The higher versions are also useful on the couch during a cozy evening in front of the TV or during pregnancy.

The handling is very easy. The cover is removed via a zipper . This can be machine washed at 60 ° C. Mites and other allergens are reliably washed out in this way.

The carrying bag supplied is also practical If you are often on the move, you will find it difficult to do without the sleeping comfort of a memory foam pillow. With the carrying bag you can stow the pillow safely and take it with you everywhere. So you don’t have to go without your favorite pillow in the hotel.

FMP – orthopedic neck support pillow

If you want the pillow to be flat and not bulge, this pillow with foam is the ideal option. Because of this design, it is also suitable for those who sleep on their stomach. Before buying, you should find out exactly which height is right for you. Side sleepers choose either the 11cm or 13cm model. Then you will be happy about a high-quality pillow that guarantees a high level of comfort.

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The memory foam pillow from MaxxGoods is one of the most popular variants on Amazon. There, over 350 users have confirmed the high quality with a top rating. Where did this good opinion come from?

At first glance, this pillow hardly differs from the other models. It is built flat and has a size of 70x42cm. Versions of 9/12 / 15cm are available as heights .

There are also two other versions that deviate from the current standard. If you prefer a higher stability and should the pillow offer a good hold, there is a variant that is a little harder. This does not deform so easily and it is difficult to return to its original shape.

There is also a variable version . This consists of three layers. A soft & hard foam layer on each side and in the middle is a simple foam sheet. So you can not only freely influence the height, but also decide whether you prefer to sleep on the hard or the soft side.

The pillows are perforated for a high level of sleeping comfort. They have holes to encourage air circulation. This makes the pillow ideal for allergy sufferers.

Another special feature is the two included aloe vera covers. These should contribute to relaxation. If you cannot enjoy yourself with these covers, a “normal” cover made of cotton will also be included. This is machine washable at 60 ° C.

MaxxGoods – orthopedic cervical neck support pillow

If you attach great importance to quality and variability , the memory foam pillows from MaxxGoods are the best pillows available on the market. They are breathable, provide a good hold and the aloe vera covers are a real highlight. This is why this pillow is also recommended by physiotherapists.

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Du hast nun drei hochwertige Memory Foam Kissen kennengelernt. Doch welches Modell ist für Deine Bedürfnisse das Beste?

Auf diese Merkmale solltest Du achten.


Ob das Kissen Deinen Komfort tatsächlich verbessert, hängt im Wesentlichen von Deiner Schlafposition ab. Denn je nach Lage solltest Du andere Kissen verwenden.

Schläfst Du auf dem Rücken, ist ein flaches Modell besser geeignet. Du kannst Dich entscheiden, ob dieses über Wölbungen verfügen soll oder wie ein herkömmliches Kissen gestaltet ist.

Side sleepers prefer to choose a pillow that is higher . At least 12cm is recommended. Because the cervical spine is higher in the lateral position than is the case when sleeping on the back. Flat pillows without a curvature are well suited for this.

Anyone who sleeps on their stomach will have difficulty finding a pillow anyway. However, memory foam pillows that are particularly flat and do not have a curved neck are ideal . It is important that the cervical spine is not overstretched.


Conventional pillows are mainly characterized by their size. They are cozy and you can lie down with your upper body in them.

The memory foam pillow is designed a little smaller . This is because only the head is on the pillow. The shoulders rest on the mattress. This helps maintain the natural shape of the spine.

Depending on your personal taste, there are also larger and smaller versions of the foam pillows. But they won’t be quite as cozy as a conventional pillow.


Aside from the size, a major difference is whether the pillow has a wave shape or is flat.

The wave shape is particularly suitable for people who sleep on their back and complain of tension in the neck. The neck is supported by the shaft and the muscles are relieved.

A flat version without a wave shape, on the other hand, is intended for people who sleep on their side or stomach. There the neck lies on the side of the pillow and the wave shape could be perceived as annoying.

Ultimately, however, it also depends on personal sleep behavior which form is perceived as more comfortable.


If you want to benefit from a NASA development and offer your neck a high level of comfort, the memory foam pillow is an ideal product. Already in the first night you will feel the difference to a conventional pillow.

Your neck is relieved, tension and pain decrease over time. The intelligent material adapts perfectly to your cervical spine and you will feel a positive change in the long term.

Even headaches can be reduced in this way. Thus, this pillow represents a cheap investment in your health. Because the pillow can be used for a few years and offers noticeably better sleeping comfort.



The memory foam is a soft foam that reacts flexibly to body heat and becomes softer. As a result, it adapts optimally to the cervical spine and provides optimal support.


Ordinary pillows and materials often lead to an unfavorable posture of the neck. By using a memory foam pillow, you support your cervical spine and complaints are reduced.


Most memory foam pillows are not washable. The foam is too sensitive and will not survive a wash cycle. Only the removable cover, which you should regularly put in the washing machine, is washable.


High-quality models can be used for up to 5 years with good care. Air the pillow regularly and handle it with care. Then it will provide good comfort for more than 5 years.


Ordinary memory foam pillows are only suitable to a limited extent for side sleepers. In particular, models with a curvature are intended exclusively for back sleepers. But there are separate pillows for sleepers on the side, which have a better shape for this sleeping position and are also made of memory foam.


Babies should best sleep without a pillow. Otherwise there is a risk that the head will be too high. Only special positioning pillows are well suited for babies to distribute the load evenly. These models partly consist of a memory foam.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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