Mites spray – These sprays protect you from mites

The  house dust allergy  plagued by now  more than 10 million people in Germany.  In response to the mite droppings, your eyes water, your nose runny, and your airways become irritated. This can not only be a problem for the night, but can also manifest itself in the long term in asthma.

Therefore, you should definitely take the allergy seriously and take special  precautionary measures.  Bed linen for allergy sufferers  is a good start to avoid giving mites a place to nestle in.

But to clean the  mattress or upholstered furniture , you will hardly get around a good mite spray. Spray your mattress and furniture to get rid of the mites. You can find out which mite sprays perform best in this comparison.

Mites are not visible to humans  .  They are so small and still can be found almost everywhere in the household. They prefer to choose the bed and upholstered furniture to sit down and multiply there. They feed on flakes of skin and the small animal’s excrements are responsible for the allergic reactions.

With common means, such as ventilation or thorough washing, you will reduce the exposure, but you will not be able to completely avoid it. Mites are very resilient animals  and can only be killed at high temperatures. Therefore, the no  bedding at least 60 ° C, better 90 ° C washed  be.

However, you cannot simply put the mattress in the washing machine. In order  to reduce the mite load, the mite spray could be a good alternative for you.

The  effect of the mite sprays  depends on the agents used and their ingredients. The following substances are commonly used in natural ingredients:


The  neem oil  is used for a variety of pests.  It prevents the small animals from shedding their skin. As a result, they cannot develop and remain as a larva. However, neem oil is ineffective against adult mites. Therefore,  there is no immediate effect  and trust is given to lower the population in the long term and prevent it from multiplying. In general, the effectiveness of the natural ingredients has hardly been proven.

As an alternative,  chemical ingredients  can be used. Usually permethrin and esbiothrin are used here. Permethrin is an  insecticide that is used against mites and lice. It is classified as a neurotoxin and penetrates the mites’ brain and nerve marrow. These chemical agents are much  more effective, but they are less well tolerated and there can be hazards for humans and pets.


If you no longer want to surrender to the adverse effects of the mite, but rather  enjoy the night in peace , you will receive a selection of three mite sprays. These convince buyers and have provided  relief from the symptoms  . You can also use it to treat your mattress effectively.


The Gerobug Power mite spray is one of the  most popular anti-mite products . Numerous buyers are satisfied with the effect and give this spray the top grade.

Since permethrin  is used as an ingredient  , it is a chemical mite spray. The effect has been proven, but you have to be careful that  pets do not come into contact with this active ingredient.  The permethrin represents a high risk for cats in particular. To be on the safe side, they should leave the apartment while the spray is being used.

The advantage of this spray is that it works  after a short time.  The nerve poison attacks the mites and after a few hours the population will be reduced.

With a  duration of action of 6 to 12 weeks,  you only have to use it relatively rarely. The protection is provided for a long period of time, so that repeated use is only necessary every 2 to 3 months.

This mite spray is also completely  odorless . This means that you can use it anywhere in the apartment on the upholstered furniture without causing any odor pollution.

To put an end to the drift of the mites, you have to apply the agent to the appropriate upholstered furniture using the  spray bottle  . Before use, you have to pour the bottle and spray the agent on from a distance of 30cm. Afterwards, it should be  thoroughly aired for around 1 to 2 hours  . In any case, avoid direct contact with the liquid. It is better to wear long clothes and gloves to avoid any danger.

Then you can use the Gerobug mite spray successfully in the fight against pests and effectively protect your  mattress. The effectiveness is confirmed, occurs briefly and convinces with a long duration of action of up to 3 months.


As an effective means which on the ingredients  permethrin  and  esbiothrin  familiar, the mites spray of DFNT. It has essentially the same properties as the mite psray Gerobug and can be used to rid mattresses and upholstered furniture of the mites.

The mite spray works  on a water basis  and has no odor of its own. You can easily distribute it in the living rooms without them smelling of this agent afterwards.

Due to its water base, the product is  also well suited for sensitive surfaces.  You can use it on leather surfaces and spray it on white curtains. It can even be used on clothing without leaving any residue.

As is usual with this insecticide, the effect takes place within a few hours. The  mites absorb the active ingredient  and the neurotoxin kills the small animals in a very short time. In addition, a is  long-term protection of up to 3 months  guaranteed. As a result, the workload is low and the application does not have to be repeated too often.

The ease of use is also positive  .  The spray head is finely designed so that no large drops are created, but the agent is precisely distributed over the surface to be treated. This makes it easier to apply and you have to use less of the agent overall  .

simple application with guaranteed effect  , this mite spray of DFNT. It  is suitable for all upholstered furniture, mattresses and clothing  and impresses with long-term protection of up to 3 months.


The Hansepro mite spray, on the other hand, does not use chemical agents. Here comes  geraniol  is used, which has an antimicrobial effect. In addition to mites, this can also repel other insects. The geraniol is sometimes used in mosquito sprays, for example, to protect against these bloodsuckers.

Due to the  natural ingredients  , this product proves to be better tolerated. It has been  dermatologically tested  and rated “very good”. This mite spray is less of a threat if you are sensitive to chemical agents.

Also  for your pets is the geraniol are not dangerous.  To be able to easily cuddly toys your kids or a  dog’s bed  treatment, to reduce the number of mites.

The effect of geraniol is based on the fact that the  airways of the mites are blocked  . As a result, they die within a very short time and can no longer excrete the harmful allergens. Another positive aspect is that the allergens clump together as a result of the spray. They therefore no longer get into the air through the air circulation, but remain deep in the mattress, where they are much less harmful.

 The effect of Hansepro Geraniol should last for up to 6 months and protect the furniture. This means that you can use this product sparingly. A 500ml bottle is enough for about 25m²  and should be enough for a bed for more than 1 year.

You get natural mite spray “made in Germany”  with this Hansepro mite spray. It is completely safe for humans and pets, so that even sensitive skin is not irritated by this agent. Trust this ingredient to keep the mites out of the mattress for a long time.


The application of the mite sprays presented here turns out to be extremely simple. The ingredients are already  filled into  handy spray bottles and the agent only has to be applied to the mattress.

To do this, it is helpful to vacuum the  upholstered furniture thoroughly with a mite vacuum beforehand.  This removes impurities beforehand and creates a good basis for the mite spray to work better.

The spray is then applied  at a distance of approx. 30 centimeters.  Let it sit for about an hour before using the bed or upholstered furniture again.

The room should be well ventilated  while the agent  is working. After the exposure time, the vacuum cleaner is used again to remove the residue of the spray from the surface.

With these few steps you have carried out an  effective treatment  and reduced the exposure to allergens. The mites are killed and long-term protection is provided for several months.


When choosing a mite spray, the main thing you have to make is whether you  want to rely on  chemical or natural ingredients . These differ in their mode of action and effectiveness.

It is often said that herbal mite sprays only have a preventive effect. While this is true in many cases,  the active ingredient geraniol works quickly to eliminate the mites.

If there are pets or small children in your household  ,  you should  rather use the natural ingredients . These are less of a concern and pose no danger.

If the infestation is severe, natural mite sprays  prove to  be  less effective.  The mites are not decimated in sufficient numbers, so that although the exposure is reduced, symptoms can still occur during the night.

Here it makes sense either to switch to chemical mite sprays or to use other options to keep the mattress free from mites. mite vacuum is a good way to suck  the animals and allergens out of the mattress. With the help of  bed linen for allergy sufferers  , you prevent direct contact with the allergens and keep these substances away from you.


Although mite sprays are not particularly complex products, you should still make  sure that they meet your requirements  and help to combat the mites.

When choosing the optimal mite spray, it is essential to pay attention to the  ingredients . As already mentioned, you should use a natural spray if you have a sensitive reaction and pets in the apartment. These are more tolerable and do not pose a threat. However, their effectiveness has not been confirmed and they have proven to be less effective.

Then you should assess  how quickly the effect should occur.  If you suffer from acute complaints and the nights represent a great burden instead of relaxation, you should choose mite sprays that have an  immediate effect  . These are usually chemical ingredients that lead to death. If you want to take a more  preventive  approach, you could use natural remedies with a  neem oil  .

You should also make sure that the  agent is suitable for sensitive surfaces  and has its own odor. Natural products often have a smell, which is why they are not recommended for use on clothing. If you use these agents in the apartment, it may take a while for the smell to dissipate.


Mite sprays are just  one way to keep pesky animals out of the mattress.  In order to reduce the burden and deal better with the allergy, you should take  further precautionary  measures. Because with a little care, the mites will not even feel comfortable in your mattress.

This includes choosing a mattress that is  as breathable as possible  . Both spring core mattresses and memory foam mattresses , which have a multi-layer structure and ventilation channels, are suitable here  . These offer  better moisture exchange so that the mattress stays dry. The drier, the more uncomfortable the mites feel because they prefer a moist environment.

The  airing  is also part of one of the most effective measures to deal with the house dust allergy. By ventilating you reduce the exposure to allergens and  regulate the humidity.  This also contributes to the fact that mites do not feel comfortable in your living environment and multiply less.

It is also an advantage not to have upholstered furniture and cuddly toys in the bed in the bedroom  .  Rather choose leather furniture or wooden furniture. These do not offer any space where the mites could nest.

Also make sure that the bed linen and covers can be machine washed at  at least 60 ° C. Only at these temperatures do you kill the mites and reduce the load.

By sticking to these basic rules, you will already create a good  foundation so that mites do not spread in your mattress.


If you suffer from a house dust allergy, you will hardly be able to spend the  nights in peace Mites can be found in practically every bed  and make your  nose run or you can breathe more difficult . Not good conditions to recover from a stressful day.

The  mite spray offers a simple but effective way to better deal with the allergy.  The mites are killed and you can take further measures to prevent these animals from settling in your bedroom.

It is best to spray your mattress in the morning  and you can use it that same evening and you will clearly feel the change. You can finally sleep in peace again without being plagued by the allergy.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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