Moor pillows – of course, sleep well with these variants

The moor pillow is suitable for relieving pain. In addition to the pain-relieving effect, it is also said to inhibit inflammation and have other healing powers.

Therefore, the moor pillow has long been a component of naturopathy and is used in a variety of ways. Do you suffer from tension, arthritis, abdominal pain or other illnesses?

Then this pillow could be just the thing for you to treat the symptoms and make the pain less severe.

You can find out how to use this warming pillow and what makes it so special in this guide.

A bog is a wetland area that stands out due to its spongy soil . This soil has unique properties and there are a number of myths about it. In the past, the moor was primarily seen as a danger from which hikers could no longer escape. Once caught, the bodies were mummified in the moor and some were not found until hundreds of years later.

The special soil of the moor is inserted into the moor cushion and sealed with a plastic cover. The pillow is heated and the heat is used for therapy purposes.

In contrast to this, there are also the moor packs . The shells are somewhat permeable, so that the peat soil acts directly on the skin. The body absorbs the ingredients and the healing effect unfolds.

However , this is not the case with the moor cushions . This is purely about the special thermal effect that is achieved by the peatland. The special thing about the soil in terms of heat is that bog is a poor conductor of heat. What at first sounds contradicting the application of heat is precisely the positive effect that is used with the bog pillows.

If you use an ordinary hot water bottle, the heat will be “used up” relatively quickly . The water cools down quickly and you would have to fill the hot water bottle with new, hot water.

The bog cushion gives off heat much more slowly. This allows you to use the pillow for much longer and benefit from the warmth. A depth effect is achieved that would not be possible with a hot water bottle.

This is particularly beneficial in the case of pain in the neck or back. Once warmed up, you put the pillow behind your neck and benefit from the heat for a long time. You will quickly appreciate this warmth even with abdominal pain.

But it doesn’t just have to be the warmth. You can also use the coldness of the pillow to cool the affected areas. For example, if there is an inflammation or injury and you want to cool it gently, the bog pillow is a helpful companion.


The main benefit of the bog cushion is the use of the heat it provides Accordingly, the positive effects of heat therapy can be used.

The main areas of application are musculoskeletal disorders and pain therapy. The long-lasting warmth achieves a deeper effect that is more intense than with a hot water bottle and reaches the muscles.

The moor cushion is recommended for the following complaints:

Rheumatic symptoms
Stomach or kidney pain
Menstrual pain

Therefore, the main area of ​​application is in the treatment of muscular tension. Do you sit most of the day and don’t move often enough?

Then you will feel like a large part of the population in Germany. The neck muscles are stressed on one side and an imbalance occurs. This initially leads to uncomfortable tension, which can subsequently lead to postural damage. Therefore, in combination with sport, you should take remedial action at an early stage and release the tension. The warmth of a bog pillow is ideal for this.

The moor pillow is also well suited for acute complaints of lumbago. Under the influence of heat, pain is relieved and mobility is improved.

Apart from the muscular complaints, there are a number of other pains for which the moor pillow is recommended. This is the case , for example, with stomach or kidney pain . The warmth has a calming effect and can provide relaxation for cramps or general pain.

Women also often use the hot water bottle for menstrual cramps. In these cases, the bog pillow can be a better alternative and alleviate the pain. This increases the quality of life and you no longer have to suffer from these complaints.

The heat is also useful for your baby. If you want to use a warming pillow to create a comfortable atmosphere for your baby, the bog pillow is one of the best options. It is a natural product and can be used with babies without any problems. You should only check carefully how warm the pillow is beforehand. Then your newborn can benefit from the warmth for a while.


Depending on the complaints, another moor pillow can meet your requirements. Here you will find three recommendations that are rated as helpful by users.


With the Original Moorwichtel pillow, the material is taken from natural bath peat. This peat is usually used for medicinal purposes If people want to treat inflammation or alleviate other ailments, they seek out this peat in order to use the healing powers.

You can now enjoy this effect in the comfort of your own home. Because the Moorwichtel pillow is suitable for home use. The moor cushion can be heated either in the microwave or in the water bath. There it absorbs the heat and gradually releases it again in the form of a pillow.

The pillow is flexible and you can use it on different parts of the body. With a size of 38x26cm it is suitable for the neck, but also the back or stomach. This enables a wide range of applications.

If you need cooling , you can also store the moor pillow in the refrigerator. The cold can then also be used on the body and relieve pain.

In Moor Imp is a family which is the material degrades environmentally friendly. The peat is obtained from a renaturation moor mining area near Bad Aibling. So you can be sure that this pillow is made from sustainable moor.

If you want to use a particularly natural and environmentally friendly moor pillow , you should trust the manufacturer Moorwichtel. It is a regional family company that manufactures and sells the pillows. The size is suitable for all parts of the body and gives off the gentle warmth reliably.


The Axion variant is a bit larger. This moor pillow has a dimension of 40x30cm and is therefore well suited for larger parts of the body without any problems.

The moor cushion is an ideal heat store This pillow retains heat about 15 times longer than pure water could. This is a great advantage over conventional hot water bottles.

If muscles are to be relaxed deeply or pain relieved, this pillow is the ideal companion. All you have to do is warm it up in the microwave or water bath and use it afterwards.

The warming succeeds quickly. In the microwave you have to heat the compress on both sides for 3 minutes each. After that, there should be sufficient heat available that you can use for the treatment.

In the water bath , make sure that the water does not boil. A temperature of 80 ° C is considered ideal. The moor cushion must now lie in the water for about 5 to 10 minutes in order to absorb enough heat. So that the pillow remains flexible, you should knead it briefly.

When warmed up, this pillow is well suited to be placed on the back, stomach or legs . Thanks to its flexibility, you can also wrap the pillow around your legs.

If you prefer a slightly larger version that sometimes encloses your legs, this bog pillow is a good choice. The natural compress is made in Germany and is approved as a medical product. So you can rely on receiving a high quality.


If your complaints are mainly in the neck or shoulder, this smaller version of MedoVital is made for you. The moor pillow is specially shaped for the neck and easy to use.

hygienic PVC material is used on the outside . This has the advantage that you can clean the pillow easily after use.

The pillow can be wonderfully heated in the microwave or the oven Then you can put it on your neck and provide this region with warmth for a few hours.

Therefore, this model is particularly suitable in the office. Within a few minutes you can warm up this moor pillow and then put it on your neck while working on the computer and relieve tension.

You will receive further ideas on how to use the pillow with the instructions for use. There is also a more detailed description of how the heating must be carried out in the oven. From the experience of the users, a period of 10 minutes at a heat of 120 ° C is well suited to heat this pillow.

If you are looking for a more compact and light application for the neck, this moor pillow is optimally shaped. It has a small curve on the side so that it adapts well to the cervical spine. You will receive a practical helper in the office who will help you with tension and make your day-to-day work easier.


The use of the moor cushion is simply explained and just as simple as heating a finished product. If you can use a microwave, you will also be able to heat the bog pillow.

Basically, most manufacturers recommend warming up either in a water bath or in the microwave. In the water bath, it is important to make sure that the water does not boil. A temperature of approx. 80 ° C is considered ideal. Once this temperature has been reached, you put the pillow in the water bath and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. For better handling, there is a tab on the pillow, which you can use to pull it out of the water bath with a spoon.

In the microwave, the moor pillow can be warmed up faster and more easily. The manufacturer’s instructions must be observed here. After a few minutes on each side, the pillow should be warmed up enough to be able to use it for a long time.

If the pillow is to be used for cooling , you should never put it in the freezer. This may damage the cover and you can no longer use the moor cushion. Therefore, the pillow may only be cooled in the refrigerator .


The moor cushion is a medicinal natural product. For the thermal properties, it is not important where the material comes from. But from an environmental point of view, it could be important to you where the bog is taken from.

The importance of the moor for nature is often underestimated. The impression often arises as if the moor is a hostile place in which there is hardly any life. However, the moor is considered to be one of the most important biotopes for plants.

However, due to its excellent properties, for example as potting soil, the soil is severely threatened. Due to the strong demand, the area of ​​the moors is decreasing and the unique habitat is being destroyed.

Therefore, when buying, you should make sure that the moor cushion is obtained from sources that operate sustainably. Only as much material is removed as is recovered. With this gentle cultivation, the biotope is able to regenerate and by buying you do not promote the destruction.

The first-mentioned moor pillow by Moorwichtel, for example, is sustainable. This is environmentally friendly and you can use the positive properties for yourself without a guilty conscience.


If you want to use heat therapy for yourself and the hot water bottle is not long-lasting enough, the moor pillow is the better alternative. The special properties of the peat soil ensure that the heat is stored for a long time.

The pillow is heated in the microwave for a few minutes and then gives off a pleasant warmth for several hours. With this warmth you can relieve tension and relieve abdominal pain, among other things.

So use the natural power of the peat soil to do something good for your health with the peat cushion.

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