Neck massagers – 3 models for optimal relaxation

Do you spend most of the day in front of the PC? Are you sitting in the office, ca n’t move enough and at the end of the day you find that your neck only hurts?

Many colleagues and people will feel like you. Modern work is not exactly healthy for the body and even if you do not do hard physical work, long-term sitting in the office can cause lasting damage .

Initially, this will manifest itself in tension in the neck . Due to the one-sided posture of the head, the muscles are not stressed enough and a clear imbalance is perceived. The fasciae stick together and you will feel restricted mobility .

By massaging your neck , you will achieve a significant improvement. The fasciae are loosened again, can move and the blood circulation improves .

But going to the masseur or chiropractor can cost a lot of money in the long run. The health insurance company will only pay for such treatment in the rarest of cases.

It is therefore advantageous if you use a neck massager . With this you can massage the neck independently and do something good for your health.

In this guide I will explain to you which neck massage devices are best for use at home and how they work.

The masseur has healing hands and manages to relieve the pain with precise movements and by exerting pressure. In the same way, the neck massager tries to imitate the movements . For this purpose, rotating massage heads are used, which slowly press into the muscles of the neck and loosen them up.

The neck massager is suitable for both the neck and the shoulders. Because it is often of no use just to massage the neck muscles in isolation. In order to achieve a lasting result, the entire musculature in the region must be worked on.

Most models require a power connection to perform the movements. If the device is connected, you place it in the neck exactly on the muscles that you want to massage. You can precisely regulate the pressure using hand straps . If you want the massage to be stronger, you pull the device down over the hand straps and the pressure in the neck increases.

There are also neck massagers with rechargeable batteries . These are usually a little less efficient, but can provide a great remedy for small complaints.

The devices not only use the rotating massage heads to loosen up your muscles. They also have a warming function to relax the muscles. Thus, the devices have a double mode of action in order to achieve deep relaxation.

The practical thing about the models is that you can also use them in the office . If you are suffering from very acute complaints and you can hardly work the pain anymore, you can place the massager on your neck and feel the effect. So you can survive even longer working days.

However, it should be clear that the neck massagers are not a substitute for a doctor. If you are struggling with severe pain and if this is a limitation of your everyday life, it is always necessary to go to the doctor . Only this can clarify how dangerous the neck pain is and which treatment methods are most suitable for you.


In most cases, however, the neck pain is only related to incorrect posture and long periods of sitting . The massage loosens the muscles and brings about relaxation.

The main benefit is that the muscles relax. This is particularly beneficial if you suffer from frequent headaches. Having a headache in the morning is a clear signal that your neck muscles are tense. An incorrect sleeping posture then leads to the pain occurring and being noticed especially in the morning. With a Shiatsu massager you can treat the neck and back over a large area and feel a beneficial effect.

Another positive effect is the improved blood circulation . If the muscles are tense and movement is restricted, blood flow is also reduced. As a result, important substances can no longer be transported optimally and the symptoms worsen. However, the blood circulation can be stimulated again by the influence of the heat. As a result, the muscles are better supplied with oxygen again and the pain is reduced.

The main reason why you use the neck massager is probably because you want to relieve the pain in your neck. This is possible with the gentle massage of the devices. By promoting blood circulation and relieving tension, pain is also reduced. You will benefit from the massage especially if you have a headache.

A neck massage is not only useful for acute problems. The application can also be helpful if you frequently strain your muscles or sit in the office for a long time. In this way you prevent the tension from occurring and prevent the pain. If you are still young and are not yet aware of the effects of the tough everyday office life, you can protect your health preventively with regular neck massages.


In the following I would like to introduce you to three models with which you can have your neck massaged. These differ significantly in terms of price and design. Depending on how severe your pain is, you should choose between the simple models, such as the Naipo shoulder massager or the complex Donnerberg device. The Donnerberg model may seem a little more expensive at first glance, but compared to a masseur, this is a much cheaper investment in your health.


The first model presented here is particularly convincing due to its very good price-performance ratio . For less than 50 euros you get a massage device that has highly functional massage heads and relaxes your muscles with a warming function . After more than 1,400 reviews, the massager can be found in the top reviews and has received a high level of positive feedback.

The main task of the massage is performed by the 3D massage heads . These not only rotate around their own axis, but literally knead your muscles. Because they also move towards your neck. In addition, you can use the heat function to get a further relaxation effect. The temperature can reach up to 45 ° C and thus develop a great depth effect.

The control of the massage is very simple. On the side there are various buttons that you can use to control the functions. This allows you to influence the direction of the turning movements, switch on the heat and set the speed. This can also be done very comfortably during the massage.

About Handschlaufen you affect the pressure that is delivered through the massage heads. During the application, you place the massager behind your neck and hold the loops with your hands. If you pull the loops a little harder, the pressure on your muscles increases accordingly.

Of course, hygiene is also important for long-term use. For this purpose, a cloth is placed on the massage heads so that they do not come into direct contact with the skin. The cloth can be easily washed in the machine and there are no unpleasant residues.

Incidentally, the Naipo massager can not only be used for the neck. You can also use it for the legs or arms . So it is up to you which muscle parts you treat with the massage heads.

If you want high quality at a low price , the 1,400 top ratings will not be wrong. With this neck massager you get a first-class opportunity to release tension and to relax the muscles deeply with the warmth . Do not miss this chance and improve your health sustainably.


Do you suffer from severe tension , not only in your neck , but also in your back or legs? Then you should grab a professional model who relaxes your muscles in different ways. In this case, the Donnerberg neck massager is just right for you. It has a wide range of functions , which makes you feel as if you were having a massage. Even better, you can precisely determine how your muscles are worked on and thereby relieve the annoying tension.

The rotating massage heads, which move in the direction of the muscles, are used as the basis. This exerts a good feeling of pressure in order to loosen the muscle fibers from one another and to loosen the tense muscles.

In addition, infrared heat is used. This differs from conventional heat in that it penetrates much deeper into the muscles. In this way you can release deep tension yourself and relieve the pain.

If that is not enough, a vibration function is also available. With this you can shake the muscles again and imitate an effect that comes very close to a masseur.

In order to design the massage exactly according to your wishes, various setting options are available. The direction of rotation of the massage heads can be set, you can choose from three speeds and the infrared heat has two heat settings. With the help of the hand straps, the pressure on the muscles and how they are processed can then be set very precisely.

The device is also ergonomically shaped and can not only be used for the neck. The back, legs or arms can also be wonderfully massaged. So it is possible for you to do a holistic massage of the body. Similar to an acupressure mat , it is supposed to relieve tension everywhere.

The high quality is confirmed by TÜV Süd and the manufacturer grants you a full seven year guarantee on the model. If you are not satisfied, you can claim your money back within the first 30 days. So you do not take any risk that the neck massager does not meet your wishes.

If you suffer from severe neck pain, there is no more effective massage device to relieve the tension. Even the German Olympic Sports Confederation gives a recommendation for this model and what is useful for professional athletes will also help you to quickly relieve tension.


The last model in this series is particularly mobile and compact . In terms of design, it is more reminiscent of headphones. But there are no ear cups on the bracket, but massage heads that work specifically on your neck.

In principle, this model works a little differently than the previous neck massage models shown. It works without any hand straps, which you can use to determine the pressure yourself. It is much more compact and your hands are free during use. Therefore, this model can be used well in the office without having to interrupt your work.

In order to still achieve an optimal massage, six different modes are available. These simulate a normal finger massage or acupuncture, for example. Depending on what you feel most comfortable, you can choose from these modes.

heating function is also available. This can be set in three levels. The application of a low stimulation current is also innovative . The movement of the muscles is stimulated by the applied low-frequency impulse therapy. This not only relieves tension, but also strengthens the neck muscles a little.

If you want to use the neck massager mobile in the office or when commuting to work , this model is perfect for it. The design is reminiscent of modern headphones and is not perceived as annoying. The ergonomic shape adapts well to the neck and the various massage modes allow you to treat your neck pain individually.


As you can already see in the overview, there are devices with very different designs. The neck massagers can be classified into the following broad categories.


The basic form of massage is also known as Shiatsu . In this form, the massage is carried out with the pressure of the finger. The rotating massage heads simulate finger pressure .

With this form of massage, relaxation is perceived as very intense. The tension is released through the precise pressure of the finger. Because these are often expressed in the form of knots that are loosened by this action. During the application you will quickly notice where this knot is and loosen it with the massage heads.

The first two models presented by Naipo and Donnerberg work with this technology. This ensures a high relaxation effect.


As an alternative, devices are provided which do not work via rotating massage heads, but via tapping. Instead of moving and using this pressure to work the muscles, light blows are performed.

The intensity and speed of the blows can be influenced on the models. In general, however, the tension effect is not perceived as very intense. Therefore, no device of this type was taken into account in this selection.


The third type can also be distinguished on the basis of the mode of operation. This does not have any massage heads, but is based purely on vibration.

Vibrating neck massagers can work on a larger area at the same time. However, the effect is also not perceived as very intense. The muscles are mainly worked on superficially and a slight relief can be felt. However, the tensions are not resolved in the long term.

The Donnerberg model has a vibration function as a further measure against tension. Vibration is quite useful as an additional function. When treating the neck, however, you should rather trust the massage heads.


You can already see that the devices are structured differently and have different functions. But which ones are important for your application and what should you pay attention to when buying?


The heart of the neck massage devices are the massage heads. These should be able to rotate in both directions and move in all axes. Because only if the heads work their way into your muscles will they be fundamentally processed.

It is also an advantage if the speed can be regulated . This allows you to set very precisely how intense the massage is and determine the settings according to your preferences.


To achieve a deep massage effect, a heat function is helpful. The warmth ensures that the muscles continue to relax and blood circulation is promoted. If you want to reach the deep muscles, the infrared heat , as used in the Donnerberg model, is an advantage.


During operation, the massage devices should not be a nuisance, but should have a relaxing effect. If the device is too loud, it can only be used with restrictions in the office and deep relaxation is not necessarily achieved. Therefore, when buying, it is important to make sure that the devices work as quietly as possible . This is the case with the models presented here. But you can also convince yourself personally and if your neck massager should be too loud, you can send it back.


When buying the neck massager, the price naturally also plays a role. The models presented here have a high price range, ranging from a little over 30 euros to just under 200 euros.

The simple models are quite capable of relieving slight tension . In particular, the massage function is hardly perceived differently. The biggest difference in the higher-priced Donnerberg model is the additional functions and greater flexibility . The red light and the vibration also work on the muscles in depth. In this way, even rough tension can be loosened.

Compared to sessions with a masseur, you will quickly see, even with the expensive model, that this is much cheaper. You can use it for the next few years without any problems. You can relax and use it at home on the sofa and don’t have to plan time to visit a masseur. Thus, the neck massager is much cheaper and, in the best case, delivers better performance.


If you are still unsure about the purchase or do not know when exactly the neck massager makes sense, the following most popular questions are answered in detail.

Can a massager be used for pain?

The neck massager can be used well for mild pain and tension. However, if you notice that the pain is increasing and is uncomfortable, you should clarify with a doctor whether the device is suitable for the treatment. Similar to a masseur, you will feel a slight pain even with proper use.

Can you use the neck massager in the car?

The Naipo or Donnerberg models are not suitable for driving. The power connector is not compatible with the car and your hands should be on the wrist strap to influence the pressure. However, the Scobuty model is well suited for driving. Alternatively, a car seat cushion is also suitable for a gentle massage.

What material is the neck massager made of?

A high-quality PU leather is often used as the material. The leather can be easily cleaned with a cloth. In addition, another upper material is used, which lies over the massage heads and can be removed. This is wonderful to clean in the machine.


If you suffer from frequent tension in the neck or back , you will quickly want to visit a masseur. However, performing a professional massage every time is not only time consuming, it is also costly.

The use of a neck massager is therefore much easier. You can use these either in the office or at home to relieve pain. With this useful device you will finally become pain-free again and increase your quality of life.

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