Mites vacuums – guide & comparison

Are you one of the almost 10 million people in Germany who suffer from a house dust allergy? Then, without special precautions, you will be plagued by the typical symptoms every night. Your eyes are irritated, your nose is runny and sleep is disturbed.

Therefore, you should try to counteract these complaints and learn how to remove the mites from the bed. mite spray is an effective way to reduce the mite population. Nevertheless, the harmful allergens will still be present in the mattress and cause the discomfort. A mite teat is necessary to avoid direct contact . Only this is able to deeply clean a stressed mattress and free it from mite excrement.

Find out how the mite vacuum works and the advantages of using it. As a house dust allergy sufferer, the mite vacuum is an indispensable aid in the household.

Mites are small animals that can be found in every mattress. They populate all upholstered furniture and even new mattresses are contaminated with these animals after a short time.

Up to two million mites can live in the mattress. The cause of the allergic reaction are the excretions of the mite. The body is sensitive to the feces and the allergy symptoms appear.

Mites have no natural enemies in the mattress and can multiply there undisturbed. They feed on human skin flakes and the slightly more humid climate offers optimal living conditions. These resilient animals can even survive washes, so you’ll have to use harder agents to clean the mattress.

One of the few means that effectively combats the mites from the mattress is the mite vacuum. It is a special vacuum cleaner that is able to suck the mites out of the mattress. It has a HEPA filter , which prevents the mites from escaping from the inside of the teat.

Therefore, ordinary vacuum cleaners are not suitable for vacuuming the mattress. The mites would be sucked up, but the environment would be more likely to be contaminated. The fine particles do not remain in the vacuum cleaner, but come out again. Sometimes the house dust can become even more polluted after this application .


The mite vacuum clearly distinguishes itself from ordinary vacuum cleaners thanks to its range of functions . The other properties that a special mite teat have are advantageous for allergy sufferers.


With an ordinary vacuum cleaner, there is a risk that the fine particles will be redistributed in the room via the exhaust air . They are able to suck up the mite excrement and the small animals, but these do not remain in the device. They are so small that they are released again via the exhaust air. As a result, there is a higher level of pollution in the room air and the symptoms can increase for allergy sufferers.

A mite teat has a filter that keeps the fine particles inside. These are not released again via the exhaust air. The mites and their excretions remain securely in the teat, so that the load on the mattress and the room air is effectively reduced.

In addition to the mites , bacteria, viruses or pollen also remain in the mite teat. In this way, the mattress is freed from several pathogens at the same time and high hygiene standards are ensured.


The mites and their droppings are not necessarily on the surface. You may have penetrated deeper into the mattress and from there represent a burden.

In order to achieve a greater depth effect, most mite suckers have a vibration function . With this, the underside begins to vibrate or to hit the mattress lightly. As a result, the contaminants are loosened from the tissue and absorbed more reliably by the mite teat.


Mites are extremely resilient animals. They can cope with the greatest differences in temperature and even survive a wash at 30 ° C in the machine. On the other hand, UV light is a weakness.

The UV light is not visible to humans. This is shown in blue on the mite sucker, but the actually effective light wavelength is invisible to humans. The DNA of the mites is destroyed by the action of the UV light They are killed immediately and cannot reproduce any further.

However, killing the mites does not solve the real problem. After all, the feces are still in the mattress. Only with the mite vacuum will you remove the excrement and with the help of the integrated UV light you will decimate the mite population. It is therefore not a sensible alternative to simply irradiate the mattress with UV light. Without subsequent suction, the feces will still be there and lead to the complaints.

Incidentally , viruses and bacteria are also killed at the same time Due to its high effectiveness, UV light is also used in hospitals to disinfect entire rooms. With the mite vacuum you can easily use this effective remedy yourself. In any case, avoid looking directly into the UV light, as this damages the eye.


Do you value a clean mattress and should it not only look perfect, but also be clean inside? Then the investment in a mite vacuum will pay off for you.

The mite vacuum cleaner is primarily intended for those who are allergic to house dust . These have to struggle most clearly with the symptoms. The night is characterized by breathing difficulties and the irritated mucous membranes . If this load continues, allergic asthma can occur, which permanently damages the airways.

But even if you are not allergic to the mites, the thought that there are more than 2 million small animals in your mattress could cause disgust. This feeling is not entirely unfounded. Because there are certainly types of mites that bite. This can be recognized by a clear reddening of the area. With the mite vacuum you will also get to grips with these mites and prevent them from multiplying in bed. Also other pests, such as fleas will you banish from the mattress.

The mite vacuum is therefore recommended for all people who do not want to share their mattress with mites or other small animals. The vigorous suction means that deep cleaning is carried out so that the animals do not even nestle in the mattress.


As an allergy sufferer, you will hardly be able to do without the mite teat. But how do the models differ and what are the best versions? Below you will find a selection of 5 first-class teats that will support you in the fight against the mites.


The beginning of the overview is the CLEANmaxx Milgen hand vacuum cleaner with an output of 300 watts . It is a high-performance product that convinces with a fair price. For less than 60 euros you can get a mite vacuum that has the necessary functions and effectively sucks the mites out of the mattress.

The UV light is at the front on the underside This is able to kill around 99.9% of all house dust mites in the first pass.

Then the high suction force is used, which pulls the killed mites and the impurities out of the mattress. Thanks to the high-quality HEPA filter , the sucked up particles remain in the device and are not released into the environment.

If this mite vacuum is used frequently, the easy cleaning is a real advantage. The HEPA filter can be washed out and the dust container emptied in a simple way. This ensures that there is a high suction power even with frequent use.

The device performs well not only on the mattress, but also on other surfaces. You can use a vacuum cleaner on pillows or armchairs to remove the mites there too.

Reduce stress and sleep better at night with the CLEANmaxx mite vacuum. It offers excellent value for money and will reliably suck allergens out of bed.


Are you looking for a universal handheld vacuum cleaner that has the highest possible performance? Then the Dyson v6 is made for you.

It can be operated with a maximum output of 350 watts . The design is designed in such a way that a high suction force is created. This is not only suitable for removing mites from the mattress, but also for removing other contaminants.

After sucking in, the HEPA filter ensures that the allergens remain safely inside. They are not directed to the outside, but are trapped in the housing.

The handling is flexible due to the battery . The suction power can be adjusted manually and on a low level the vacuum cleaner can be used for a duration of approx. 20 minutes . After that, a charging process of about 3 1/2 hours is necessary.

Bags are not required with this teat. The contents are emptied in a few simple steps and operation can be resumed. The filter can be washed out and used for a long time.

The several attachments supplied are also practical For example, an electric brush, a combination nozzle and a crevice nozzle are already included in the scope of delivery.

It is a pity, however, that no UV light is integrated. Therefore, it is less a special dust mite vacuum cleaner than an ordinary hand-held vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

If you want to use a versatile hand-held vacuum cleaner that impresses with a variable power setting , the Dyson V6 is a good decision. Although it is not one of the cheaper variants, the numerous positive customer reviews confirm the high suction power and the benefits of this device.


You can also get a 300 watt dust collector from MaxVitalis. The vacuum cleaner is suitable for all upholstery surfaces and mattresses to effectively remove the mites.

The mites are removed from the mattress in a 3-step process . In order to achieve a greater depth effect, the underside is provided with a vibration unit . This shakes out the mattress and brings the allergens closer to the surface.

The mites are then killed using UV light. The UV light can be found at the tip of the teat so that the small animals are effectively incapacitated. In the same processing step, bacteria and other germs are also killed , so that a high level of hygiene is guaranteed.

In the last step, the mites and the mite droppings are sucked in. Thanks to the high-quality HEPA filter , the particles remain in the teat and do not come out again. With regular use, it is advisable to order a replacement filter and change it after a certain period of time. This ensures that the vacuum cleaner can work properly.

A connection to the power grid is required for operation. The cable length of 4.5 meters allows comfortable use and should not be an obstacle.

Use the 3-stage mechanism of action to remove mites and germs from the bed or other upholstered furniture. The price-performance ratio is convincing and the extensive functions deliver a satisfactory result.


The mite vacuum from Dibea is also equipped with a 300 watt motor . With its diverse functions, it is ideally suited to quickly and thoroughly reducing allergen exposure.

As an introduction, the vibration unit is an excellent support to lure the mites out of the mattress. With over 33,000 beats per minute , the animals are transported to the surface near the teat.

There the long head sucks in the loads and particles. The brush is designed in such a way that it only exerts gentle pressure and does not pose a risk to the mattress. This ensures that the cover or the mattress will not be damaged by the vacuum cleaner.

20cm long UV light is also integrated This switches on automatically when the vacuum cleaner is placed on the surface. If you lift the device, the light switches off so that there is no risk of you looking into the lamp.

The HEPA filter retains all particles up to 0.3 microns in size inside. In the end, only the fresh air is released into the room, so that the burden for allergy sufferers is reduced. The 6-stage filter system works first class and is easy to clean.

The cable is sufficient with a length of 4.5m to also widely evacuate the room. This way you can get to every corner and clean the upholstered furniture.

The mite teat from Dibea has a very high effect and will alleviate your symptoms after use. In addition to vacuuming dust mites, you can also remove animal hair and kill germs. The 20cm long UV light allows pleasant work and covers a large area.


An intelligent mite vacuum is provided by the manufacturer Iris. This not only has a high output of 400 watts , but also additional functions that differ significantly from other versions.

It all starts with the vibration motor . This strikes around 6,000 times a minute to move the particles from the depths of the mattress. The tapping rod is 20 cm long and able to work on a large area.

After being driven over by the vibrations, the particles are sucked up powerfully. There are three different intensities to choose from, from which you can freely choose. In the highest power level, the 400 watt motor is superior to the usual models and will develop a higher cleaning power .

The filter holds back the dust and polluted air so that they do not pollute the surrounding air. The real highlight of the device, however, is the cleanliness sensor . The colors red, orange and green show how clean the fabric to be cleaned is. The red color indicates that there is a high load and that you should work on this area with the vacuum cleaner.

The cable with a length of 4m enables comfortable working. The nozzle rotates and can be moved at a 90 ° angle. In this way you will work on the surface without leaving any residue. Unfortunately, UV light is not integrated, so you often have to clean the mattress to decimate the mite population.

Use this mite vacuum with the highest suction power to effectively achieve a deep effect. The sensor shows you where the house dust is and allows you to check the results. Use this model regularly to help you sleep better at night.


There are basically two types of suction cups. Depending on the operating option, a distinction is made between the electric mite vacuums with a cable connection and the cordless cordless mite vacuums. Find out what their individual advantages are and which version is more suitable for you.


The conventional electric mite vacuums are equipped with a cable. These devices are able to develop their higher power via the cable connection .

The suction power of these models is superior to the battery variants. They have a higher wattage and suck up the mites more reliably. You also don’t have to charge it and the duration of use does not depend on the charge level.

When using it, however, you have to pay attention to the cable routing. This can be a bit of a nuisance if your bedroom is very nooks and crannies.


On the other hand, you can also use a cordless mite vacuum. This works without a cable and draws its energy from the integrated battery.

It is necessary to charge the battery before use The device can then be used for a certain period of time before it needs to be recharged. The mileage is usually between 10 and 20 minutes.

However, the performance of these devices is a bit more limited. They are not quite as strong when it comes to getting the allergens out of bed. The advantage of this is that it is less noisy.

If you do not need a particularly high performance and value the flexible application options, then cordless mite vacuums are a good choice for you. For maximum performance, you should prefer the wired versions.


Removing the mites from the bed is a big challenge, even with the mite vacuum. You should therefore follow the instructions for use in order to minimize allergen exposure.

This includes that the mite vacuum must be used regularly during the first period of use. The manufacturers recommend that the vacuum cleaner should be used every day for the first week . Since the mites are deep in the mattress, they will still be present in a large population even after the first use. Only by repeating it frequently will you decimate the mites to such an extent that the mattress meets higher hygiene requirements.

After this first intensive cleaning, it is sufficient if you use the vacuum cleaner around once or twice a month to clean the mattress. In general, if you experience symptoms, you should reach for the teat once more.

How well the contents are filled also gives you an indication of how heavy the load was in the mattress. Change the bag regularly or clean the container. It is best to carry out this cleaning outdoors , otherwise the particles could contaminate the air in the room. The HEPA filter should also be cleaned regularly. To do this, it is washed off under lukewarm water and then dried. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of the filter.


The mite sucker is an important tool to support you in the fight against the animals. Which properties should you pay attention to if you want to find the right device for you?


The mites are not only located in the upper area, but penetrate deep into the mattress . In order to effectively remove the excrement and dead mites from the upholstered furniture, a higher suction force is necessary.

If you have an older mattress , you should opt for a corded vacuum cleaner . This has a higher performance and is a better help with acute problems.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are only suitable if the mattress is relatively new and your symptoms are weak. Then the battery-powered models will provide sufficient power to relieve your symptoms. Also note that the battery will degrade over time. Cable devices are better suited for longer mileage.


A vibration unit should be available for effective removal of the annoying animals and allergens. This carries out several thousand blows per minute and carries the mites to the surface. The vibrations loosen the tissue and work more effectively.

With very sensitive surfaces, you should make sure that the vibrations can be switched on and off separately. If you prefer to be on the safe side, then do without the vibration unit in order not to damage the surface.

As a rule, however, the vibrations will be completely harmless to the mattress and its surface. Thanks to the vibrations, more effective cleaning is possible in order to reduce the load.


The effect of UV light has already been discussed several times. These special light waves are deadly to germs and mites. The DNA is destroyed and the small animals die.

The advantage of UV light is that it is more effective in depth . Even if the allergens are not yet removed from the inside of the mattress, the UV light is able to reduce the mite population. With repeated suction you are able to suck up the dead animals and remove the mite excrement. The mites will then multiply less so that a higher level of hygiene is guaranteed.

When using it, you should keep in mind that UV light is not harmless to humans either. You should n’t look directly into the light source as it poses a hazard to the retina. Safe use is possible if the UV light switches off automatically when the teat is lifted.


The heart of the mite vacuum is its filter system . An ordinary handheld vacuum cleaner without a HEPA filter won’t be of much help. On the contrary – by sucking in, the harmful particles are only distributed in the air and trigger even stronger symptoms. It is therefore important to pay attention to the quality of the filter when buying .

The filters are able to keep mites, germs and bacteria inside the vacuum cleaner. The quality of the filter is described in different classes. The filter is classified according to the amount of dust in the exhaust air. The following classification is made for this purpose.

Dust content in the air <0.02% = class A
Dust content in the air between 0.02 and 0.08% = class B.
Dust content in the air between 0.08 and 0.2% = class C
Dust content in the air between 0.2 and 0.35% = class D
Dust content in the air between 0.35 and 0.6% = class E.
Dust content in the air between 0.6 and 1% = class F.

Most teats are in the 0.3 percent range and are sufficient for allergy sufferers. Only a negligibly small part of the particles gets back into the room air. With such high quality filters, you are sure to get relief from your symptoms.


If you suffer from a house dust allergy, you will struggle with the symptoms every night. There will be ailments reminiscent of a cold. In the morning you hardly wake up refreshed and you will find it difficult to start the day. The allergy can therefore lead to sleep disorders and serious illnesses.

The mite teat is essential for allergy sufferers. It is the only reliable method to remove the mites from the bed. With new mattresses and bed linen, special allergy bedding helps , but this does not remove the mites themselves from the upholstered furniture.

Start using the mite teat every day to reduce exposure. This intensive application is necessary to get the mites out of the mattress. Ventilate regularly and avoid stuffed animals in bed so as not to give the mites a place. Then you will feel a significant improvement and finally sleep through the night without any problems.

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Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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