Millet pillows – sleep comfortably with these designs

pillow with millet , can that work?

Well, the millet pillow you may be familiar with from the kitchen is not used for the millet pillow. Rather, it is the shell of the millet kernels . These are said to have special properties, which is why they ensure a high level of sleeping comfort as a filling material for a pillow.

So you don’t have to worry that the millet in the pillow could go bad or even start to sprout. Because it is only about the husk and not the entire grain.

If you like it warm in bed , the millet pillow will be an ideal companion for you. This is because the filling material, consisting of the millet hulls, has excellent heat storage properties . You can warm it up briefly in the oven and benefit from the warmth while you sleep. Similar to a hot water bottle, the pillow gives off the comfortable temperature for a long time and this ensures a restful night.

But how exactly is the millet pillow constructed and what do you have to consider when using it?

Find out whether this pillow is a useful method for you to make the night more comfortable.

If you have not yet thought about the choice of pillow, you will probably call a down pillow your own. The down filling can be found in most pillows. However, it is actually not particularly suitable for sleep. It has actually only established itself because of the good availability of down and the low price. It dissipates heat and hardly adapts to the cervical spine. This can quickly lead to tension and pain in the neck.

Anders sieht es hingegen beim Hirsekissen aus. Dieses besteht, wie Du schon gelernt hast, nicht aus der gewöhnlichen Hirse, sondern nur der Hülle. Diese werden auch als Spelze bezeichnet.

Im Kissen ergibt sich daraus eine sehr feine Füllung, welche sich besser Deinem Kopf und der Wirbelsäule anpasst. Ähnlich wie Du es bei kleineren Reisenackenkissen, die mit Kunststoffkügelchen gefüllt sind, wirst Du auch beim Hirsekissen die feine Füllung zu schätzen lernen. Diese sind äußerst flexibel und passen sich Deiner Schlafposition hervorragend an.

This makes them not only suitable for back sleepers, but also for side sleepers. This is a clear advantage compared to the gel cushions that can be used on one side only .

In addition to the high flexibility , the millet pillow is characterized by its good warming properties. The natural product is able to store the warmth in the pillow. If you don’t have enough body heat, you can briefly heat the pillow in an oven and use this warmer temperature in bed at night.

This is particularly helpful if you suffer from muscle tension or headaches. This pain will decrease under the application of heat and you will relax completely.

Therefore, the millet pillow is a special product that ensures a better sleep in bed .


Millet pillows also have a number of different products that have individual properties that affect your sleep. If you would like to find out exactly what the differences are, I will now introduce you to three high-quality millet pillows . So you are sure to find the right model to make your night more relaxed.


millet pillow is probably crucial for you to buy. But do you also value the conditions under which it is produced?

With this pillow from Mudis, great care is taken to ensure that the high production standards are adhered to. These mainly relate to sustainable and social criteria. In concrete terms, this means that the pillow is made completely vegan, free of harmful substances and without child labor. This applies to the entire production chain, so there is no risk that the original millet was grown by children’s hands.

In addition, the pillow is filled 100% with organic millet husks . These are made in Germany and form the soft filling that ensures a good night’s sleep.

To provide additional protection, the millet is placed in a cotton inner net. You can remove this and if the pillow is too high, the filling material can be removed.

If you value high production standards and social working conditions are important to you in addition to ecological criteria, you can rest assured with this model. Strict care is taken to ensure that it is produced fairly and is made only from natural materials . So you get an ecological product of the best quality to improve your sleep.

NATUR-SHOP24.DE BIO HIRSEKISSEN also produced the organic millet pillow in a similarly natural way . It has the Oeko-Tex seal and thus ensures that no harmful substances were introduced during production. This is important because you lie on the pillow for about 8 hours every night and you certainly don’t want to come into contact with pollutants.

The filling material is obtained from controlled organic cultivation . Before the chaff is placed in the pillow, it is carefully cleaned and sterilized. This ensures the best conditions for your sleeping comfort to benefit from this pillow.

With a size of 40x80cm , this version has a cozy area. If you are a restless sleeper, you don’t have to worry about your head slipping off with this pillow. There is definitely enough space.

The millet chaff is packed in a dust-proof cotton ticking. This makes it easy to remove and the cover is machine washable at 40 ° C.

If you want an organically grown millet pillow that adapts very well to your head , this variant is well suited for you.


A very similar millet pillow to the previous one is also offered by Natur-Shop24. The difference lies mainly in the slightly different surface . This is no longer smooth, but has small corrugations . This makes the pillow a little more breathable and could be more comfortable for you.

The key data, however, remain the same. With a size of 40x80cm there is enough space to cuddle with the pillow and move a little. There is also the possibility of halving the pillow and with a size of 40x40cm it is around 10cm high. The filling is accordingly more noticeable and less flexible. If you prefer a higher support force, this variant could be better for you.

For the most part, buyers report the positive experiences they have had with this pillow. This has reduced neck problems and finally sleeping through the night was easier again. The material proves to be particularly friendly for the muscles and tension is a thing of the past.

If you also want to protect your neck muscles and relieve tension , try this pillow to benefit from these properties.


The benefits of the millet pillow should already have been worked out to a large extent. Here is another compact overview , which is why this pillow is so well suited for you.


Most pillows are shaped in such a way that they offer a high level of comfort, especially for those who sleep on their backs. Among the sleeping positions, however, there are some people who prefer to sleep on their side or stomach.

The millet pillow also offers good stability for these sleeping positions. Due to the large number of small grains , it adapts to practically any sleeping position and is very flexible.


Neck tension and pain occur because the head is not stabilized enough . The muscles have to do some work while you sleep and are unable to fully rest.

The properties of the millet pillow promote relaxation of the muscles. The filling adapts perfectly to the posture of the head and supports it. In this way you will curb annoying neck tension in the long term and give your muscles a break.


Opinions differ as to whether the temperatures should be slightly higher or lower during the night. While most people prefer cooler sheets and hang them outside before sleeping, you may prefer the warmth.

The warmth is particularly positive if you suffer from tension and want to allow your muscles to relax. Under the influence of heat, the muscles no longer have to work and come to rest completely. Similar to a Wärmeunterbett the millet filling for providing natural and pleasant heat in bed. Put the pillow in the oven for a few minutes and you will feel the warmth in bed all night.


The millet pillow is a purely natural product. The manufacturers ensure that no harmful substances are used. This fact is not only advantageous from a sustainability point of view, but also positive for allergy sufferers. If you are allergic to certain fillings or materials, the millet pillow is a natural alternative. The cotton cover can be washed at high temperatures and the filling can also be removed from the bag and aired. In this way you reduce the exposure to allergens and create a good sleeping environment if you suffer from a house dust allergy.

The second large target group primarily affects people who suffer from problems in the neck muscles. Due to work in the office and too little exercise, neck pain and an unhealthy posture are now among the most common health problems. With the millet pillow you not only create greater stability for the neck area, but the warmth also has a beneficial effect. With the combination of warmth and high support, you will help your neck region in the long term and get the problems under control.


Millet is a natural product. But you don’t need to be afraid that this will involve much more effort. It should be noted that you have to treat the cover and the filling differently.

The reference You wash as in a conventional pillow. In most cases this is at 60 ° C in the machine. Here, however, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.

The filling must not be washed. This would cause the desired properties to be lost and the grains to be damaged. Simply shake out the entire pillow and place it outside to ventilate. This is already enough so that you can use the millet pillow for a long time.

If you want to warm up the pillow in the oven, make sure that you do this carefully. Set it for 10 to 15 minutes in the oven , but make sure that it warmer rather than 70 ° C is.


If a higher temperature in bed is important to you and you have previously been using a hot water bottle or a moor pillow , the millet pillow may be a better alternative for you. It is very comfortable, supports your muscles and relieves tension.

You will achieve a high level of sleeping comfort with this natural product and do something good for your health.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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