Neck pillow or normal pillow – which one suits you?

If you get up in the morning with tension or pain in the neck area , your pillow could be responsible. An ordinary, thick down pillow may be comfortable, but it does not relieve the neck.

The neck pillow , on the other hand, may look uncomfortable at first glance and you wonder whether this variant actually brings an improvement for you. Find out whether a neck pillow or a normal pillow is more suitable for you.

The neck pillow is not just a simple base for the head. It is specially designed to provide maximum relief for the cervical spine . This makes it very different from a conventional pillow.


In terms of size, a neck pillow is usually kept smaller. This could give the impression that there is not enough space. However, the shape is specially designed so that your head stays in the right position.

To ensure better support, the neck pillow has a slightly wavy design . If you look at the cervical spine from the side while lying down, you will be able to understand this process well. If the head were to lie on the mattress without a pillow, the hollow space in the neck would lead to an uncomfortable sleep.

Here the wave shape of the neck pillow adapts exactly to the needs of the cervical spine. The head lies in the recess , while the neck rests on the end of the pillow. Each area is supported so that the head is stable and the muscles no longer have to do any work while sleeping.


memory foam is usually used for the neck pillow . This is characterized by a high degree of flexibility . In the initial state, the material is relatively solid. If you lie down on the pillow and your body heat acts on the foam, the neck pillow is deformed. It slowly adapts to your cervical spine and looks tailor-made. As a result, such a variant is also well suited for taller or shorter people.


If you tend to sweat in summer, a neck pillow is much more comfortable. It’s not that thick and allows better air circulation . For hot summer nights, there are also cooling pillows made with a special material that better conduct heat away from the body. This way you keep a cool head even on tropical nights.


If you suffer from a house dust allergy , the memory foam used in a neck pillow is an advantage for you. This material offers less space for mites and the better air circulation means that no moisture collects in the pillow. The stress goes down and you wake up in the morning with fewer symptoms. Nevertheless, it might be advisable to use encasings and a neck pillow whose cover can be washed at at least 60 ° C.


An ordinary down pillow provides a high level of comfort. It is fluffy, cozy and invites you to sleep.

Such a pillow is probably beneficial for the personal feeling. You lie higher, you can move more freely and also change your sleeping position frequently. Even if your partner spreads out on your pillow in bed, this larger variant is an advantage.

If you do not suffer from any allergies , are free from back or neck pain , then an ordinary pillow is fine for you. But be aware that this state does not have to last forever. If you spend many hours at your desk and do not move enough, switching to a neck pillow could prevent the discomfort.

A simple pillow is therefore only suitable for people who frequently adopt a different sleeping position and are not exposed to increased stress.


The neck pillow, on the other hand, is recommended for all sleepers who are concerned about the health of the cervical spine. Because modern everyday life is characterized by constant sitting and an unnatural posture. The head is moving closer to the screen and millions of people in Germany struggle with tension in their necks.

The neck pillow is helpful to alleviate the discomfort or to prevent it from occurring in the first place . It may feel unfamiliar at the beginning, but after a short period of getting used to it, you will notice the better support.

You should also sleep on your back . In this sleeping position you also relieve the neck and alleviate the discomfort. Here, too, it might be useful to learn to sleep on your back . In the long run, these differences will definitely make themselves felt.


neck pillow is therefore a clear recommendation for most people. Although it is associated with higher acquisition costs, it adapts better to the cervical spine and provides relief. The muscles relax , which reduces pain and tension. Even for people with allergies, this variant is advantageous because mites feel comfortable there less.

The neck pillow is only less suitable for people who prefer a particularly large pillow and often sleep on their side or stomach .

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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