How dangerous are neck massagers?

If you suffer from tension or pain in the neck , going to the physiotherapist is certainly the best choice. With the help of professional therapy, the muscles are worked on and the symptoms are reduced.

If you want to do something for your health yourself, the use of a neck massager is suitable. With this you can bring about a relief of the symptoms independently and without the help of other people The device works your muscles and works in a similar way to a massage by a therapist.

But can the neck massager also be dangerous and are there cases in which the use is even harmful?

The functionality of the neck massager comes very close to a natural massage. Several print heads are used to work on the muscles. These move and thereby exert a force on the deep muscles . The intensity differs depending on how hard you press the neck massager against your body. Because of this application you get the feeling as if you were performing a Shiatsu massage.

Depending on the model, heat applications and vibrations are also possible . The devices differ in terms of functionality, but typically try to simulate a natural massage. The print heads are reminiscent of the feeling as if a masseur were working on the muscles with his fingers. This makes it possible to loosen the glued fasciae .

If you use the neck massager regularly, tension can be relieved . Nevertheless, in combination, value should also be placed on a healthier lifestyle . Get more exercise, maintain a healthy posture at work and get enough sleep to strengthen your muscles evenly.

If the symptoms do not go away, the doctor is the right place to go. He will find out more about the causes and know how to help you.


The application of a neck massage device is relatively simple. You put it on your neck and let the pressure heads act on your muscles. Nevertheless, there are of course instructions that you have to follow in order to perform a health-promoting massage.


The massage may only be done on the muscles . Avoid placing the printheads in such a way that they also work on the spine. In the worst case, damage to the vertebral bodies can occur, which increases the risk of a herniated disc. To relieve tension and pain, all you need to do is massage the muscles.


Do you suffer from acute pain and would you like to fight it with a neck massage?

Then you should n’t overdo it with the intensity. You may be able to endure a lot, but intense pain is inappropriate for a massage. These rather indicate that the exposure is too high and that there is no beneficial effect. Slowly approach your comfort level.


If you exercise frequently, you could use the neck massager to promote regeneration. The massage is quite helpful to increase the blood circulation and thus the self-healing powers.

After exercise, your muscles need a recovery phase. Therefore, only use an intensive Shiatsu massager if the muscles are not sore and there was some time between the training session. In this way you avoid overloading your muscles and ensure a better recovery effect.


If you follow the instructions for use, the neck massager usually poses no danger. You can also use it as a layperson or amateur athlete without hesitation. It is only advisable not to use it if the following symptoms occur. In these cases, it is better to contact the doctor for professional treatment.


The cervical spine is closely connected to the hands and arms. If the intervertebral discs or vertebral bodies are impaired , a radiating pain often occurs in the fingers and hands. Nerves in the cervical spine are pinched, causing this numbness.

If you notice this numbness, then the doctor is urgently asked. Only this can determine whether it is actually a herniated disc. The use of the neck massager is to be avoided with these symptoms and represents a danger.


Are the tension or pain so strong that the muscles or joints in the neck area are warmed up ? Then this indicates that your body is working at full speed. He is busy regenerating the damaged areas.

In this case, a Shiatsu massage would be an additional burden. This does not prove to be beneficial, but could overwhelm your body. It is better if you cool down slightly in the event of an inflammation in order to better endure the pain. Give yourself some rest and wait for the inflammation to subside.


As an athlete, it is important to give your muscles enough rest. If you perceive a distinct pain when you exert pressure on the muscle, this indicates that the muscles are sore. These are minimal tears in the muscle fibers . The structure of the muscle is slightly damaged and it takes a few days for the muscle to be repaired.

During this time the massage is counterproductive. The pressure only damages the muscle fibers further, so that the sore muscles last longer. In this case, too, a short recovery phase is beneficial for regeneration.


If you carry out the application responsibly and do not go beyond your pain threshold , the neck massager is a wonderful means of relieving tension. It has a similarly intense effect as the therapist’s massage and therefore caution is advised if your muscles or the body are weakened.

If you take into account the warning notices , the neck massager is not dangerous. If you are still unsure, ask your doctor whether there is any risk associated with using it.

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