Neck hammock – 3 models for optimal relaxation

The neck is continuously exposed to stress. It supports the head and the muscles have to do a lot of work for it. Unfortunately, the modern world of work and the amount of time spent in the office mean that the neck muscles are no longer adequately trained. The load only takes place on one side and tension is the result.

The neck hammock aims to counteract this tension. You put your head in the loop and the neck is stretched. Similar to what a physiotherapist would do, the neck muscles are loosened and a relaxation effect occurs.

But which neck hammock is best for your needs? Take a look at the comparison of the three best versions and decide on a variant.

You are probably already familiar with a normal hammock. This is attached to two posts free-standing and you can relax with your body in the hammock. The gentle vibrations increase the relaxation effect and you feel as if you were lying on a cloud.

While the normal hammock is designed for the whole body and is mainly used for relaxation, you can choose a smaller version for the neck. These are equipped with a small storage area for the head and are attached to the door.

Then you put your head in the loop and the head is practically free in the hammock. This has the advantage that the neck is stretched and tension is released. It creates a movement that you could not achieve on your own.

If you suffer from tension in the neck, it does not have to be a trip to the masseur or physiotherapist. With the neck hammock you can achieve pleasant relaxation in your own four walls and prevent problems.


Take a look at the three neck hammocks below and decide for yourself which one you like best. After all, you have to know for yourself how best to relax your neck. What these statements have in common, however, is that they are of high quality and that users report positively about the application.


The neck hammock by Lanoa is the beginning of this comparison. This is described by users as particularly effective and has received numerous positive reviews.

How it works is simply explained. The belt is hung on the door handle and then the door is closed. The loop now hangs stable in the air and offers enough space for resting your head. The height of the loop can be adjusted to your own height using the strap. In this way you change the intensity of the stretch and get the greatest possible effect.

By resting the head and stretching the neck, some positive effects are achieved. Muscle pain subsides and tension in the neck or shoulder is relieved. Also headaches and stress can be reduced in this way.

In addition to this very direct effect, improvements can also be achieved in other areas of life. So your posture benefits of releasing the tension and because of the relaxing effect You’ll sleep better.

Use this hammock for about 10 minutes a day and prevent neck pain. Office workers in particular should make sure that the neck muscles are subject to healthy strain and that they get enough exercise in everyday life.

Lanoa – Relax Nackenhängematte

With the practical carrying bag you can transport this model wonderfully. Whether in the office, the hotel or at home. This neck hammock from Lanoa offers you excellent relaxation and can even relieve headaches.

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You can get a very similar variant to relieve pain in the neck area from Toogel. With this hammock you get a particularly soft pillow , which makes the shelf comfortable. The head can be placed there for a longer period of time and the ears will not be impaired.

Is it not possible for you to latch the neck hammock to the door? Then this is no problem with this version of Toogel. This has its own stable stand to which the hammock is attached. This allows you to enjoy gentle relaxation while on the move. Whether in the middle of the room or outdoors in the meadow, you are more independent and can counteract neck tension anywhere.

By placing your head on the mat, the pressure is released from the muscles and they can finally relax. Nerves experience relief and the vertebrae expand.

Toogel – hammock for the neck

If you focus on relaxation and reducing stress , this neck hammock is a good choice. Vertebrae are stretched and nerves are relieved. A mobile handling and the very comfortable bed are the main arguments for this version.


This model by Rwest also fits seamlessly into the range of neck hammocks. The durable materials and adaptable pads are advantageous here .

So that you can lie comfortably in the hammock, your head should be in an optimal position and supported. Since every head is different, the lying areas can be perceived individually. To achieve greater comfort, the pads on this hammock are adjustable. The three pads stabilize the back of the head and ears. Thanks to the adaptability, the shelf is perfectly matched to the shape of your head.

Another plus are the high-quality materials . A stretchable neoprene and steel adjustment rings are used. These are designed for a long-term load. If you want to have a high level of security for your head, this version is recommended.

The neck hammock can be attached to the door, a railing or a pole. A daily use of 10 minutes is recommended in order to achieve a lasting positive effect.

Back and neck pain can be relieved and sleep improved. The application is ideal if you want to relax your neck on a long journey.

Rwest – neck hammock

Choose this reliable variant to use the neck hammock for a few years and take advantage of the effects. It can be stowed compactly in the supplied bag and is practical for travel.


By using the neck hammock, a stretch is achieved along the longitudinal axis of the neck. The vertebrae pull apart and the muscles relax. Usually the weight of the head is on the vertebrae at all times and such relief is only possible with the help of a targeted movement by the physiotherapist.

But what are the advantages of this treatment, or what effect is achieved by using the neck hammock?


The main purpose of using the neck hammock is to relax the muscles . If you sit a lot in the office, adopt an unnatural head posture and hardly get any movement, it is only a matter of time before tension develops .

These may just be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but over time they can pose real health problems. They influence your posture and can impair the transport of nutrients.

You will be less productive and will increasingly complain of pain. In order to prevent this damage, the use of the neck hammock is recommended in addition to sufficient exercise.


By placing the head on the loop, the vertebrae are pulled apart and all compressions are dissolved. If tension has disturbed the blood circulation, it is improved and the muscles are again better supplied with nutrients. It should go without saying that an improved blood circulation in the neck area has far-reaching consequences and also improves your mental performance.


The causes of headaches are very diverse. Well-known triggers are circulatory disorders and tense neck muscles . Due to the imbalance of the muscles, they exert a pull on the head and headaches arise.

By restoring the natural balance and strengthening the neck muscles evenly , tension headaches can also be reduced.


The posture is an expression of the entire muscular system. But it itself also has an influence on whether the tension recedes and whether pain occurs. By using the neck hammock, posture is improved and positive properties are derived from it in the long term.

A well-known phenomenon, especially in office work, is that the head is pushed forward slightly. This leads to an unbalanced load on the vertebrae and muscles. With the help of the stretching through the neck hammock, the posture can be improved and takes on a healthy shape again .


Sleep is also an important expression of health. If you suffer from pain, your sleep will be impaired and not provide the necessary recovery. If there is tension in the neck area, it can also be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Even a gel pillow does not always bring the desired improvement.

The neck hammock relaxes the muscles and reduces stress. Both are important factors for healthy sleep. By using it, you will alleviate your sleep problems in the long term and improve your quality of life.


Neck and back pain are among the most common ailments in Germany. These are mainly due to a lack of exercise and a one-sided strain on the muscles.

One group of people that is particularly affected are office workers . You spend most of the day in front of the computer screen and hardly move. While working at the desk, the head is pushed forward and the neck muscles are moved unnaturally.

In addition to long-term exercise , short-term pain relief should also be sought. Otherwise, due to the relieving posture, the muscles could only be attacked further.

The extended target group includes people who suffer from headaches or insomnia. By stretching the neck muscles, these complaints also decrease and a significant improvement is noticeable.


The use of the neck hammock is explained relatively simply. First you attach it to an appropriate device. The door handle is ideally suited for this, as it enables simple securing.

Then you set the appropriate height. The higher the shelf, the more intensely you will feel the stretching effect. Start a little more gently and increase over time. The stretch should not be painful, but comfortable and beneficial.

Put your head on the shelf and let it rest there. An application should take around 10 minutes . In order to work on certain areas more specifically, you can turn your head a little and address the lateral neck muscles.

For maximum relaxation, it is advisable to use an eye mask and earplugs . In this way you hide any disturbances and will reduce stress.


Do tension in the neck paralyze you and you would like it to be stretched extensively? Then a neck hammock is just right for you.

Put your head in this comfortable storage area and forget any stress that has built up during the day for 10 minutes . Your neck muscles will finally recover and tension will decrease.

Office workers in particular should take care of their neck health early on and use such a hammock as a preventative measure.



If you use the neck hammock according to the manufacturer’s instructions, there is no danger. Do not use this relaxation device if you are in severe pain or have had a herniated disc. If used incorrectly, the discomfort can increase. Therefore, some caution is always required and you must not go beyond your pain threshold.


When used correctly, the neck hammock is effective for some ailments. It relieves tension and as a result headaches recede and freedom of movement increases. Numerous field reports confirm this effect.


Neck hammocks are usually hooked into the door or attached to a railing. If these options are limited for you, you can use a neck hammock with a frame. This version can be set up flexibly in the room, so that you can experience relaxation everywhere.


The neck hammock is equipped with a removable and washable cover. This can be machine washed so that you will always find a clean model even with regular use.


Some users report that using the neck hammock slightly reduces tinnitus. This is due to relaxation and better blood flow to the neck. However, it cannot be said for sure that the neck hammock will also work for your type of tinnitus.

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