Mobile massage tables – massage relaxed with these designs

A massage in the office or in the living room at home can more likely be used by everyone. But usually a trip to a studio is necessary for the massage. This is not only associated with a high expenditure of time, but also with an unfamiliar environment. You may not be able to relax completely there and the massage will be perceived as less effective.

The mobile massage table offers a remedy here. This lounger can be set up flexibly in a wide variety of locations. A massage can take place during the break, so that you can forget the stress in the office.

But how well do the mobile massage tables perform and which models are the best?

In this comparison you will find out everything about this special form of lounger. In addition, you will be introduced to three massage tables, which you can use flexibly.

Stable massage tables are used in massage studios or in other practices to massage patients. The muscles are worked and, thanks to the manual action, tensions are released.

A large part of the population now suffers from tension. The work in the office puts a lot of strain on the neck muscles and a neck massager alone is no longer sufficient to alleviate this pain. The professional has to lend a hand and massage out the knots and tension.

The mobile massage table is designed so that it has a folding mechanism . This allows the bed to be folded up. This means that it can be flexibly transported by vehicle . A carrying case is also included to make it easier to use. In this the mobile massage table is transported and protected from the weather. If it is raining outside or if it is cold, the lounger can still be used without any problems.

The most common area of ​​application can be found in the area of home visits . The masseur does not perform his work in his studio, but goes to the patient. In the home environment, the mobile massage table is set up in a few simple steps and the massage can begin. It is important that the massage table is absolutely stable. Because during the treatment high forces will act on the patient and the couch.

But mobile massage tables are also used in practices and studios. These can be set up quickly when the stable loungers are all occupied. The mobile loungers can also be set up freely in the practice. In this way, the studios can react to the different needs of the patients.

So there are several reasons that speak in favor of using a mobile massage table. Especially if you have trouble sleeping, it could be useful to treat them with a massage.


In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile massage table compared to the stationary variants are mentioned again. This gives you a better insight into which version is better suited for your application.


The greatest advantage is the flexibility in use. You can set up the mobile massage table practically anywhere that there is a stable surface. Whether in the apartment, in the practice or outdoors – you are free to choose where you want to use the massage table. It is particularly advantageous to set it up outdoors, for example in the garden. Because what better place to enjoy the massage than in the sunshine and listening to the birds chirping?

Once the treatment has been completed, the mobile massage table can be easily stowed away. They are folded up using the folding mechanism and stowed in a suitable place. In this way, they hardly take up space when they are not in use and are hardly noticeable even in a smaller apartment. The protective bag also allows storage in the basement.

The massage table should be as stable as possible so that the patient feels comfortable and there is no risk of the patient falling off the surface. With a weight of 10 to 25 kilograms , the mobile massage table is easy to transport, but offers sufficient stability. You can stow it alone in the vehicle and drive it to the patient and set it up there. The carrying bag facilitates transport and handling.


Compared to the stationary models, the mobile massage table offers less freedom in terms of adjustment options. The height and other elements are somewhat limited in the settings. The mobile loungers are still perfectly adequate for normal use.

However, the comfort is perceived as less pleasant. If the massage is to last a longer period of time, for example more than an hour, a stationary bed feels better. The upholstery is a bit thicker and overall it gives a more stable impression. However, the mobile versions are still well suited for ordinary massages that only last 20 to 30 minutes. The differences in comfort will hardly have any effect there.


If you don’t yet have an overview of which massage tables are generally available, you can find out here which versions are used in practice.


This variant is the most widely used . They are mainly found in massage studios and practices. They are built to be used in one place for a long time.

They are significantly heavier, but more stable and very comfortable . In terms of dimensions, the lying surface is slightly larger and the padding is thicker. Therefore, they are particularly comfortable and can be used for a longer period of time.

The head and foot sections can be adjusted individually so that the patient lies comfortably. This enables all types of treatments to be performed on this bed.

However, it is difficult to move the lounger at short notice. There are several people needed to move the sun and the setting may take some time to complete. The stationary massage table is therefore less suitable for home use.


The mobile massage table is much more flexible. The individual advantages and disadvantages have already been explained in detail. The main differences are that this model is lighter and more compact. The bed can be folded up and conveniently transported.

massage is therefore possible regardless of location and a home visit is also conceivable. This lounger is very useful for private individuals and takes up little space when it is stowed away.


Similar to the case with electric box spring beds , there are also motorized massage tables. With these, the settings are no longer made manually, but controlled by remote control.

This has the advantage that the strength of the masseur is saved and he can concentrate fully on the treatment. Thanks to the various settings, a high level of comfort is offered.

However, a power connection is required to operate the motors.


If you would like to use a mobile massage table yourself and either be massaged or perform a massage, you will now receive a choice of three models. These differ in design and you can decide for yourself which lounger best meets your requirements.


The first TecTake model presented here is in a medium price range. At a price of a little under 80 euros, you get a usable mobile massage table that is suitable for home use.

With a thickness of 5cm , the padding is sufficient to relax and enjoy a massage of 30 minutes. During this period, the upholstery is felt to be comfortable and sufficient.

The various setting options are advantageous The neck and arm areas can be adjusted in height. The height of the entire lying surface is variably adjustable. Depending on the treatment and requirements, you can leave the facial recess in the bed or remove it.

With a weight of around 14 kilograms , this mobile massage table is still easy to carry. The practical carrying bag helps with this . This can be put around and a home visit is possible without any problems.

Since the lounger only consists of 2 zones, it can be folded up quickly. Similar to a folding knife, you bring the two surfaces together and stow them in the carrying bag.

The wooden construction looks stable and the manufacturer guarantees a maximum load of 250 kilograms . The cable connections provide additional stability so that there is no risk of the lounger wobbling during use.

If you are looking for a high-quality solution with 2 zones , this mobile massage table from TecTake is an excellent choice. At 14 kilograms, this is still easy to handle and thanks to the wooden construction, the lounger is absolutely stable. This is how massages are effective and tensions are released.


The comparison table could not be output.As a manufacturer, you might already be familiar with Naipo. Among other things, they produce Shiatsu massage devices that promise great relaxation. With the Deluxe 3-zone mobile massage table, you have another ace up your sleeve when it comes to working your muscles.

This lounger is made up of a total of 3 zones. The mobility is thus one module higher than was the case with the previous product. With the Naipo version, the headrest , the foot area, the armrests and the overall height can be changed.

Changing the foot area is useful when the upper body is to be straightened. This can lean on the lower side and the treatment can take place. This is useful if the couch is to be used for cosmetic applications.

The construction consists of a relatively light aluminum. This ensures that despite a more complex design, the weight of approx. 14 kilograms is still easy to handle. However, the construction is a bit more tedious. The bed is not only simply folded up, but the feet and other additional elements must be removed beforehand.

With a load capacity of 270 kilograms , powerful treatments can be carried out. It is also possible for the masseur to use his own body weight to reach deep into the patient’s muscles.

The bed surface is luxuriously designed with a width of 70 cm and the patient will not have to be afraid of falling off the bed. The padding is 5cm high , which is sufficient for ordinary treatment.

If not only massages are to be performed, but also cosmetic applications or even tattooing , this is very possible with this mobile massage table. The individual elements can be individually adapted and the carrying bag allows flexible use. This model thus combines the treatment options of a stationary bed with the flexibility of a mobile version. With this lounger you create the best conditions for an effective massage.


The version of the mobile massage table from Movit is based more closely on the first model. This consists of two zones , a wooden frame and can be folded like a folding knife.

The upholstery is about 4cm thick and the lying surface with a width of 70cm offers enough space to relax comfortably. The working height and the neck rest can be adjusted according to your own needs.

Above all, the stable construction of this lounger stands out. It consists of two wooden elements and additional struts that extend over the entire bed. This ensures that the elements are absolutely fixed and that nothing can slip.

Compared to the other two models, however, the weight is slightly higher at 17 kilograms . So you have to perform a little more to transport this lounger. The carrier bag looks classy and makes it easier for you to move the lounger.

The lounger is available in black or white. The face cutout can be opened or closed as needed. The armrests are also removable.

If a high level of stability is important for your massage , this mobile massage table offers the best possible position. You may have to work a little harder to move this table, but once it is set up, it is very reliable.


You have now received three suggestions of high-quality models, each of which is convincing in its own way. But what should you pay attention to when you have to decide on a model?


Of course, one of the most important factors in a mobile couch is weight. If you carry the lounger frequently and change the place of installation, the weight becomes noticeable. After all, you don’t want to exhaust yourself just wearing it, you want to use all your energy for the massage.

The models presented here are easy to transport at 14 or 17 kilograms. You will be able to assemble and transport the lighter versions by yourself without any problems. An additional 3 kilograms may not sound like much, but you can feel it when you transport it frequently.

If you travel a lot and the couch is moved, you should opt for a model in the 14 kilogram category. This makes your work easier and the stability is still required.


The bed should be easy to open and set up. In modern designs, such as the one presented here, the mechanism is designed to be practical. In a few simple steps, the legs are unfolded and the lounger is set up. The struts do not have to be removed, but are intelligently installed so that they can be folded up.

In cheaper models, the folding mechanism is often the weak point. Although the loungers can be folded up well, the mechanism will show clear weaknesses after a few times of use.

The products presented here meet the quality criteria and you can use them for a long time.


Both the masseur and the patient vary from treatment to treatment. Accordingly, you have to adjust some settings so that the massage does not become a stress test for the masseur.

Above all, the settings for the working height and the neck are important. These ensure that the work is done effectively and the patient feels comfortable. It is also helpful if the arms can be adjusted. This offers a high level of comfort and the massage is very successful.


If you want to relax, you no longer have to go to a massage studio. All you have to do is call your favorite masseur and he will pay you a home visit with a mobile massage table.

However, other applications are also possible. You can get a cosmetic treatment or get a new tattoo. In order to be able to react flexibly to the wishes of the customer, the mobile massage table is inevitable.

The lounger is set up in a few simple steps and the massage can then begin. Compared to stationary models, no compromises have to be made here.

Those who regularly need massages to relieve tension will appreciate your massage table for home use.

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